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I have not left LiveJournal, I'm merely trying the cross-posting from Dreamwidth to get the hang of it. When I found out they now offer image space, I wanted to give DW another chance:) The last time I made a back-up of LJ was halfway 2014, in the past week I updated my DW by transferring all the posts I made since then. I noticed that videos are not showing, I'll check up on that later. For now I just want to start posting again after a couple of busy weeks. I've been ignoring most of my social media because of a fangirl sleepover and a long weekend in London two weeks ago. Here's a picspam of the latter (I saw David Tennant and Daniel Radcliffe on stage and spotted another celeb in the audience!)

Thursday, March 23
IMG_8131-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8132-LNDmrt2017.jpg
Worked until 16:30, then cycled home to freshen up and grab my backpack, cycled to the station for the 17:50 train to Rotterdam, changed to the train to Hook of Holland Harbour and walked on the nightferry.
I folded the upperbed to the wall, so I could sit up in the lowerbunk. Doing my work-out was fun with the floor moving with the waves, haha.

IMG_8134-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8136-LNDmrt2017.jpg
Dinner on board: beef pie and "chips", chocolate milk and carrotcake for dessert;)
Besides all the Dutch and English TV channels there was also one where you could track the journey accross the North Sea! I LOVE THIS LITTLE CABIN SO MUCH.

Friday, March 24
IMG_8138-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8139-LNDmrt2017.jpg
From the ferry I took the train to London Liverpoolstreet Station where I had breakfast at Leon, as is my tradition now; toast with honey and a breakfast muffin, omnomnom.

IMG_8144-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8146-LNDmrt2017.jpg
After doing some shopping at the station (Neal's Yard footbalm, M&S chocolate eggs and bath goodies at Lush and Boots) I took the Tube to Tottenham Court Road (iirc) and from there walked to Forbidden Planet at Shaftsbury Avenue. Discovered this wonky art along the way.
I love the mix of old and modern buildings in this area.

IMG_8147-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8149-LNDmrt2017.jpg
Always looking up to check out architecture:)

IMG_8151-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8154-LNDmrt2017.jpg
Around two I could finally check into my hotel and unpack my loot \o/

IMG_8155-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8161-LNDmrt2017.jpg
Met up with [ profile] amberdreams at Choccywoccydoodah for a late lunch *grins*

IMG_8164-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8168-LNDmrt2017.jpg
We walked through Soho together and visited The House of MinaLima, a permanent exhibition and shop of the artdirectors of the Harry Potter films (and now Fantastic Beasts)

IMG_8171-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8174-LNDmrt2017.jpg
Three floors of bliss for Potter fans; loads of original art and artefacts from the films all over the place plus enthused guides to talk in depth about all the things \o/

IMG_8176-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8177-LNDmrt2017.jpg
Seriously: such fun!

IMG_8178-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8180-LNDmrt2017.jpg
Also lots of items that are only very briefly seen on screen but are amazingly detailed.

IMG_8181-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8193-LNDmrt2017.jpg
Highly recommended: more info here.

IMG_8196-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8199-LNDmrt2017.jpg
Dinner at a very busy pub: potato wedges with bacon and cheese plus chicken popcorn (delicious) before we went to the Wyndham Theatre to see David Tennant as Don Juan in Soho. Please don't be charmed; he's not a lovable rogue. :-D

IMG_8201-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8203-LNDmrt2017.jpg
One of the cutest theatres I've ever seen: angels on the ceiling at the bar...

IMG_8208-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8217-LNDmrt2017.jpg
... and an angel on the curtain (how do you like the view on stage from my center seat at the balcony?!) and also sexy angels on top of the stage. Glorious.

IMG_8229-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8222-LNDmrt2017.jpg
The play was awesome, David was great as the immoral DJ who fucks his way through life and I also want to give massive kudos to Adrian Scarborough as the put upon man servant. Afterwards we went to the Stage Door and were lucky enough to see David come out to do a quick round of autographs.

IMG_8225-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8232-LNDmrt2017.jpg
Very happy with this shot (snapping as someone in front of me was posing with him;) I so adore his hair <3
After a bit more fangirling with [ profile] amberdreams and friends, I took the tube back to my hotel. What an awesome day!

IMG_8233-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8236-LNDmrt2017.jpg
Final treat was a flamingo bubblebath with a book:)

Saturday, March 25
IMG_8242-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8247-LNDmrt2017.jpg
I got to sit in the fancy breakfast room again, excellent! Yes, I will eat all of this.
After doing my work-out, I walked to the station to catch the tube to Oxford Circus.

IMG_8252-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8258-LNDmrt2017.jpg
Was meeting up with [ profile] amberdreams at Hamley's and I had some time to browse beforehand; I WILL BE BACK LATER...

IMG_8261-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8264-LNDmrt2017.jpg
We had a hot lunch at Mother Mash AMB had a vegetarian combination, I chose my favorite Aberdeen Angus Steak Pie with Bubble and Squeak mash:) For dessert we had apple & blackberry crumble with warm vanilla custard.
Then we said goodbye, because AMB went to the matiné performance of the play I was gonna visit tonight and I was going back to Hamleys to roll around in the cuddly toys section.

IMG_8266-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8269-LNDmrt2017.jpg
*snuggles all the things*

IMG_8270-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8273-LNDmrt2017.jpg
THEY ARE ALL SO SNUGGLY <3<3<3 (Obviously I had to buy one;)

IMG_8277-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8279-LNDmrt2017.jpg
After a curtsy to Her Majesty, I walked down Regent Street to catch the tube at Piccadilly Circus.

IMG_8281-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8286-LNDmrt2017.jpg
I took some pictures along the way; I get so much joy from my hotel being on route of the Piccadilly line with destination COCKFOSTERS. It always makes me giggle :-p

IMG_8295-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8297-LNDmrt2017.jpg
The Old Vic Theatre looks glorious with the purple lights. I've been coming here every year since Kevin Spacey was the artistic director to see all his plays. He's not in charge anymore, but the Old Vic still has a special place in my heart;)
Tonight I'm seeing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead with Daniel Radcliffe and Joshu McGuire in the titleroles and a brilliant David Haig as The Player. I enjoyed it immensely.
I was also very giddy when I discovered Kevin Spacey was in the audience. Be still my heart. What a night.

IMG_8299-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8307-LNDmrt2017.jpg
At the hotel I reminisced in a Milky Bubble Bath and cuddled with my new darling dragon.

Sunday, March 26
IMG_8309-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8312-LNDmrt2017.jpg
Yes, yes, another breakfast photo, look at all the fancy buns I managed to grab! (Good thing I brought a plastic baggy so I could take them with me for lunch on the train back home;)
All packed and ready for travel!

IMG_8314-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8315-LNDmrt2017.jpg
Had some time to finish my book in the park.

IMG_8316-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8318-LNDmrt2017.jpg
And then I had to say goodbye to London, *sighs*

IMG_8321-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8322-LNDmrt2017.jpg
A quick shot of the always awesome artwork in the tube and then onwards to the Eurostar train!

IMG_8327-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8337-LNDmrt2017.jpg
The BEST train toilet, love love LOVE the hatshelves.

IMG_8342-LNDmrt2017.jpg IMG_8349-LNDmrt2017.jpg
Art at Brussels station where I took the train to Antwerp; due to work on the tracks the train didn't continue to Rotterdam, but I had to I change onto a slowtrain to a small station in Belgium where I got on a bus to the Netherlands where I could catch a train to Rotterdam from where I got on my train home and finally had a tiny table for my dinner (steak flavored crisps and lemon cheesecake for dessert!).

The end.

I have kept up with the Age of Pandora work-outs; did Chapter 55 of 60 today! Will catch up on posting about that tomorrow:)
How have you been?


P.S. Dreamwidth's image galery interface doesn't seem to have an easy posting option, and apparently only allows to copy one file-code at the time, so I uploaded the images to LiveJournal as well to get all the codes at once and speed up my html-coding;)
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