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Question: is anyone else not able to see the SPN shirts on the Creation Stands website? I've seen people squee about the (fanmade) designs, but whatever link I follow, for me the site flips to the front page with a couple of Startrek shirts and a 'Coming soon' message for the Supernatural section.
I suspect the merchandise section is blocked for people outside USA, but I also can't get to the information about the PACK fund, which I would really like to know more of.
I asked about this on Twitter yesterday and I can see a preview of the link in my Tweets, but when I click it leads to that frontpage again:( I would just really like to know if it's a regional problem or something else. Anyone?

Here are some examples of direct links that only connect to the front page for me:
(apparently it's a T-shirt design worn by Rob)

Also: I inbedded a Twitter widget in my sidebar, is that working for everyone?

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Hello! This was my sort of comment-to-be-added-sticky-post for 2014.
It is now being saved as a list of the books I read this past year.
You can find my new reading-list on top of my LJ in 2015:)
What I read in 2014 )

Happy Reading! ~ J.

What I read in 2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2010 / 2009 / 2008
My old archive of alphabetized book reviews / Readingcommunity [ profile] thej2bee
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Hello! This is my sort of comment-to-be-added-sticky-post for 2014.
My journal is not locked and you are most welcome to quietly read all my posts or comment on any of them. Despite my occasional use of harsh language and posts about sensitive or personal subjects, I chose to not put a teen or adult warning on my journal. I don't approve of censorship. I prefer openness. Even when I run the risk of sharing too much. This is my life. You may choose to ignore it, but I will not censor myself.

I'm currently active in two fandoms: I'm a moderator for the CSI [ profile] nickngreg community and I make fanart for Supernatural, mostly in the RPS corner. My masterlist of artsy fiddling.

To remind myself there is more to life than being online,
I keep my booklist at the top of my LJ. That's ironic, Alanis.
What I'm reading in 2014 )

Happy Reading! ~ J.

What I read in 2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2010 / 2009 / 2008
My old archive of alphabetized book reviews / Readingcommunity [ profile] thej2bee
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Hello! This was my sort of comment-to-be-added-sticky-post for 2013.
It is now being saved as a list of the books I read this past year.
You can find my new reading-list on top of my LJ in 2014:)
What I read in 2013 )

Happy Reading! ~ J.

What I read in 2012 / 2011 / 2010 / 2009 / 2008
My archive of alphabetized book reviews / Recent reviews in readingcommunity [ profile] thej2bee
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Hello! This was my sort of comment-to-be-added-sticky-post for 2012.
It is now being saved as a list of the books I read this past year and as my first masterlist of artwork. You can find a fresh version on top of my LJ in 2013:)

ETA nov/dec2012: Regretfully I had to disable anonymous comments, due to the massive amount of spam that even CHAPTA won't stop. Until LiveJournal sorts out its issues only registered users* can comment (*=people with an online identity, not just LJ;)

I'm a moderator for the [ profile] nickngreg community
and I make artwork in the Supernatural fandom.
Here's a masterlist of my artsy creations: )

To remind myself there is more to life than being online,
I keep my booklist at the top of my LJ. That's ironic, Alanis.
What I'm reading in 2012 )
What I read in 2011 / 2010 / 2009 / 2008
My book reviews (alphabetized!) / You can find my latest reviews in readingcommunity [ profile] thej2bee

Happy Reading! ~ J.
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Today I finally managed to delete my Facebook account. I felt very lost and uncomfortable there, mainly because I never figured out how to keep up with everyone or check a timeline properly. I could mention the privacy issue* and the annoying habit of FB-buttons popping up everywhere, but to be fair it was mostly my personal lack of control over the lay-out that made me avoid the place. Besides that I had so much trouble following people and I never really connected to anyone, except occasionally with people I already communicate with on other social networks. Even then it felt like more fleeting contact than really talking. One reason I stayed longer than I really wanted was that it's the one place my SIL regularly posts photos of my nephew, so I now have an excuse to visit more in real life;)

I still have plenty of online hang outs, although I am considering cutting down, here's a list of all the places you can find me. (I'm BeeLikeJ everywhere:)

Love me, love me, say that you love me )

Pfff, I think that's all of them. Feel free to follow me anywhere. I have the same policy for friending back everywhere: I like to keep my dashboard/friendlist/circle/whatever managable, so I don't just collect people to get a high score. Most importantly: these places are my comfort zones, which means I avoid blogs and journals that make me feel awkward. This includes, but is not limited to: an overload of cutesy petpictures or 'revealing' photos of celebs I care not enough or too much about and stuff I have personal issues with, such as a couple of mundane human trades that I'm not even mentioning here for fear of losing my calm.
What I'm trying to explain is that my (lack of) response isn't necessarily a reflection of our actual relationship status or my opinion of you *g*

How many digital hang-outs do you have?

*Obviously I don't mind sharing my personal life :-p

P.S. Thank you, [ profile] sillie82 for the dragon!
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Hello flist. This used to be my sort of comment-to-be-added-sticky-post, now it's my readinglist and final post of 2010!

Hope you are all having a wonderful New Year's Eve. I'm celebrating it at my mom's. She is working until midnight and I'm all alone until then, but she left me food and instructions in her kitchen, so I'll survive;) Ooh, her house is very warm and snuggly plus it smells like cinnamon and vanilla, it's awesome.

I'm going to enjoy that dinner now and I will then update this post with my last bookreviews for the year.

Best wishes and hugs to you all!


What I read in 2010 )
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So. The Threesome Handbook. Y'all know why I bought that, don't you? Whatever you think: it honestly wasn't because of the subject. I would have bought Vicki Vantoch's book whatever it was about (with the exception maybe of gardening or golf;) because she happens to be a person that I'm interested in by proxy. *grins*

From my previous posts on the book, both written while I was reading it (about three way marriage in the Netherlands and using astrology to find a partner), you may have gotten the impression that I was disappointed. I am not!
The Threesome Handbook is an interesting and informative book, written in a fun style with loads of personal accounts of the good, the bad and the ugly sides of threesome relationships. I learned a lot. I was surprised there were more combinations of three people than I thought and it was a joy to be educated on the subject.
I can't even handle a relationship with one person, so I'm fascinated by people who are willing to open themselves up to others, and exponentially so by people who are able to share.

It's just that I was thrown off immediately in the introduction by the casual mentioning of a three way marriage in the Netherlands. Based on being Dutch, I knew that couldn't be true (and not because I hadn't heard of it;). It annoys me a lot when authors or editors offer that kind of argument and then fail to provide a source. I tried to let it go and read on, only to find another more specific mention on page 120:
picture of page behind the cut )

Any Dutch person could tell you right away there is something wrong with this information. The names are obviously misspelled. And if one can't even get those right, what is the worth of the actual statement? Not satisfied with the lack of a source, I decided to do some research on my own, if only to check if I was right about marriage in the Netherlands always being between two people.

Now before I give you my findings, let me once again assure you that the book is awesome. This three-way-marriage issue is the ONLY verifiable news-item on the subject of threesomes mentioned in the book. The rest of the book is based on Vantoch's research amongst American threesomes and contains a lot of useful tips from several personal accounts. The only other actual-fact that's used for comparison is the 50% divorce rate for traditional marriages in the U.S., which I feel no need to dismiss, as I suspect that's pretty accurate.

I would also like to make clear that I don't attack out of spite. Even though my hopes were smashed after inititally being told that bisexual single women are the most desirable amongst threesomes. Apparently being a loner puts me on the list of 'people to avoid in three-ways' and my starsign is the only one that scores a measly 1 out of 4 on the threesome meter. Fuck. It's a good thing Capricorns don't believe in astrology.

So here is the truth about marriage and civil unions in the Netherlands )

1When judging my tone; be aware I'm a green, left-wing, feminist, bisexual and celebate woman. (If you need additional, possibly relevant information, ask! :-)

The Threesome Handbook by Vicki Vantoch is available at The Bookdepository
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Ugh. Brought two books with me on the bus this morning and both of them made me angry only a few pages in.
Yuri Monogatari, a lesbian-themed manga has several different (badly drawn) stories which turned out to be filled with cliches and shameful generalisations.

The Threesome Handbook by Vicki Vantoch managed to make me doubt the rest of the book when I read on page 5 that there had been a three way marriage in the Netherlands.
Dear Vicki, just because Fox News "reported" on that, doesn't make it true. To my knowledge marriage in the Netherlands is and always has been a contract between two people. I would like to have your source for that throw away comment.

I fear it was made to give 'evidence' that three people can live in a commited relationship. As if you need a (legal) paper to prove that and even so, is that the only validation for (enjoying) sex/intimacy? That seems sad and on the same dubious level of acceptance as this video about an experiment on tolerance.

Gay/Lesbian PDA experiment )

Despite the probably best intentions of the people conducting this experiment, why does it have to specifically mentioned that the actors are in fact gay and in a 'long term, commited relationship with each other' in real life? Has that any bearing on the experiment? Is it relevant? I think not.

Back to the subject of the above mentioned books: I will give them a second chance on the way back home, you may expect a more in depth review later. I just had to get this off my chest as soon as possible;) *break over; back to work for 90 more minutes*
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Oh hello flist,
this was my comment-to-be-added-sticky-post. Now all that's left of it is the list of books I read in 2009:) Enjoy. A list for 2010 will be up soon!

Happy reading! - J.

What I read in 2009 )
What I read in 2008
Alphabetized Reviews!
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I had planned to tell you about my weekend, in which I got rid of over half of my wardrobe. Instead I spent my night on the couch, watching Benelux Next Topmodel and Project Runway. In between commercials I did manage to post three bookreviews in [ profile] thej2bee:
  • De Revue - Kees 't Hart
  • 40 Days and 40 Nights - Matthew Chapman
  • Tigers And Devils - Sean Kennedy

  • I especially recommend the last one, not just because it was written by my friend [ profile] kennsea ;) ... I really think most people on my flist will LOVE IT.

    Will tell you the emo wardrobe story later. There will be pictures.
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    Oh yes, this is it: MY 1000th LIVEJOURNAL POST! Wahey!
    I was going to do a very emotional speech about how I was always a loner and how this journal taught me how to make friends. How there were even a couple of you brave enough to meet me in person and how you all turned my world upside down. How I had to redefine the meaning of the word friend. And how I'm a much better person thanks to you all and this journal.

    But let's not get sentimental. You know I'm not that kind of woman *wipes tears from her eyes*.

    Instead I'm going back to the guys who are really to blame for me creating a livejournal. It all started when I found this awesome community about CSI's Nick and Greg, where I learned I wasn't crazy for seeing subtext and enjoying slashy thoughts. After some lurking I decided to join the fun and I became an active fangirl. And the rest is history.

    To celebrate my LJ-anniversary I made the mother of all picspams. It's filled with 78 screencaps from the latest CSI episode (That's Season 10, episode 1 SPOILER ALERT!) but if you're hoping for a coherent analysis of the casefiles, you haven't been paying attention. This is Nick/Greg focused and very much not about what most people saw on the screen *grins* But it's totally what happened:)
    Thank you guys, for the past, the present and the future )
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    The David Tennant look-a-likey (aka my fantasy future bf) didn't shave this morning and he ate his breakfast on the bus: whole wheat sandwiches. Did I mention he reads? He's in the middle of Valley Of The Horses by Jean M. Auel, which happens to be my favorite out of that series (The Earth Children). I should really warn him to not continue after the third book.

    Not so enjoyable: the busstop smoker is back. I had so hoped his disappearance was more than just a vacation. :(

    On a related note: I decided the potentially upsetting Panic! At The Disco-picture that surfaced last week is a fake. Or a really bad joke. Either way; I'm ignoring it together with the previous proof of stupid behaviour and will go back to believing my musicboy smells like freshly baked cookies all the time. Also: he ridiculed religious rock lyrics on his twitter last night, which definitely helped heal my heart. (I'm so happy he escaped from the brainwashing)

    And finally: thanks to everyone who participated in my bookpoll. I am now reading Newt Scamander - Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them (from the library of Hogwarts), which I will probably finish today. I will then read the play Angels in America by Tony Kusher.


    Dec. 16th, 2008 12:41 am
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    *whispers* I just totally misinterpreted a personal message and am now a little jumpy. Meep. Stoopid brain. *hides*
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    Just because everybody on my flist and my friends flists was doing it, didn't mean I had to do it too. Besides: I am quite happy with my job, so there was really no point for that 'career-meme' that's doing the rounds. Except that at the end of this week I had a blow up about some client who thought he could just ignore my work and let someone else get all the honours and I was seriously considering finding another line of work. So I did it.
    That careermeme:
    1. Go to
    2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
    3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
    4. Post the top ten results.

    Okay, that was helpful. Since I still prefer to keep the specifics of my professional life away from my journal life I'm not gonna post the results. Because as it turns out I've been making my money for the past ten years with exactly what I want to do. In my top ten my job ended up on number one -combined with number 7- and all the suggestions in between are my hobbies, so that's that, I suppose. I guess I need to find a way to deal with stupid clients. Because I can't think of anything else I'd want to do for the rest of my life.

    But because of the above mentioned incident, this weekend my mind has been out of control. I can't turn off thinking about it, because I'm deeply insulted and fucking angry. It could have something to do with pms, but let's not blame the hormones for overreacting, because it was truely worthy getting upset about. I've decided to ask the boss on Monday exactly what was said and if he at least defended my work to the client. I've been so dissapointed in him lately. /job related rant.

    On with a meme that's way more fun and just as revealing: Seven Quirks )
    I was gonna post another meme, but I still have to upload the pictures I collected (see quirk 7 *g*) Instead I will finish this post of blah with links to all the other places I've set up camp in. Not because I think lj will implode, but because some of my friends and favorite communities have moved there.
    I now not only have a hide away in Greatest Journal, but I've also staked a claim at Insane Journal (because having a Dutch blog, personal picture-corner, parkingplace for my artwork, moviereview-section, myspace, hyve, Cupid-profile and an experimental website next to this live journal aren't enough;) You're welcome to join me there.
    What do you mean: *Get a life!*? This IS my life. )/pimping

    Right, off to get those pictures for the Five Hot Women Meme online:-)

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