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Quick post to report that I did do the ABS work-out I told y'all about yesterday: five exercises in five minutes. Some minutes seems longer than others *grins* but it was a good start I think: plenty of room for improvement, hehehe. In order to keep track of time I used the sound of an app I have for a seven minute work-out, that counts down a minute for every exercise by clicking every second, with a few beeps in between to get ready for the next one.

For anyone who prefers my travel picspams to exercise talk; I posted photos of my trip to Amsterdam from last weekend in my photoblog! It features tulips and a walk through the Baarsjes neighbourhood which has some really cool buildings:)

Last but not least I'd like to promote the [ profile] quicky_bang again to all you artists out there: there are excellent fics on offer! We welcome all artforms, from sketches to banners in any medium, go and grab a short story to play with! (or share the link to spread the news;)
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I have so many things I want to post about (SKAM! and also travelplans and signing up for a cartography course), but I'm still arting for the [ profile] quicky_bang MatchMaker Challenge and I am recovering from yet another shoulder injury, so I have to limit my typingtime. I've been postponing work-outs due to procrastination, but have managed to get going again this weekend, so I'm finally going to go for that ABS challenge I had planned a month ago.

Tomorrow I will start with week 1 of the Cosmo ABS Work-Out:
5 x 1 minute exercises behind the cut! )

If you want to join me, or want cheering on for another daily duty you set yourself, let me know!


P.S. Speaking of the [ profile] quicky_bang; there are some very awesome short fics waiting for ARTISTS: Grab a fic to art for HERE!
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When I looked out the window this morning, it was snowing! I thought we would just skip winter this season;) I started the day with my morning work out: fifteen minutes of easy exercises on the old people's channel *grins*. Then I did the first of the 30 day ABS challenges, that was... interesting. I didn't know sit ups actually involved sitting up! Couldn't do it without anchoring my feet, and then only barely managed 15 repeats, so we'll see what happens tomorrow... Good thing I have an LJ support group here:)

DAY 4: In your own space, create a fanwork.
This is a place holder!
The new snowflake challenge pops up at the end of the day here and I won't be able to do that today. Tomorrow I'm out of the house to meet up with my sister in law G. and to have dinner with my friend J. in Utrecht. I'll pick things up on Wednesday.
(I'll also go through the day 2 wishlists on my flist then:)

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