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2017-12-31 11:59 pm

Go to bed with a book (or at least someone who's read one)

Hello! This is what we used to call the comment-to-be-added-post, also known as "sticky" for 2017.
My journal is not locked and you are most welcome to quietly read all my posts or to comment on any of them at any time. (I especially love responses to my artposts *grins*)
Despite my occasional use of harsh language and posts about sensitive or personal subjects, I chose to not put a teen or adult warning on my journal. I will not censor what I choose to share online. I'm a green left voting atheist woman, hear me roar!

I love lots of old and new fandoms, but these days I am mostly playing at the RPS side in the Supernatural fandom. Wanna see my artwork? Here's my masterlist of artsy fiddling on LJ [on DW]
I'm also a moderator for a couple of fancommunities; there are links in my sidebar if you want to explore:)

To remind myself there is more to life than being online,
I keep my booklist at the top of my LJ. That's ironic, Alanis.
What I'm reading in 2017 )

Happy Reading! ~ J.
What I read in 2016 / 2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2010 / 2009 / 2008
My old archive of alphabetized book reviews / Readingcommunity [ profile] thej2bee
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2017-12-31 11:58 pm
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ART Masterlist

My fandom history: I discovered fandom years ago, through the BBC messageboards about Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Back then I was mostly a lurker, but after reading fanfic in several fandoms for a couple of years, I came out as an artist in the CSI Nick/Greg fandom and made my first icons and wallpapers. It wasn't until I discovered the Supernatural fandom when I really went all out with arts & crafts. This is what happened next...

Masterlist of artsy creations:
2010 )
2011 )
2012 )
2013 )
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2015 )
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2017 )

Artwork notes )

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2017-09-09 04:16 pm

Cruise report, part 3: Helsinki, Finland

Up a little later than planned, but I had about 230 photos of this day to go through;) I managed to reduce that amount to 44 for this picspam.
After leaving Warnemünde, Germany on Sunday evening August 20th and spending a whole day at sea on Monday, the cruiseship arrived in Helsinki, Finland on Tuesday August 22 around 8 a.m. As I had signed up for a bicycle tour that didn't leave until 10 a.m., I could actually sleep in, have a long breakfast and hang aboard before disembarking to explore the town. It was a bit cloudy, but excellent for cycling (I already had to take off my hoody layer at the first stop). Wanna come with?

Cycling through Helsinki! )

Sources: a special thanks for the information about statues to René & Peter van der Krogt for their excellent website featuring sculptures from all over the world: Statues - Hither & Thither.

I plan to select photos from my day in St. Petersburg next, but with artprojects, family get-togethers and other distractions, it may take a while until the next update. (Not to mention that I made 385 photos that day...;)

Oh, speaking of postcards; please let me know if you've changed addresses in the past year or if you're not sure if I have yours, PM or mail me:

Last but not least: I'm used to traveling alone and doing things on my own, but cruises sadly don't have single rooms and I was really lucky I was able to afford paying double for this trip. I'm thinking about doing another cruise in 2018, but would like to share the experience (and costs;). If you are tempted and interested in seeing the North of Europe (Fjords? Iceland? British isles?) from a ship with a fellow fangirl, contact me! (Other travel or meet up plans are also always welcome:)


Part 1: exploring the ship | Part 2: FOOD!

P.S. I know Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraimsdotter Långstrump is not from Finland, but she represents the Nordic countries here, okay :-p
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2017-08-30 05:31 pm

Cruise report, part 2: FOOD!

I could not have guessed how big a part of my cruise vacation the food would be. I mean, I knew there was going to be a buffet, but I did not expect the massive amount of choice I would have and how incredibly good the food would be. I also didn't know that dinner was going to be an a la cart menu in a fancy restaurant, every evening. I only ever go out to eat on my birthday, when I take my family to a Chinese restaurant around the corner. (The taste dinner with my mom a while ago was a very special occassion). I was overwhelmed by all the delicious options. The whole food experience definitely added to the fancy feel of my vacation. Gosh, what a treat.

Cruise Food! )

Gosh, I'm hungry. Having dinner at my mom's tonight. As a reward, I will show her my 1600+ travel photos *grins*

There will be another picspam soon, this time with actual sightseeing;)


Cruise Part 1: exploring the ship
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2017-08-30 01:32 pm

Cruise report, part 1

So last week I went on a cruise:) I had such an amazing trip, I can't believe it was only 8 days; I've seen so much, it felt like a couple of weeks worth of sightseeing! The ship left from Warnemünde in Germany then crossed the Baltic Sea to Helsinki, Finland; St. Petersburg, Russia; Tallinn, Estonia; with a stop in Copenhagen, Danmark on the way back.
I've made over 1600 pictures in total, so I'm dividing the picspams up in several parts. This first post is about the trip to Germany and the first day at sea. I'm also working on a separate post with all the food, because that deserves a spotlight on its own *grins*.

But first: Cruise picspam - part 1: exploring the ship )

To be continued....

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2017-08-15 10:10 pm

Artwork QuickyBang 2017 round 2

Starting the [ profile] quicky_bang community was one of my best ideas:) For this new round once again a whole bunch of awesome authors offered up their short stories and it's such a eclectic collection, a true treasure trove for artists who want to be inspired quickly. I chose a fic with a character I hadn't portrayed before and this time I really stuck to the no procrastination part of the challenge. I read the story, sketched an idea and went with it.

Of course doubt set in after I sent the result to my darling author and I started all over again with a digital version. Tsk, tsk. I ended up with two very different headers, but I'm putting the spotlight on my original idea. May I present:

Familiar Faces - header.jpg

Title: Familiar Faces
Author: [ profile] reeby10
Artwork by: [personal profile] beelikej
Medium: marker, crayons, papercutting and Photoshop
Characters: Dean Winchester, Victor Henriksen
Rating: G
Word count: 905
Summary: Dean had seen the guy hanging around the fringes of the investigation for days, ever since they rolled into town looking for the culprit of several mysterious deaths.

The work in progress and that other header... )

Thank you, [ profile] reeby10 for offering an alternative ending for Victor and for offering your story to the [ profile] quicky_bang so I could play with it.

Thanks to everyone stopping by, just so you know: I love all comments, short and long, praise and concrit. :-p

ALSO: The Quicky_Bang is still running! Authors can submit short fics all of August, artists can claim them and post their artwork until the end of September: GO HERE TO JOIN IN!


Want more? Check out my Masterlist of artsy fiddling:)
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2017-08-04 11:38 pm

Of Dragons & Quickies

Oh my goodness, Bad Dragon has a sale going on and I may or may not have just placed my very first order... *bites lip*

In other news: there are already two glorious art-pieces up in the [ profile] quicky_bang! Who's next? Check out the stories in the claimpost and grab one to illustrate (they are short fics, so you can get creative right away!)

[ profile] quicky_bang
Join the Quicky_Bang with short stories, art and love:)
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2017-08-02 09:50 pm

Fairytales & Rollercoasters

Okay, before I begin the picspam of last weekend of fun, I have a question and two promos;) First: do I know any fanpeople in or near Copenhagen (København)? I'm going to be there for a day at the end of August if you want to meet up!

Second: I'm modding two art-challenges (TWO!)
  • The [ profile] quicky_bang already has a whole bunch of authors offering their short fics for artists to illustrate:)
    Go claim a story and get creative!
  • If you'd rather start arting from scratch, the [ profile] spn_reversebang is the challenge for you:
    make a piece of fanart to inspire an author! Sign ups are open!

  • And now: photos from my visit to fairytale amusement park The Efteling. I traveled to The Hague on Friday afternoon for dinner and a sleep-over at my brother J's. Our youngest brother H. was also there; he cycled from Amsterdam! Together with my sister-in-law G. and my darling nephew R. the four of us (so minus brother J.) went to The Efteling on Saturday by car (G drove:). We had an awesome day! It was really fun to visit the park with a six year old; the perfect age for all the stories that go along with the rides.
    Of course we also took a stroll through the fairytale forest:) )


    (Check the Efteling tag for previous visits. This is my favorite place in the whole world <3
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    2017-07-27 11:57 pm

    Bonus transformation Jensen!

    Just in case you missed it (or for those who avoid NC-17 artwork;) here's a reminder/bonus of the artpost I made for the SMPC last Sunday: featuring trucker!Jensen & hitchhiker!Jared (also available in my LiveJournal!)

    This is a step by step of Jensen and his hiatusbeard and bandana *grins*. In the NSFW version you can also see what Jared is up to...;)


    P.S. If you want G-rated art, check out the banners I made for the SPN_J2_BigBang: Vampire!Jensen & Biker!Jared. [on LJ].
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    2017-07-23 12:41 pm

    NSFW (BJ) Sundaymorning artwork for [community profile] smpc

    Title: Take You For A Ride
    Medium: Paper, Photoshop
    Pairing: Jensen/Jared
    Genre: SPN erotica
    ART Rating: NC17
    Warning/Enticements: Blowjob, fingering
    A/N: Made for [ profile] smpc and inspired by Jensen posting a selfie from the car that made me imagine him like a trucker with bonus hitchhiker Jared. *grins*

    I've always wanted to make one of those "aesthetic" photosets so I played with the aforementioned selfie, but of course I also fiddled with paper to set the scene;) Hope y'all enjoy these two as much as I did.

    I'm only looking for a fantasy, an interlude from reality; don't want nobody tryin' to rescue me )


    Want more? Check out my Art Masterlist (just browse the ratings for the naughty pieces;)
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    2017-07-21 10:10 pm

    A day at the zoo

    Three weeks ago I went on an office outing to Wildlands zoo; it was a day with inspirational lectures and workshops with a bit of free time and food in between:) This zoo in Emmen moved to a new location just over a year ago and parts of it are still not done, but there is a really nice collection of animals and the set up is very promising. The zoo is divided into three continents: Nortica (freezing), Jungola (a jungle with a river) and Serenga (a desert). I made good use of the lunchbreak and walked the desert trail, which was pretty cool.

    Before I get to the animals in this picspam, I'm sharing some photos of the journey, starting with parking my bike at the station, mostly because I want to show you our double decker bike racks:)


    Now that you've seen those, let's get on the train to Emmen! )

    I'm very curious what the zoo will look like in a couple of years. I might go back to check:) But first I'm planning a trip to fairytale amusementpark The Efteling; going there next week with my darling nephew. So there will be another picspam of that, you have been warned!

    Before that there will be an artpost for the SMPC. If you missed my previous artpost, now's the time to catch up: Vampire!Jensen and Biker!Jared for the SPN_J2_BigBang!

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    2017-07-12 07:30 am

    ARTpost: SPN_J2_BigBang 2017

    I've played in the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang since 2010; including pinchhits that makes 12 BigBang collaborations! Every year I try to pick a story that offers me something different and even after this many years, authors still manage to surprise me:)
    This year I managed to claim a very intriguing vampire story! I chose to illustrate it with papercuttings and watercolours. May I present...

    StoryBanner BluesNight DEF600.jpg

    Title: Blues in the Night
    Author: [ profile] oobydooby67 [compo67 on AO3]
    Artist: [ profile] beelikej
    Medium: Papercutting & Watercolours
    Pairing: Jensen/Jared | Genre: RPS Vampire AU
    Story Rating: NC17 | Wordcount: 33034
    ART Rating: G, and contains no spoilers for story!

    Summary: The search for a missing elder leads Jensen to Los Angeles, California. It is his responsibility to question contacts and connections about Tyman, who has not been heard from or seen in a year.
    Frustrated with the search, Jensen meets a human who claims to have had a casual relationship with Tyman. Jared trades information for two pastrami sandwiches and ten thousand dollars. Unfortunately, after the trade, Jensen is no closer to finding Tyman, and a lot closer to Jared than he ever thought possible.

    More Artwork! )

    The Making Of )

    Credits & Thanks )
    Of course this art wouldn't have happened without an inspiring story, so thank you, [ profile] oobydooby67 [compo67] for creating pouty Vampire!Jensen and bouncy Biker!Jared:)
    Also thanks to Wendy for running the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang, it's always a memorable event on the SPN fandom calendar!
    Last but not least: thank you for stopping by to take a look! (Comments, questions and concrit are all welcome:)


    For more of my fanart, check out My masterlist of artsy fiddling:)
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    2017-06-20 11:42 pm

    Bookmeme and earinfection.

    Oh hey, I just realized I hadn't updated y'all about my earinfection yet. You know, the one I mentioned at the end of May? IT'S STILL NOT OVER!
    The headcold I had back then fortunately only lasted a week, but it was rough; besides the snot and the barking cough I had an eye-infection and I couldn't open my eyes for two days. (I listened to the soothing voice of Stephen Fry reading me Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).
    Three days into the headcold I went to the doctor's because the earinfection wasn't supposed to last that long, I was told not to worry. She prescribed eardrops and gave the advice to get nosespray as well.
    But even after all the other coldstuff was over, my ear still felt stuffed. So off to the doctor I went again. This time I saw my own GP (who had been off schedule on my first visit). She said it would probably take about three more days of eardrops and promised me there would be improvement. There wasn't. Not even after five days. So then I saw doctor number one again and she concluded I had the type of earinfection that would probably last several weeks if not months!! Oh. Thanks for that.
    I got a prescription for antibiotics and "sour" eardrops for a week, I had to take a dose of both three times a day. Yesterday I had a check up on that. I'm still deaf, but she told me the ear does look better. I should continue with the eardrops and get back in ten days for a follow up. *sighs*

    I'm glad I have the kind of quiet job that I can do while being half deaf, but it is a nuisance. Luckily I have planned my vacation at the end of August, I should be alright by then. RIGHT?

    Anyway, the reason I was going to post tonight was to tell you our BB date has been postponed from June 26 to July 12th. Can you handle the suspense? ;-)
    But if you are in immediate need to see art of mine and many others, check out the artmasterlist of the [ profile] quicky_bang: HERE!

    I also wanted to do the bookmeme I saw in [ profile] amberdreams journal. Mmm, books. (Of course my answers are way too long, prepare for babble!)


    And here's a question for you: what book should I add to my bookpile?

    Also: I was nearly through my bookpile and I treated myself to a new book, so I updated my readinglist! DW and LJ (there are links to previous booklists too, that should give you an idea of the books I like;)

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    2017-06-17 08:43 pm

    Our delicious dinner

    Yesterday I took my mom out to a fancy dinner. When I lost my job in August 2015, my farewell gift from the company was a dinner coupon. Up until now I just wasn't in the right mindset to use it, there were a lot of hard feelings;) But now that my life has settled again and with a splendid new job and good prospects for the future, I'm finally feeling pretty good again, so it was time to cash in that cheque.

    Last night mom and I cycled to De Zoete Inval, a tiny bistro in town, where we wanted to try the 'Proeverijtje', which translates as Little Tastery: a fancy all-you-can-eat in separate courses. You can pick any dish from the menu and you are served a small version of that dish. With each serving, the waiter asks what dish you want next. You can decide your own order, if you want to start with a dessert and finish with soup, that's totally fine and you can also choose a dish more than once.
    I managed 13 courses *grins* EVERYTHING WAS SO SCRUMPTIOUS! Below are photos of all the food we gobbled up (my mom managed 12 courses;) with captions in Dutch and English where needed.

    Omnomnom )

    I think #3 was my favorite. No, wait, #8 or maybe #10? #6 is up on top too. SERIOUSLY. Everything tasted awesome. So many textures and flavours. <3<3<3

    It was an awesome evening. <3<3
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    2017-06-05 09:33 am

    Artwork QuickyBang 2017

    Oh yes, after I finally finished the MatchMaker Challenge, I grabbed a fic in the regular round of the [ profile] quicky_bang as well and I did all my arting within the timeline of the challenge, woohoo! (Posted a little later due to a pesky ear infection making me all blah the past couple of days) I even managed to sneak in a little bit of papercutting, but I mostly played with photos of these guys' beautiful faces. It was such a joy to try to capture the timeline of this lovely story. May I present:

    ForeverLonely BANNER.jpg

    Title: Forever is a Lonely Number
    Author: [ profile] souslelys [AO3: lightinthehall]
    Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
    Medium: papercutting and Photoshop
    Pairing: Jensen/Jared
    Rating: NC-17 (Art is G;)
    Word count: 3286
    Summary: Jared ages, but Jensen never does. They stay together. (26!Jensen verse)

    Yes, there is papercutting involved! )


    Thank you, [ profile] souslelys for this wonderful universe, that felt snuggly and sexy and sad, sometimes all at the same time! Very glad you offered it up for a quicky, so I could visualize the pretty.


    Want more? My Masterlist of artsy fiddling
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    2017-05-29 09:28 pm

    Harry Potter in Utrecht!

    So before the family get-together on Saturday May 20th (my mom's partner's bday) where my nephew coughed all over me which gave me a week with a sore throat and limited snot which has now developed into an ear-infection and barking cough :( - BEFORE THAT, I went to the Harry Potter Expo in Utrecht with my book-and movie buddy Jelle. Here's a picspam of our adventures on Friday May 19th.

    An afternoon at the Harry Potter Expo )

    After the expo we went back to Jelle's house for a bit, then walked back to town for dinner (excellent burger) and a movie (The Circle with Emma Watson, to continue our Harry Potter themed day:) before walking to the station where I could grab the train home. I made some photos of cool buildings and stuff during our strolls.

    An eveningwalk in Utrecht )

    I called in sick today and from the looks of it I'll have to stay at home a bit longer this week. If it was just the snothead, I could manage to go to work , but my ear makes any sound unbearable. Gosh, I feel miserable. This was a fun post to make though. It was a great day:)

    beelikej: Detail of Jensen Ackles' face (Dimples of Annoyance)
    2017-05-26 09:44 pm

    *singsongs* Reminder

    Oh hey, hi! Is everybody finaly back from JIBcon and is attention no longer distracted by the SPN season final? Then I'd like to point your fandomfaces in the direction of my art that I posted while everyone was busy with other things *grins*

    SLEEPING BEAUTY on Livejournal and also SLEEPING BEAUTY on Dreamwidth

    (Same posts; both have link to the cool fic I created the banner for)


    P.S. the dimples of annoyance are the only thing that are left of the original passive aggresive post I had planned :-p I'm learning, okay.
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    2017-05-18 11:47 pm

    Artwork Quicky_Bang MatchMaker Challenge 2017-1

    As the moderator of the [ profile] quicky_bang I keep an eye on all the fics that are offered up for a Quicky and thus the ones that are eventually archived for the MatchMaker Challenge. Of course, to play fair, I always make a blind selection for my own match. But when this fic was still available for the latest round of MatchMakers, I just had to grab it for myself. I wanted to make a banner to visualize all the dark, brooding feelings this story gave me...

    I took a little longer than planned, but I'm happy to finally present my banner and to promote this wonderfully tense story:

    Title: Sleeping Beauty
    Author: [ profile] theyrebrothers[AO3: buttheyrebrothers]
    Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
    Medium: papercutting and Photoshop
    Characters: Jensen, Jared
    Rating: NC-17 (I'd say art is PG-13;)
    Word count: 2603
    Enticements/Warnings: dubious consent, gunplay, dirty talk
    Summary: Only mistake he ever made in twenty years and now it’s back to haunt him.

    More bannerversions )
    Making of )

    Thank you, [ profile] theyrebrothers, for letting me play with your story and for your patience when I needed time to fight an artblock.
    Now, everyone go read the story!

    (But if you could comment on my art too, that would be awesome;)


    Want more? My Masterlist of artsy fiddling
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    2017-05-01 09:12 pm

    Of workouts, picspams and quickies

    Quick post to report that I did do the ABS work-out I told y'all about yesterday: five exercises in five minutes. Some minutes seems longer than others *grins* but it was a good start I think: plenty of room for improvement, hehehe. In order to keep track of time I used the sound of an app I have for a seven minute work-out, that counts down a minute for every exercise by clicking every second, with a few beeps in between to get ready for the next one.

    For anyone who prefers my travel picspams to exercise talk; I posted photos of my trip to Amsterdam from last weekend in my photoblog! It features tulips and a walk through the Baarsjes neighbourhood which has some really cool buildings:)

    Last but not least I'd like to promote the [ profile] quicky_bang again to all you artists out there: there are excellent fics on offer! We welcome all artforms, from sketches to banners in any medium, go and grab a short story to play with! (or share the link to spread the news;)