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Oh hey, I just realized I hadn't updated y'all about my earinfection yet. You know, the one I mentioned at the end of May? IT'S STILL NOT OVER!
The headcold I had back then fortunately only lasted a week, but it was rough; besides the snot and the barking cough I had an eye-infection and I couldn't open my eyes for two days. (I listened to the soothing voice of Stephen Fry reading me Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).
Three days into the headcold I went to the doctor's because the earinfection wasn't supposed to last that long, I was told not to worry. She prescribed eardrops and gave the advice to get nosespray as well.
But even after all the other coldstuff was over, my ear still felt stuffed. So off to the doctor I went again. This time I saw my own GP (who had been off schedule on my first visit). She said it would probably take about three more days of eardrops and promised me there would be improvement. There wasn't. Not even after five days. So then I saw doctor number one again and she concluded I had the type of earinfection that would probably last several weeks if not months!! Oh. Thanks for that.
I got a prescription for antibiotics and "sour" eardrops for a week, I had to take a dose of both three times a day. Yesterday I had a check up on that. I'm still deaf, but she told me the ear does look better. I should continue with the eardrops and get back in ten days for a follow up. *sighs*

I'm glad I have the kind of quiet job that I can do while being half deaf, but it is a nuisance. Luckily I have planned my vacation at the end of August, I should be alright by then. RIGHT?

Anyway, the reason I was going to post tonight was to tell you our BB date has been postponed from June 26 to July 12th. Can you handle the suspense? ;-)
But if you are in immediate need to see art of mine and many others, check out the artmasterlist of the [ profile] quicky_bang: HERE!

I also wanted to do the bookmeme I saw in [ profile] amberdreams journal. Mmm, books. (Of course my answers are way too long, prepare for babble!)

Hardback or paperback:
Oh, if there is an hardback edition, that definitely has my preference, it feels fancier. But these days they make gorgeous paperback covers too.

Borrow or buy:
BUY! When I read a book, the story becomes MINE and I want to hold on to it. I sometimes exchange books with a friend, but I usually end up buying the book after all *grins*

Fantasy or Sci-Fi:
Hmmm, I used to frown upon both, but I learned that genre isn't as important as the characters. So I've read both and loved both. (Remind me to do genre recommendations later!)

Love-Triangle or love at first sight:
BOTH! This goes more for fanfic than the literary books I read. The latter are mostly not about "love".

Wall shelves or bookcases:
Anything that can hold books, really. My pride is my bookworm bookshelf that squiggles on the wall, but I have bookcases in all sizes all over my appartment. From Ikea's iconic square boxes design to cheap white basic cases. (Oooh, I should do a picspam!)

Bad plot with good characters or good plot with bad characters:
Neither combination would work for me. I like a good storyline with interesting characters, they should be complicated not just good or bad.

Harry Potter or Percy Jackson:
Well, out of these two I only know Harry Potter, so he gets my vote. *googles* Nope, doesn't ring a bell. Amazing, apparently the Percy Jackson series is huge. Huh.

Booklr or Bookstagram:
These words mean nothing to me.

Contemporaries or Fantasy:
I guess contemporaries, but again: I read all genres. I like to switch;)

English books or books in your native language:
Both. If a book is originally in English, I will read it in English. Any other language I will choose the Dutch translation, if available.

Buy in a bookshop or buy online:
Both. I like to browse in bookshops, I also love to receive books by mail.

Amazon or Book Depository:
Well, Amazon bought the Book Depository, but as long as the latter doesn't change its style and keeps the shipping free worldwide, I'll keep ordering from them.

Buy because of the cover or because of the description:
Get curious because of the cover, buy because of the description. I have dismissed books for both. (Recently I gave away a set of books because I hated the covers and got myself new editions with a much more pleasing design)

Alphabetical shelves or color coordinated:
I have a couple of color coordinated shelves, but mostly I put them away by genre, but there's also a hardcover/paperback division. Same books by one author will always be together though. And the will be set to size. I do desperately need to reorganize though, because my system is falling apart. Oh, and all the books on shelves are books I've already read. I keep a litteral bookpile with unread books.

Different sized books or matching sizes:
As answered above: matching sizes. The aforementioned set of books with awful covers ALSO had different sizes, it drove me mad. UNACCEPTABLE.

Wait to marathon a series or read as they’re released:
Depends on when I discover a bookseries. After having to wait for certain authors to follow up, I do prefer to wait until I can bingeread the whole thing.

Movie or TV adaptations:
Hmmm. I think I've only seen movie adaptations and I can enjoy them, but I prefer the book. Harry Potter worked, but there are always precious scenes lost in translation to the screen. Often I don't want to see an adaptation, because the book was just so damn good, I couldn't stand it to be different than that experience. That's why I avoided The Timetraveler's Wife [Audrey Niffenegger], Cloud Atlas [David Mitchell] and currently The Handmaid's Tale [Margaret Atwood]. READ THESE BOOKS IF YOU HAVEN'T YET!

Reading indoors or outdoors:

Coffee or Tea:
Chocolatemilk please.

Bookmarks or random objects to mark your page:
I have lots of bookmarks, but there's only one I use - it was made for me by [ profile] sillie82 and it has her artwork of J2 on one side and Nick/Greg on the other:)

Be your favourite character or be their best friend:
I just want to lurk.

Physical or e-book:
Physical book. Nothing beats turning paper pages. <3

Read in bed or on a chair:
Both are fine:)

Audio book or e-book:
I love to devour the words on the page myself. I get impatient when I have to focus on listening, my mind will start to wander. It was a blessing to have the Harry Potter Audiobooks when I was sick and couldn't do anything else but lie on the couch (see up above) but it was only because I couldn't see and I had no choice but to listen;)

Series or stand-alones:
Stand-alones. I quite like open endings. Series for the sake of series or "suspence" are the worst.

Reading in the winter or reading in the summer:
All year round, baby!

And here's a question for you: what book should I add to my bookpile?

Also: I was nearly through my bookpile and I treated myself to a new book, so I updated my readinglist! DW and LJ (there are links to previous booklists too, that should give you an idea of the books I like;)

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