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Just in case you missed it (or for those who avoid NC-17 artwork;) here's a reminder/bonus of the artpost I made for the SMPC last Sunday: featuring trucker!Jensen & hitchhiker!Jared (also available in my LiveJournal!)

This is a step by step of Jensen and his hiatusbeard and bandana *grins*. In the NSFW version you can also see what Jared is up to...;)


P.S. If you want G-rated art, check out the banners I made for the SPN_J2_BigBang: Vampire!Jensen & Biker!Jared. [on LJ].
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Title: Take You For A Ride
Medium: Paper, Photoshop
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Genre: SPN erotica
ART Rating: NC17
Warning/Enticements: Blowjob, fingering
A/N: Made for [ profile] smpc and inspired by Jensen posting a selfie from the car that made me imagine him like a trucker with bonus hitchhiker Jared. *grins*

I've always wanted to make one of those "aesthetic" photosets so I played with the aforementioned selfie, but of course I also fiddled with paper to set the scene;) Hope y'all enjoy these two as much as I did.

I'm only looking for a fantasy, an interlude from reality; don't want nobody tryin' to rescue me )


Want more? Check out my Art Masterlist (just browse the ratings for the naughty pieces;)
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For this round of the [ profile] quicky_bang I chose a sweet story with a subject I haven't visualized before: mpreg! It also features Jensen paired up with someone I never played with as a main character: the gorgeous Matt Cohen:) When [ profile] emmatheslayer told me the title was indeed based on one of the songs from Grease, I just couldn't resist using a beach scene from that film as a base.
But it's not all digital fiddling: for my additional art I did some papercutting with coloured paper! May I present:

Banner SummerLovin BLJ600.png

Title: Summer Lovin'
Author: [ profile] emmatheslayer
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: Papercut additional art, Digital banner
Pairing: Jensen/Matt
Rating: R (ART is PG-13, I suppose)
Word count: 1218
Enticements/Warnings: mpreg
Summary: Preschool teacher Matt goes to the beach and finds what he is looking for.

Teaser SummerLovin.png
(Or just scroll down;)

Additional Artwork! )

Papercutting in progress... )

Thank you, [ profile] emmatheslayer for offering your short story in the [ profile] quicky_bang and thus giving me a chance to try mpreg. It was also fun to fiddle with Matt Cohen *grins*

All comments are appreciated, from extensive concrit about my manipping and/or drawing abilities to simple smiles!

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For every art-challenge I participate in, I set myself a new goal. After doing a lot of papercutting and a bit of watercolour painting for previous projects, I wanted to get back to digital design. So for this edition of [ profile] spn_cinema I played in Photoshop again. \o/

I tried some new techniques and the visuals came pretty close to what I had in mind, even if I strayed from my original plan of manipulating scenes. I also included more text than I initially planned because I’m just so fond of the film's script; a couple of conversations hit me right in the feels and I simply had to add those words to emphasize (or possibly clarify) the images.

DEF 2016M Cinema Gdam Day.png
LA, 1968. Jeff is a college professor who recently lost his partner, Jensen, in a car accident. As he goes about his daily routine, his encounters with an old friend (Danneel) and a young student (Jared) lead him to reconsider whether life is worth living without Jensen.

Title: Just Get Through The Goddamn Day
Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Movie Prompt: A Single Man
Pairing: Jeff/Jensen (past), Jeff/Danneel (past), Jeff/Jared (potential)
Rating: PG
Media: Digital Graphic Design (Photoshop)
Notes: The film is set in the early sixties but I ended up with a look that's closer to the end of that era because I felt Jeff’s appearance fit that time better *grins*. There’s an even greater age difference in the film, I adjusted the ages to suit my fandom favorites, but Danneel is closer to Jeff's age here.

For the first time in my life I can't see my future. Every day goes by in a haze, but today I have decided will be different. )

Babbling and Sources )

I didn't add a making off, but I can do one if anyone is interested in Photoshop masks and filters.
Comments are always welcome, whether it’s concrit or simply a smile :)

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Wow, two posts in one day! Good thing I don't need my leg to art. Despite the injury I managed to finish before the deadline, yay!
After doing a Speeddate, I chose to do a Blinddate for the [ profile] quicky_bang Matchmaker Challenge. As a mod I knew all submitted fics would be great to work with, but I was very happy to draw this bittersweet short story giving Sam one night with Madison. MY HEART. *clutches* I tried to capture the sadness in soft watercolours and simple lines. May I present:

Title: Would you stay as you are lying there?
Author: [ profile] pbandbsandwichs
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: black marker and watercolours
Pairing: Sam/Madison
Rating: NC-17 (ART is PG-13, I suppose)
Word count: 1343
Summary: This story diverges from canon in 2x17 "Heart". Sam and Madison get to spend one last night together, even though the outcome is still the same.

Sketches and unedited art )

Comments are appreciated:) Then grab a hanky and go read [ profile] pbandbsandwichs beautiful story. *sniffles*

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I had planned to get this artwork for the [ profile] quicky_bang Matchmaker Challenge done last weekend, but real life got me stuck in Amsterdam and traveling for an extra day, so I had to postpone arts & crafts. I'll tell you more about those adventures later, I'm glad I still made the three week deadline, woohoo!
For all SPN artists out there: you too can sign up for a match until August 5; challenge yourself with a surprise story and get creative! I grabbed myself a new pairing to work with and played around with paper and light. My personal challenge was to not procrastinate and fiddle, but just get going and keep going:) Result! May I present to you:

(Click to zoom,that goes for all the behind the scenes pics too:)

Title: Mission Accomplished
Author: [ profile] reeby10
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: papercutting (and a bit of string)
Pairing: Lucifer!Sam/Gabriel
Rating: NC-17 (ART is PG-13, I suppose)
Word count: 2639
Enticements/Warnings: This story diverges from canon in 5x22 "Swan Song" when Sam says yes to Lucifer and contains psychologial torture and rape. Read the notes!!
Summary: Lucifer clenched and unclenched his fists, glancing around with disinterest as he acclimated to this new body. It was much more comfortable than the last one, even with Sam struggling in the back of his mind.

Different light effects and WIP )

FONTS: title cut-out is the Floydian, rest is the Casslon Antique Italic
I used a screenshot from Supernatural S05E19 – Hammer of the Gods to figure out how big Gabriel's wings were. The rest of the visual was inspired by [ profile] reeby10's short story that made me step away from my usual pairings:) Thank you, [ profile] reeby10 for offering me that challenge in the [ profile] quicky_bang!

As always also a big thanks to everyone in fandom for indulging my artsy endeavors and for stopping by; I'd love to hear what you think!


P.S. I updated My Masterpost of artsy fiddling
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So, time to come clean: I set up the [ profile] quicky_bang for pure selfish reasons; I wanted to find more short fics and challenge myself with tighter deadlines. Thanks to loads of eager authors the community turned into a treasure trove of stories. I didn't quite succeed in my second goal, because I already got carried away with the first fic I grabbed *grins*. Still made it before the required one month deadline though, ha! I happily present my artwork for:

Title: There's a UFO over New York and I ain't too surprised
Author: [ profile] blackrabbit42
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Pairing: Jensen/alien!Jared
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2100
Enticements/Warnings: Interspecies sex, tentacles, slight(?) dubcon, body modification, implied mpreg
Summary: Jensen still sees Jared as he first appeared, human muscle and bone propped up over him, a fine patch of pubic hair lost and mingled in Jensen’s own. But equally there is something else. Something made of vibrantly glowing tentacles, too many to count, too tangled to pinpoint their origin of symmetry. Each one ends either in a small round bulb, pulsating with light, or a tiny single claw, segmented and grasping.

Papercut artwork: Strange Days Indeed... )

How it was made! )

But I had to play a little more, so I went up to the big screen and beamer up in my attic for another light-test...

Bonus Light Effects )

Credits )

Gosh, this was a fun project, even if I spent much more time on it than I had planned. I definitely want to make some more art for the [ profile] quicky_bang, but that will be less elaborate *grins*.


Want more? My Masterpost of artsy fiddling
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So I've been experimenting with watercolours and painting. Can't show you all my projects, but here's a piece I made for the Snowflake Challenge. Remember that? It was supposed to be 15 days in January, but thanks to other projects and life I stopped. Here are links to the first few days:
Day 1 - Talk about why you're participating in Snowflake.
Day 2 - Create a fannish wish list.
Day 3 - Self-recs.

Day 4 - Create a fanwork.
For this I checked other people's Day 2 wishlists and played in multiple fandoms:
I created BtVS Icons and Jeff/Jensen story headers in Photoshop
and made a papercut HP Snape story banner!.
Below you can see my final artwork outside of the Supernatural zone:)

I had fun discovering other characters in different kind of stories than I usually read and I heartily recommend the short fic below to everyone on my flist! No knowledge of the fandom is needed to understand and enjoy the bittersweet story about Helga Pataki and her family.

Banner Family-dramatic owl.jpg

Title: La Famille de Saltimbanques
Author: dramatic owl (snarky_panda) [lightbird@Dreamwidth]
Characters: Helga Pataki, Phoebe Heyerdahl
Summary: Circus AU. Helga prepares to join the family act.
Description: Hey Arnold AU | 1050 words | G-rated

Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: Watercolour paint, soft pencil
Font: Floydian & Harting, both from

A short Making of )

The rest of the Snowflake challenges (includes RECS!!)... )

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For several reasons I put myself on an artstop until September. This means I am still in the preparation stages of my entry for the [ profile] spn_cinema, so that won't be up until later this month. That's also because I wanted to give priority to this already belated birthday present for [ profile] ashtraythief who surprised me last week with a glorious timestamp for our 2013 RB collab. I created a scene based on a throw-away line in the story, so no spoilers;) The artset begins with a making of before the final reveal.

Titel: It's A Start
Author: [ profile] ashtraythief
Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Rating: NC-17 (story & art:)
Words: 5,700
Summary: Jeff is just looking for a one night stand. Instead, he finds Jensen.
Notes: A prequel for our 2013 [ profile] spn_reversebang collaboration Hungry. This is the beginning of Jeff’s and Jensen’s relationship, so no prior knowledge required.

Medium: It's mostly papercutting art, but I also experimented with an old set of stained-glass paint I found in the back of my arts & crafts closet. I promise the result is a little neater than the text below. :-p

Belated birthday ASH.jpg

Jeff/Jensen ARTWORK - nsfw )

Comments of all kind are welcome! Go read the story!


P.S. I know I had announced on Twitter to post this yesterday, but the neighbour's visit lasted longer than expected when he turned out to have enough stamina to watch ALL my roadtrip-photos, brave man. *grins* I will continue my travel picspam this weekend. Be prepared!
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Title: Wet wet wet
Medium: black & yellow marker on yellow paper, animation made in Image Ready
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Genre: SPN erotica
ART Rating: R
Warning/Enticements: Watersports, peeing, penis, voyeurism
A/N: Made for [ profile] smpc and inspired by Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness, the story written by an anonymous author [ profile] tmn1966 in response to a request I made in the November 2014 edition of the [ profile] spnkink_meme. This is my gift to them for giving me one of my favorite kink-stories <3

It started out slow, with Jared watching Jensen... )

If you are as curious as Jared & Jensen and want to explore this kink a bit more, go read Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness (please leave that author some -anonymous- love if you like the story!)

I love feedback too (anon commenting is on;-)
If anyone wants a short Making of, let me know. Making of
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Updated My Art Masterpost and yes, I did include that pornthingy, so that makes four projects for 2014 so far. (The ReverseBang designs I presented in January & February were made for the 2013 edition;). Last artwork I made was a commission not related to the Supernatural fandom and I will post about that as soon as my bidder receives the package I sent off last Friday. *crosses fingers*

Now that I definitely won't participate in the 2014 ReverseBang, I started working on a personal (papercut)project. I haven't set a deadline yet, but I'll probably occasionally mention it to keep myself going:)

I signed up for a trial yogaclass next week. Does anyone know what one wears to such a thing?
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I just claimed a story in the [ profile] j2noauchallenge and there are still a couple of fabulous J2nonAU fics available, go check out the summaries:

No sign up necessary! Posting starts in a month.
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Hey, hi!
I just unlocked my second set of artwork for the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang \o/
I hereby happily invite you to come over and take a look at Biker!Jensen & Freshman!Jared in A Crazy Little Thing. *starts snapping fingers like Freddie Mercury*
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Quite a while ago I commisioned artist [ profile] daggomus_prime for a full colour drawing featuring a scene I imagined of my favorite slash-pairings: Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. (None of this is real, no assumptions about either man are made, just my imagination, yada-yada-yada).

After receiving the huge scan of the artwork, I was impatiently waiting for the original drawing to arrive, so I could share it with all of you. After several weeks of anticipation I sadly have to conclude that the package must have gotten lost in the mail. :-(

I still want you to see this glorious watercolour & marker drawing, but I also like to keep the art that was made especially for me somewhat exclusive. So, in order to play the entitled fangirl-card, I made some adjustments to the original piece. I won't tell you what they are, just know that all compliments go to Dags, all other comments should be directed at me;)

The guys are not wearing shirts and there is hugging. Depending on your job, this may not be safe to watch in the workplace;)

Enjoy! )

Please don't share without giving credit to [ profile] daggomus_prime and preferably with a link back to this explanation;)


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