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So before the family get-together on Saturday May 20th (my mom's partner's bday) where my nephew coughed all over me which gave me a week with a sore throat and limited snot which has now developed into an ear-infection and barking cough :( - BEFORE THAT, I went to the Harry Potter Expo in Utrecht with my book-and movie buddy Jelle. Here's a picspam of our adventures on Friday May 19th.

An afternoon at the Harry Potter Expo
IMG_20170519_143500-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_143743-HPexpo.jpg
The Cinemec complex is kind of in the middle of nowhere, because the neighbourhood surrounding it, is still being build. Gorgeous view of the clouds over the buildingsite and the Cinemec:)

IMG_20170519_143903-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_143918-HPexpo.jpg
A happy coincidence for the setting of Harry Potter, and not platform 9 and 3/4 as I first thought: old coverings from Utrecht's Central Station platform 9 from 1895 have been resurrected as a landmark. (Central Station has been renovated like woah;)

IMG_20170519_144235-HPexpo CAM.jpg IMG_20170519_144235-HPexpo WA16.jpg
Tadaah: happy Potter nerds are ready! At the beginning of the expo, you enter a tiny version of the great hall for the sorting hat ceremony; I was one of the lucky few that actually got to do it. The wizard asked me who my favorite character was (Sirius Black) and if that meant I was Griffyndor. I told him I was convinced I was Hufflepuff because of my creativity and then he said "let's see" and put the hat over my head.... AND THE HAT SAID I WAS HUFFLEPUFF!!!! WootWoOT! I'm so glad Jelle took pictures. :)

IMG_20170519_151848-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_152006-HPexpo.jpg
The fat lady made us wait until she broke the glass "with her beautiful voice" (and absolutely not by smashing it behind her back;) and then we went into Hogwarts: this is the display with stuff from Harry's friends.

IMG_20170519_152058-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_152808-HPexpo.jpg
Costumes all around and also plenty of things to touch: I'm trying to repot a Mandrake! The screaming was horendous /o\

IMG_20170519_153015-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_153611-HPexpo.jpg
Lockheart always makes me giggle. In the background on the right: Buckbeak <3

IMG_20170519_153750-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_153926-HPexpo.jpg
Hagrid's hut and the Monsterbook of Monsters!

IMG_20170519_154219-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_154220-HPexpo.jpg
A baby Thestral, barely visible in the Dark Forest and the Hungarian Horntail! (You weren't supposed to use a flashlight, but it was pitchblack and I turned on the camera light just to see. Honest. *shifty look*)

IMG_20170519_154412-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_154829-HPexpo.jpg
Kreacher and the Horcruxes.

IMG_20170519_154938-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_155426-HPexpo.jpg
Masks of the Deatheaters plus Nagini crawling around Voldemort's legs.
Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix in all its glory.

IMG_20170519_155735-HPexpo CAM.jpg IMG_20170519_155735-HPexpo WA2.jpg
Loved the claw details on Viktor's costume.
Photo of Hermione's gala dress and Ron's cloak by Jelle.

IMG_20170519_160441-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_160454-HPexpo.jpg
Quiddits gear and world-cup souvenirs:)

IMG_20170519_160516-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_160517-HPexpo.jpg
You could try to throw the Quaffle, that was fun (I scored of course;)
Aaaaaahw, Dobby :(

IMG_20170519_161013-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_161014-HPexpo.jpg
Costume of my favorite: Sirius Black, so fancy. *hearteyes*
Because we didn't agree on the background and the photographer had made two shots, we ended up with three photos *grins* (J. chose the one with Hogwarts)
I'm quite pleased with my pose and outfit. Hufflepuff, yay! (I had grabbed Voldemort's wand, heehee)

After the expo we went back to Jelle's house for a bit, then walked back to town for dinner (excellent burger) and a movie (The Circle with Emma Watson, to continue our Harry Potter themed day:) before walking to the station where I could grab the train home. I made some photos of cool buildings and stuff during our strolls.

IMG_20170519_162815-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_163408-HPexpo.jpg
In the distance: Lage Weide Powerplant (inside there's a steam and gas turbine) - the chimney is no longer in use, but it's listed as an industrial monument (1956). Lucky shot with train, woohoo.
I love the design of the Leidsche Rijn station (a four minute ride to Utrecht Central Station).

IMG_20170519_170422-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_182903-HPexpo.jpg
Awesome reflections in town and a fun public toilet with a little boy peeing on top (by Dick Bruna, known world wide from Nijntje aka Miffy:) in the park. We call this toilet design a "krul" = curl.

IMG_20170519_183841-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_212557-HPexpo.jpg
Grafitti and pedestrian bridge at dusk.

IMG_20170519_213306-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_213628-HPexpo.jpg
Crafty fence and silhouette of the building known as the inkpot.>>

IMG_20170519_213726-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_214114-HPexpo.jpg
>>Yes, that is a UFO on the roof :-)
I also loved this look-through with the modern skyscraper in the back.

IMG_20170519_214303-HPexpo.jpg IMG_20170519_215436-HPexpo.jpg
And we ended as we began the day: with a buildingsite:) This is at the back of Central Station, look at that a glorious sunset.
Because I had to wait for my train, we sat down at Starbucks for hot chocolate and scrumptious double chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Nom.

The End

I called in sick today and from the looks of it I'll have to stay at home a bit longer this week. If it was just the snothead, I could manage to go to work , but my ear makes any sound unbearable. Gosh, I feel miserable. This was a fun post to make though. It was a great day:)

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