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Oh yes, after I finally finished the MatchMaker Challenge, I grabbed a fic in the regular round of the [ profile] quicky_bang as well and I did all my arting within the timeline of the challenge, woohoo! (Posted a little later due to a pesky ear infection making me all blah the past couple of days) I even managed to sneak in a little bit of papercutting, but I mostly played with photos of these guys' beautiful faces. It was such a joy to try to capture the timeline of this lovely story. May I present:

ForeverLonely BANNER.jpg

Title: Forever is a Lonely Number
Author: [ profile] souslelys [AO3: lightinthehall]
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: papercutting and Photoshop
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 (Art is G;)
Word count: 3286
Summary: Jared ages, but Jensen never does. They stay together. (26!Jensen verse)

It may not be very obvious in the final design, but I did do some papercutting for the title banner:) Here's a look behind the scenes...

8566-WIPforever.jpg BonusCake WIPforever.jpg
Some quick pencil sketches after reading the story. Yes, that is a penis cake. :-D

setup1-ForeverLonely BANNER.jpg setup2-ForeverLonely BANNER.jpg
I made some digital set ups to give [ profile] souslelys a better idea of my timeline concept and to figure out which font fit the mood best.

8568-WIPforever.jpg 8570-WIPforever.jpg
Because I didn't know yet if I was going to cut out the letters as well, I chose a couple of alternative fonts to sketch an infinity base from.

8576-WIPforever.jpg 8581-WIPforever.jpg
I decided the thin, fragile capitals were indeed my favorite for expressing the feelings about Jensen living forever and having to watch Jared age *sniffles*. What? You thought I just picked letters willy-nilly?

8591-WIPforever.jpg 8594-WIPforever.jpg
Experimenting with filling up the figure with marker before eventually cutting the shape anyway.

8601-WIPforever.jpg 8608-WIPforever.jpg
Wondering if I should add a colour, but after photographing the cut-out on my light table, I just had to use that flash and backlight effect:)

Here's an animation of all the layers I ended up with (I felt a gif as a banner would be too frivolous. I hope the final version captures all my feelings about Jared getting older while staying smitten by forever young Jensen *sniffles some more* GO READ THE STORY

When I'd finished the banner design, I played with the drawn infinity age circles in Photoshop to match them in colour and make fitting dividers to go the with header and story:)
DividerForeverLonely22.png DividerForeverLonely26.png

DividerForeverLonely45.png DividerForeverLonely81.png

DividerForeverLonely.png DividerForeverLonely0.png

It was pretty hard to find the original sources for the photos I used; bloody pinterest links are overloading Google. Please let me know if you know the photographer where they are missing, as this is how far I got with a reverse image search.

That gorgeous Jensen photo only had a "Supernatural promo" credit.

Babyface Jared was taken at a House of Wax press conference in april 2005 - credit to GettyImages
Gloriously sweaty Jared in his black button down is from JibCon 2011 and I'm pretty sure it's from elsiecat :-)

For aged Jared I used a photo which I've been able to date to Nashcon 2011. I gave him the massive beard from 2015 Jim Carrey - Image: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN

'Forever' = York Handwriting
'is a lonely number' = Sunshine in my Soul (free download at DaFont!)
Names = Vargas (free download at UrbanFonts!>

BonusPanty WIPforever.jpg
For my own amusement I sketched another significant scene *grins*
(Happy accident with eraser created beard burn between Jensen's legs;)

Thank you, [ profile] souslelys for this wonderful universe, that felt snuggly and sexy and sad, sometimes all at the same time! Very glad you offered it up for a quicky, so I could visualize the pretty.


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