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Yesterday I took my mom out to a fancy dinner. When I lost my job in August 2015, my farewell gift from the company was a dinner coupon. Up until now I just wasn't in the right mindset to use it, there were a lot of hard feelings;) But now that my life has settled again and with a splendid new job and good prospects for the future, I'm finally feeling pretty good again, so it was time to cash in that cheque.

Last night mom and I cycled to De Zoete Inval, a tiny bistro in town, where we wanted to try the 'Proeverijtje', which translates as Little Tastery: a fancy all-you-can-eat in separate courses. You can pick any dish from the menu and you are served a small version of that dish. With each serving, the waiter asks what dish you want next. You can decide your own order, if you want to start with a dessert and finish with soup, that's totally fine and you can also choose a dish more than once.
I managed 13 courses *grins* EVERYTHING WAS SO SCRUMPTIOUS! Below are photos of all the food we gobbled up (my mom managed 12 courses;) with captions in Dutch and English where needed.

H= hoofdgerecht (main dish) | V= voorgerecht (starter) | D= dessert (dessert;)
[m]= mom's dish | *= both mom and I had this dish | ~encore~=seconds!

190337-Proeverijtje 16062017.jpg 190508-Proeverijtje 16062017.jpg
1. Kikkerbillen in knoflookboter V [m: Skagen = Noorse garnalen op toast]
+ Stokbrood met kruidenboter
Frog legs (the literal translation is "little frog butts") in garlicbutter [Norwegian shrimps on toast]
+ on the side: French bread with herbal butter

192227-Proeverijtje 16062017.jpg 192231-Proeverijtje 16062017.jpg
2. Rendang H [m: Pasta pesto with Grana Padano] + Nachos
Indonesian beefstew with coconutmilk and mashed potatoes

193553-Proeverijtje 16062017.jpg 193652-Proeverijtje 16062017.jpg
3. Geitenkaas in spek en honing* V [m: Saté van varkenshaas met satésaus]
+ Patat frites met mayonaise on the side: fries with mayonnaise YES, MAYONNAISE, MMMM.
Goat's cheese wrapped in bacon, drizzled with honey [porksaté with spicey peanutsauce]

195327-Proeverijtje 16062017.jpg 202328-Proeverijtje 16062017.jpg
4. Picanha met peperroomsaus H [m: Lam van de grill]
Beef with pepper creamsauce [grilled lamb]

We both figured we'd do a dessert in the middle of our meal, JUST BECAUSE WE COULD \o/
5. Limoen kokos bavarois* D [m: Dessert van de chef: verse aardbeien met vanilleijs en slagroom*]
Lime coconut bavarois [Chef's dessert: fresh strawberries with vanilla icecream and whipcream]

203904-Proeverijtje 16062017.jpg 205349-Proeverijtje 16062017.jpg
6. Bruschetta met pekelvlees V [m: Geitenkaas in spek en honing*]
there is indeed grilled bread underneath that pile of salted pork;) [see 3.]
7. Spareribs H [m: Sorbetijs met vers fruit*]
*rubs belly* [sorbet with fresh fruit]

210830-Proeverijtje 16062017.jpg 211855-Proeverijtje 16062017.jpg
8. Salade met gerookte kipfilet V [m: Vegetarische mini loempia's]
"Salad"; I had already seen on someone else's plate that there was barely any salad with this smoked chicken with curry sauce, so I figured it was perfect for me. It was. \o/ [vegetarian eggrolls]

Now we're going to try ALL THE DESSERTS:-d
9. Crème brûlée D [m: Cheesecake* ]

213527-Proeverijtje 16062017.jpg 215723-Proeverijtje 16062017.jpg
10. Cheesecake* D [m: Arretjescake met vanilleijs]
[Chocolatecake with biscuits and vanilla icecream] -
I made a step-by-step post of our family's recipe here

11. Dessert van de chef: verse aardbeien met vanilleijs en slagroom* D [m: Limoen kokos bavarois*]
[see 5.]

221820-Proeverijtje 16062017.jpg 222546-Proeverijtje 16062017.jpg
12. Sorbetijs met vers fruit* D [m-: Arretjescake met vanilleijs ~encore~]
[see 7. and 10.]

13. Crème brûlée D ~encore~ \o/

The end.

I think #3 was my favorite. No, wait, #8 or maybe #10? #6 is up on top too. SERIOUSLY. Everything tasted awesome. So many textures and flavours. <3<3<3

It was an awesome evening. <3<3
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