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Ugh, I've never had to postpone an art deadline before and it took me some deep breaths to inform the author I claimed in the QBMM, but my muse just didn't cooperate the past few days (weeks?) and this story really deserves my best effort. I'd rather bend (my own) rules than deliver artwork I'm not happy about. Fandom is supposed to be fun, dangit!

My brain is occupied with the whole LiveJournal exodus and also lots of real life planning. I'm considering doing a course in the autumn that requires a change in workhours, I have an evaluation coming up (I'm not too worried about that, but those always make you wonder about your abilities, right?) and I've taken a decision for a different kind of summervacation (which is more stressful than it should be;)

Definitely not all bad things, but all steps out of my comfort zone that mess with my creativity.

I haven't gotten back to a daily work-out yet and I'm also being crap with food at the moment, so I want to sort that out in the next few days. Does anyone want to do an ABS challenge with me? I'm going to do a four weeks Cosmo work-out plan, that has a different set of five exercises every week. It will be only five minutes of floorwork, where you try to do every exercise as well as you can for a minute. I'll put up pictures later, after editing out the horrid photos they used as clickbait [check at your own risk] I want to combine those with a personal ABS training to be able to do sit-ups, so I can do a more intense Darebee Challenge after this one.

If you want to do or are doing a different thing every day, let me know, so we can cheer each other on! (Here or on other SM;)

Ehm, let's see, what else. Oh, right: finished two books last week (2!!!) so my bookpile is slinking slowly but surely. \o/

Now that I'm posting from Dreamwidth, I am working on backing up my LJ Scrapbook (that has over 6500 pictures in it!) and am giving priority to my artposts. I found an add-on for Firefox that sort of automatically downloads all the images per post ("DownThemAll"). Once that's done I'll make new folders at Photobucket, so I can adjust the image links when needed in the future. Brotherdearest heard about the issue and being an IT nerd, he immediately started writing a code to easily (re)name all the image files. (Will let you know if he comes up with something that can benefit other LJ movers:) Needless to say, I'm at least clinging to LJ until all my images are safely backed-up!

I'm trying to keep up with both my LJ-flist and my DW-circle, but have yet to find time and brainspace to respond to all posts. I'm not ignoring anyone, I welcome all old and new friends on any platform, but I may just be lurking for a bit until I get my brain and body back in order.

Last but not least: my LJ statistics!

Gosh, we've spend a lot of time here, huh? I saw some of you have even been around longer than I have! And yes, newbies, I saw you too;) *smishes you all*

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