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Hello! This was my sort of comment-to-be-added-sticky-post for 2012.
It is now being saved as a list of the books I read this past year and as my first masterlist of artwork. You can find a fresh version on top of my LJ in 2013:)

ETA nov/dec2012: Regretfully I had to disable anonymous comments, due to the massive amount of spam that even CHAPTA won't stop. Until LiveJournal sorts out its issues only registered users* can comment (*=people with an online identity, not just LJ;)

I'm a moderator for the [ profile] nickngreg community
and I make artwork in the Supernatural fandom.
Here's a masterlist of my artsy creations: )

To remind myself there is more to life than being online,
I keep my booklist at the top of my LJ. That's ironic, Alanis.
What I'm reading in 2012 )
What I read in 2011 / 2010 / 2009 / 2008
My book reviews (alphabetized!) / You can find my latest reviews in readingcommunity [ profile] thej2bee

Happy Reading! ~ J.
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If y'all lived near me, I would send you to my masseuse, because she is AWESOME \o/ Today I chose my regular massage, which is called "Time for yourself" and it was once again marvelous. Thanks to all the hassle at work it had been over six months since I last had a chance to visit her. Definitely too long. I made another appointment for next week, when she will introduce me to a full body Therapeutic Tuina massage, which apparently involves not just stroking and rubbing muscles, but also tapping, pulling and shaking my extremities. Sounds exciting, right? It's supposed to give you an energy boost. Today's massage was all about relaxing though. Which reminds me... note to self: "don't plan anything afterwards, don't think you can get groceries on the way home, just because the bio-supermarket happens to be on your cycling route. Go straight home to crash in bed or on the couch."
Heh. I never learn. But when I finally got home, I did set my timer and dozed off for an hour, that was almost as nice as the massage. I look and feel totally relaxed now.

So far I'm loving my summervacation:)

Next on the "I should really do this when I have time"-list: watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World. And thanks to gifsets on Tumblr of boys kissing, I also put Dare on my program.
So I'm off for tonight for an evening of chilling up in my attic. Will catch up with all of your journals tomorrow!

Oh, before I go: I just read this in Lynn Flewelling's LiveJournal ([ profile] otterdance)
"[I] have to finish the upcoming Nightrunner book by January (gad!). After that I hope to pick away at some short stories for Glimpses II..."
If you've read the Nightrunners series you know how exciting this news is! If not, watch out for my review of the first two books. I'll be posting it later this week!

Speaking of bookreviews (I'm going, I'm going, just a second) - I posted one for Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell: I gave it 10/10, yes you read that right. Click link to find out why:)
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*wipes sweat from brow* Oh my bob, I finally managed to write another bookreview! I even posted it, you can find it in my bookcommunity: Le Ton beau de Marot - In Praise of the Music of Language - Douglas R. Hofstadter.

Been working on the coding of my artpost all day yesterday, all I need now is the link to the story and I'm ready to go! All will be revealed on Monday. The new scheduled-post system on LJ unfortunately doesn't assign a http-adress until the actual posting time, which meant I couldn't prepare the post for the flist that way. So I will double spam you tomorrow to remind/invite you over, okay? (Not all LJ changes are bad: I love that we can now upload multiple files to our scrapbooks, that saved loads of time:)

I was so intrigued by the flavour scent of the Yoghurt/Red Berries shampoo I completely missed it also said 'supersoft' on the bottle. Now I smell like a smoothie, which amuses me, but I also have fluffy hair, which is less funny. *pouts*

Bought three different tops in the same store, sizes Medium (from the men's section), 40 (which is UK14 or USA12) and XXL. Since there was no fitting area, I tried them on at home. To my surprise the one with the largest label-size was the smallest! But I'm keeping them all, because they all fit and look AWESOME. Shopping-score \o/ (I also bought a bra and that fit too!)

I'm off to work on designs for my pinch hit BigBang story. Oh and I should probably set the alarm for dinner, since I kind of lost track of time yesterday and forgot to eat. Oops.
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The [ profile] john_w_bigbang is a go! My author and I aren't posting until March 31st, but until then my fellow participants are sharing a new story/art combo featuring either John Winchester (SPN) or Jeffrey Dean Morgan (RPS) every day. Go check it out!

Another countdown for April 6... I had mentioned to brotherdearest that I was trying to find a way to visit London in April to see Zach Braff's play All New People and to my surprise he was interested in joining me! This will be the first trip with his big sister:) (I've travelled with my other brother Jaap before, but somehow never managed to make plans with "baby" brother Hans, even though we have much more in common (like our love for Buffy/Angel marathonsessions:) I'm very excited, also because we're going to try a different way of transportation. The Eurostar (train) turned out to be too expensive on short notice, but I found out there is a daily bus-service that's very affordable. It will take us longer, but unlike the train the busses go at night as well, so that saves on hotel expenses and feels like saving time;) We managed to arrange everything right away! We'll be taking the nightbus from Amsterdam on Friday 6 April, see the play on Saturday, spend a night in my favorite hotel WITH BATHTUB and then take the daybus back on Sunday. I have no idea if we'll be able to catch some sleep on the bus (I hope I can read on the way back*), since there are a lot of stops along the way through the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Plus there is the boat across The Channel of course, I understand we have to get off the bus for that, which may be very early in the morning. It will be quite an adventure :-D

After not updating my bookcommunity in the last two days, I'm back on track. Here are the latest reviews:

  • Als Ik Het Even Niet Meer Weet, Doe Ik Altijd Een Stapje Vooruit - Loesje
    (When I'm Lost, I Always Take A Step Forward)
  • Vaslav - Arthur Japin

  • *I finished Hofstadter by the way and am now rereading part 3 of the Nightrunners-series (in less than two months part 6 will be published!) I plan to buy The Hungergames in London and I also put the new Aidan Chambers on my shoppinglist (which also includes shoes, toys and toiletries:) Of course shop-opportunities also depend on brotherdearest's whishes, but I'm sure we'll at least go to Waterstone's \o/ (Hope the apostrophe is still on the building!)
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    Went to The Hague on Sunday with my mum, to visit brother Jaap, sister in law Gayleen and of course nephew Ruben. Guess whom I made the most photos of?

    This little dude!

    back up vid-link

    Don't worry, not gonna picspam you with an overdose of cute, just one sample;)
    There is a link to more photos if you can't get enough; )

    When I was sitting on the couch in my brother's apartment I checked out the bookshelves (as you do in someone else's house. What?) and look what I found snuggled in between Lord of the Rings, Paulo Coelho and Stephen Fry's novels & Nelson Mandela's autobiography:
    Tigers & Devils by Sean Kennedy! ) FYI: available in its second edition from August 2012 \o/ Read more good news in author [ profile] kennsea's livejournal here.

    More booknews:)
    I wrote two more reviews, well three actually, because one of them is about two books. Oh, how I love unexpected sequels:)
  • De Dagen Van De Blue Grass Liefde & Ons Derde Lichaam - Edward van de Vendel
    (Dutch books, also available in German)
  • Het Diner - Herman Koch
    (I read it in original Dutch, but it's available in several languages and will be released in English in August!)
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    Work is a rollercoaster at the moment; yesterday I had managed to clear my desk, so this morning I had nothing to do. I figured I'd take advantage of the situation and asked the bossman if I could go home early. Of course then he remembered an assignment that had been lying around on his desk for a while, which wouldn't necessarily interfere with my plans, but right after that I received several mails from different clients and all of a sudden I was crazy busy. Pfff.

    So I feared I wouldn't be able to go bookshopping as I had hoped (shops are closed by the time I normally get back into town). Fortunately I could get a lot done and I allowed myself to move one order to Monday, so I could stick to my plan of leaving an hour earlier. As a result I added two books to my to-read-list!.

    Not only do I now have two new books to read, the book that I got as a gift because of Bookweek also serves as a free trainticket on Sunday (the National Railway is sponsor of Bookweek to promote reading on the train) - so guess what I'm doing this weekend:) The Hague, here I come!

    What are your plans?

    Updated my bookcommunity with review of
    The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time - Mark Haddon
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    My mum came over tonight and she brought dinner \o/ Chicken in honey, with green peas and garlic/spring onion potatoes (with skin). So good. I took care of dessert: yoghurt mousse with tangerine. Also good.
    After gushing over the latest pictures and a video of my adorable nephew online (look at that precious face!) we went up to my attic to continue our 'marathon' of Brideshead Revisited (the original series from 1981) on the big screen. If you've not heard of that marvelous series with Jeremy Irons, check out this clip of Eddie Izzard for an impression of this British classic: What is it, Sebastian, I'm arranging matches;)

    We had fun (and loads of chocolate balls) What a great evening.

    Updated my bookcommunity with review of
    Vallende Kwartjes - Ionica Smeets & Bas Haring
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    Woohoo, it's Dutch Bookweek (Boekenweek), which means I will treat myself to two (2!) new books, because when you buy a Dutch novel this week*, you get a book for free! This year's gift is written by Belgian author Tom Lanoye. I really liked his book "Kartonnen Dozen" (Cardboard boxes), an autobiographical novel about his first teenage crush (on a boy), and I'm curious to find out what he did with this year's bookweektheme of 'Friendship'.

    Currently I'm still reading Le Ton beau de Marot by Douglas R. Hofstadter (about 'the music of language'), which I hope to finish this week. I had planned to catch up on writing reviews while I was reading this and the bookpile was not getting any bigger, but I have only about 150 pages to go (out of 700) and still haven't updated my bookcommunity that's been stuck in June 2011 thanks to artwork, loads of reading and other excuses. *hangs head in shame*

    I'm determined to post at least one bookreview every day this week (and the next...). For inspiration I made photos of every book(cover) and I will include these in my bookcommunity [ profile] thej2bee. But today's review is of a book I borrowed and have since returned, so that's posted old style (LINK BELOW:) I'll only put up links to these reviews here in my personal journal, so you won't get spammed with a daily dose of book if you don't follow the community. I am however starting here with a photo of the whole pile of books that I read in the past few months:)

    Behind the cut a photo of the book at the bottom that I will not write about in the bookcommunity because there is no story to talk about and it's not necessarily safe for work, as they say;) I do however love to share it with you: it's a picture book by Joe Phillips called Boys Will Be Boys and the cover alone will give you a pretty good idea what the rest of the book is like *g* Warning/enticement: drawings of pretty boys! No full frontal nudity in this image (there are some nudes in the book though) but be warned for bare chests (nipples, yay!)

    Oh boy(s) )

    Updated my bookcommunity with review of
    The Art Of Travel - Alain de Botton

    *Bookweek is actually ten days long \o/
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    Hello flist. This used to be my sort of comment-to-be-added-sticky-post, now it's my readinglist and final post of 2010!

    Hope you are all having a wonderful New Year's Eve. I'm celebrating it at my mom's. She is working until midnight and I'm all alone until then, but she left me food and instructions in her kitchen, so I'll survive;) Ooh, her house is very warm and snuggly plus it smells like cinnamon and vanilla, it's awesome.

    I'm going to enjoy that dinner now and I will then update this post with my last bookreviews for the year.

    Best wishes and hugs to you all!


    What I read in 2010 )
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    Once again a tiny apology to the flist that was bombarded with these bookposts. But I'm sure you wouldn't have signed up for reading-community [ profile] thej2bee if you weren't at least a little interested in my reviews *grins*
    My bookpile for 2011 is already a bit daunting and I'm hoping to write reviews on the other books I finished before the end of the year, but I feel already accomplished for writing these five today, so I'm going to do something other than self assigned homework for a bit;)
    In the meantime, I offer you these:
  • The Bride's Farewell - Meg Rosoff
  • The Greatest Show On Earth - Richard Dawkins
  • Mrs Dalloway - Virginia Woolf
  • The Five People You Meet in Heaven - Mitch Albom
  • The Three Incestuous Sisters - Audrey Niffenegger

  • Don't know where to start? The Greatest Show On Earth is my favorite.
    Out of the novels I rated The Five People You Meet In Heaven an 8/10.
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    Heh, those of you who follow my [ profile] thej2bee book community must have been wondering how many more reviews would spam your flist. I'm happy to say I'm finished for today;)
    I hope to keep it up more regularly in the future, as I desperately want to squee about the book I read last (Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling) but still have to do a couple more reviews of read books of my readinglist.

    I just posted my opinion on the following books:
  • Last Night At Twisted River - John Irving
  • Mees Kees in de Gloria - Mirjam Oldenhave
  • Spijt! (Regret!) - Carry Slee
  • 10 words review: Yuri Monogatari
  • Majas Morsas Kompis Sambo - Katarina Kieri
  • Wings Of Equity - Sean Kennedy
  • Our Tragic Universe - Scarlett Thomas

  • If you don't know where to start: those last two are especially recommended:)
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    I haven't done all my chores yet (the dishes are still waiting;) but I did manage to finally write another book-review: Arthur Japin - De Zwarte Met Het Witte Hart (The Two Hearts of Kwasi Boachi - available in many languages)

    I still have eight other books to talk about, but what's left of today will be dedicated to fandom. I've been having really awesome chat-sessions with the author who claimed my sketch in the [ profile] spn_reversebang and I am now itching to work on the artwork for this:)

    I'm trying a new Bpal scent today: "Haunted" (A mournful, poignant scent, thick with foreboding. Soft golden amber darkened with a touch of murky black musk.). Will review later;)

    Last but not least, a question: I have a massage planned in a couple of weeks and can't decide on what kind to treat myself to. There are many options: Chinese/Tissue/Hot Stone/Chocolate, etc. Does anyone have any experience with this? I only had massages from a therapist when I suffered from backpain, this will be the first time I indulge in one for pleasure. Suggestions are very welcome.
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    If you went through my London-pictures you've already seen the natural colour of my hair. Not as dark blond as I thought it was;)
    I honestly don't mind that it turned out to be gray, but until it grows to be equally coloured, I decided it was time to dye it again.
    Here is the before and after

    Also: I wrote three more bookreviews!
  • Alle Verhalen (Stories) - Arthur Japin
  • Wall and Piece - Banksy
  • The Boy - Germaine Greer

  • And I cleaned my bathroom (after the dye job it looked like someone was murdered in there;).

    A day worthy of a pat on the shoulder (especially since I spent most of yesterday reading really bad BigBang stories. Pfff) \o/
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    I love how I still receive new comments on my Big Bang Artwork" *beams*

    As promised I posted a load of bookreviews today. If you have my bookcommunity [ profile] thej2bee on your flist, you were totally spammed, HA! I still have three reviews left to translate, but I'm saving them for tomorrow (to take my mind off traveling stress, which has already kicked in - eeep).
    Here are the ones you can already read about:
  • The Descent Of Man - Charles Darwin
  • How I Live Now - Meg Rosoff
  • What I Was - Meg Rosoff
  • Tuesdays With Morrie - Mitch Albom
  • Een Schitterend Gebrek (In Lucia's Eyes) - Arthur Japin
  • Dwaalsporen - Jacques Brooijmans
  • I Am What I Am - John Barrowman
  • When I Knew - Robert Trachtenberg (Ed.)
  • Het Zijn Net Mensen (People Like Us: Misrepresenting the Middle East*) - Joris Luyendijk
  • *Recently published in the UK under the title: "Hello Everybody!: One Journalist’s Search for Truth in the Middle East"

    I also have some more BigBang fics to recommend, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to finish that list before I leave for London on Tuesday. (ONLY TWO MORE NIGHTS - let the frantic preparation and packing begin. Yes, I'm a very experienced traveler and should not be so fucking nervous, I know, okay.)

    *off to empty camera, load e-reader, check bank account, pick clothes, make groceries-list, etcetera, etcetera*
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    As it turns out my last author's today is my tomorrow, so I'm currently on hold to unlock my third Big Bang post. I've even done the dirty dishes to kill some time. *grins*

    I also wrote a couple of short bookreviews and planned my trip to Amsterdam tomorrow.

    After that I tried to figure out if I still can go see Tim Minchin in London in December. I really want to see the man on stage, but I found out this orchestra-tour is more of a stadium-gig than a theatre performance and now I don't know if that would be worth it for me. There will be tons of people and the stage is relatively far away, right? Plus it's on a Tuesday which means I will have to take at least two, but preferably three days off to get to the UK and back...

    I love him to bits and pieces though. I fell for his atheist lyrics and if you are into that I recommend his brilliant If You Open Your Mind Too Much, Your Brain Will Fall Out (Take My Wife), but to show you he also writes wonderful non-religion-related songs, I picked this one: If you really love me... )
    See what I mean? How awesome would it be to see him live? I'm going to postpone my decision until after the BigBang and Amsterdam. What to do, what to do?
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    Third morning in a row I wake up with a comatose laptop next to me. Fell asleep while reading AGAIN. Oh well, at least I remembered to pull out the plug, so it only ran until the battery died. Better than waking up with the screensaver running (although it is a lovely slideshow of pretty;)

    My Aussie shampoo smells like the hair of my first (and only) boyfriend. Huh. So not an Aussie. *grins* It brings back memories.

    Hey look: another bookreview. Highly recommended, this one: Just In Case - Meg Rosoff

    Maybe if I go to bed earlier I'll be able to finish the story (or at least a chapter) before dreamtime. Hmmm. Let's try that.

    Also: my right eye has been twitching from lack of sleep all week. I'm such an idiot. Why can't I just wait until the weekend to get my fix of fanfic. Oh right. An addict. Oops.
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  • Het Dovemansorendieet - Maarten 't Hart
  • Het Aquarium van Walter Huijsmans - Bas Haring
  • Spiegeljongen - Floortje Zwigtman
  • Tin Toeval - Guus Kuijer
  • Her Fearful Symmetry - Audrey Niffenegger
  • The Wild Things - Dave Eggers

  • It's a good thing I don't make myself write a review of every piece of fanfiction I read. I don't need more self-inflicted homework ;). Ooohh, that reminds me: I do need to make more icons, especially book-icons. I still haven't filled all my userpic slots and LJ keeps giving me more. That'll be my project for the weekend then.
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    The snow is swirling outside and I decided not to leave the house. I hadn't planned it, but looks like today is going to be a pajamaday. So far I managed to avoid porn and have done mostly more useful stuff to pass the time. I did my laundry, fixed the sandwichtoaster I killed last week (who knew there was such a thing as too much melted cheese) and wrote three extensive bookreports. I even succeeded in eating proper food in between! I am rather proud of myself :)

    Bookreports are posted in [ profile] thej2bee:
  • Månefeen - Kjersti Scheen Fourteen year old girl deals with anorexia
  • Dash & Dingo In Search Of The Tasmanian Tiger - Catt Ford & Sean Kennedy Adventurous duo explore Tasmania and each other
  • The Origin Of Species - Charles Darwin The basis of the theory of Evolution
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    Oh dear, I think I just commited myself to sign up for the Big Bang Challenge. I've never done that before. But I've been having so much fun in the J2 fandom, I feel I should do something in return. Plus it will be fun to fiddle with the guys. *grins* Now I only hope I won't forget, or chicken out.

    I'm still working on my bookreviews from 2009. Well, I'm stalling again. I did manage to write a couple last week. You can find them in [ profile] thej2bee:
  • Oeroeg - Hella S. Haasse (10 words review)
  • De Wraak van het Spruitje - Jan Paul Schutten (10 words review)
  • The Mill On The Floss - George Eliot (Extended Review!)

  • I get to sleep in tomorrow! I'm expecting tons of work to come in later, but so far clients haven't returned comments on designs I made before my vacation, so until they do, I'm taking it easy:) I do have a lovely assignment to look forward to: my intern's report/essay/presentation is due tomorrow at noon. I get to grade her. *rubs hands*

    Time to put on my headphones and dance around the livingroom. Because I'm bouncy.
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    Oh hello flist,
    this was my comment-to-be-added-sticky-post. Now all that's left of it is the list of books I read in 2009:) Enjoy. A list for 2010 will be up soon!

    Happy reading! - J.

    What I read in 2009 )
    What I read in 2008
    Alphabetized Reviews!

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