May. 18th, 2017

beelikej: (Artwork by me)
As the moderator of the [ profile] quicky_bang I keep an eye on all the fics that are offered up for a Quicky and thus the ones that are eventually archived for the MatchMaker Challenge. Of course, to play fair, I always make a blind selection for my own match. But when this fic was still available for the latest round of MatchMakers, I just had to grab it for myself. I wanted to make a banner to visualize all the dark, brooding feelings this story gave me...

I took a little longer than planned, but I'm happy to finally present my banner and to promote this wonderfully tense story:

Title: Sleeping Beauty
Author: [ profile] theyrebrothers[AO3: buttheyrebrothers]
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: papercutting and Photoshop
Characters: Jensen, Jared
Rating: NC-17 (I'd say art is PG-13;)
Word count: 2603
Enticements/Warnings: dubious consent, gunplay, dirty talk
Summary: Only mistake he ever made in twenty years and now it’s back to haunt him.

More bannerversions )
Making of )

Thank you, [ profile] theyrebrothers, for letting me play with your story and for your patience when I needed time to fight an artblock.
Now, everyone go read the story!

(But if you could comment on my art too, that would be awesome;)


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