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Hello! This is what we used to call the comment-to-be-added-post, also known as "sticky" for 2017.
My journal is not locked and you are most welcome to quietly read all my posts or to comment on any of them at any time. (I especially love responses to my artposts *grins*)
Despite my occasional use of harsh language and posts about sensitive or personal subjects, I chose to not put a teen or adult warning on my journal. I will not censor what I choose to share online. I'm a green left voting atheist woman, hear me roar!

I love lots of old and new fandoms, but these days I am mostly playing at the RPS side in the Supernatural fandom. Wanna see my artwork? Here's my masterlist of artsy fiddling on LJ [on DW]
I'm also a moderator for a couple of fancommunities; there are links in my sidebar if you want to explore:)

To remind myself there is more to life than being online,
I keep my booklist at the top of my LJ. That's ironic, Alanis.

What I'm reading in 2017
How this list works: Book(s) I am reading | Books I have read + date | link to review (or credit;)

Bookpile in December 2016
  • Margaret Atwood - Lady Oracle 5 MAY.
  • Danielle Bakhuis - Wat Als... 5 FEB. (bought for Children's Bookweek)
  • Arthur Japin - De Gevleugelde 26 JAN.
  • John Irving - Avenue Of Mysteries 26 MAR. (Bday gift from Jelle)
  • Femke Halsema - Pluche
  • Ki Brightly - The Paranaturalist GAVE UP ON THIS ONE 4 FEB.:(
  • Margaret Atwood - Bodily Harm 17 JUN.
  • Margaret Atwood - Life Before Man 8 JAN.
  • Maren Stoffels - Ik Zie Je Tussen De Wolken 15 APR. (bought for Children's Bookweek)
  • Dolf Verroen - Oorlog en Vriendschap 15 JAN. (Freebie Children's Bookweek)
  • Olento Salaper√§inen - A Field Guide to Fantastical Beasts (Sinterklaas)
  • Robert Lagendijk - Ajeto! Het Verhaal van Buurman en Buurman (Sinterklaas)
  • Rainbow Rowell - Carry On 3 APR. (Bday gift from [profile] tanisafan)
  • Faith Erin Hicks, Yishan Li & Joss Whedon - Buffy The Highschool Years 29 JAN. (Bday gift from T.)
  • J.K. Rowling - Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Screenplay

  • Added in March
  • Joris Luyendijk - Kunnen We Praten 12 MAR.
  • Saskia de Coster - Wat Alleen Wij Horen 26 MAY (Bought for Bookweek)
  • Herman Koch - Makkelijk Leven 6 APR. (Freebie Bookweek)
  • Connie Palmen - De Zonde Van De Vrouw 11 APR. (Bookweek Essay)

  • Added in May
  • Margaret Atwood - Hag-Seed 9 JUL. (late Bday gift from Jelle:)

  • Added in June
  • Arjen Lubach - Bastaardsuiker 27 JUN.

  • Added in July
  • Rainbow Rowell - Fangirl 13 JUL.
  • Margaret Atwood - Penelopiad 4 AUG.
  • Martine Bijl - Hindergroen 27 JUL.
  • Anousha Nzume - Hallo witte mensen
  • Suzanne Rindell - The Other Typist
  • William Shakespeare, translation into chat-speak by Brett Wright - Yolo Juliet 7 AUG.
  • Tana French - In the Woods
  • Rose Tremain - Gustav Sonata
  • Margaret Atwood - Moral Disorder
  • Rick Steves - Snapshot St. Petersburg, Helsinki & Tallinn 24 AUG.
  • ANWB Extra - Kopenhagen 26 AUG.
  • Linda Duits - Dolle Mythes
  • Margaret Atwood - The Heart Goes Last 25 AUG.

  • Added in August
  • Naomi Novik - Uprooted
  • Diane Schoemperlen - In The Language Of Love

  • Rereading
    This year I want to reread A Handmade's Tale by Margaret Atwood 20 JUL.

    Happy Reading! ~ J.
    What I read in 2016 / 2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2010 / 2009 / 2008
    My old archive of alphabetized book reviews / Readingcommunity [ profile] thej2bee
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