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Last week [personal profile] tanni came over from Belgium for an old fashioned fangirl weekend, we hadn't seen each other in ages! (We met each other in the Nick/Greg corner of the CSI fandom back in 2005 and I followed her into bandom, the Harry Potter Marauders fandom and other more obscure fandoms, heehee (Hornblower, anyone?). We're also book buddies;)

We met up on Friday; I cycled to the station straight from work at 12:30 just when T got off the train. Then she got on the bus to my house while I cycled home. After catching up during an extensive lunch (freshly baked croissants!), we went up to my attic to start one of many marathons on my big screen: the final season of Please Like Me. After dinner we also figured out where to continue with Orphan Black (S3Ep3) and watched a classic CSI episode (S8Ep11: Bull).

On Saturday we had a luxurious breakfast with crossbuns I brought from London, nom! We watched the last two episodes of Please Like Me, continued with S3 of Orphan Black and mixed that up with Galavant to lighten the mood:) An excellent mix of awesome.
In between we did a couple of food experiments: after lunch we made Extreme Triple Chocolate Nests (see Dan & Phil video below) and after dinner we played with my cotton candy machine. Such fun!

And this is how we made them
(I had bought shredded wheat and easter eggs in London, couldn't find Golden Syrup, so just used Dutch pancake syrup instead)
8351-Fangirlweekend01042017.jpg 8352-Fangirlweekend01042017.jpg
While T. did an au-bain-marie for the dark chocolate, I tried the microwave method for the white chocolate. We finished at the same time, so decided to put the white on top of the dark chocolate before adding the milk chocolate as a final layer (also au-bain-marie, that is a method you can control much better than the microwave!) FYI: only 10 grams of butter per chocolate flavor is enough. THEY TASTE SO GOOD, I'm gonna make them again for easter!

We also played with my cotton candy machine!
202354-Fangirlweekend01042017.jpg 203130-Fangirlweekend01042017.jpg
I had blue, pink and orange sugar, we started with the blue; we had fun even though the hot spinning wheel was rather scary. Our first efforts look ridiculous; T managed to make a fluffy blue penis \o/ But I'm quite proud of my pink "suikerspin" (Spinned sugar in Dutch)!

203446-Fangirlweekend01042017.jpg 204234-Fangirlweekend01042017.jpg
T.'s made a rather good one in pink too. I got too cocky with the orange and ehm, yeah, you can see what I mean, heehee.

204524-Fangirlweekend01042017.jpg 204840-Fangirlweekend01042017.jpg
The winner of the evening was T's orange fluffball: LOOK AT THAT, IT'S PERFECT!

If anyone wants to come over to improve that effort, let me know:)

On Sunday we finished Orphan Black S3 and ended our get-together with Galavant up to the introduction of Tad Cooper. (I promised T. I'd send her the rest of the season;) It was a wonderful weekend <3

Now I'm gonna get ready to watch the J2 Panel at the SPN Seatle convention on Stage It. EXCITED!


P.S. I'm experimenting with image-archives; for this post I used my old PhotoBucket. Djeez, I don't remember it having so many ads and pop-ups! But Flickr doesn't support posting multiple images, and I don't know other services. All suggestions are welcome!

Date: 2017-04-10 09:37 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] fufaraw
Fangirl weekend sounds like a success! I didn't watch live, but I did catch the gold panel. It was fun, as usual.

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