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I have so many things I want to post about (SKAM! and also travelplans and signing up for a cartography course), but I'm still arting for the [ profile] quicky_bang MatchMaker Challenge and I am recovering from yet another shoulder injury, so I have to limit my typingtime. I've been postponing work-outs due to procrastination, but have managed to get going again this weekend, so I'm finally going to go for that ABS challenge I had planned a month ago.

Tomorrow I will start with week 1 of the Cosmo ABS Work-Out:
5 x 1 minute exercises behind the cut! )

If you want to join me, or want cheering on for another daily duty you set yourself, let me know!


P.S. Speaking of the [ profile] quicky_bang; there are some very awesome short fics waiting for ARTISTS: Grab a fic to art for HERE!
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Ugh, I've never had to postpone an art deadline before and it took me some deep breaths to inform the author I claimed in the QBMM, but my muse just didn't cooperate the past few days (weeks?) and this story really deserves my best effort. I'd rather bend (my own) rules than deliver artwork I'm not happy about. Fandom is supposed to be fun, dangit!

My brain is occupied with the whole LiveJournal exodus and also lots of real life planning. I'm considering doing a course in the autumn that requires a change in workhours, I have an evaluation coming up (I'm not too worried about that, but those always make you wonder about your abilities, right?) and I've taken a decision for a different kind of summervacation (which is more stressful than it should be;)

Definitely not all bad things, but all steps out of my comfort zone that mess with my creativity.

okay, a little bit of work-out chatting;) )

Ehm, let's see, what else. Oh, right: finished two books last week (2!!!) so my bookpile is slinking slowly but surely. \o/

Now that I'm posting from Dreamwidth, I am working on backing up my LJ Scrapbook (that has over 6500 pictures in it!) and am giving priority to my artposts. I found an add-on for Firefox that sort of automatically downloads all the images per post ("DownThemAll"). Once that's done I'll make new folders at Photobucket, so I can adjust the image links when needed in the future. Brotherdearest heard about the issue and being an IT nerd, he immediately started writing a code to easily (re)name all the image files. (Will let you know if he comes up with something that can benefit other LJ movers:) Needless to say, I'm at least clinging to LJ until all my images are safely backed-up!

I'm trying to keep up with both my LJ-flist and my DW-circle, but have yet to find time and brainspace to respond to all posts. I'm not ignoring anyone, I welcome all old and new friends on any platform, but I may just be lurking for a bit until I get my brain and body back in order.

Last but not least: my LJ statistics!

Gosh, we've spend a lot of time here, huh? I saw some of you have even been around longer than I have! And yes, newbies, I saw you too;) *smishes you all*

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Yes! My last day in Pandora has arrived, woohoo:) A little longer than the 60 days I thought I was starting on February 1st, but what a ride it has been. I love that I could do this work-out challenge in the privacy of my own home, at my own time (although the latter was sometimes a struggle;) and with the support of my fandomfriends through Twitter(chat) and LiveJournal. *smishes y'all*
I won't tell you how the RPG/story ends, but I will show you my bad ass certificate after my short review of the final chapter...

Chapter 60! (spoilers for exercises and story) )
Yeah, you bet I printed that certificate \o/

What's next? I'm going to give myself a work-out break tomorrow and then I'm back to daily standing abs until I decide what challenge to do next. Who's with me?


P.S. If you've added me to your Dreamwidth circle, but you have a new name, please introduce yourself, so I know who's stalking me? I'm BeeLikeJ on every social network I'm on.
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banner age of pandora.png

Not a bad workday, considering I stayed up until 01:30 to watch the Stage It LIVESTREAM of the J2 panel at the SPN Convention in Seatle last night:) WORTH IT!

When I got home this afternoon I had meant to do my work-out right away, after I peeled the potatoes. Unfortunately I got a little lost on the internet for a while before I started dinner preparations, but around seven I finally put the potatoes on and was ready to do the penultimate chapter of the Age of Pandora...

Chapter 59 (spoilers for exercises and story plus bonus doodles) )



P.S. Calling all SPN/RPF artists and authors for a new round of the [ profile] quicky_bang!
Submit your short fic to the claimpost to lure an artist into creating some art for it:)
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Last week [personal profile] tanni came over from Belgium for an old fashioned fangirl weekend, we hadn't seen each other in ages! (We met each other in the Nick/Greg corner of the CSI fandom back in 2005 and I followed her into bandom, the Harry Potter Marauders fandom and other more obscure fandoms, heehee (Hornblower, anyone?). We're also book buddies;)

We met up on Friday; I cycled to the station straight from work at 12:30 just when T got off the train. Then she got on the bus to my house while I cycled home. After catching up during an extensive lunch (freshly baked croissants!), we went up to my attic to start one of many marathons on my big screen: the final season of Please Like Me. After dinner we also figured out where to continue with Orphan Black (S3Ep3) and watched a classic CSI episode (S8Ep11: Bull).

On Saturday we had a luxurious breakfast with crossbuns I brought from London, nom! We watched the last two episodes of Please Like Me, continued with S3 of Orphan Black and mixed that up with Galavant to lighten the mood:) An excellent mix of awesome.
In between we did a couple of food experiments: after lunch we made Extreme Triple Chocolate Nests (see Dan & Phil video below) and after dinner we played with my cotton candy machine. Such fun!

And this is how we made them )

We also played with my cotton candy machine! )

On Sunday we finished Orphan Black S3 and ended our get-together with Galavant up to the introduction of Tad Cooper. (I promised T. I'd send her the rest of the season;) It was a wonderful weekend <3

Now I'm gonna get ready to watch the J2 Panel at the SPN Seatle convention on Stage It. EXCITED!


P.S. I'm experimenting with image-archives; for this post I used my old PhotoBucket. Djeez, I don't remember it having so many ads and pop-ups! But Flickr doesn't support posting multiple images, and I don't know other services. All suggestions are welcome!
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Haha, already forgot what I told myself yesterday and procrastinated all through the day until I could finally drag myself away from the computer for what turned out to be a very short work-out. Oh, why didn't I do it right away this morning, I'll never learn. *rolls eyes at self*

Chapter 58 (spoilers for exercises and story) )


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BOOM! I did 5 sets before noon \o/ Level 2, baby!! I love the martial art exercises, especially when I can imagine a fight while doing them;)
Must remember that in the weekends it's best to do the work-out as soon as possible after getting up, because postponing it will slowly but surely drain the fun. Seriously, self, it can be FUN! ;-p

Chapter 57 (spoilers for exercises and story) )

Only three days left to go! (Unless Pandora comes up with multi-part chapters again, but I'm holding on to the hope that the final chapters can all be done in a day)

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Oooh, we're getting close to the end of the Age of Pandora! Here's an update on my exercise journey, it's very long because with traveling and fangirl hangouts in between work I simply didn't have time to post about it the past two weeks. But I did manage to keep on track and I did my work-outs nearly every day, so yay!

Chapters 44-56 (spoilers for exercises and story) )

I aim to keep a daily diary for the last few chapters. (So this was the last massive work-out post *grins*) Let the count-down begin. Only four chapters to go, dundundunnnn.

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I have not left LiveJournal, I'm merely trying the cross-posting from Dreamwidth to get the hang of it. When I found out they now offer image space, I wanted to give DW another chance:) The last time I made a back-up of LJ was halfway 2014, in the past week I updated my DW by transferring all the posts I made since then. I noticed that videos are not showing, I'll check up on that later. For now I just want to start posting again after a couple of busy weeks. I've been ignoring most of my social media because of a fangirl sleepover and a long weekend in London two weeks ago. Here's a picspam of the latter (I saw David Tennant and Daniel Radcliffe on stage and spotted another celeb in the audience!)

Theatre and Fangirling in London-March2017 )

I have kept up with the Age of Pandora work-outs; did Chapter 55 of 60 today! Will catch up on posting about that tomorrow:)
How have you been?


P.S. Dreamwidth's image galery interface doesn't seem to have an easy posting option, and apparently only allows to copy one file-code at the time, so I uploaded the images to LiveJournal as well to get all the codes at once and speed up my html-coding;)
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The Age of Pandora days are getting a bit blurry, as we reached a chapter that took several days to complete, so from now on I'll refer to the chapter instead of the amount of days. So much for a "60 Day Challenge"... *huffs*
Behind the cut are all the work-outs I did in the past week. I also included a Jeff/Jensen treat at the end, because why not.

CHAPTERS 38-43 (spoilers for exercises and story) )

I'm gonna pack for my trip to London now. Hope to be able to do the work-outs on the ferry and in my hotel, but I'll also be doing a lot of walking through town, so I'll get enough exercise in between theatre visits and soaking in bubble baths :-p

Will tell y'all all about it when I get back! *waves*

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Okay, so: elections! This is a long text post, but with all that's going on in the world, I thought it would be good to write down how we do elections in the Netherlands.

Tomorrow I'm going to vote for a party that I want to be represented by in parliament. In the Netherlands we can choose between 24 (TWENTY FOUR!!) political parties, from conservatives (which we call liberals) to democrats (who call them selves liberals) to socialists (who are apparently called liberals in the USA) and many many in between (we have an animal party, a pirate party, a party for people who don't want to vote (sarcasm much), a senior citizen party, and so on and so on, 28 in total over all, but some parties are not on local lists)

There are 150 seats in parliament (Tweede Kamer, or the House of Representatives).
The party who gets the most votes will get the first chance to form a government and to do this they will work with as many parties as needed to get a majority in the House.
Currently we have a government of VVD (conservatives) plus PVDA (socialists), so all is not lost if the right wins ;-) Compromise is what our political system is all about.
The leader of the biggest party will become Prime Minister, the different minister posts will be divided over each party in the cabinet. (So for instance right now, we have a social minister for education and a conservative for housing, a social minister for finance, a conservative for defense, etc.)

According to the polls the conservative VVD will still be the biggest, but there is a extreme right wing politician who became very popular in the past year, who's right behind them. Fortunately the Green Left also has a lot of supporters and they too still have a good chance to gain a lot of seats.
Turn out for the most recent national elections was 75%, they're expecting a lot more people to vote this time, because it's such a close race. (there are 13 milion people with the right to vote)
In the Netherlands you are registered at birth and after you turn eighteen you will automatically get an invitation to vote for every election.
You also receive an example ballot with all the candidates and instructions, so you can study it at home. At the voting station there will be a huge poster with the ballot, so you have another chance to look at the names. We vote with a red pencil, filling the circle in front of the name of your candidate.

Here's my example ballot and invitation )

I don't think it's a secret I will vote for the Green Left (litteral translation of the party's name:), the only choice I still have left to make is which candidate I'll give my preference to. I would usually vote for the first woman on the list (there are three parties with a woman in the top spot, for most of the major parties the number 2 is a woman, except for the Christian Right (SGP) who don't allow women on their list, well they do now, since they had to go to court over that and lost, but they don't have any eligible women on their list anyway).

BUT! Choosing number 2 will not result in more women in parliament, because candidates will get a seat based on their place on the list and the amount of votes the party gets. So number two on the list will definitely get in. This year there was a campaign explaining that in order to get more women in parliament, we should vote for a woman who is near the cut-off point of seats for their party and might not get in, unless she'd get preference votes. So I'm gonna try and find out who that would be for my party, based on the dreaded polls...

Why do I vote for a woman? Simple math, the group of candidates has 34% women and 66% men; I want our parliament to be representative of our population, so to restore balance, my preference vote goes to a woman.

Polling stations are open from 07:30 until 21:00, I'll go and vote after work, on my way home. For my own sanity I will try not to spend the evening watching the news;) Mom's coming over for dinner and I hope we will distract each other with chatting and DVDs...

It will be a stressful evening though.

(FYI: our conservatives are really not that conservative; issues like women's rights, gay marriage and healthcare for all are not up for debate to the point of fearing for our life. But the rise of the right is a cause for worry, especially for non white people. Let's hope enough lefties turn up to vote and even out the hate with sympathy at least...)
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I'm very distracted at the moment by our national elections: we get to vote for members of our parliament on Wednesday. I plan to do a post about it tomorrow, just so you know;)
In other news: the MatchMaker Challenge in the [ profile] quicky_bang ART community is a go! The first artworks were already posted today and there's more on the way. If you fancy playing with a short surprise fic, you can still sign up and choose to art for 1, 2 or 3 weeks!

Chapters 33-37 (spoilers for exercises and story) )

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banner age of pandora.png

Hey, remember that design project I got at work two weeks ago? The bosslady showed the result to upper management and they were so enthused they now want a poster of their own and they want it FAST. So that's the rest of my week at work planned...

Got a little behind on work-out updates due to fandom fun, so before I catch y'all up on the exercises, here are links to my recently posted artwork!

Papier-mâché and papercut art for the Reverse_Bang
featuring shifters bear!Jeff, deer!Jensen and pink!unicorn!Jared
(includes behind the scenes picspam;)

Paperporn for the SMPC!
an NC-17 scene between (human) Jeff/Jensen/Jared as a sexy follow up to the above shifter story.
(Also includes a making of *grins*)

Last but not least: I opened another round of the MatchMakerChallenge in the [ profile] quicky_bang artcommunity in which I hand out short surprise fics to art for. Come over if you want to play: pick a date in March and choose to art with a 1, 2 or 3 week deadline...

Right, onwards to the Age of Pandora:

Chapter 29-32 (spoilers for exercises and story) )

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Title: Three is the Magic Number
Medium: Papercutting, papercollage
Pairing: Jeff/Jensen/Jared
Genre: SPN erotica
ART Rating: NC-17
Warning/Enticements: M/M/M Threesome, Blowjob, Paperpeen
A/N: Made for [ profile] smpc; a fanfic & fanart community that offers a sweet dose of erotica every Sunday morning.
Concept:This paperporn is an addition to my PG-13 Once Upon A Time artset that was made for a shifter fairytale about Deer!Jensen, Bear!Jeff and Unicorn!Jared, based on my prompt for the ReverseBang 2016-2017:)

I figured Jensen would like to ride Jared in his human form as well *grins*
(This time Jeff does more than just lurk in the woods;)

Teaser ThreeLucky.png

Once Upon A Time In The Woods... )

Making of NC-17 paperporn )

Want the full story? Here's more art and a ficlink to Once Upon A Time in the Woods (all PG-13;)


More NC17 paperdesigns:
Taboo (Sam/Dean)
You & Me & Him (Jeff/Jensen/Jared)
Hungry (Jeff/Jensen)

My Art Masterlist
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banner age of pandora.png

Spent Wednesday evening at my mom's after doing Ch. 26 of Age of Pandora at home first;).
On Thursday I suddenly got a deadline at work for that design project they'd asked me to do, which was little stressful, yet fun in the end and I got enthused praise from one of the top bosses, so yay! Had planned to do Ch. 27 immediately when I got home, but got a call from brotherdearest and we chatted for quite some time *grins* It was hard to get started after sitting down for so long, but I did the whole thing (bloody hell, 10 sets?!).
This afternoon I had a massage appointment right after work, which left me all sleepy and snuggly for the rest of the afternoon. Since Ch. 28 was pretty chill, I was able to do it though.

Chapter 26-28 (spoilers for exercises and story) )

I signed up for the [ profile] smpc for March 5, so I'll be arting tomorrow! After that, I plan to pick a date in the [ profile] quicky_bang MatchMaker Challenge...

Will try to catch up on RB artwork and start replying to comments.
Gosh, where did this week go?

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banner age of pandora.png

I totally did the thing yesterday, but had so many social media to catch up with, that I was too exhausted to post about it. (I had to fill the queue for the NicknGreg Tumblr and was almost a week behind with my Daily Dutch Blog, which is now up to date again - link in sidebar;)

I also had to postpone commenting on new art in the [ profile] spn_reversebang until tonight and still haven't had time to respond to comments on my own RB artwork and other post from last week. I'll get to that as soon as possible (which is probably Thursday, because tomorrow night I'll be having dinner at my mom's and we usually end up hanging in front of the TV until late;)

Chapter 24+25 (spoilers for exercises) )

I really miss ABS work-outs in this challenge, so I've decided to collect a couple of Darebee Core sessions to add to the Age of Pandora sets in the weekends. If you want my selection of work-outs for that, let me know and I'll share a pdf:)

Last but not least: a promo for my [ profile] quicky_bang community for SPN/RPF artists: there is a new MatchMaker Challenge! You can sign up with any start date in March and get a surprise short fic to art for in 1, 2 or 3 weeks. Come on over and pick a blind date, a speed date or a double date!

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Last weekend I traveled to Amsterdam for two days of fangirling with [ profile] sillie82 and [ profile] bflyw (who flew in from Norway with her daughter A.). On Sunday evening I took the train to Schiphol airport to pick up B. & A. and accompany them to their hotel. I spent the night at my brother's.
On Monday S. joined us and we hung out in the hotelroom to chat and watch Supernatural before strolling through town until it was time for the Station Breaks concert (Check out [ profile] bflyw's glorious photos!).
On Tuesday we watched some more Supernatural together and explored Amsterdam a bit more. I had a great time:) Here are some photos of our walks...

Day 1: Rembrandt and Concert )

Day 2: Chocolate and Canals )

Speaking of fangirl meet ups: I'll be in London at the end of March. If you're in the neighborhood for tea, let me know!

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banner age of pandora.png

I'm working on an Amsterdam picspam, but if you don't want to wait for that and/or you don't care about my work-out posts, why not check out my Reverse Bang ARTPOST;)

Chapter 23 (spoilers for exercises and story) )

Hope to upload my photos tonight. I'll be back;)

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banner age of pandora.png

Pfff, what a week. I had planned to keep up with my work-outs while I was in Amsterdam on Monday and Tuesday, but the floor of my brother's third floor apartment started creaking as soon as I showed him how to do a half jack and I'm pretty sure I felt the floorboards moving along too, so I figured it was safer to not do any more jumping. I did walk all over town with [ profile] sillie82 and [ profile] bflyw though: according to their trackers 16000 and 9000 something steps respectively, so I'd say I did get enough exercise. (I'll post about our fangirl get-together more extensively later;)

Wednesday and Thursday were crazy days at work, as I was still working on that extra design assignment and I found my stresslevels went up like woah; I'm glad I managed to have fun with it eventually.
At home I caught up with Age of Pandora. Even though I first had wanted to skip the Chapters I missed, I decided to play properly after all and did Chapter 20 and 21.

On Fridays I only work mornings and I spent my whole afternoon plus evening coding my Reverse Bang ARTPOST! I was pretty stiff from sitting down for hours and my body was acting up hormonally on top of that, so I gave myself permission to skip the work-out.

I got back to it today with Chapter 22. Behind the cut a review and possible spoilers for the story...

Chapter 20+21+22 )

I'm gonna sort out some photos of my time in Amsterdam; I only made a few of The Station Breaks concert and they are blurry, but I WAS THERE and had a great time plus I know [ profile] sillie82 and [ profile] bflyw made photos and vids, so I don't mind;) What have you been up to?

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Years ago I had a pink deerhead standing on the shelf above my toilet. One day it broke (I'm not naming names) and ever since I've been looking for a replacement. I couldn't find one anywhere, so finally I figured I could try and make one myself... and that sparkled the prompt I created last November for this year's [ profile] spn_reversebang. Jensen is a deer, I turned Jared into a pink unicorn and of course JDM is a bear. *grins* I don't know, okay, I just imagined lots of furry snuggling;)

My prompt was turned into a fluffy fic, woohoo! Find out below if my dreams came true. I was inspired by the story to make additional art and yes, I created papier-mâché animal heads (no pink deer though;). May I present:

OnceUpon HEADER org.png

Fic Title: Once Upon A Time In The Woods... (or Three Is The Magic Number)
Author: [ profile] sinfulslasher
Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: Papercutting, Papier-mâché & Photoshop!
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural/RPS AU
Pairing(s): Jensen Ackles/Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jared Padalecki
Rating: PG-13 (Art & Story)
Word Count: 24,689
Summary: In a world where shifters are ostracized as freaks of nature, Jensen is desperately trying to figure out what the future will hold for him and his shifter form. Eager to learn more about the reclusive shifter society, he finds a secluded resort run by Jeff that caters exclusively as a vacation spot to shifters of all kinds. Even though he is welcomed there with open arms, Jensen soon discovers that Jeff is keeping a big secret: a pink unicorn named Jared.

All the artwork )

Papercuts )

Papier-mâché )

Painting )

Thank yous and Bonus )

Thanks for stopping by:) Comments are much appreciated (duh)


P.S. I made a follow up NC-17 scene with (human) Jeff/Jensen/Jared: Click for paperporn!

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