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So before the family get-together on Saturday May 20th (my mom's partner's bday) where my nephew coughed all over me which gave me a week with a sore throat and limited snot which has now developed into an ear-infection and barking cough :( - BEFORE THAT, I went to the Harry Potter Expo in Utrecht with my book-and movie buddy Jelle. Here's a picspam of our adventures on Friday May 19th.

An afternoon at the Harry Potter Expo )

After the expo we went back to Jelle's house for a bit, then walked back to town for dinner (excellent burger) and a movie (The Circle with Emma Watson, to continue our Harry Potter themed day:) before walking to the station where I could grab the train home. I made some photos of cool buildings and stuff during our strolls.

An eveningwalk in Utrecht )

I called in sick today and from the looks of it I'll have to stay at home a bit longer this week. If it was just the snothead, I could manage to go to work , but my ear makes any sound unbearable. Gosh, I feel miserable. This was a fun post to make though. It was a great day:)

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Last week [personal profile] tanni came over from Belgium for an old fashioned fangirl weekend, we hadn't seen each other in ages! (We met each other in the Nick/Greg corner of the CSI fandom back in 2005 and I followed her into bandom, the Harry Potter Marauders fandom and other more obscure fandoms, heehee (Hornblower, anyone?). We're also book buddies;)

We met up on Friday; I cycled to the station straight from work at 12:30 just when T got off the train. Then she got on the bus to my house while I cycled home. After catching up during an extensive lunch (freshly baked croissants!), we went up to my attic to start one of many marathons on my big screen: the final season of Please Like Me. After dinner we also figured out where to continue with Orphan Black (S3Ep3) and watched a classic CSI episode (S8Ep11: Bull).

On Saturday we had a luxurious breakfast with crossbuns I brought from London, nom! We watched the last two episodes of Please Like Me, continued with S3 of Orphan Black and mixed that up with Galavant to lighten the mood:) An excellent mix of awesome.
In between we did a couple of food experiments: after lunch we made Extreme Triple Chocolate Nests (see Dan & Phil video below) and after dinner we played with my cotton candy machine. Such fun!

And this is how we made them )

We also played with my cotton candy machine! )

On Sunday we finished Orphan Black S3 and ended our get-together with Galavant up to the introduction of Tad Cooper. (I promised T. I'd send her the rest of the season;) It was a wonderful weekend <3

Now I'm gonna get ready to watch the J2 Panel at the SPN Seatle convention on Stage It. EXCITED!


P.S. I'm experimenting with image-archives; for this post I used my old PhotoBucket. Djeez, I don't remember it having so many ads and pop-ups! But Flickr doesn't support posting multiple images, and I don't know other services. All suggestions are welcome!
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A quick post before I start trying a new work-out for the next 30 Days Challenge... (more about that later:)
Because I wanted to share the creative gifts I received in [ profile] milly_gal's Arts&Crafts Exchange! The awesome [ profile] angelus2hot spoiled me with two presents: she crocheted an adorable piggy AND made me a silver JDM necklace with red swarovski hearts! <3

Look at its cute little snout!

The piggy is standing on my computer speaker and I wrapped the necklace around its neck, so I can look at it every time I'm behind my desk :-)

Thank you, [ profile] angelus2hot, I LOVE IT <3<3 It continually makes me smile (It's so ME;)

Also: I made quite a bit of fanart in the past few weeks!
While checking links I noticed it's a very eclectic collection of collaborations:
Quicky_Bang 2: papercutting and watercolour banner for The Ice Age
SPN Meant to Be 2: bookcovers and dress-up doll for The Roommate
SPN_J2 BigBang pinch hit: animated storybanner plus dividers and photo-scenes for Begin to Begin Again

Last but not least: SIGN UPS for the NEW Matchmaker Challenge at the [ profile] quicky_bang are open! You can join in all of July to get a short surprise fic to create art for. Choose a SPEED date if you want three stories to pick from or a BLIND date if you want a fic featuring your favorite characters. Come play!
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In between all the artproject-wips, a new userpic and Sillie's birthday party I hadn't had time yet to tell y'all about my fangirl weekend with [ profile] tanisafan. On Friday afternoon (Jan. 16) I picked up T. from the station and we took the bus into town, where we got off near the Thorbeckegracht for a short walk to Waanders In De Broeren, the awesome bookstore-in-a-church. We spent lots of time admiring the interior:) I posted about this building last year as well, but I found some new angles to show you and there was a new art exhibit, so: tiny picspam...

Come along! )
And that concludes the tiny touristy walk;)

Now let's fangirl )
This weekend (like last weekend) will be dedicated to artwork and maybe catching up on fandom. I also have a movie-night planned with my mom. I put The Paperboy with Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey and John Cusack on the progam. Will let you know what we think;)

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Woah, it's snowing! Good thing that didn't happen yesterday when I had my birthdayparty. Cars, trains and busses didn't have any problems getting my family over. While waiting for them to arrive, I could roll around in wishes from all over the world.
Thank you, [ profile] brokenhighways, [ profile] emmatheslayer, [ profile] stripytights, [ profile] milly_gal, [ profile] firesign10, [ profile] rabidfan, [ profile] badbastion, [ profile] kiltsocks, [ profile] eledhwenlin for the PMs, LJ or Twitter mentions and/or virtual gifts.
Smishes for [ profile] cassiopeia7 who gave me a message from bedhead Jeff; [ profile] tmn1966 for the e-card; [ profile] sillie82 who posted a Jeff & Jensen picspam and [ profile] bflyw for young CSI Nick *chinhands*.
Special squees go out to [ profile] ashtraythief who sent me a Jeff/Jensen fic that hopefully will be shared with y'all next year (notice the smug smile on my face:) *treasures*
Of course a big thanks to my besties [ profile] kennsea, [ profile] tanisafan and [ profile] sillie82 for sending me presents. (Even if some of you confused my bday with Xmas :-p)
Y'all made me feel like a total birthday girl. A 45 year old, very happy birthday girl:)

I wish you all could have been here for a piece of cake, instead I offer photos of the festivities.
Come in for the party! )

Thanks to everybody who made sure this was the BEST birthday.
*hugs you all*

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I'm still suffering from the barking cough but am slowly recovering, despite cycling through horrid rain to get to the bus to work the past couple of days, hrmpf. Coming home is the best though, even more so because I found my actual rl mailbox filled with cards from all over! I even already received a birthday present; [ profile] kennsea sent me a Samulet! (I'm not getting the tattoo;). Thank you, [ profile] bflyw for cute Santa, [ profile] alycat for traditional Santa (I loved that chair-stamp!) - God Jul to both of you:), [ profile] dugindeep - Yay for fluffy & glittery penguins, [ profile] sillie82 for the sweet Nick/Greg drawing (OTP forever:) and [ profile] tanisafan for that awesome nerd Rudolf:)

One more workday until my long weekend; I'm going to Amsterdam with my mom on Saturday, we'll be visiting my grandma and IKEA on Sunday and I have a massage scheduled on Monday (I forgot which one, but it will be special:)
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Had a marvelous fangirl weekend with [ profile] tanisafan. In between watching all kinds of good stuff on the big screen up in my attic, we talked about life, politics, traveling, fandom, pretty boys, handsome men, glorious girls and kick ass women, as you do. Here's a list of what we watched plus a bonus Aiden Turner in Being Human expressing all of our feels in a set of pictures I stole from Tumblr;)

I can't believe Zac Efron did that! )
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On Saturday I went to The Efteling with [ profile] sillie82; it's an awesome themepark in the South of The Netherlands with attractions based on fairytales. It's quite a long way to travel, but so worth it. Even the hassles with public transport on the way back haven't ruined my memories of a wonderful day. We had a great time. Even if we didn't have time to visit the fairytaleforest, aahw. But there was just SO MUCH TO DO!

Who wants to see photos? And a video! )

If I remember correctly my first visit to the Efteling was when I was about 9 (let's say this was the late seventies;) and back then it was a lot smaller with just the fairytaleforest and a few basic rides. I've been going every couple of years since then. Last time I went was already almost four years ago! Winter 2008 with my sister in law and her sister & Summer 2007 with brotherdearest)
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Just when I was putting on my pajamas on Wednesday and ready to go to bed to fight the 'blah', my phone rang. I contemplated sinking further into the pit and ignore it, but didn't want to risk worrying the other person, so I picked it up. A very wise decision, since it turned out to be Jelle who took my mind off my dispair by talking about films and books and life. For two hours. Good times.

Of course climbing out of the pit is not that easy and despite work keeping my mind busy for the past two days, depression is still lingering. But I have lots of things to look forward to and I plan to lose myself into artwork tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll be alright eventually.

I'm just not up to replying to messages and mail at the moment, but know that all your kind comments are much appreciated. I'm going to cuddle up in bed to read and sleep now.

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