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I've played in the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang since 2010; including pinchhits that makes 12 BigBang collaborations! Every year I try to pick a story that offers me something different and even after this many years, authors still manage to surprise me:)
This year I managed to claim a very intriguing vampire story! I chose to illustrate it with papercuttings and watercolours. May I present...

StoryBanner BluesNight DEF600.jpg

Title: Blues in the Night
Author: [ profile] oobydooby67 [compo67 on AO3]
Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: Papercutting & Watercolours
Pairing: Jensen/Jared | Genre: RPS Vampire AU
Story Rating: NC17 | Wordcount: 33034
ART Rating: G, and contains no spoilers for story!

Summary: The search for a missing elder leads Jensen to Los Angeles, California. It is his responsibility to question contacts and connections about Tyman, who has not been heard from or seen in a year.
Frustrated with the search, Jensen meets a human who claims to have had a casual relationship with Tyman. Jared trades information for two pastrami sandwiches and ten thousand dollars. Unfortunately, after the trade, Jensen is no closer to finding Tyman, and a lot closer to Jared than he ever thought possible.

Artist's Notes: So I didn't make a lot of pieces, but I put a lot of thought into them *grins* Let me give you a peek inside my head by explaining the colours I used:)
I chose purples and blues for the backgrounds to represent the night, since Jensen experiences the world either at dusk or dawn. Imagine the colours in the sunset (see my photo of clouds in Making Of!)


Vampire!Jensen prefers not be noticed. I put him in soft purples and blues so he blends in. I also cut him all neat with tight lines to fit his personality


For Jared I picked greens to counter Jensen's night colours. For me this visualizes how he fills up Jensen's dark world with colours you can only really see in daytime; nature's green, like a garden (you'll figure that one out when you read the story;). Jared's style is more sloppy, without straight lines.

I don't know, after imagining Jensen's teeth and Jared's lip piercing, I couldn't resist play with their mouths:)
Divider BluesNight JENSEN.jpg

Divider BluesNight JARED.jpg

Divider BluesNight LOYALTY.jpg
This is Jensen's mantra: "Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage."

Okay, there are a lot of these, but I wanted to show the variety in backgrounds, so I'll put up thumbnails of the bulk of them. (There are actually 27 chapters, but I made more because the story was still being written when I had already set the deadline for my art;)
Click to see them all up close (or Read the story!:)

1 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 3 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg

4 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg

2 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 5 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 6 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 7 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 8 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 9 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg

10 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 11 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 12 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 13 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 14 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 15 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg

16 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 17 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 18 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 19 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 20 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 21 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg

22 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 23 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 24 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 25 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 26 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 27 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg

28 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 29 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 30 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 31 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg 32 Chapter BluesNight DEF.jpg Epilogue BluesNight DEF.jpg

Due to lack of time I had to resist babbling.
I hope the pictures tell you all you want to know about the work in progress:)

1. Set up pencil & paper sketches for author
1IMG_8615-BB2017Blues.jpg 1IMG_8616-BB2017Blues.jpg

1IMG_8622-BB2017Blues.jpg 1IMG_8624-BB2017Blues.jpg

1IMG_8627-BB2017Blues.jpg 1IMG_8628-BB2017Blues.jpg

1IMG_8630-BB2017Blues.jpg 1IMG_8631-BB2017Blues.jpg

2. Background watercolours
2IMG_8943-BB2017Blues.jpg 2IMG_8962-BB2017Blues.jpg

2IMG_8968-BB2017Blues.jpg 2IMG_8970-BB2017Blues.jpg

2IMG_8974-BB2017Blues.jpg 2IMG_8976-BB2017Blues.jpg

2IMG_8977-BB2017Blues.jpg 2IMG_8994-BB2017Blues.jpg

2IMG_9001-BB2017Blues.jpg 2IMG_9003-BB2017Blues.jpg

2IMG_9005-BB2017Blues.jpg 2IMG_9010-BB2017Blues.jpg

2IMG_9020-BB2017Blues.jpg 2IMG_9022-BB2017Blues.jpg

3. Papercutting
IMG_9105-BB2017Blues.jpg IMG_9107-BB2017Blues.jpg

3IMG_9029-BB2017Blues.jpg 3IMG_9030-BB2017Blues.jpg

3IMG_9031-BB2017Blues.jpg 3IMG_9037-BB2017Blues.jpg

3IMG_9049-BB2017Blues.jpg 3IMG_9050-BB2017Blues.jpg

3IMG_9061-BB2017Blues.jpg 3IMG_9062-BB2017Blues.jpg

3IMG_9063-BB2017Blues.jpg 3IMG_9122-BB2017Blues.jpg

3IMG_9123-BB2017Blues.jpg 3IMG_9125-BB2017Blues.jpg

3IMG_9137-BB2017Blues.jpg 3IMG_9139-BB2017Blues.jpg

Credits & Thanks
Fonts: Keyboard Plaque (names) & Axaxax (title)
References: For the fedora is used old photos of Frank Sinatra; Jensen's suit was based on the one Ranveer Singh is wearing on this cover of Forbes India:)
For Jared I found examples of a biker holding a helmet on To get the shapes of Jensen & Jared's bodies and the details of their faces, I studied several Supernatural screencaps, for example S8Ep11 LARP and the Real Girl for Jared's ponytail *grins*

EndBanner BluesNight DEF.jpg

Of course this art wouldn't have happened without an inspiring story, so thank you, [ profile] oobydooby67 [compo67] for creating pouty Vampire!Jensen and bouncy Biker!Jared:)
Also thanks to Wendy for running the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang, it's always a memorable event on the SPN fandom calendar!
Last but not least: thank you for stopping by to take a look! (Comments, questions and concrit are all welcome:)


For more of my fanart, check out My masterlist of artsy fiddling:)

Date: 2017-07-16 10:47 am (UTC)
majestic_duxk: (Default)
From: [personal profile] majestic_duxk
gorgeous. I see the pics in passing when I was checking out the spn_j2_bb page, but it's so nice to see it all here, along with the how you did it.

I love the colour scheme, and the water colours meld so beautifully with the paper art!

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