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Oh yes, I managed to think of three good things for today:
    1. Needed to get an extra hole added to my belt, because I couldn't close it tight enough.*
    2. After two weeks of drought, my fbf showed up in the bus again.\o/ He sat in front of me and the reflecting window of the driver, so I could gaze and giggle in between reading; he was preening his hair, heehee.:)
    3. Did the dishes tonight with headphones on, while singing along with the soundtrack of Matilda the Musical** (sorry neighbours;)

*Had that done at the shoemaker where I also found a marvelous apple green dye for my grey shoes, DUNDUNDUNnnnnn.
**When I Grow Up...
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Beautiful rainbow this morning ) too bad it came with a ridiculous amount of rain just when I had to cycle to the busstop; I was soaked. But I found comfort in my e-book; I'm rereading Tigers & Devils by Sean Kennedy to prepare for the sequel that will be published in October.

Tonight I went to my mom for dinner and an evening of catching up. Great night, but mighty cold when I cycled back home.

Edited to add a sighting of my new fbf: he once again picked a seat right next to me on the other side of the aisly this evening. I could almost feel him breathing down my neck (in a totally sexy way of course *g*)
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*Happy sigh* There is a new boy on my bus. Such a pretty, pretty boy. I haven't figured out his busschedule yet (I'M NOT A STALKER, IT WAS MY BUS FIRST) but he's getting the fantasy future boyfriend stamp of approval. He looks like a young (verrrry young) Rob Lowe, including the blushing cheeks (think St. Elmo's Fire but with a better haircut;). *chinhands*
It was very hard to ogle him this evening, because he grabbed the seat next to me across the aisle. So I could only see him from the corner of my eye while I was reading. Very distracting. But I managed to focus on the story anyway (HA, not so superficial). I'm reading John Green's follow up to Zombicorns: "The War For Banks Island", it's very cool.

Speaking of reading; last week I did something I hardly ever do: I gave up on a book )

More about (e-)books later this week; I'm making an effort to get to bed before midnight tonight. Ready... set... go!

Oh, wait, meant to ask you something: are you signing up for Gishwhes this year? I'm already on the mailinglist and I so love Misha's mails. The countdown on the official site says registration is only a week and a day away, but you can play Mishdos at doubleudoubleudoubleudotgishwhesdosbasicdotcom to get an idea of the madness;)
I don't know if I will participate again (it depends on shenanigans in real life) but I sure had a lot of fun last year and I highly recommend joining!
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Since I can't ride my bike yet, I have to take an additional busride to and from work. Mom was nice enough to drive me to my usual busstop this morning but going home was a different matter. In stead of getting off the bus at the edge of town and cycle home from there, I had to stay on the bus until it reached the station. There I change to the citybus that conveniently stops right in front of my appartment. All in all it takes me fifteen minutes longer to get home, but it seems much longer since I can't read on the citybus and it's very crowded. Hrmpf.

But I got a treat for my trouble tonight. While waiting for the citybus, who walked by me but my fbf! \o/ That put a smile on my face of course and made me forget all about the exhausing first day back on the job :-)
Since I wasn't prepared I could only stare in awe while he passed me by, but you better believe I'm keeping an eye out for him the rest of the week;-)

ETA more happy: Yesterday I bought a digital version of Mona Lisa but the download didn't work in my country and I mailed Fueled by Ramen. Tonight they sent me a new link for this wonderful song by Panic! at the Disco and IT WORKED \o/
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Nope, I'm not completely back to happy yet (ha, like that will ever happen) but I thought I'd write down good stuff that happened to me in the past few days, just to remind myself the sadness comes from within. And when I say "good" I don't necessarily mean positive events, but basically everything that stimulates my brain in any way;)

I'm still very pleased about the prompt I made for the [ profile] spn_reversebang, but I've been struggling with a second piece of art to accompany the story that is being written. I just can't seem to settle on a style and what I've got so far is pretty shite. However: I am having a blast chatting with my author and her ideas about the characters are completely in synch with mine, it's great. Also: we plan to meet when I travel to London in December! (Unless of course the final artwork I make will completely destroy any desire on her part to come face to face with me;)

Slowly but surely I'm understanding why Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf is worth reading. I had a hard time getting into the story (not in the least because of all the annoyances I have to face on the bus, since a new company started in September) - but now that I'm about half way in, I'm starting to enjoy it. Although it is hard to read all those internal monologues while I'm stuck inside my own head. I still can't remember all the names, but the characters have come alive and I'm anxious to find out what happens to them at the end of the day.

I managed to make very tasty dinners the last two days AND I chose to brush my teeth instead of going for dessert. Am starting to feel less scruffy:)

On Monday there was a sighting of my fbf. It was very unexpected, so I hardly had a chance to check him out as he walked by to sit behind me (bastard), but he looked lovely as ever in a grey outfit and old jeans. His hair was awesome. *happy sighs*

Two of my favorite authors posted new parts of their 'verses. I'm psyched. The rest of my night is for porn fanfiction. Wahey.
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You'll never guess who got on the bus this afternoon. Either way, I'm not gonna wait until you do, because I'm too excited to keep it in: it was *drumroll* .... my FBF*!!11!1!1! *grins*. I thought I'd never see him again when his internship ended in January and there wasn't a reason for him to travel on my route anymore, but there he was, completely cute like the first time I saw him.
His hair grew out quite nicely after the disastrous haircut he had last time. In fact, it looked very pattable, but unfortunately I didn't find out if that impression was true. He sat down two seats ahead of me and there was a guy in front of me whom I'm sure would have freaked out if I had tried to lean past him to reach out and touch the FBF. But you better believe in my mind I ruffled that hair like crazy! His sideburns were nearly back to perfection and he looked very Ten-like *points at icon*, despite the lack of the long coat. He was wearing a rather blah grey jacket instead. His jeans were a size too big and although he was wearing a belt, I have to deduct points for it being white and not used properly. I didn't get a good look at his shoes, since I was too distracted by his pretty, pretty face. \o/ Heehee!
Oh, also: he didn't have a book on him, but he did grab a newspaper and just before he reached his destination, he folded it and neatly put it back in the newspaper basket. MY HEART! Shut up, it's a totally legit thing to squee about, just like his hair. HIS HAIR, that looked all fluffy and soft and was just messy enough and... and....

*deep breath*

Okay, I'm gonna treasure this memory for a bit. What a great start of my weekend:)

In other swoon-news: after I read that old article about the Losers I was feeling guilty for having missed that film, but as it turns out it hasn't even been released in The Netherlands, so it's not my fault. Pfew. I'd hate to have JDM think I was ignoring him. :-p

*If you're a new visitor of this journal, you can find out more about the FBF by clicking on the fbf-tag. Bring a snack and squee with me:)
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The end.
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In the mail: card from [ profile] carolinecrane (pic made me smile:) and two more packages that I'm gonna save for my birthday (Christmas Schmistmas). One from Belgium from [ profile] tanisafan and one from somewhere in the Netherlands without a name. (oooooh.)

So even if my birthday-party won't start until the afternoon, I already have a pile of presents when I wake up on my birthday \o/.

  • Yesterday's beef-experiment was not a total success. Maybe I shouldn't have reheated it in the microwave. Will see if the second piece is chewier when I make a one-pot-stew of left overs later this week;)
  • Haven't taken any chances to get better acquainted with my fbf the last couple of weeks. Thought I already had seen the last of him before the holidays, when he made an unexpected appearance yesterday and got on the bus at a different stop. He seemed amused by the surprised look on my face and greeted me with a enthused 'hey!' and a smile. That will get me through to the new year;) Although he did lose some points when I learned he has a cellphone. Disappointed.
  • Continued my series of snowpictures
  • Finally finished The Mill On The Floss by George Eliot
  • The boobs of doom are exhausting. Hrmpf.
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    Yesterday it was freezing and frosty and there was this amazing sunrise and a lovely view inside the bus as well... )

    Today there was a blizzard and lots of snow... and I had to work. I wasn't sure if the busses were going, but I cycled to the busstop anyway;)
    My day, let me show you it )

    So, what's the weather like where you are?
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    It may have seem like I've been ignoring LJ in the past two weeks, but I have been lurking so I am mostly up to date with everyone's life. Time to get you up to speed with mine;)
    I've been very busy at work and my brain has been occupied with that. Don't worry, I've been enjoying it, but at home I mostly hung around the internet or in front of the tv; lame repeats and loads of fanfiction left me in a bit of a daze in between the job.
    And then today happened... ) Yes. My life. I love it very much at the moment.
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    I talked to my FBF on the bus until he got off (shut up)

    \o/. Full report tonight :-)
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    Ahahahahahahaha: FBF totally missed his busstop because he was engrossed in his book! I was reading too (John Barrowman's Anything Goes, only ten pages in and it's already fabulous) and watched it happen from the corner of my eye. Then I leaned over to him (he was across the aisle from me) and said: "Weren't you supposed to get off at this busstop?" He looked up from his book, blushed and answered "yes". So he had to get off at the next one, which just happens to be my regular busstop. *innocent face* We walked across the street together; it's a freeway and it's quite a long walk to my bike, not to mention all the way back to his stop, so I had time to tease him about reading so intensely;). I'm totally gonna ignore the fact that he used the polite form of 'you' to address me (I suppose in English you could compare that with him calling me "ma'am") and remember that WE TALKED and HE SMILED A LOT. Funnily enough he doesn't look anything like David when he smiles, but still oh-so pretty. *sighs* It was awesome.
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    I just noticed I've only been posting about my FBF1 this past week, like I have nothing else to talk about *rolls eyes at self*. But if you've kept up with my Dutch blog, you will know that I spent most of my time at work. I've been putting in a lot of overtime this week. But I can happily report today I managed to finish the huge Christmas project I've been working on, so I will return to regular long babbling posts with more substance than squee this weekend ;-)

    Starting tonight with a picture post of my trip to Antwerp last Saturday. [ profile] artistic_sillie and I were invited to [ profile] tanisafan's Halloween- and Housewarming party . Sillie had come over on Fridaynight for a minimarathon of CSI and SPN goodness. On Saturday morning we travelled South by train(s). Before meeting Tanni we spent some time sightseeing.
    For the record: most alp (arm-length pictures) did feature our complete heads, it's just that the angle most unfortunately shows my lack of neck, so I cropped them. So there. Vainer than you thought. Don't worry, most photos are of buildings anyway;)

    Click on photo for more!

    1He looked me right in the eyes when he got off the bus this morning and it felt like maybe he was checking the bus to see if I was there this afternoon. Seriously. I think he may sense the stalking staring. Shut up. It was my bus first.
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    Wahey; this morning FBF was wearing his converse sneakers in combination with his long coat, thus proving my opinion that he looks just like Ten; Hello Doctor!


    I moaned

    Nov. 2nd, 2009 10:43 am
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    This morning he was wearing faded black jeans and a bright blue button down, which he had buttoned up Warrick style. *whispers* He wasn't wearing anything underneath.

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    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll tell you all about my long weekend in London tonight, now I really have to squee about my busride to work. Because FBF changed into his winteroutfit. Up until last week he always turned up in his blue converse sneakers and snuggly summer jacket. This morning he was wearing a long darkgrey coat and.... pointy leather shoes. LONG COAT AND POINTY SHOES, PEOPLE!
    This guy. Seriously. I can't even.
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    This morning on the bus my futurefantasy bf (FBF) sat down across the aisle facing me. Well, he sat down across from his busbuddy, but let's pretend he chose that seat for me;)
    I thought he was going to chat with his buddy, especially since he ignored the guy yesterday to sit by himself to read (READ!). But after saying hellos, he told the buddy he wanted to continue in his book.
    I had told you he was reading part two of the Jean Auel series (and how I felt about that;). Well, two weeks ago I noticed he was already in part four and I was very impressed about how fast he was reading, plus he would have totally had to have read at home to get through those books that quickly. I found out the truth when he told the buddy he had skipped part three, because his mom didn't like that one. I KNEW IT; nobody reads that fast. Heh. The books are his mom's. Ahw.
    Then his buddy asked if he had watched the footballmatch yesterday-night and ... and.... FBF said he hadn't BECAUSE HE HAD WANTED TO READ HIS BOOK. He didn't even know what match the buddy was talking about. Be still my heart. I did not see that coming, even if I was already in awe of his dedication to the book on the bus. This is a guy who's a footballer himself: he has been dragging his sportsbag with him on the bus for the past two days to go play right after work.

    I'm so fucked. As I told my mom: if I already get this much satisfaction from just sitting next to him reading, I can't even imagine how excited I would get if I ever managed to talk to (or even touch) him. I would probably die.

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    The David Tennant look-a-likey (aka my fantasy future bf) didn't shave this morning and he ate his breakfast on the bus: whole wheat sandwiches. Did I mention he reads? He's in the middle of Valley Of The Horses by Jean M. Auel, which happens to be my favorite out of that series (The Earth Children). I should really warn him to not continue after the third book.

    Not so enjoyable: the busstop smoker is back. I had so hoped his disappearance was more than just a vacation. :(

    On a related note: I decided the potentially upsetting Panic! At The Disco-picture that surfaced last week is a fake. Or a really bad joke. Either way; I'm ignoring it together with the previous proof of stupid behaviour and will go back to believing my musicboy smells like freshly baked cookies all the time. Also: he ridiculed religious rock lyrics on his twitter last night, which definitely helped heal my heart. (I'm so happy he escaped from the brainwashing)

    And finally: thanks to everyone who participated in my bookpoll. I am now reading Newt Scamander - Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them (from the library of Hogwarts), which I will probably finish today. I will then read the play Angels in America by Tony Kusher.

    Out of town

    Sep. 4th, 2009 10:20 pm
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    Last week I first noticed the David Tennant look-a-like on the bus home. Today I saw him again. See icon. Such a lovely sight:)

    I'm going to Amsterdam tomorrow for movies and a sleep-over at my brotherdearest's. Sunday morning we'll travel to The Hague for the other brother's birthday. It will be a family get-together. Will blog when I get back...

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