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Short workday because I had an appointment for a lung-function-test since I can't seem to get rid of my cough in between those extreme colds I've been having. I don't think this was the right test for that, but I have one of those doctors that prefers to check off a list instead of actually dealing with the problem straight away. *sighs* As I expected I don't have astma. Duh. No idea what's next on the list, we'll see.

Ehm, also: before the test I had to get on a scale and as I didn't have a clue about my weight I didn't know what to expect, but I've been feeling really great about myself ever since I changed my over-eating habits and started daily work-outs last year, so I shouldn't really care anyway, but I was rather shocked and disappointed to find out I weighed over a hundred kilos with clothes and shoes on, djeebus fuck. BUT, even though my first instinct was to go to the store and gets loads of snack food, I resisted that urge and did my regular groceries. *beams with pride* So there.

(I considered not posting about this, but I decided it was important to write it down.)

So. Age of Pandora. Whoa, all new exercises today! I chose to do 10 repeats of both X-moves (Level 3), did 3 sets (Level 1) and I was dripping sweat for real even before I was finished.

Chapter 17 favorite (spoilers for exercises) + preview Chapter 18 )

Last but not least:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] sleepypercy!
May these two brighten your day (and inspire you to keep going on our Age of Pandora travels;) *twirls you*
spn705-1a.gif spn705-1b.gif


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A serious Supernatural/CSI cross over!
(The original Vegas edition, obviously;)
Happy Birthday, [ profile] sillie82
May all your dreams come true;)

CSI -SPN silvia2017.jpg
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Before I really start the new year on LiveJournal, I'm looking back on 2016 one more time, because little over a week ago it was MY BIRTHDAY! (Day after Christmas;) Special thanks to [ profile] sillie82, [ profile] amberdreams and [ profile] tanisafan who sent me presents to unwrap as soon as I woke up *smishes*
Here are pictures of my presents, my party and... the cakes. I had made Arretjes Cake but had also ordered a cake which turned out to have the most precious little feet:


Presents, Cake and Family )

I also really enjoyed all the birthday wishes on Twitter, in PMs and LiveJournal. Thanks to everyone who thought of me, I had a marvelous Birthday:)

On to the next!


P.S. I also received a Buffy book from an anonymous gifter through The BookDepository. THANK YOU, ANON!
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Whoa, [ profile] tmn1966, I can't believe you are now the same age as Jeffrey Dean Morgan! *grins* Hartelijk gefeliciteerd from the Netherlands and also a happy birthday from those Winchester boys:


They're following our awesome roadtrip on Route 66!! (DRAGON!!!!! DRIVE IN CINEMA!!! And Effingham, because that name still makes me giggle, so many good memories <3

P.S. This is a big gif, it may take a while to load, oops.
(I decorated my original Impala animation that I made for this year's SPN_J2_BigBang.
Y'all can find that artpost here;)
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You're probably asleep already, but wrapping up these presents took a little longer than planned. Hope you had a marvelous birthday, [ profile] somersault_j!
Hartelijk gefeliciteerd,
here is some Jeff/Jensen and a bit of Jared;)
*twirls you* Enjoy!


Jeff/Jensen FICREC:
Boy Built for Trouble by [ profile] errant_jane: 2600 words of daddy kink with a side of dirty talk and barebacking...

and two pretty pictures... )
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Happy Birthday, dear [ profile] cassiopeia7 :-)
Hope you had a wonderful day <3
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Woah, 50 \o/ Happy Birthday, you sexy beast. *paws*
Let's celebrate by drooling all over you )

If anyone wants to add to this picspam in the comments, be my guest:)

More paper Jeff and cake here:) (RB2012)
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Yay! Today is [ profile] sillie82's birthday; I made her a papercut present plus additional fanart of her favorite Winchester. Upon her request I'm sharing a making of of the portrait and card. You're all welcome to come celebrate. For decorations I've also included a couple of pretty pictures of sleeping Dean that inspired me. What? I totally had to do research, it was really hard work. Heh, I said hard. Ahem.

Are y'all ready to party? *twirls the birthdaygirl and throws confetti*


More sleepy Dean! )
Papercut portrait )
Painted card from cut-out )

Hope you have/had a marvelous day, bb!

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Yesterday I celebrated my 46th birthday \o/
Thank you, [ profile] tmn1966, for the very funny interactive e-card; [ profile] cassiopeia7 for naked JDM; [ profile] amberdreams for the Glasses!Jeff and J3 photos & [ profile] sillie82 for the SPN/CSI picspam; [ profile] whiskygalore for dedicating a Jeff/Jensen fic to me; [ profile] fireheart13 & [ profile] bflyw for the Livejournal messages; [ profile] alycat, [ profile] ashtraythief, [ profile] kennsea, @MnMDes, [ profile] tanisafan, [ profile] sillie82, [ profile] fredbear, nielsvaneekelen and [ profile] eledhwenlin for all the tweets:)
LJ only randomly send me notifications, so if I missed anything, let me know! *rolls around in all the bday love*

Check out my pirate cake! )


PREVIOUSLY: For those of you who missed it over the holidays: I posted a picspam of my visit to Artis Zoo and the Amsterdam Light Festival.

NEXT: There will be an actual fact artpost as soon as I've done my laundry and filled up the queue of the NicknGreg tumblr!
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For several reasons I put myself on an artstop until September. This means I am still in the preparation stages of my entry for the [ profile] spn_cinema, so that won't be up until later this month. That's also because I wanted to give priority to this already belated birthday present for [ profile] ashtraythief who surprised me last week with a glorious timestamp for our 2013 RB collab. I created a scene based on a throw-away line in the story, so no spoilers;) The artset begins with a making of before the final reveal.

Titel: It's A Start
Author: [ profile] ashtraythief
Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Rating: NC-17 (story & art:)
Words: 5,700
Summary: Jeff is just looking for a one night stand. Instead, he finds Jensen.
Notes: A prequel for our 2013 [ profile] spn_reversebang collaboration Hungry. This is the beginning of Jeff’s and Jensen’s relationship, so no prior knowledge required.

Medium: It's mostly papercutting art, but I also experimented with an old set of stained-glass paint I found in the back of my arts & crafts closet. I promise the result is a little neater than the text below. :-p

Belated birthday ASH.jpg

Jeff/Jensen ARTWORK - nsfw )

Comments of all kind are welcome! Go read the story!


P.S. I know I had announced on Twitter to post this yesterday, but the neighbour's visit lasted longer than expected when he turned out to have enough stamina to watch ALL my roadtrip-photos, brave man. *grins* I will continue my travel picspam this weekend. Be prepared!
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Wahey, a BIG birthday for [ profile] rabidfan! We go back a long time, baby! I have fond memories of our days in the CSI fandom, especially playing with Nick & Greg, who I just had to turn into mermaids mermen for this special occasion:


Hope you have (had) a marvelous day! *twirls you*
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(This is also a teaser-banner for my SPN_J2_BigBang2015 ARTPOST;)

Is anybody else going to Jared's Twitter/Facebook party at 2 pm Texas time*?
(That's 21:00 Amsterdam time, if anyone on my side of the ocean wants to join me;)

(*Oh, apparently there are two timezones in Texas, so it could be 22:00?)
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I had to wait out a massive thunder- and lightning storm before I could get to my computer and fiddle with the guys, but we managed to put something together for your birthday just before midnight in our timezone. Hope you have/had a brilliant day, [ profile] badbastion!

*throws confetti*
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Wishing you all the best, [ profile] amberdreams! I hope you have (had) a wonderful day! *twirls you*
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One of my oldest friends on LJ is celebrating her birthday today. Not oldest in age, but in time we've known each other;) After meeting in the CSI NicknGreg fandom [ profile] tanisafan helped me discover and enjoy many other fandoms. When I stepped out of bandom, we moved a bit into different directions (haha, see what I did there?) but I don't mind decorating my Livejournal with pretty catered to her preferences once a year. *grins* So here is a sassy unicorn with friends:)

Tan, bb, darling, sweetheart; have a marvelous day! *smishes and twirls you*

(Original unicorn by Jessica LeClerc I tweaked it a little;)
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April 27th is a (rather new) national holiday in the Netherlands in honour of the birthday of our King, Willem Alexander. I would however like to dedicate this day to the Queen of Markers who also celebrates her birthday today. Hope you have a marvelous day, [ profile] cassiopeia7, where everybody treats you as royalty and you can spend your time exactly as you wish. *throws confetti*

Here's your present (Click to zoom;)

Your choice whether you want to unwrap Baby or Dean (or both, it's your party) *grins*
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Hey, [ profile] skeletncloset, happy birthday!
I saw the balloons in your journal and got you some more:

And more! PG, but slightly nsfw... )

Have a great day! *twirls you*
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Hey Nina, the guys from CSI have a message for you:

but of course Jensen & Jared are ready to party too! )
*smishes and twirls you*
Have a wonderful day!

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