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So before the family get-together on Saturday May 20th (my mom's partner's bday) where my nephew coughed all over me which gave me a week with a sore throat and limited snot which has now developed into an ear-infection and barking cough :( - BEFORE THAT, I went to the Harry Potter Expo in Utrecht with my book-and movie buddy Jelle. Here's a picspam of our adventures on Friday May 19th.

An afternoon at the Harry Potter Expo )

After the expo we went back to Jelle's house for a bit, then walked back to town for dinner (excellent burger) and a movie (The Circle with Emma Watson, to continue our Harry Potter themed day:) before walking to the station where I could grab the train home. I made some photos of cool buildings and stuff during our strolls.

An eveningwalk in Utrecht )

I called in sick today and from the looks of it I'll have to stay at home a bit longer this week. If it was just the snothead, I could manage to go to work , but my ear makes any sound unbearable. Gosh, I feel miserable. This was a fun post to make though. It was a great day:)

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So, eh, hi? I didn't mean to stop posting in the middle of the Snowflake challenge, but I all of a sudden got the urge to do one of my home cleaning projects and it just felt so good to finally get my life back on track, that I didn't want to use going online as an excuse to fall back on procrastinating. I feel I'm getting a grip on things again and I will finish the rest of the challenge in my own time;)
In between sorting out my arts & crafts closet, I also worked on another Snowflake Day 4 artwish: I made a storybanner for [ profile] elmyraemilie! I returned to one of my old fandoms that I never made art for: Harry Potter. I was working on my interpretation of Severus Snape on the day Alan Rickman died, it was nice to be able to do something to remember him.

Banner IntoABar-BLJ.jpg

Title: Into A Bar
Author: elmyraemilie@Dreamwidth
Characters: Harry Potter, Severus Snape, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley
Summary: Sometimes, all you want is a cold beer and a quiet bartender.
Description: AU | 4380 words | G-rated

Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: Paper (black, white and peach coloured) + black marker
Font: Sunshine in my Soul (edited:)

It's a pretty cool story:) It was also fun to discover that elmyraemilie and I have more old fandoms in common:) Who knows what may inspire me next... I loved stepping out of my SPN comfort zone and arting with a different character. Here's how I made the banner:

Making of paperSnape )

As usual all comments are appreciated!


My Masterpost of artsy fiddling (Now with new 2016 artwork!)
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Yes, yes, there will be a post of my trip to Amsterdam soon, but after all the artwork, I first have to finish the trilogy of picspams from the weekend in London 7 weeks ago. Because when [ profile] tanisafan and I came back from our afternoon in Oxford, we went for a long walk on the banks of the river Thames at sunset. I just couldn't resist making pictures of the sights in this wonderful light. I invite you to walk with us, I'll try not to babble too much;)

London, May 11 )
The end. For real.

LND trip, part 1: The WB Harry Potter Film Studios
LND trip, part 2: An afternoon trip to Oxford
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Yay, another picspam finished! After our wonderful day in the Harry Potter Studios (and the less wonderful shoulder incident) on Friday May 10, [ profile] tanisafan and I traveled to Oxford on Saturday afternoon (May 11;). With my arm in a sling and a recharged camera I was able to make up for the lack of photos the day before. Haha, just kidding (but not really) - don't worry, I only selected about 60 for this post. Especially interesting for fans of old buildings/architecture. There are also a few Harry Potter references again...

Oxenaforda - Ford of the Oxen )

The end, for now. I will be back later with photos from our evening walk on the banks of the river Thames:) EVERYTHING WAS JUST SO PRETTY, OKAY.

[LND part 1]

ETA: oh my, I think I initially fucked up the coding. I'm sorry if I cluttered your flist with an uncut post. It should be fixed now.
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A couple of weeks ago [ profile] tanisafan and I went to London for some theatre, shopping and a trip to the WB Harry Potter Studios. Which turned out to be an even bigger adventure than we had anticipated... On Thursday May 9 I traveled to Antwerp where I met up with T. on the platform of the train to Brussels. There we got on the Eurostar. In London we left our luggage in our hotelroom before heading off straight away to catch the Tube to a theatre on the edge of town for a lucious performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. On Friday May 10 we went to the WB studios. Behind the cut the whole story in pictures (with a tiny bit of commentary too;)

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry... )

Apologies for the random lay-out of the photos; I still can't type for long so coding was a struggle. To check out the original size image just right click and view.
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I'm back from London, but even though I had a good time with Tan at the WB Harry Potter Studio Tour, I've also spent some time in A&R (= Accidents & Emergencies aka the ER) because I rather violently strained my already painful shoulder. I ended up with my right arm in a sling to immobilize the rotator cuff and this also means I can't use my hand. :( I've set up an appointment with a physical therapist and hope to find a way to deal with this limitation. In the hospital I was told healing may take up to six weeks, so I guess I'm forced to become quite skillful with my left hand (insert pervy jokes here). I still have to look at the keyboard as I type this with one hand, but maybe I'll be able to do it blind soon!

Long story short (too late, but at least I didn't go into detail about the whole ER adventure - there was an ambulance!)... I'm going to have to avoid fiddling on the computer, this includes writing comments.
I trust I will still be able to do all my challenges, but at least until the end of the week I'm going to try real hard to not be tempted to use my right hand and abstinence works best. (I mean from the internet, obviously;) - so don't worry about me not responding for a couple of days, mkay?


P.S. This message will be copied/pasted in a couple of my social media, just so I only had to type it once.

P.P.S I may do a pics only post of the awesome stuff that Tan and me managed to do in LND before and after the incident (WE DID THE TIMEWARP AT TRHPS! WE GOT TO GO BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE BEHIND THE SCENES HARRY POTTER TOUR! (Yes I typed that correctly;) ALSO: OXFORD!)

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