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*bounces* I had TWO of my requests in the Spring 2016 round of [ profile] spn_masquerade filled!
I got glorious J3 art made by [ profile] dephigravity for my prompt of fanboys Jensen and Jared ending up in their idol JDM's hotelroom: Fan Service So very NC-17 and NSFW \o/

I also received a PWP fic: How to Manage a Skittish Jensen by [ profile] loracine, based on The anal hook always makes Jensen tense up, but having the privilege of suckling on Jared's cock offers comfort and distraction. J2 | NC-17 | 1181 words | D/s anal play *shivers with delight*

To recommend another fic that rocked my world, I made fanart myself:) Because this Jeff/Jared story has been on my mind ever since I read it in last year's Masquerade; it's such a cute pairing. In the mean time [ profile] keep_waking_up wrote an equally adorable and hot sequel, that you should read next.
Be aware: despite the look of the art this is NOT an innocent G-rated kids' story! Pay attention to the enticements/warnings;) No bestiality though, if you were wondering about that. *grins*

Title: The Fluff Hunter
Author: [ profile] keep_waking_up
Pairing: JDM/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,993
Enticements/Warnings: crack, werecreatures, slight dub-con, self lubrication, age difference
Summary: Jeff thinks the hunt's gonna be a simple one. He doesn’t expect to run into a lion ‘were searching for his mate.
Sequel: Sheepehs, Clouds, Puffs, and Fluffs

A short making off )

Now, go check out all the goodies above and leave some love to [ profile] dephigravity, [ profile] loracine and [ profile] keep_waking_up!! I adore them all. *smishes*.

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So I've been experimenting with watercolours and painting. Can't show you all my projects, but here's a piece I made for the Snowflake Challenge. Remember that? It was supposed to be 15 days in January, but thanks to other projects and life I stopped. Here are links to the first few days:
Day 1 - Talk about why you're participating in Snowflake.
Day 2 - Create a fannish wish list.
Day 3 - Self-recs.

Day 4 - Create a fanwork.
For this I checked other people's Day 2 wishlists and played in multiple fandoms:
I created BtVS Icons and Jeff/Jensen story headers in Photoshop
and made a papercut HP Snape story banner!.
Below you can see my final artwork outside of the Supernatural zone:)

I had fun discovering other characters in different kind of stories than I usually read and I heartily recommend the short fic below to everyone on my flist! No knowledge of the fandom is needed to understand and enjoy the bittersweet story about Helga Pataki and her family.

Banner Family-dramatic owl.jpg

Title: La Famille de Saltimbanques
Author: dramatic owl (snarky_panda) [lightbird@Dreamwidth]
Characters: Helga Pataki, Phoebe Heyerdahl
Summary: Circus AU. Helga prepares to join the family act.
Description: Hey Arnold AU | 1050 words | G-rated

Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: Watercolour paint, soft pencil
Font: Floydian & Harting, both from

A short Making of )

The rest of the Snowflake challenges (includes RECS!!)... )



Mar. 23rd, 2015 07:41 pm
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Thank you, [ profile] sillie82 for taking the initiative to compile the list of artworks from this year's [ profile] spnspringfling and saying exactly what was on my mind too: "I noticed that compared to fic, there's not a lot of art posted, so I thought I'd gather them all here, because I feel some are falling through the cracks with all that's being posted. [..] Go forth and look at the pretty, and most important of all, leave a comment! Artists need the encouragment just as much as writers do!"
All I can add to that is: Hear, hear! - J.

Here is all the art gifted for the [ profile] spnspringfling 2015 edition.
Comments are mine*. I will add the artist's names after the reveal (in about a week!). Take this opportunity to check out art without any bias and discover all the different styles and media that people in this fandom use to express themselves. \o/

Title: Sure to lure someone bad by [ profile] cassiopeia7
Pairing: Jo/Crowley | Rating: PG | Warnings: SPN/Little Red Riding Hood fusion, animal traits, crack.
Heehee, this is so cool. The ears look fabulous on Crowley, he is the perfect big bad wolf and I love the little wiggle of his tail. The look on Jo's face is pricelessly defiant. Her hood and cloak flow beautifully. <3

Title: Please, can I touch... by [ profile] amberdreams
Pairing: Dean Smith/Sam Wesson | Rating: NC-17 | Any warnings: cross dressing, erection, visible panty-line, buttocks
What a marvelous scene, love the back dimples and blushing cheeks (on both, hehe)

Title: For Your Eyes Only by [ profile] necrora
Pairing: Sam/Dean | Rating: G
Ooooh, I love the movement in this with the quick brushstrokes around all the edges. The black, white and grey work so beautifully with that electric blue of the rose. I adore their hair.

Title: I Am Woman by [ profile] colls
Pairing: Jody Mills & Donna Hanscum, gen | Rating: PG
Can you believe I still haven't seen their episode? This vid was a good reminder that I need to check out the awesome chemistry between these ladies \o/ I Am Woman, hear me roar:)

Title: A Close Shave by [ profile] beelikej
Pairing: JDM/Jensen | Rating: R | Any warnings: partial nudity, bit of blood (oops)
Oh, this is really nice. Love the jewelry, and the reflection in the mirror. Awesome job. <3*

Title: Follow the Yellow Brick Road (Right Back Home to Me) by [ profile] twisted_slinky
Pairing: Charlie/Dorothy | Rating: PG | Any warnings: minor season 10 spoiler
Very cool composition. The look on Charlie's face containts such a held back emotion. I love the style of the drawing too, it's fits the classic feel of the Dorothy story:)

Title: Side Tie Shorties by [ profile] sammycolt24
Pairing: Sam/Dean | Rating: M | Any warnings: NSFW, panty kink
Very sweet; I like the soft and subtle colouring plus the contrast of the perfect stockings with the ripped rock shirt:)

Title: Myths or Legends? by [ profile] sillie82
Pairing: Jared/Jensen | Rating: PG13
Ooooh, wings <3. Love the dramatic feel of this, somewhat juxtaposed by the soft pastel colours. Those leg-cover/booththings are so cool.

Title: When all is said and done by [ profile] becc_j
Pairing: Sam/Dean | Rating: G
Beautiful scene, beautiful technique. <3

Title: Bubbles by [ profile] disreputabled0g
Pairing: Sam/Pamela/Dean | Rating: PG-13
We definitely need to see the guys washing the Impala like that. Good fantasy, mmm, yeeees.

Title: The First of Many by [ profile] petite_madame
Pairing: Sam/Dean | Rating: PG | Any warnings: scars, bruises, some partial nudity
Woah, scruffy tattoo dudes, that sure is change for good old CW Sam & Dean:) NICE. Especially love all the light-effects in their hair.

Title: Only Came for My Princess by [ profile] chomaisky
Pairing: Jared/Jensen | Rating: PG-13 | Any warnings: some blood
WOah, awesome! Reminds me of the style of The Losers comic, very cool. Great contrast between the dark and how the explosion is lighting them up. I love that Jared seems to be arguing and Jensen is keeping his cool. SO MANY POINTS FOR THE DOG, SO MANY.

Title: before the dawn by [ profile] femmechester
Pairing: sam/dean | Rating: g | Any warnings: character death (depending on interpretation)
Cute mix of media, especially for such a harsh scene.

Title: Bonded in Ink by [ profile] siennavie
Pairing: Jared/Jensen | Rating: PG | Any warnings: toplessness?
Great point of view: hel-lo, Jared's chest *stares*. Love the look on Jared's face and his tight grip on the chair, I feel his pain;) Nice peek of Jensen's neck tattoo; really cool touch to have the tattoos in black.

Title: "Souls Are Overrated" by [ profile] quickreaver
Medium: digital | Pairing: SoullessSam/Dean | Warnings: NC-17 for nudity, compromising position, blood
WOah. Very awesome angle and so many details to ogle; the bloodspatter, the salt, the perky nipples, the freckles and the shiny hair. Yeah, I think my first word sums it up nicely: woah!

Title: Hydra by [ profile] riverofwind
Pairing: Sam/Dean (but essentially gen) | Rating: PG-13 | Any warnings: blood and mild fantasy violence ... and snakes
Very cool style, like a comicbook! All the dripping water and the dripping blood create an eary sense of movement. Such an angsty scene with Sam struggling hard, but Dean's determined stance gives me hope. <3

Title: When You Least Expect It by [ profile] glovered
Pairing: Dean/Aaron | Rating: PG
Heehee, this made me giggle out loud. So cute!

Title: I am become... by [ profile] sophiap
Characters: Dean & Death (Gen) | Rating: PG-13 | Warnings: implied bad things happening to Sam?
Woah, ouch, right in the FEELS. Very good, yes, thank you. *clutches heart*

*Or are they? ~Mona Lisa smile~ Okay, obviously I didn't comment on my own art;) Thanks, [ profile] sillie82

P.S. Yesterday I came across this post on Tumblr about feedback on art that also resonated with me: "I also feel like people value fanfiction over artwork. Like - art is never good enough. You rarely see ‘this needs artwork’ commented under a fic. The fic is considered complete. ...and I [as an artist] get ‘this needs fic’ ‘someone should write this’..." - source: kaciart@tumblr
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So tired from work and the news and I just can't find the energy for a full post, but I want to keep up with the daily updates, so I'm sharing some gorgeous art that made me swoon.
The photo below shows part of a gorgeous sculpture by Wang Ruilin. This painted copper deer head is from his DREAMS series and it's titled Floating No.1. You can see the full sculpture with background information (and a peek at the making of!) in his Béhance gallery. I so love the colour and how smooth and round it is. (The Rhino is another one of my favorites:)

This artist was brought to my attention by Urhajos@Tumblr

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Wahey, long weekend. Prepare to be spammed:) First post is gonna be filled with squee. Because a couple of weeks ago sweet [ profile] badbastion remembered that I had missed a previous commission opportunity and asked if I was still interested in some artwork. HELL YEAH, I WAS! More than a little nervous I shared my secret wishes for a sexy J3 scene and sooner than I expected I received a beautiful sketch of my favorite threesome cuddling, even better than what I imagined.
I would have been thrilled if that was it, but then [ profile] badbastion invited me for a arting-livestream to watch the actual drawing and colouring of the piece. IT WAS AWESOME; like dreaming with my eyes open:)

Last week I made myself a print on fancy glossy paper and framed it. I'm still deciding on a definite place on my wall and I may make a bigger print eventually, but I didn't want to wait any longer sharing this beauty.

Touching You, Touching Me - NSFW - J3 snuggles )

If you want to take a really good look, check out the original artpost, HERE. Go give the artist some love. <3

Funny story about the passe-partout: I thought a white border would be too bleak within the white frame, so I experimented with different colours, ending up with this dark turquoise. Only when I got home did I realize I picked EXACTLY the colour of the wall. Woah.

Next up: an evening stroll through my town.
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It's not easy to get me out of my job-related funk these days, but today I totally forgot about my work-woe because [ profile] dephigravity suprised me with AWESOME ARTWORK. Look at this amazing John/Azazel animation.. <3<3<3

So awesome. So cool. And MINE, haahahahahaaa! I've been grinning all day.
Thank you, [ profile] dephigravity for making this extraordinairy piece of art (in support for FandomAid). It's wonderful.
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I should really work on a better system to archive my favorite art during challenges. To make a selection I had to backtrack through all of the comments I left, which took a while. Of course then I couldn't limit myself to only a top 10 because there were so many glorious creations. Basically I want you to check out all the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang artists of 2013!
Below is a list of suggestions where to start your journey through this magnificent part of fandom. Consider this my top 33 (in no particular order;)

All links are safe for work, unless otherwise noted;) )

The response to my own BB-artwork was overwhelming and to my surprise I'm still receiving comments every week! I never had such a massive amount of attention:) It makes all the injuries I suffered from the papercutting more than worth it *grins*
BB-artwork 1: J3 polyamory You and Me and Him
- Graphic designs, photomanipulation and my first NC-17 artpiece made out of paper. \o/
BB-artwork 2: J2 thriller AU Storm's Eye
- Papercut lighthouse blended in a graphic design and photocollage banners. Also a pencil sketch.

I've also finished reading all the BB fics that were relevant to my interests:) There will be a recpost of those later. Until then: enjoy the art!
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Yesterday I read a wonderful fanfic, adored cool fan-art and I dyed my grey shoes green. I also folded up laundry, brought my empty glass jars and bottles to the recycle bin, got groceries at the bio-supermarket, bought film-tickets for Wednesday (so I'll have time to eat a mom's beforehand) and looked for inspiration for my current art-challenge. A very satisfying day.

I'll link to the story on my next reclist (it's not quite suitable for a general post;) but the art is completely worksafe and -more importantly- lots of fun to look at, so go check it out:
Title: Everybody gets twitterpated in the spring time
Artist: [ profile] dulcetine
Disney* Prompt: Bambi (*theme for [ profile] j2_everafter)
Rating: PG
Warnings: lots of images of naked torsos, fantasy furry bottoms, face licking, and floofy wagging tails
Summary: Jared, prince of the forest, is reacquainted with childhood friend jensen who decides to reintroduce himself in a more intimate manner. As expected Jared gets twitterpated by Jensen :D
Medium: marker drawings on photo background
BEELIKEJ: Heehee, this is so funny and cool! I love Jensen's big eyes and freckles, Jared's hair and sixpack, both their fantastic bodies and oh, the ears! My favorite is the one where Jensen is frantically wagging his tail. Wonderful idea and excellent execution, the drawings really pop in those photo backgrounds. I'm gonna (sc)roll around in these for a bit. *hearteyes like Jared*

I made photos of my dying experiment: look at my fancy shoes! )
Pretty cool, right?
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My Xmas vacation started on Friday and I finally had time and the brainpower to check out the rest of the artwork that was made for the [ profile] spn_reversebang. I was so impressed by all of it, so if you can, you should just check the whole 2012 collection. If you only have time for a quick look, here are some of my favorites that you should definitely give some attention. Bonus story rec at the end!

artrecs RB2012 - part 3! )

Speaking of artwork, yesterday I posted my final designs for this year. I made vampire threesome wallpapers and icons for [ profile] spn_j2_xmas, come over to giggle?
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What is going with fandom challenges these days, people? Due to the flue (and my own fiddlings) I've only just today managed to catch up some more on the artwork on [ profile] spn_reversebang and I'm amazed by the over all lack of comments. It makes me sad. Is it because everyone is busy? Too involved in canon to pay attention to fandom?
As you know in the past I've always been unpleasantly surprised how relatively few attention is given to art in a challenge that is supposed to celebrate artists. (No fic without our prompts!) But I think this year the stories don't get as many comments neither.

Come on, fandom, don't just lurk and read; give the artists and authors some love. If the amount of posts is too overwhelming, here are some pieces I recommend you start with:

Artrecs RB2012 - part 2! )

I'm still not fit, but I was well enough this morning to start my exercise regime with Gilad again. Go me \o/ Also: my own RB artwork (second set) will be revealed this afternoon. DUNDUNDUN....
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After presenting my first set of artwork last Monday, I finally had time to start catching up with the rest of the Reverse Bang artists. Here's my first pick of favorites. Go give them some love!

artrecs RB2012 - part 1! )

Just in case you missed it: for my first prompt I made paper cupcakes:)

I'm trying to get up to date with all the other artwork that has been posted, but I also have to work on my second set of designs. I'm already running behind on my schedule because of the attack of snot and the barking cough, so finishing that art will be my priority! If you have recommendations of fics and/or art, or you want me to read your latest post, let me know!
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I'm still reading fics from this year's [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang, but this is my final reclist for that challenge:) As usual I focused on artwork and picked favorites regardless of pairing or plot of the story it was made for.
There were many beautiful things on offer and I was impressed by (almost) everything. I hope you take these recommendations as an incentive. In whatever fandom you're writing, reading or lurking: don't forget to check out the artwork and honour the artists!

BB 2012 reclist part five )
Just in case you missed it, this is what I created for the BigBang this summer:
Digital designs for A Crazy Little Thing by [ profile] dontknowmyname - Biker!Jensen/Student!Jared
Photomanips and drawings for To See The World In A Grain Of Sand by [ profile] belledewinter
- A steampunk J2 version of Around The World In 80 Days!
(I promise this is the last time I'll remind you of my own BigBang designs;) You can find all my other artwork in my masterlist;)

I have one week left to hand in artwork for the Early Bird option of the [ profile] spn_reversebang. I finally got a satisfying idea yesterday, putting it together is the next challenge...

Note to [ profile] sillie82: only the third fic is suitable for your interests, so here's a Tumblr rec especially for you: jensen-tothemax

Originally posted by sexybowlegs (good for another overdose of Mr. Ackles;)
ETA: I just discovered the photo was made by Steve Carlson. Thanks for sharing, dude!
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Aaaaaaaaaahw, the BigBang is over :( This is however not my last reclist yet. Just like last year, I took a look at all the artwork, regardless of pairing or story and was overwhelmed by the overall level of involvement. It's impossible to compare all the different kinds of art, as well as the amount of work or experience that artists offered. But I did pick out my favorites;) I hereby present the fourth reclist for this year's [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang!* (A lot of art, but I also included five stories:)

BB 2012 reclist part four )
*This list is not complete; I've been impressed by most of the artwork that was created, but I tried to offer an eclectic selection and I made an effort to focus on pieces you may have missed due them being from an unknown artist / portraying a rare pairing / lack of promotion in the community ;)

If you have any recommendations, let me know! I like to hear about your favorites in art and fiction. (I'm trying all the J2/J3 stories before anything else. Unlike art, I do have a preference for certain pairings when reading;)

There will be a final (fifth!) reclist after my trip to London.

Last but not least: I participated too!
I'd love for you to check out the artwork I made for:
A Crazy Little Thing by [ profile] dontknowmyname.
To See The World In A Grain Of Sand by [ profile] belledewinter.
A steampunk J2 version of Around The World In 80 Days!

Now it's time to get ready for the Reverse Bang, woohoo! (I'm still planning to write a rant-post about the darker side of being an artist in fandom, but for now let's focus on the fun;)
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While checking my own comments on the BB artworks, I came across some beautiful images made for [ profile] spn_illuminated that I just have to add to the reclist: look at these wonderful prompt-drawings that were the inspiration for The Other End by artist [ profile] vail_kagami. - I love the drawing with the flowing hair and dark shadows, it can be interpreted as either sad or dreamy. The sketched scene is pretty cool too; the strong multiple pencil lines give their hands and arms a sense of movement. I like it lots. Go give these some love!

Now, on to the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang!

BB 2012 reclist part three )

And last but not least: my own new artwork is online now! For To See The World In A Grain Of Sand by [ profile] belledewinter. A steampunk J2 version of Around The World In 80 Days! Check it out?

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A new collection of recommendations from the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang and once again it's an artwork bonanza, even though I finally had time to also read a couple of stories. So I've added three Jensen/Jared/Jeff ficrecs (two J2 and one J3;)

I see a lot more people commenting on artwork this year, that makes me happy. If you don't know where to start, I hope you feel inspired by this post to check out some of the artwork in your fandom and leave the artists a comment. It doesn't take as long as investing in a story;)

BB 2012 reclist numero dos )
Have additional recs for me? Want to correct me on the medium I thought was used? Comment:)

Oh, also [selfplug]-want to see my latest artwork?[/selfplug]
(*sings* "It's my journal and I plug what I want to" *realizes that sounds a bit.... odd and stops singing*)

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For this year's recommendations from the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang, I'm focusing on artwork, since that's always horribly underappreciated. Even though it really takes a lot less time to take a look at designs than to read a fic and -for me at least- it doesn't require a favorite pairing to appreciate. For fans of J2, this reclist also includes 1 fic I loved;)

Here is a selection of my favorite artwork so far... )

Note: I often have to guess the medium the artists use, I wish more would offer a bit of an inside look at their process. As you may know I've tried all kinds of materials (most recently clay *g*) and I'm always curious to find out how things are made;) Feel free to correct me on anything I mentioned above and if you have any recs of art or fic, please comment with a link!

- J.
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I dyed my hair again tonight. I wasn't too impressed by my last effort, so this time I went for a hopefully more noticable colour: 6.66 Pure Scarlet. The dye already left a completely different mess in my shower. Previously it would look like a bloody murder scene, this dye was more like strawberry jam. I'm very curious to see the result on my head in the morning. *g*

This afternoon I returned to [ profile] spn_reversebang for a new dose of artwork. Here are some links to pieces you should check out.
Reverse Bang Artwork Reclist, the fourth )

Last time I forgot, but here it is again for more viewing pleasure: a link to my own artwork;)
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Had a marvelous weekend with Jelle. We spent a lot of time talking about life, movies and books, as you do. Of course we also did some sort of marathon on the big screen. He brought the Season 2 DVD of Beautiful People (UK); we watched all 6 episodes in one go, it was brilliant.

For some reason we came to talk about JDM and Jelle told me how he had loved this banter between Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Craig Ferguson. So I made him watch The Accidental Husband with JDM, Uma Thurman and Colin Firth, which he of course loved.
I also forced him to sit down for Tim Minchin's So Fucking Rock show. Jelle was enthralled from the opening act on, so that was another win \o/

Before finally stumbling to bed around 02.00 we watched vids on YouTube; amongst other things loads of music from Morrissey. I had to finish our night with that SPN S5 gag reel and Jensen's cheeky -ehm- wink *grins* (see 4:50 - 5:01).

I waved Jelle goodbye around noon (for his benefit I admired his fancy new car, even though I have no knowledge or interest beyond its colour;).

This afternoon I continued my effort of catching up with the wonderful artwork in the [ profile] spn_reversebang. I spent two hours and found loads of stuff I recommend you take a look at:
Reverse Bang Artwork Reclist, the third )

P.S. Of course Jelle and I also exchanged a couple of books; I updated my readinglist:)

And now I will sit down and read for a bit before starting on my finances. (I plan to move all my accounts to a bank that doesn't make me throw up in my mouth)
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Me and my big mouth. In november I ranted about artwork not getting enough attention in Fanfic challenges, specifically in the Reverse Bang artprompt challenge. I pledged to do better myself and I did indeed comment on all the posted artwork at that time. I also made a reclist for Reverse Bang artwork. But despite my promise to continue commenting and reccing, I failed massively on keeping up. I must humbly admit that I now understand how real life and other online activities can distract from keeping an eye on new fanart.
But I'm going to try and better myself again. I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, but I am going to make an effort to catch up on the artwork for the [ profile] spn_reversebang. To start, I made another list of art that's worth your attention.

I present: Reverse Bang Artwork Reclist, the second )

As usual I'm using this opportunity to promote my own artwork. After all: this is my journal and it serves to ask attention for meeeeeeeee. (All comments are welcomed!)

P.S. As the subject line says, this post started as a Gratuitous Icon Post; just look at that little guy in my new icon. It's the latest photo my brother sent me of his son, my nephew. (I gave him that shirt;) *beams* (all comments are welcomed on that too;)
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I'm shamefully behind on checking out the artwork for the SPN Reverse Bang and I won't have time to catch up in the near future. I'm organizing a Harry Potter Marathon this weekend (2 days, 5 people, 6 films;) and still haven't finished rereading the final book, eep. So before I once again step away from the internet, let me share some wonderful work I already discovered. Even if you're not in the fandom, this art is worth taking a look at. (And this is merely a small collection. For more, browse [ profile] spn_reversebang;)

Reverse Bang Artwork Reclist, the first
If you only have time for one artist, check out one of the three wonderful painted pieces by [ profile] amindaya, whose dramatic and realistic style is instantly recognizable:
  • #1043 Giraffe - Dean up in a tree with a giraffe - Yes. If that concept isn't cool enough just check out his face. Priceless. (And gorgeous;)
  • #1044 Potential - Sam with wings on top of building. I love the perspective and sense of doom.
  • #2022 Could Shoulder - Jensen in wintercoat, touching an icesculpture of Jared - Such wonderfull details: Jensen's coat and his rosey cheeks. Frozen Jared begs to be licked. What? He's a giant popsickle!

  • The Mechanical Impala by [ profile] bellatemple - Old fashioned, but timeless drawing and a cool reference to the car, but this mechanical beast is, in fact shaped like the animal. Great idea, steampunk execution. Definitely one of the funkiest prompts

    Legochesters by [ profile] ksock - Exactly what the name implies: the team Winchester in Lego! - Funny and perfect digital manipulations (with some handwork behind the scenes as well). This is simply awesome.

    Our Lives Have Begun by [ profile] chaosraven - Watercolour and pencil drawing of Sam and Castiel, walking on the beach. The colours give this such a sense of peace.

    Gripped You Tight by [ profile] ladyamarra - Angel Castiel holding Dean Look at the contrast between the cloudy wings and their smooth skins.

    Dolls by [ profile] lilchibibunny - Cute drawings of the three SPN guys with tiny doll versions of themselves. - I adore this light and joyfull style; it makes drawing look so easy and fun. The artists also included lots of sketches and explanations, a delightful collection.

    Up in Smokes (three drawings) by [ profile] sagetan - Confrontational drawings of Lily and Ava - The woman are drawn with harsh black outlines and the dark backgrounds make it even more haunting. This is original and extraordinary stuff.

    Of Storms and Sanctuary by [ profile] mementis - Digital image of Castiel in a prairy landscap - Okay, so the setting (and the lightning) may seem a bit cliche, but this is beautifully put together. The additional headers and other artwork are a good example of using and extending one style for a series of designs.

    Of course no reclist is complete without me promoting my own work, after all: this is my journal and it serves to ask attention for meeeeeeeee. My Reverse Bang designs (All comments are welcomed;)

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