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The CupCake Experiment
PART 6: Crumble Muffins Cupcakes with Lemoncurd
I found a recipe in a magazine that seemed interesting enough to continue the experiment. I bought the Lemoncurd ready-made, but baked the cupcakes myself, including crumbles on top!

(LJ wouldn't let me upload to scrapbook today:\)

OOoh, thank you [ profile] hiddenmuse for the cuddly gift (so glad it's virtual:)
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I watched the latest CSI (S10Ep14). For my opinion on the casefiles and Nick & Greg, see my comment here or read the whole thread in the New episode discussion post at [ profile] nickngreg

The CupCake Experiment
PART 5: Honey CupCakes, try #4
Remember my first two tries at this recipe? And how Sillie came over a week later to teach me how to bake them properly?
Well, I figured I didn't really succeed until I managed to make them all by myself, so this weekend I tried again: I decorated the cupcakes with frosting-markers, the figures are supposed to be flowers... Ahem.

Mom and I traveled East to visit my 'old' friend Oscar (whom I met in university in 1989; unlike me he actually finished medschool and is a GP now. He's married to Rixt, whom I also know from university; she's now a gynaecologist.. They have three children and are such grown ups compared to me;). We hardly ever see each other, and I had been quite nervous for this visit, but ofcourse they managed to make me feel comfortable and we talked and laughed like old times.

After that mom and I went to see the grandparents (my dad's parents, but he hasn't seen them since my parents divorced in 1992). They are very religious and we are considered heathens, but this time we only got scolded for arriving late in the afternoon (apparently they had been waiting for us, while we were having a good time at Oscar's, oops)
I offered them my cupcakes, we were forgiven. *grins* Actually they both said the cupcakes tasted good. My mom agreed. I know they are supposed to say that, but I choose to believe they meant it;)

Who wants to see random pictures of today? )

It was a good day today.
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Additional pictures to this week's adventures.

First: The CupCakeExperiment
When I posted from work last Monday, I couldn't include pictures of [ profile] artistic_sillie and me making HoneyCupCakes. After sharing my own failed attempts of battling this recipe, I will now proudly show you what those cupcakes are supposed to look like:
they tasted awesome too! )

In addition to my new userpics, I'm hereby posting the source pictures. Just because I like these women so much and I'm quite proud of this batch of icons, actually:)

I'd like to snog all of them )

Want to see pretty men? I posted a bunch of them earlier this week

And for those of you who were wondering where my CupCake/Stephen Colbert userpic comes from, here's the video (I also recommend the tip of the hat, wag of the finger: Man-words & Movits!)
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So much fangirling this weekend: I did not even have time to blog. So I'm slacking making some time at work to report:-)

Had a double fandommarathon this weekend with [ profile] artistic_sillie. She brought SuperNatural to get me up to date, I had saved CSI to watch together. We also put two films on the program and I added Gilmore Girls episodes with Baby!Jared and Badboy!Chad.
First film on Fridaynight was Overboard which I picked so Sillie could finally read the excellent J2 fanfic The Second Man from [ profile] tru_faith_lost and [ profile] captcrashsc (that I recced here.)

On Saturday we watched CSI Season 10 episodes 6 through 13 with exception of CrossOver Ep7, and episode 12 because those sucked. Hey, that's only 2 out of 8; if you are still ignoring CSI based on last season's lameness, you are missing out! So far it's mostly an awesome continuation of the Nick/Greg goodness \o/. The casefiles are pretty interesting too *grins*.

In between marathoning Sillie helped me with the CupCake Experiment; as it turns out the massive fail on my last try was caused because I added sugar on top of the honey, thus making the mixture too overwhelming for the amount of flour. Lesson learned :-)

After the last CSIs we made a short break for dinner (spaghetti) and after the aforementioned Gilmore Girls we watched Ten Inch Hero. So I finally got to see Jensen and his mohawk. I especially approved of the kilt and the sideburns. The beard? Not so much. But even that couldn't hide the cute;). Too bad the film had to resort to the Breakfast Club method so make that point. I also finally got a good look at Danneel, who is indeed adorable, although I desperately wanted to feed her and her eyebrows worry me.

Speaking of eyebrows: Happy Birthday George Eads! And speaking of birthdays: Happy Birthday [ profile] cinderlily! And Jensen Ackles! And Roger Daltrey. And Mark-Paul Gosselaar. And Tim Daly. Wow. Lot of pretty people are celebrating their birthday today! I feel tempted to do a celebratory picspam tonight! Congratulations to all:)

Where was I? Oh, right: Supernatural. We watched a couple of episodes before bed and continued on Sunday morning. I think I admitted before that I wouldn't watch the show on my own; it feels like Buffy-light for boys. But it's no punishment to sit down and fangirl, so even if the stories don't always rock my socks, I still had a very good time and judging by the squee next to me, Sillie didn't mind watching the episodes again :-p Before I get kicked out of fandom; I do think Jensen, Misha and Jared do an awesome job; I'm especially impressed by Jared's ability to be evil. (Even more so after being reminded of his dimpleness in Gilmore Girls;)
We finished our marathon with some fanvids Like this one:)

So, yes. Fun was had. At 14.22 I brought Sillie to the busstop and waved goodbye.

I spent the afternoon getting fandom out of my system and Sunday evening I snuggled in my readingchair to finish the Green Carnation Trilogy by Floortje Zwigtmans.

What an awesome weekend.
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I had been looking for an easy recipe this weekend, because I had company coming over and figured I better not try anything complicated. So when I saw Sillie's Honey CupCakes I asked her for instructions. And even though I only needed to add honey to the basic cupcake I made in my first week of the experiment, I royally fucked up this time. I blame it on nerves and eagerness. I forgot to soften the butter, so my batter was rather lumpy and I once again overloaded the cups... Here is the result in pictures. Feel free to mock me. (or... help?)

In happier news:
I found a perfect way to relax yesterday and managed to heal my back. Wahey. It was a pleasurable AND effective cure. Go me.

Also: I just received [ profile] rispacooper's Nick/Greg story that I won in the help-haiti auction. OMG; it's another part in the Submission Games Verse! Excuse me while I go off to read. *runs to bed with laptop*
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I spent all of Saturday morning on a new edition of the CupCake Experiment; but after two horrifically failed attempts at baking Honey CupCakes I gave up. Part five of the experiment failed beyond belief: it was like the first try all over again. In fact it was worse. So much so that I don't even have the courage to post pictures (yet).

Maybe it was because this time I tried to make them for company; I had invited the neighbour and his kids over for a movie-party up in my loft. It was a present for N's 9th birthday a couple of weeks ago. They brought 'The Cat In The Hat'. Which is an awfully bad film, but I had promised they could watch whatever they want. Apparently they had seen it a million times already, because before every horrid joke I heard giggling beside me. Oh dear. It's a good thing they have me as a neighbour now; they obviously need my guidance. *grins*

Don't worry, I hid my grumpy side well; a good time was had by all;)

Unfortunately at the end of the party (which included hot chocolate with minimarshmellows and popcorn plus chips (instead of cupcakes;) I twisted my back while cleaning up. I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in bed trying my best to relax. But even when I finally went to sleep I was still in agony.

I guess the day had been more stressful than I thought.
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I've learned so much these past few weeks I felt ready for a more complicated receipe. I feel much more confident making the batter. I can make the basic batter almost without a thought now. I chopped up the butter before whisking and used less raisins than last time before adding the other ingredients. I remembered how to chop the walnuts from one of those cooking shows on tv. I'm quite proud I didn't cut myself.

An extra thank you to [ profile] kennedy_unknown for suggesting a sprinkle of cinnamon. There were moans involved. Mmmmm.
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After last week's break (due to an excellent long weekend to London with [ profile] tanisafan) I continued the CupCake Experiment this weekend. Since I still hadn't managed to make a whole succesful batch, I decided to try the plain vanilla recipe again, this time with raisins.

I whisked and I whisked and I whisked and must say I was rather proud of how the batter turned out: it finally felt and looked like it was described in the book! After the previous tries I also figured out how hot my oven needs to be and I learned not to fill the cups too high. [ profile] artistic_sillie suggested I put the paper cups inside the plastic ones, so they would keep their shape.
I added raisins to half of the batter, to experience the difference...

I'm getting better at this... )

No melted cupcakes this time = no need to scrub the oven afterwards! Wahey.
They tasted great, except that I noticed I used too many raisins; those three cupcakes had a bit too much air in them and the insides were a bit soggy. But they were yummy too, so I still win:)

Next time I may pick a more daring recipe...
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The CupCake Experiment PART 2
Since I still hadn't mastered the plain cupcakes after last week first baking efforts (Part 1 & Part 1B) I decided to not make things too complicated. I picked a recipe that was pretty close to the plain ones; lemon cupcakes with frosting.
The frosting-recipe asked for lemonpeel, but I didn't want to buy a whole lemon for six cupcakes. In stead I added lemon essence to the batter as well. (Look at me, already experimenting;).

This time I first mixed the batter with a fork but then gave it an extra whisk with my hand mixer to get it smoother and fluffier. To avoid spilling I put yet again less batter than previously. After advice from several friends I turned up the heat even more (175C according to recipe, my oven 225C now)

While the cupcakes were in the oven, I tried to make frosting. The recipe said powdered sugar and butter, but no matter how hard I mixed, it stayed flaky. A quick Google search inspired me to add some water...
Aaargh: the rising batter is dripping again!

Lessons learned:
  • whisk-whisk-whisk;
  • even less batter per cup next time;
  • temperature up high;
  • use the plastic cups again to keep batter in shape.
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    The CupCake Experiment PART 1B
    After yesterday's failed first effort, I gave the recipe for Plain Vanilla CupCakes another try.

    Things I changed:
  • I used real butter instead of margarine
  • I used less egg
  • I used kitchenscales to weigh the ingredients
  • I whisked longer and got fluffier batter
  • I changed the temperature from 175C to 200C

  • Look at my funky new kitchen scales!

    Ahem. So once again I made a mess. But I guess 2 out of six is an improvement;)

    Next time I will:
  • Mix the bakingpowder with the flour before mixing in the other ingredients
  • Not put as much batter in the front cups and maybe put the whole batch as far to the back of my oven as possible

  • All other suggestions are welcome! I will try another recipe next weekend:)
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    Sinterklaas gave me a book with CupCake recipes. I've never baked before, but plan to try one of them every week. Today was my first attempt...
    Oh, you're NOT supposed to eat them with a spoon? Huh.

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