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Yes! My last day in Pandora has arrived, woohoo:) A little longer than the 60 days I thought I was starting on February 1st, but what a ride it has been. I love that I could do this work-out challenge in the privacy of my own home, at my own time (although the latter was sometimes a struggle;) and with the support of my fandomfriends through Twitter(chat) and LiveJournal. *smishes y'all*
I won't tell you how the RPG/story ends, but I will show you my bad ass certificate after my short review of the final chapter...

Chapter 60 (spoilers for exercises and story)
At the end of yesterday's chapter I had to choose between two strategies to fight the Harvest, I went with Hella's plan B: to lure the Beta's into Pandora and surprise attack them from all sides... Prepare for battle!

In the work-out this meant the cardio option with 3x 40 high knees/4 side chops combos, more high knees and a 3x 20 squat/4 side shop combo plus 40 solo squats at the end of the set. My knees objected to the amount of squatting, so I changed those to 40 side kicks as a finale.
(I also messed up the first set count, so did extra combo's in between sets to make up for the ones I forgot;)
In the third set, my knees gave up after the first combo of 20 squats + 4 side chops, so instead I added other exercises: I did 2x 10 push-ups with side chops and infinity chops in between and finished with an extra set of high knees, pffff.

FINAL SCRAPS: 480 | Final Inventory: Dog Tags, Mountain Men Perk, Cape.

LAST PING to my fellow Chosen Ones <3
[ profile] sleepypercy, [ profile] somer, [ profile] whiskygalore, [ profile] sinfulslasher, [ profile] tabaqui, [ profile] shouwa, [ profile] lotrspnfangirl

HANDY LINKS for those who want to try this challenge themselves
My personal Age of Pandora video playlist / Age of Pandora at Darebee website / Modification examples
Work-Out Sets (go to bottom of page to filter preferences / Video Exercises / WARM UP!!


Yeah, you bet I printed that certificate \o/

What's next? I'm going to give myself a work-out break tomorrow and then I'm back to daily standing abs until I decide what challenge to do next. Who's with me?


P.S. If you've added me to your Dreamwidth circle, but you have a new name, please introduce yourself, so I know who's stalking me? I'm BeeLikeJ on every social network I'm on.
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