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You're probably asleep already, but wrapping up these presents took a little longer than planned. Hope you had a marvelous birthday, [ profile] somersault_j!
Hartelijk gefeliciteerd,
here is some Jeff/Jensen and a bit of Jared;)
*twirls you* Enjoy!


Jeff/Jensen FICREC:
Boy Built for Trouble by [ profile] errant_jane: 2600 words of daddy kink with a side of dirty talk and barebacking...

and two pretty pictures... )
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*bounces* I had TWO of my requests in the Spring 2016 round of [ profile] spn_masquerade filled!
I got glorious J3 art made by [ profile] dephigravity for my prompt of fanboys Jensen and Jared ending up in their idol JDM's hotelroom: Fan Service So very NC-17 and NSFW \o/

I also received a PWP fic: How to Manage a Skittish Jensen by [ profile] loracine, based on The anal hook always makes Jensen tense up, but having the privilege of suckling on Jared's cock offers comfort and distraction. J2 | NC-17 | 1181 words | D/s anal play *shivers with delight*

To recommend another fic that rocked my world, I made fanart myself:) Because this Jeff/Jared story has been on my mind ever since I read it in last year's Masquerade; it's such a cute pairing. In the mean time [ profile] keep_waking_up wrote an equally adorable and hot sequel, that you should read next.
Be aware: despite the look of the art this is NOT an innocent G-rated kids' story! Pay attention to the enticements/warnings;) No bestiality though, if you were wondering about that. *grins*

Title: The Fluff Hunter
Author: [ profile] keep_waking_up
Pairing: JDM/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,993
Enticements/Warnings: crack, werecreatures, slight dub-con, self lubrication, age difference
Summary: Jeff thinks the hunt's gonna be a simple one. He doesn’t expect to run into a lion ‘were searching for his mate.
Sequel: Sheepehs, Clouds, Puffs, and Fluffs

A short making off )

Now, go check out all the goodies above and leave some love to [ profile] dephigravity, [ profile] loracine and [ profile] keep_waking_up!! I adore them all. *smishes*.

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So I've been experimenting with watercolours and painting. Can't show you all my projects, but here's a piece I made for the Snowflake Challenge. Remember that? It was supposed to be 15 days in January, but thanks to other projects and life I stopped. Here are links to the first few days:
Day 1 - Talk about why you're participating in Snowflake.
Day 2 - Create a fannish wish list.
Day 3 - Self-recs.

Day 4 - Create a fanwork.
For this I checked other people's Day 2 wishlists and played in multiple fandoms:
I created BtVS Icons and Jeff/Jensen story headers in Photoshop
and made a papercut HP Snape story banner!.
Below you can see my final artwork outside of the Supernatural zone:)

I had fun discovering other characters in different kind of stories than I usually read and I heartily recommend the short fic below to everyone on my flist! No knowledge of the fandom is needed to understand and enjoy the bittersweet story about Helga Pataki and her family.

Banner Family-dramatic owl.jpg

Title: La Famille de Saltimbanques
Author: dramatic owl (snarky_panda) [lightbird@Dreamwidth]
Characters: Helga Pataki, Phoebe Heyerdahl
Summary: Circus AU. Helga prepares to join the family act.
Description: Hey Arnold AU | 1050 words | G-rated

Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: Watercolour paint, soft pencil
Font: Floydian & Harting, both from

A short Making of )

The rest of the Snowflake challenges (includes RECS!!)... )

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Had a great day in Utrecht on Tuesday, but walked so much I had a day of blah to recover yesterday. I did do my daily work out and day 3 of the 30Day ABS challenge, but skipped the DVD training session with Gilad. I spent the day doing mostly nothing with some arting in between.
Today I sent out another job-application and sorted other professional mail. I still have to work out with Gilad, and tonight I'm having dinner at my mom's, so I only have a little time to catch up online pfff.

I did not forget about this!
Here's what I did for DAY 4: In your own space, create a fanwork.
I chose to fulfill some art wishes from the Day 2 Snowflake challenge and first made icons for [ profile] angelus2hot of Buffy & Angel & Riley, gosh it was so much fun to play in that fandom again. And because we had recently discovered in the comments on my 2011 Pirates Of The Caribean Artwork, how much we both like JDM with eyeliner I also fiddled with him (haha, who is surprised, like I need an excuse;) Then of course I couldn't stop, so for anyone who wants it, below is a Jeff icon (from The Good Wife:)
You can see the other icons here

I also made story banners for [ profile] stripytights, after I discovered her awesome Jeff/Jensen ficset:

Click on the banners to read the stories!! JDM/Jensen | NC-17 | a/b/o | part 1: ~5500 | part 2: ~3000
Thank you, [ profile] stripytights for giving me inspiration and an excuse to fiddle with visuals for this:)

I'm still going through other people's wishlist and am working on some paperart pieces for those... This snowflake challenge is a GREAT incentive to reach out and play in other fandoms, I love it!

Snowflake challenge DAY 5: Leave feedback for a fanwork.
Well, obviously I squeed all over the stories up above, because I was thrilled to discover old Jeff/Jensen.
There is also NEW JDM/Jensen to check out, because [ profile] kalliel was inspired by a drawing [ profile] sillie82 made for me and wrote a story! How is that for spreading fandom love?
Her Privates We - JDM/Jensen | R | AU | ~950

I also tried to leave as much feedback as possible on recent projects on my friendslist, but I ran out of time to check all of it. As I will be home late tonight, I'll return to that -and day 6/7 of Snowflake- tomorrow!

Y'all are being too creative for me to keep up!

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Oh my. I was going through the [ profile] spn_masquerade fills and stumbled upon a story that has everything I didn't know I needed. As much as I love control-issues in D/s fic, especially in combination with sex, I always long for aftercare or at least a peek at the couple's regular life and interaction. This fic gives exactly that and a subdrop on top of it:

Catch Me When I Fall
by Anonymous* [ profile] kiltsocks
JDM/Jensen | R/NC17 | Genre: D/s | ~5000 words
Summary: sub!Jensen comes home to Dom!Jeff after a bad day at work but instead of comfort he requests punishment, going into the scene in the wrong headspace, already fragile, and halfway through drops hard. He can't stop sobbing and apologising for totally the wrong thing; for being useless and worthless and not good enough...
It's up to JDM to stop the scene and pull him back.

*If and when the author decides to reveal themselves, I will add their name. More of their Masquerade fills can be found here! If they happen to be on my flist: know that I love you very VERY much for writing this. <3

The story can also be read on A03 now


Aug. 28th, 2015 10:19 pm
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Hey JDM/Jensen lovers, have I got some great news for you! Darling [ profile] ashtraythief wrote a prequel to our RB collaboration Hungry to tell the story of how businessman Jeff and student Jensen met. It's hot and sweet (and comes with a link to the original RB fic to read again right after;)
Summary: Jeff is just looking for a one night stand. Instead, he finds Jensen.
GO READ IT NOW: It's A Start (NC 17 | 5,700 words)
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It makes me so happy when I discover a (new) author in the Jensen/JDM corner of the SPN-RPF fandom. Especially if they succeed in capturing these two exactly as I like them: little hints of Jeff feeling old and Jensen being reserved. Guh. Add an intriguing backstory and I'm in love with both the characters and the author.
Inspired by one of those fluffy romance-novel prompts in [ profile] spn_meanttobe, this is a must read for all:
Title: Chinese Take-Out, Kinky Sex and Feral Cats: A Love Story
Author: [ profile] all_the_damned
Pairing: Jensen/JDM
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 9,067
Summary: Jensen —orphan, billionaire, business prodigy— is targeted by a serial killer. Jeff’s a disgraced detective on babysitting duty.

I had issues with the formatting on LJ, so the title-link leads to the story on AO3. Please remember to leave kudos or a comment for [ profile] all_the_damned if you love the fic too!
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I already mentioned in that Letter Meme from last week that I filled my E-reader for the first time this year. I had completely caught up with my bookpile and felt it was time for some good old fanfic. Turns out I was right: I was worried about getting back into it, but it felt like stepping in a warm bath filled with bubbles and my favorite scent, mmmmm. I've put up J2 story-recs in my readinglist. I've also read some awesome kinkmeme-fills and wips(!), mostly involving JDM. If you're interested in those let me know;)

This week I'm preparing for a marathon-weekend of fangirling fun with [ profile] sillie82 (who made some awesome RB-artpieces by the way, check out the links here!). We'll be catching up on CSI S15 (we met in the Nick/Greg fandom) and of course on Supernatural:) More on that later.

Right now I'd like to extent some invitations. No matter how much we interact online or how long we know each other, this goes out to everyone reading this journal. (Yes, you too, don't be shy, I promise I'm as nervous about this as you, but how cool would it be to shake hands in person?)

Who would like to meet up at one or more of the following occasions? (Comments with suggestions are welcome too;)


I will watch the next two events on the big screen up in my attic. You are welcome to come over and join me! (Sleep overs can be arranged;)

The Eurovision Song Contest on 19, 21 and 23 MAY 2015 )

Hungergames marathon in the first half of November )

Anyone? You can PM or mail me:



Dec. 22nd, 2014 10:08 pm
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Ooooh, look what [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni wrote for me, a sweet Jeff/Jensen ficlet: Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing... | SPN-RPF | 400 words | non-AU (well...) | PG for language

(My prompt was based on this Red Carpet interview with Jensen at the SPN200 presentation - look at his sincere little face <3.)

What what?

Nov. 30th, 2014 04:27 pm
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Woah, I won the kink meme jackpost this week: another one of my requests was filled! \o/ Not as controversial a kink as the first one I didn't mention out loud in my previous squee-post, but I'm still putting details behind a spoiler cut for those of you who do not wish to know about my pervy preferences;)

Title: Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC17, written for the [ profile] spnkink_meme
Warnings/Enticements: Watersport
My prompt/request: Jensen and Jared are in a longterm relationship and very comfortable with each other. Every now and then they like to spice things up with one of them being a piss mop. Could be part of humiliation roleplay, just between the two of them or with a group of friends.
No forced keeping it in; the kink is being pissed on, so would prefer to experience the play from that person's point of view. Drinking optional (it's messy after all;) and extra points for aftercare/cleaning up.

Check out how this turned out in the hands of an actual author here if you're interested. Please leave the author some (anonymous) love if you enjoyed the story!

On another note: I'm working on my porn art for next weekend's [ profile] smpc and also have some PG progress to report on the JDM wings project. Is anyone interested in that? Or should I post some pretty photos from yesterday's trip to Amsterdam first?
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Eeeeeeeh, look what [ profile] dugindeep wrote for fandomaid and meeeeeeeeeee: Save Room for Dessert, a delicious addition to the J2D threesome verse \o/ It's a treat for everyone who loves polyamorous Jared/Jensen/Danneel. GO READ! It made my weekend <3

I know it seems like I haven't been around for a while, with my journal seriously lacking updates for the past few weeks, but I do keep an eye on all of you, in a very quiet, stalkery way. :-p

I'm still struggling with a lot of uncontrolable changes in my life and body. In my head I've been writing hundreds of blogposts, but by the time I get home it just all seems such random and uninteresting whining that I don't want to share. Unfortunately these issues also keep me from focussing on selecting fun photos from Australia and other gorgeous places I visited, but I do hope to spam you with those soon.

I did finally update my readinglist yesterday, as the books I've been buying have been piling up while I've been submerged in RBB fanfic and rereading the marvelous fantasy series Nightrunners by Lynn Flewelling the last few months. The latter in preparation for book 7: Shards of Time, that will be released in April. I finished book 5 yesterday and can't wait to get started in book 6. I've promoted this series of books before and once again urge you to check out my reviews of the first two books to find out if it's something you might like.

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A few days ago I was feeling a little down and then the marvelous [ profile] tmn1966 surprised me with sweet commentfic! A wonderful feelgood story about Jeff, Jensen and Jared meeting in a laundromat and it is all kinds of awesome. I've been snuggling with those guys for the past few days and now I want to share the love. Go read!

The Day Jared Thanked His Mom for Teaching Him To Do Laundry
by [ profile] tmn1966
J3 | PG (for naughty talk;) | ~3,000 words
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I'm working on the final touches of my first set of BB-artwork for 2013.

Was taking a break from Photoshopping to give my shoulder a bit of rest when my computer got stuck on the slideshow screensaver. Turned out it actually froze! When I forced it to restart, it turned back on with a warning that the CPU was overheated. /o\ It did allow me to continue though and I quickly copied all the art-folders to my laptop. Pfew.

I also just finished my non-digital artsy-craftsy thingy and was ready to make photos of my fiddling, when the battery of my camera demanded recharging. *sighs*

Good thing I discovered [ profile] smpc (Sunday Morning Porn Club) so I can take my mind off last minute disasters for a bit while I wait.

How's everyone else's art and fic coming along?
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Ack. I've not been feeling interesting enough to post adventures and thoughts lately. But since I had planned to keep track of my fanfic reading, and to not get too far behind, I'm sharing a list of stories I read in the past month. (Warning: it's a long one) The fact that I finished these means I liked them, so they're all recommended. I've added stars to the ones I absolutely loved, if you're looking for something to read right now, start with those;) Mind the warnings, though! My taste may not be yours after all;)

Some things old, some things new, some things borrowed, some things blue.... )
Speaking of that last challenge: for those of you who missed my post after I messed up the latest import to my Dreamwidth: I posted my first artwork of 2013! For [ profile] callistosh65's lovely nonAU story about Jensen taking care of a sick Jared, I made a paper portrait, pancakes, and more!

My next challenge is [ profile] spn_cinema: I chose Canadian film Les Amours Imaginaires to be inspired by: "The story of three close friends who are involved in a love-triangle." I will tell you more about that later :-p (If you can, watch it, the English title is 'Heartbeats' a rather inadequate translation, as it lacks the colourful feel of the original, but luckily that doesn't change the awesomeness of the film itself;)

In between rolling around in fandom, I've also finished some regular books, you can find that reading list here.

On Friday I started on a new jigsaw puzzle, this one is 2000 pieces, so that should keep me busy while my mind is swirling with ideas *g*
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Who says I can only do rec-posts during challenges? I have to tell you about the wonderful SPN/RPF fanfics I read this past week. These are all labeled NC-17, yet I consider them to be more plot than porn* and they happen to have all different kinds of pairings. In fact: two threesomes and a pairing. The latter is an underage story from the kink-meme (15 year old girl).

If you're not comfortable with either of that, simply don't click. I know there are people on my flist who like to question kinks, I don't mind that, feel free to ask for additional information. I also love to hear from you if you share my tastes and/or have recommendations similar to these stories;)

Or just click and read )
(*Okay, fine the kink meme story may be considered flat out porn to most people, I just thought it was also a character study. Your mileage may vary, as they say;)

I read more, but including all the ficlets under 5.000 words would take up a lot of space. Unless anyone is interested in those kinds of recs?

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After yesterday's post on being an artist in fandom, today it's time to reveal the next artwork-challenge. May I present "my" authors for this year's [ profile] spn_reversebang:
My prompt #2009 [MMMorgan's]
was claimed with the speed of light by the wonderful [ profile] bertee
My prompt #2033 [Cloud Nine]
was grabbed by the also very awesome [ profile] the_milky_way

I'm super excited about both authors; they wrote amazing BigBangs this year and you should totally check out all their fics. How did I get so lucky?

Beginner's Luck - [ profile] bertee
Pairing: Jared/Jensen [NC-17 / 50,000]
Quick description: "Medieval-esque fantasy AU with dashing-adventurer!Jared and male-equivalent-of-a-damsel-in-distress!Jensen fighting monsters together."
This was a fun read: I loved Jared's internal voice and he was such a dorky dashing hero (even if some of his wins were more luck than skill :-) I can't pick a favorite scene, because there are too many cool fights and monsters to mention! Excellent adventure!

Bertee's Masterlist (with loads of good stuff for JDM-fangirls, mmmmm)

We've Been Traveling Over Rocky Ground - [ profile] the_milky_way
Pairing: Jared/Jensen [R / 37,000]
Quick description: "Post-apocalypse future fic with stoic cowboy!Jensen defending his ranch against the corrupt governement and rebel leader!Jared looking for a place to go undercover."
A fascinating world: I loved that the guys mostly grew closer in silence; through actions not through long conversations, very manly and in character. Even better that they build that relationship in an action-packed plot that even included a road-trip in style! I read it in one go:)

The Milky Way's Masterlist (oooh, I see collegefics, be still my heart!)

I'm not revealing my prompts just yet (If you hadn't already guessed which ones I made and if you want to see them, you can check back in the community above;). The artwork will be cleaned up a bit for the stories and I'm hoping to make additional pieces for both. I'M VERY EXCITED! All will be presented sometime in November...

*happy sigh* I love fandom.

In other news: treated myself to a long weekend and a massage. Tried the herbal-stamp massage: verrrrrrrry good. I usually cycle to my masseuse, but decided to take the bus today; that takes just as long (roughly half an hour) and it drives conveniently from door to door. Very glad I did because now I didn't get caught in the ridiculous storms. Plus I could hold on to that relaxed post-pampering feeling much longer \o/
Spent the rest of my afternoon working on my jigsaw puzzle. Will post pictures when all 1000 pieces are connected:)
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I had planned to do a lot of things today and I did manage to do laundry, get myself dressed, write a challenge for [ profile] nickngreg, sort out my recycable paper, catch up on the internet, answer my mail and eat three meals a day in between, but after dinner my ability to do useful things disappeared and I can't remember even half of all the things I had wanted to write an eleborate post about. I know it included the coming elections in The Netherlands and some sort of rant about work, but somehow my body and brain prefered to hang on the couch for a bit and not think about anything;)

Tomorrow I'm going on a trip to The Hague to celebrate the other brother's birtday with the rest of the family and I should really go do the dirty dishes that have been piling up for two (three?) weeks so I have clean plates and utensils on Monday. (I doubt I'll be in the mood to do them after traveling back and forth)

I'll just limit this post with the ficrec I promised. I know I said I was done recommending for the SPN_J2_BigBang, but this was one of the best stories I've read all year and I have to share.

The Extra Light Switch
Author: [ profile] checkthemargins
Artist: [ profile] little_jade
Pairing: Jared/Jensen (Jensen/Danneel, Jensen/OFC, implied Jared/OMCs)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~60,000
Warning: non-AU
Summary: Season four takes a lot from Jensen: his girl, his sanity, his ability to know where Dean ends and Jensen begins. It almost takes his best friend away too, but he and Jared find their way back. Jensen's got an empty apartment, and Jared's got a house that's always been a home, so Jensen moves back in and life returns to normal. Jensen and Jared, taking on the Supernatural and the Greater Vancouver Area.
Four years later, filming of season eight starts with a bang—casual liaisons in the foyer, blinding jealousy, girls and dogs and drama, oh my. Jared's hiding something, smiling way too much, and obsessing over an extra light switch in the living room. And Jensen? Well, Jensen's realizing that he might be falling in love.

REVIEW: *sighs happily* What a wonderful story! It had me choke up a couple of times (stupid men and their stupid feelings and the not talking about them). I love that everyone is a real person and not pure good or evil. Splendid stuff. I like where the author took a turn from real life as we know it and continued the story in season eight, which we have yet to see happen. Jensen's POV, in depth soulsearching, a good dose of hurt/comfort and -as mentioned above: men being men.
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I'm still reading fics from this year's [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang, but this is my final reclist for that challenge:) As usual I focused on artwork and picked favorites regardless of pairing or plot of the story it was made for.
There were many beautiful things on offer and I was impressed by (almost) everything. I hope you take these recommendations as an incentive. In whatever fandom you're writing, reading or lurking: don't forget to check out the artwork and honour the artists!

BB 2012 reclist part five )
Just in case you missed it, this is what I created for the BigBang this summer:
Digital designs for A Crazy Little Thing by [ profile] dontknowmyname - Biker!Jensen/Student!Jared
Photomanips and drawings for To See The World In A Grain Of Sand by [ profile] belledewinter
- A steampunk J2 version of Around The World In 80 Days!
(I promise this is the last time I'll remind you of my own BigBang designs;) You can find all my other artwork in my masterlist;)

I have one week left to hand in artwork for the Early Bird option of the [ profile] spn_reversebang. I finally got a satisfying idea yesterday, putting it together is the next challenge...

Note to [ profile] sillie82: only the third fic is suitable for your interests, so here's a Tumblr rec especially for you: jensen-tothemax

Originally posted by sexybowlegs (good for another overdose of Mr. Ackles;)
ETA: I just discovered the photo was made by Steve Carlson. Thanks for sharing, dude!
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Aaaaaaaaaahw, the BigBang is over :( This is however not my last reclist yet. Just like last year, I took a look at all the artwork, regardless of pairing or story and was overwhelmed by the overall level of involvement. It's impossible to compare all the different kinds of art, as well as the amount of work or experience that artists offered. But I did pick out my favorites;) I hereby present the fourth reclist for this year's [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang!* (A lot of art, but I also included five stories:)

BB 2012 reclist part four )
*This list is not complete; I've been impressed by most of the artwork that was created, but I tried to offer an eclectic selection and I made an effort to focus on pieces you may have missed due them being from an unknown artist / portraying a rare pairing / lack of promotion in the community ;)

If you have any recommendations, let me know! I like to hear about your favorites in art and fiction. (I'm trying all the J2/J3 stories before anything else. Unlike art, I do have a preference for certain pairings when reading;)

There will be a final (fifth!) reclist after my trip to London.

Last but not least: I participated too!
I'd love for you to check out the artwork I made for:
A Crazy Little Thing by [ profile] dontknowmyname.
To See The World In A Grain Of Sand by [ profile] belledewinter.
A steampunk J2 version of Around The World In 80 Days!

Now it's time to get ready for the Reverse Bang, woohoo! (I'm still planning to write a rant-post about the darker side of being an artist in fandom, but for now let's focus on the fun;)
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While checking my own comments on the BB artworks, I came across some beautiful images made for [ profile] spn_illuminated that I just have to add to the reclist: look at these wonderful prompt-drawings that were the inspiration for The Other End by artist [ profile] vail_kagami. - I love the drawing with the flowing hair and dark shadows, it can be interpreted as either sad or dreamy. The sketched scene is pretty cool too; the strong multiple pencil lines give their hands and arms a sense of movement. I like it lots. Go give these some love!

Now, on to the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang!

BB 2012 reclist part three )

And last but not least: my own new artwork is online now! For To See The World In A Grain Of Sand by [ profile] belledewinter. A steampunk J2 version of Around The World In 80 Days! Check it out?


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