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As the moderator of the [ profile] quicky_bang I keep an eye on all the fics that are offered up for a Quicky and thus the ones that are eventually archived for the MatchMaker Challenge. Of course, to play fair, I always make a blind selection for my own match. But when this fic was still available for the latest round of MatchMakers, I just had to grab it for myself. I wanted to make a banner to visualize all the dark, brooding feelings this story gave me...

I took a little longer than planned, but I'm happy to finally present my banner and to promote this wonderfully tense story:

Title: Sleeping Beauty
Author: [ profile] theyrebrothers[AO3: buttheyrebrothers]
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: papercutting and Photoshop
Characters: Jensen, Jared
Rating: NC-17 (I'd say art is PG-13;)
Word count: 2603
Enticements/Warnings: dubious consent, gunplay, dirty talk
Summary: Only mistake he ever made in twenty years and now it’s back to haunt him.

Different still versions
RUITFULL Banner Sleeping Beauty.jpg
All the elements

J-FACE-Banner Sleeping Beauty.jpg
Jared in the dark

SILH-Banner Sleeping Beauty.jpg
Silhouette of young Jared

J-RUIT-Banner Sleeping Beauty.jpg
Jared with lighteffect

FULL Banner Sleeping Beauty.jpg
My favorite: all the elements but with 'clean' papercuttings.

Making of
I was all eager to get going with this story and get it done within the timeframe of this challenge; my brain was full of ideas... and then I got stuck on execution. I won't bore you with my spread out process, I'll just tell the story in pictures, with a minimum of babbling;)

Banner ALT Sleeping Beauty.jpg set up Banner Sleeping Beauty.jpg
A doodle sketch of another idea I was playing with, and the draft of the set up I chose to fiddle with.

IMG_8374 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg IMG_8380 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg
Sketches and sorting out paper colours

IMG_8383 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg IMG_8386 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg
Papercuts and paterns (and playing with the gun;)

IMG_8391 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg IMG_8392 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg
Background testing

IMG_8398 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg IMG_8399 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg
Light testing

IMG_8468 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg IMG_8469 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg
Experimenting with the hand(s) and a patterned sleeve

IMG_8473 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg IMG_8480 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg
I've ditched the body shape, as I'm going with a photo of Jared's face instead.
Now I'm deciding whether I should roll up the sleeve and if I should include a stroking, open hand...

IMG_8515 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg IMG_8495 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg
Playing with angles and shadow shapes of the open hand

IMG_8502 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg IMG_8485 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg
There are actually fingernails and other details, just so you know;) In the end I only use the hand with the gun though.

IMG_8560 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg IMG_8564 WIP SleepBeauty.jpg
The silhouette of young Jared was originally part of the set up of a papercut design I did for a 2013 ReverseBang artpost,
see if you can spot it in the Making Of section;) More sources below!

The background:
Sheets from Sam's bed: SPN S10Ep17 - Inside Man
Patterns: paper from FLOW, book for Paper Lovers 2014

Jensen is a combination of bedscenes:
Sources JENSEN Sleeping Beauty.png
Face: SPN S01Ep13 - ROUTE 666
Torso: SPN S10Ep17 - Inside Man
Body double: Guy who happens to have a tattoo that looks like JDM's cross, haha

Sources JARED Sleeping Beauty.png
Sam's face: SPNS03Ep11 - Mystery Spot
Sam's chin: SPNS03Ep08 - A Very Supernatural Christmas

To cut the hand with the gun, I used a selection of reference pics. The initial idea was based on this shadow image from istockphoto, that I found when I googled "staring down the barrel of a gun" for inspirational points of view:)

FONTS: Noir-et-Blanc (with edits for fade away effect;) & Bougan (names)

Manip Jensen sleeping.jpg
The base manip of Jensen, I fiddled a bit more with him in the banner (spot the difference;)

Thank you, [ profile] theyrebrothers, for letting me play with your story and for your patience when I needed time to fight an artblock.
Now, everyone go read the story!

(But if you could comment on my art too, that would be awesome;)


Want more? My Masterlist of artsy fiddling
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