Jan. 12th, 2017

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First of: Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] milly_gal! Hope you had a smashing day:)

I had planned to post photos of the Amsterdam Light Festival right after my previous picspam of the IceSculpture Festival, but I had a few whirlwinddays with family-issues, so I had to postpone. But here is the first set of pictures: part one is the Illuminade, a 2,3 km long night time walking route with lots of cool light sculptures, inspired by the theme Biomimicry, think like nature...

IMG_6802 Illuminade 02012017.jpg
Teaser of Rotifers

Wanna see more? )

Last but not least: a video of Tree Hugger by Daan van Hasselt & Asia Jackowska; the lights actually responded to people hugging the trees!

This was merely a selection of the sculptures: some of them were hard to capture with my camera. The Illuminade closed on January 9th, BUT! The Light Festival Water Colors boattours are still going until January 22nd. I'll post photos of those sculptures this weekend:)

If you can't make it to Amsterdam before then, see you next year?


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