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The Age of Pandora days are getting a bit blurry, as we reached a chapter that took several days to complete, so from now on I'll refer to the chapter instead of the amount of days. So much for a "60 Day Challenge"... *huffs*
Behind the cut are all the work-outs I did in the past week. I also included a Jeff/Jensen treat at the end, because why not.

CHAPTERS 38-43 (spoilers for exercises and story)
Anyway, I'm still having fun, that's the main part, and after having to adjust the schedule earlier, I was already used to the idea that this quest is taking a little longer than anticipated. BRING IT ON!

Chapter 38 (Tue. March 14)
This chapter started with yet another choice: did I want to distroy the invested building or rather deal with the stoneworms in a way that would at least save the gorgeous building?
Well, I have to admit I cheated and looked ahead to see what the exercises were (I was really done with side-chops, okay) and even though I really wanted to save the building, I had to opt for destruction to avoid doing more fucking side-chops.

Of course that decision bit me in the ass in Ch. 39... but for now I got to do four sets of new and exciting exercises: 40 lunges (that I had to change into 20 with 20 half jacks as an alternative for the last two sets because my knees were done) and side-to-side lunges, which were fun and side leg raises, that I didn't think I could manage 40 times per set, but totally did! The set also included the hilarious lawnmowers (vrooooom!) and easy scissor chops and speed bag punches (a hundred each!)

Now let's see what the next chapter has in store. What are the consequences of destroying the building...

Chapter 39 (Wed. March 15)
Ahahahahahaha, I unexpectedly killed a bunch of people who were hiding in the building. But that's not the worst thing: I didn't exterminate all the stoneworms and have to still do the set of exercises that goes with that part of the story, so it's five sets with side-to-side chops and cross chops, hrmpf. Fortunately there are also high knees (who knew I'd ever be happy to do those) and climbers. (ibid).

Chapter 40 (March 16, 17, 18!)
Our little exercise group is spread out over the Challenge a bit, due to different missed days in real life. Our scout [ profile] whiskygalore is ahead and tried to warn us about this chapter, but it still came as a surprise: we have to collect 10000 scraps (TEN THOUSAND) to continue (it's payment needed to build a war machine). In order to earn that, we have to travel all over Pandora (which means walking/running exercises) to do jobs or fight in the Pits (cardio, strength or martial arts exercises). Pffff.
I tried the army crawls, but couldn't figure out that move properly. I also made an effort to do 600 squats and 500 half jacks, but realized after 100 squats (in the toilet at work;) and 50 half jacks that I would never be able to make those numbers, no matter the sets I'd divide them in. /o\

Here's what I did do (you may wanna sit down for this)
Thursday, March 16
  • 6000 scraps - 200 climber tabs = dig tunnel in Bunker 17
  • 500 scraps - 1000 horse stance punches (aka squat hold punches) = fight Queen Scorpion in Dreamer's Pits
  • 100 scraps - 60 march steps = trap a wormonger in Unnamed Forest

  • Friday, March 17
    Today I combined exercises into manageable sets:
  • 200 scraps - 100 squats ~50 of 250 side-to-side hops = deliver a present in Camp Raza
  • 150 scraps - 200 straight leg bounds = Bait delivery in Fishermen Village
  • 400 scraps - 1000 speed bag punches = take down 10 Beta nests in Hunters Forest

  • 600 scraps - 500 knife handstrike/kneestrike combos = fight Warrior Scorpion in Dreamer's Pit
  • 500 scraps - 1000 high knees urgent delivery in Bunker 7

  • 250 scraps - 500 butt kicks = Seed delivery in Last Garden
  • 350 scraps - 400 archers = collect 10 stingtails in Unnamed Forest

  • Saturday, March 18
    I only need 350 more scraps to make it to 10000, but it's not until the end of the day when I can drag myself away from the computer for a boxing session with my Moov bracelets and app. The equivalent of a Fight with Kaas in the City Pits (600 jab+cross+hook combo) - I do six rounds and improve my hitcount to 723 \o/

    That brings the total to 10350 scraps, so I can pay the builders and move on to the next chapter...

    Chapter 41 (Sun. March 19)
    There was lot of running in the story before the exercises, I cleaned up my guestroom and brought stuff up to the attic for cardio; I also did two weeks worth of dishes :-p
    Back to the story, we meet up with the Guildmaster of the Messengers to ask him to join the fight. Running along with him was the work-out; in the real world this translated to high knees, jump squats, more high knees and a couple of side-to-side jumps. A rather easy cardio set; I did 5 for level 1. (Level 2 would have been 10 sets, which was overkill in my opinion;)

    Chapter 42 (Mon. March 20)
    The Guildmaster has asked us to find his son. We head off to the forest to.... do plank exercises:-D
    I really liked today's plank set, even though my wrists had a hard time near the end. Slow climbers are fun; plank walk-outs were easier than I though, especially after I found out I didn't have to stand all the way up in between; the 10 count planks in between looked stupidly short on paper, but were tough on top of the other exercises. I was very proud to be able to do the plank jump-ins without problems (shush, boobs)

    Oh, a surprise part 2, because of course we have to fight some thugs. I opt to do another boxing session with my Moov app and AGAIN improve my hitcount: 735 in 6 rounds, woohoo!

    Chapter 43 (Tue. March 21)
    The hardest choice yet, at the beginning of this chapter; on the rescue mission for the son of the Guildmaster we find him and his girlfriend in danger and we have to decide whether we try to save him or the girl first. (The resulting work-outs are the same, so no help there, obviously there are side-shops again;)
    Because the boy is silly enough to tell me to "HELP HER", I figured he'd fight me helping him, so I do what he asks and run to save the girl...
    I make a small adjustment to the work-out set; I still do all the prescribed chops (I may even like the squat/chop combination, ssssh) - but I change the push-up combo and do the 10 push ups separately; I add the 10 chops to the final exercise. (There is just no way I will survive doing a push up and then stand up again for chops, 10 times in a row) I do three sets total, because I'm still a level 1 woman;)

    SCRAPS: 350 (see Ch. 40!)
    Inventory: Dog Tags and Mountain Men Perk

    [ profile] sleepypercy, [ profile] somersault_j, [ profile] whiskygalore, [ profile] sinfulslasher, [ profile] tabaqui, [ profile] shouwa, [ profile] lotrspnfangirl

    My personal Age of Pandora video playlist / Age of Pandora at Darebee website / Modification examples
    Work-Out Sets (go to bottom of page to filter preferences / Video Exercises / WARM UP!!

    If you read all that, you deserve a treat. I was scrolling through my J3 collection to find pornpokes to send to [ profile] somersault_j (it's an SMPC thing:) and thought these two fit really well together, so -ehm- here they are:

    I'm gonna pack for my trip to London now. Hope to be able to do the work-outs on the ferry and in my hotel, but I'll also be doing a lot of walking through town, so I'll get enough exercise in between theatre visits and soaking in bubble baths :-p

    Will tell y'all all about it when I get back! *waves*


    Date: 2017-03-21 10:00 pm (UTC)
    From: [identity profile]
    Ahh, I saved the boy! I really don't think there was a good choice there!! I haven't had the opportunity to work-out for a couple of days now and I'm actually missing it *gasps in shock* lol!! I hope you have an awesome time in London!! Enjoy those bubble baths :) And thank you, THANK YOU, for the Jeff/Jensen :D :D xx

    Date: 2017-03-21 10:48 pm (UTC)
    sillie: (Default)
    From: [personal profile] sillie

    Have fun in London!

    Date: 2017-03-22 08:06 pm (UTC)
    From: [identity profile]
    DON'T EVEN REMIND ME OF CHAPTER 40. But yes, please keep reminding me of Jeff/Jensen!

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