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Oooh, we're getting close to the end of the Age of Pandora! Here's an update on my exercise journey, it's very long because with traveling and fangirl hangouts in between work I simply didn't have time to post about it the past two weeks. But I did manage to keep on track and I did my work-outs nearly every day, so yay!

Chapters 44-56 (spoilers for exercises and story)
There's a lot going on in the story: while my character is trying to recrute people for the resistance all over Pandora, guildmasters keep asking favors, like doing odd jobs and rescuing run away teenagers...

Chapter 44 A (Wednesday March 22)
After choosing to save the girl in Ch. 43, it's time to check back on the boy, who's still stuck under a tree and couldn't fight off the beastly Beta. The exercises reflect killing it and then lifting the tree to take the boy's body back to his father. I do five sets of side kicks, backfists and combos and then a lot of push ups, pfff. (I hear the part of the story you get into after opting to save the boy makes you do 500 squats, so I don't know who made the best choice;)

Chapter 45 (Thursday March 23)
Right after work, I'm getting on a train to catch the nightferry to England, so I don't have time to do my exercises at home. I do them in my little cabin on the boat! It feels weird to run in place and jump on a floor that moves with the waves, but I manage 5 sets of high knees, side-to-side jumps, split jacks and jump squats plus the 100 high knees as a workout finisher, yay!
(In Pandora I'm just about to get back on track when someone steals my purse and I have to run after them; when I catch the thief he gives me my scraps back and even gives me some extra "for my inconvenience". Ehm, okay)

Chapter 46 (Saturday March 25)
Didn't work-out on Friday but walked all over London, so I got plenty of exercise;)
I managed to make time in the hotel on Saturday morning for some Pandora farm jobs: I collected chickensa manure and did a water delivery, or, translated into exercises: 50 Up &Down Planks and 500 Raised Arm Circles (I divide them into sets of 10 and 100 respectively). Protip: DON'T DO MOVING ELBOW PLANKS ON A ROUGH HOTEL CARPET!! I got rugburn on my elbow like woah. It's now almost two weeks later and my elbows are still not healed completely. Ouch.

Chapter 47 (Monday March 27)
Had to skip Sunday too, because of hours of traveling on trains to get home, so I didn't dive back into the story until Monday. I arrive at the Hunter's Bunker where I meet Guild Master Hawkeye, who apparently is British because he says 'bloody' in front of every other word, haha;) I join the team to hunt a Varapin (yeah, I don't know either;), which means 5 bloody sets of bounce/squats, bloody high knees (of course), side-to-side lunges (great for the innerthighs, aaaah!) and more bloody high knees. But that's not bloody all! There's another 3 bloody sets of push ups, bloody side-to-side-chops (did not miss those) and squat/side-to-side-chops combos, djeeez. Enough already!

Chapter 48 & 49A (Tuesday March 28)
After yesterday's overload of exercises, Ch. 48 turns out to be storytime only: we meet Old Rubin who asks us to save his granddaughter from the crazy Dreamers cult. In order to go there we need to buy a cape to disguise ourselves. (For those of us who travel on the map, that's in Agora Equos)
In Ch. 49 I find the girl but she doesn't want to be saved, so I have to choose: leave her be or grab her. I go for option A and leave the Dreamer's Temple... I am however discovered by the evil High Priest and he and his acolytes try to grab me so I have to fight them. A fun martial art set with four combos: side kicks/backfists, squats/hooks, knee strikes/elbow strikes and squats/uppercuts \o/
At the end of my 3 sets the acolytes are unconscious and I'm holding a knife to the High Priest's throat. HA! To save his life, he offers to show me a path to secret tunnels which lead to more information about the ARC.

Chapter 50A (Wednesday March 29)
Dammit, turns out the High Priest tricked me: when we get to the tunnels he presses a hidden button that releases toxic steam, argh. It takes 5 sets of high knees, side-to-side jumps and jump knee tucks to get out (I don't completely manage the knee tucks, I do stretch jumps instead;) and then I have to do another 100 high knees as a work-out finisher. How come I keep choosing the high knees option? The B-story line has a wall sit instead, hrmpf.

Chapter 51 (Thursday March 30)
Off to the Hunter's Forest where I have to save some children from a Mincer with squats/side chop combos and high knees plus side-to-side jumps.
I don't kill it, but cut off its tail which I then roast over a fire and eat with the kids before we travel to their home in the Fisherman Village. Turns out their mom left them in the forest because she couldn't feed her children anymore; I donate 200 scraps to make sure she's not that desperate again.

Chapter 52 (Monday April 3)
I'm just about to leave the village when there is a commotion; the fishermen are fighting a Sea Monster near the Ship Wreck, obviously I have to help them with my super sharp blade!
I do squat/plank leg raise combos, side to side chops and squats/climber combos, I change the final 40 side-to-side chops to 50 windmills, because I'm so fucking bored with those chops :-p

Chapter 53 (Tuesday April 4)
The fight with the Sea Monster is still going and it grabs Master Bernsen, so I dive into the water; in the real world this means there's finally a new exercise in the sets: diver push-ups...

I do 6 repeats including a 20 count hold on the last move. Stretchy!
The rest of the set: 20 jumping Ts + 20 raised arm rotations + a 20-count raised arm hold + 5 push-ups + 20 shoulder taps + a 20-count plank hold. I manage three sets \o/

Chapter 54 (Wednesday April 5)
After the heavy sets of yesterday, today's work-out is supposed to just be traveling on the map with push-ups in between the high knees. I opt to do a boxing session with my Moov activity bracelet and app. FUN!
In the story I get betrayed by the man I saved from the Sea Monster. Of course. The people from Pandora are jerks. I'm locked in a dry well that's filled with bones. Eeep.

Chapter 55 (Thursday April 6)
I try to make a ladder with the bones that surround me to climb out the well: climbers, plank jacks, plank walk-outs, more climbers, plank arm raises and a plank hold get me near the top but then the bone I'm balancing on snaps and I'm back at the bottom of the well. Bloody hell.
Fortunately I'm rescued by Hawkeye. He lends me his trained mincer to chase the evil bastards that locked me up and stop them from reaching the ARC.

Chapter 56 (Friday April 7)
Traveling on top a Mincer is hard, I get to use all my muscles to hold on: a triple combo of squat holds and squat hold punches. We get attacked by a flock of Chickensas, aaargh: squat/side-to-side chop combons and side-to-side jumps. The Mincer runs off into the woods, so I have to run the rest of the way by myself: 100 high knees as a work-out finisher, pffff.


SCRAPS: 350 + 300 [Thief Ch.45] + (320 + 510) [Jobs Ch.46] - 800 [Cape Ch.48] - 200 [donation Ch.51] = 480

Inventory: Dog Tags, Mountain Men Perk, Cape

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I aim to keep a daily diary for the last few chapters. (So this was the last massive work-out post *grins*) Let the count-down begin. Only four chapters to go, dundundunnnn.


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