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I have so many things I want to post about (SKAM! and also travelplans and signing up for a cartography course), but I'm still arting for the [ profile] quicky_bang MatchMaker Challenge and I am recovering from yet another shoulder injury, so I have to limit my typingtime. I've been postponing work-outs due to procrastination, but have managed to get going again this weekend, so I'm finally going to go for that ABS challenge I had planned a month ago.

Tomorrow I will start with week 1 of the Cosmo ABS Work-Out:

Here are previews of the next weeks:

You can find videos of the exercises on the Cosmopolitan Health & Fitness website
(Be warned: they come with stupid before and after photos *rolls eyes*)

In addition I plan to do strenghtening exercises to work up to actual sit-ups:
for week 1 I'll do Russian Twists, I don't know how many yet, let's find out how hard they are;)

If you want to join me, or want cheering on for another daily duty you set yourself, let me know!


P.S. Speaking of the [ profile] quicky_bang; there are some very awesome short fics waiting for ARTISTS: Grab a fic to art for HERE!

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