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I have not left LiveJournal, I'm merely trying the cross-posting from Dreamwidth to get the hang of it. When I found out they now offer image space, I wanted to give DW another chance:) The last time I made a back-up of LJ was halfway 2014, in the past week I updated my DW by transferring all the posts I made since then. I noticed that videos are not showing, I'll check up on that later. For now I just want to start posting again after a couple of busy weeks. I've been ignoring most of my social media because of a fangirl sleepover and a long weekend in London two weeks ago. Here's a picspam of the latter (I saw David Tennant and Daniel Radcliffe on stage and spotted another celeb in the audience!)

Theatre and Fangirling in London-March2017 )

I have kept up with the Age of Pandora work-outs; did Chapter 55 of 60 today! Will catch up on posting about that tomorrow:)
How have you been?


P.S. Dreamwidth's image galery interface doesn't seem to have an easy posting option, and apparently only allows to copy one file-code at the time, so I uploaded the images to LiveJournal as well to get all the codes at once and speed up my html-coding;)
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Here, have a picspam of my four/five day trip to the UK! I had a marvelous time; the plan was to relax and read and I've succeeded to do lots of both:)
Two stupid things: on Sunday evening, when I grabbed my backpack from the side of the bus, the luggage handler closed the side panel ON MY HEAD /o\ Ouch. I still have a bump on my head, but that could have ended a lot worse if I didn't have such a hard head;)
Also: while changing trains on my way back home on Monday, I left my shoulderbag with my passport on the train. /o\ But after stressing out for a bit, calling customerservice and filing a rapport, it was already found yesterday and after yet another train trip, I got all my stuff back, including my travelsnuggle. Pfew.
Other than that, the trip was a big succes: I felt very fancy with my ferry cabin, my hotelrooms and luxiourious food in between all the reading and bubblebaths :-D

I also apparently still had time to make loads of photos... Here's a selection.

Thursday, OCT. 27, Day 1: Traveling to Harwich )
Friday, OCT. 28, Day 2: London )
Saturday, OCT. 29, Day 3: London )
Sunday, OCT. 30, Day 4: London )
Monday, OCT 31, Day 5: traveling home )

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Oops. Had honestly planned to continue with part three of my travelreport right away, but then I got hit with the blues and I spent some time feeling sorry for myself instead of doing things. A combination of a brutal period and frustration about the slow progress with my calf rehabilitation drove me to the edge of the pit of despair. (I also blame the heat, pffff).
I felt guilty about skipping a day of my Hero's Journey work-out and not doing my calf exercises, but after being pampered by my mom on our weekly tv-night, I realised resting is taking care of myself too, and I started focusing on getting back on track. I even tried a bit of cycling yesterday afternoon! It was scary, especially the dismount is tricky, but my calf didn't object to the movement, so here's hoping I can brave the traffic to work again soon.

Who's up for the final part of my trip to and with [ profile] amberdreams? If you missed the beginning and middle of our adventures on the Pigs Gone Wild art trail, click for part 1 and part 2 to see what you missed before moving on;)

PART 3: last pigs and train to LONDON, BABY )

Traveling home )
I had a blast and hope to visit Ipswich again so I can explore the town a little more without being distracted by pigs or slowed down by crutches;) Thanks for a great time, [ profile] amberdreams (and husband P and the fanpeeps in LND)!

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So. London. I got home on Sunday and had planned to do a picspam the next day, but then I got a massive attack of snot and the barking cough, so I had to take it slowly. But I finally managed to sort out my photos; how did I make so many in only two days? I narrowed it down to 62 (...) plus a video of Big Ben:

It took me nine boings to get my phone to work, but at least I captured the last one! *grins*

My face, lots of food and also sightseeing )
day 2: sightseeing, hotel, theatre and a bubble bath )
day 3: Camden, Prim Rose and other bits of London )
That was a lot of babbling too, oops.
I hope to catch up with everyone in the next few days (and also get a move on with all the art-challenges, yikes!). Off to bed now to fight the snot. Goodnight!
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How did I end up with hundreds of photos after not even two full days in London? I never realize I take so many in between ogling the buildings and walking (so.much.walking). Obviously I didn't post them all, but it's definitely a picspam;) If you missed the first post, it's here. I'm continuing with Easter Sunday when I went to Camden, Choccywoccydoodah and the newly discovered SkyGarden before my afternoon date with Kevin Spacey. (What? I was close enough to the stage to touch, it totally counts as a date).
Ready? Let's go! (Click on the photos to zoom:)

Sunday 5 April )

bonus photos Amsterdam )
The end.
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After being busy with negotiations at work this past week, I signed a contract of resignation yesterday. The countdown has begun: after almost 19 years on the job, I will be unemployed from September 1st. Obviously I hope to find a new job before then, but I managed to at least make arrangements to avoid an immediate crisis, I'm rather proud of that, considering the circumstances and rather unusual communication within the company. In between looking for work I'm going to focus on fun to keep going. So let me entertain you with a picspam...

I made such a ridiculous amount of photos in London, I'm dividing them into two posts. Part the first: architecture, shopping and a musical. (Click to zoom!)

Day 1: Saturday 4 April )

Continued in part two!

P.S. Did you see I managed to put a background on my phone? *giggles* (I hid it in one of the goodies-piles;)
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I am so sorry. I only spent two full days in London, but somehow I made loads of photos and as hard as I tried to make a small selection, I only managed to cut down the original amount to a picspam of 70 (?). Oops. Hope you're in the mood for a long tour *grins* May I entice you with a visit to Choccywoccydoodah? A view of the river Thames? A stroll through Soho Square Park? Come along then! Let's go into town )
Day 2: Saturday May 31 )
Travelday 3: more sights! )

Thanks for coming along. I apologize for the random foodpics and selfportraits *grins*. Hope you enjoyed the trip anyway.

Back to working on my BigBang art!


P.S. Please let me know if you can see the photos as LJ keeps messing up my preview:(
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Yes, yes, there will be a post of my trip to Amsterdam soon, but after all the artwork, I first have to finish the trilogy of picspams from the weekend in London 7 weeks ago. Because when [ profile] tanisafan and I came back from our afternoon in Oxford, we went for a long walk on the banks of the river Thames at sunset. I just couldn't resist making pictures of the sights in this wonderful light. I invite you to walk with us, I'll try not to babble too much;)

London, May 11 )
The end. For real.

LND trip, part 1: The WB Harry Potter Film Studios
LND trip, part 2: An afternoon trip to Oxford
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Oh, booh. I had selected and edited all the pictures for my third and final picspam of the trip to London, when the stupid computer at school killed my USB stick and destroyed all the photos I'd saved on it. Luckily I have a back up, but it's gonna take me some time to go through them again*. In the mean time, here are links to part 1 and 2. For people who don't want to see my face, I recommend link number 3 for a couple of delightful photos of my 2,5 year old nephew. He was having a sleep-over at my mum's last week and since she only lives a bicycle ride away from me, I went over there for dinner and cuddles;)

LND trip, part 1: The WB Harry Potter Film Studios
LND trip, part 2: An afternoon trip to Oxford
Linkie #3: My adorable nephew

*Some additional babbling about my shoulder and sketching(!)... )
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Oh, booh. I had selected and edited all the pictures for my third and final picspam of the trip to London, when the stupid computer at school killed my USB stick and destroyed all the photos I'd saved on it. Luckily I have a back up, but it's gonna take me some time to go through them again*. In the mean time, here are links to part 1 and 2. For people who don't want to see my face, I recommend link number 3 for a couple of delightful photos of my 2,5 year old nephew. He was having a sleep-over at my mum's last week and since she only lives a bicycle ride away from me, I went over there for dinner and cuddles;)

LND trip, part 1: The WB Harry Potter Film Studios
LND trip, part 2: An afternoon trip to Oxford
Linkie #3: My adorable nephew

*My shoulder and I are still struggling, hrmpf. Last week I had some intense physical therapy sessions with hot ultrasound waves and a lot of manual pinching and poking (not a gentle massage;). That seemed to work so well that I got a little overconfident this weekend and started sketching again. That was clearly not a good idea** as the shoulder felt strained and painful again on Sunday night and all of Monday. Today was better and I had another dose of ultrasound this afternoon. After that my therapist sent me home with a fancy elastic band and a new harsh regime of exercizes to strenghten my rotator cuff.

**The idea for the sketch on the other hand worked out pretty well, even if I didn't manage to get to the papercutting stage yet. I'm hoping to be able to work on it some more and finish it in time for my first BB presentation on June 21st...
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Yay, another picspam finished! After our wonderful day in the Harry Potter Studios (and the less wonderful shoulder incident) on Friday May 10, [ profile] tanisafan and I traveled to Oxford on Saturday afternoon (May 11;). With my arm in a sling and a recharged camera I was able to make up for the lack of photos the day before. Haha, just kidding (but not really) - don't worry, I only selected about 60 for this post. Especially interesting for fans of old buildings/architecture. There are also a few Harry Potter references again...

Oxenaforda - Ford of the Oxen )

The end, for now. I will be back later with photos from our evening walk on the banks of the river Thames:) EVERYTHING WAS JUST SO PRETTY, OKAY.

[LND part 1]

ETA: oh my, I think I initially fucked up the coding. I'm sorry if I cluttered your flist with an uncut post. It should be fixed now.
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A couple of weeks ago [ profile] tanisafan and I went to London for some theatre, shopping and a trip to the WB Harry Potter Studios. Which turned out to be an even bigger adventure than we had anticipated... On Thursday May 9 I traveled to Antwerp where I met up with T. on the platform of the train to Brussels. There we got on the Eurostar. In London we left our luggage in our hotelroom before heading off straight away to catch the Tube to a theatre on the edge of town for a lucious performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. On Friday May 10 we went to the WB studios. Behind the cut the whole story in pictures (with a tiny bit of commentary too;)

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry... )

Apologies for the random lay-out of the photos; I still can't type for long so coding was a struggle. To check out the original size image just right click and view.
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I'm back from London, but even though I had a good time with Tan at the WB Harry Potter Studio Tour, I've also spent some time in A&R (= Accidents & Emergencies aka the ER) because I rather violently strained my already painful shoulder. I ended up with my right arm in a sling to immobilize the rotator cuff and this also means I can't use my hand. :( I've set up an appointment with a physical therapist and hope to find a way to deal with this limitation. In the hospital I was told healing may take up to six weeks, so I guess I'm forced to become quite skillful with my left hand (insert pervy jokes here). I still have to look at the keyboard as I type this with one hand, but maybe I'll be able to do it blind soon!

Long story short (too late, but at least I didn't go into detail about the whole ER adventure - there was an ambulance!)... I'm going to have to avoid fiddling on the computer, this includes writing comments.
I trust I will still be able to do all my challenges, but at least until the end of the week I'm going to try real hard to not be tempted to use my right hand and abstinence works best. (I mean from the internet, obviously;) - so don't worry about me not responding for a couple of days, mkay?


P.S. This message will be copied/pasted in a couple of my social media, just so I only had to type it once.

P.P.S I may do a pics only post of the awesome stuff that Tan and me managed to do in LND before and after the incident (WE DID THE TIMEWARP AT TRHPS! WE GOT TO GO BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE BEHIND THE SCENES HARRY POTTER TOUR! (Yes I typed that correctly;) ALSO: OXFORD!)
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Yesterday I shared photos of my first two days in London. To do more than the usual bookshopping and theatre-visits and to make my trip more like a vacation, I had booked a touristy tour. On Thursday, August 16 I had to get up real early for a sunrise pick up at a nearby hotel for a roundtrip with a guide (and a group) to Stonehenge, Lacock and Bath. To find out why these places are more than just silly names, I present my photospam of day 3: the Stonehenge Sunrise Tour.

Part 1: Stonehenge )

Part 2: LaCock *giggle* )

Part 3: Bath (the town, not the tub) )

That was the end of the tour. But my day wasn't over yet! I got a hot wrap at Pret a Manger and had dinner in my hotelroom before going into town for the evening. Remember that play from Wednesday that was sold out? I decided to give it another go. So I brought my book and went back to the Cottlesloe theater to stand in line with other hopefuls...

Final evening in London )

The end.

*hugs computer and all of the internet*
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From my previous post you already know I did a lot of reading during my time in London. I had about 15 hours of traveltime and spent all my evenings in a bubblebath. In between reading I did manage to go into town and do some shopping and sightseeing. I also visited the theatre for a musical, a comedy show and a play.
Here's a picspam of the first two days: Tuesday August 14 + Wednesday August 15.

London, Day 1: Trains & Theatre )

London, Day 2: Camden & Captain Jack )

Then I went to the ARTS theatre for The Complete World Of Sports (abridged) by the Reduced Shakespeare Company. Years ago I had seen The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (abridged) which was fun and I figured this new show would be fitting to make up for me completely missing the Olympics. Basically it's three guys on stage (the funny bald one + the smart sophisticated one + the dumb pretty one) doing all sorts of sketches about the history of sport.

The girl who sold me the program said I could have it signed after the show, which I thought was nice. But when I discovered who was part of the group this time, I went into fangirl mode and worried about it for the rest of the performance.... because the role of the pretty one was played by Matt Rippy.
I admit that name didn't ring a bell with me right away, but his face looked familiar and from the program I learned why: Matt Rippy also acted on TV as a sexually confused WW2 pilot, the REAL Captain Jack Harkness, in Torchwood.

Obviously I had to get HIS autograph )

To be continued! (I have almost 100 photos of Stonehenge to go through)
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I surprised myself today with the artwork I made for [ profile] spn_cinema. Okay, so I first made a mess as expected and it did turn out differently than I had in mind, but I'm quite content with the result so far. Hope I still like it tomorrow;) "Sketches" are due on April 20th, all will be revealed in May...

I wrote another bookreview, you can find it in my bookcommunity [ profile] thej2bee: Good Luck - Christine Otten & Erik Kessels. FYI: you're welcome to join and read (or write) more reviews:)

If you looked at the previously posted photos of my trip to London, you already know how much brotherdearest and I managed to do in just one day. This is the final set of pictures, from our journey back home.

Sunday, April 8
With bonus sightseeing from the bus
After traveling from Amsterdam on Friday and exploring London on Saturday, we're going back home today!

We got up around 6.30 and handed in our keycard at the desk before getting our complimentary English Breakfast in the hotel's restaurant, that opened at 7.00 a.m.

At 7.30 we walked to the tube and traveled underground to Victoria Station.

From there it's a 15 minute walk to the Coach Station for our bus to Amsterdam.

We checked in around 8.15 and the passengers were divided over two busses; one would go to Brussels/Amsterdam, the other to Rotterdam/The Hague.

On our way out of London, the bus passed all the sights, so I couldn't resist making touristy pictures. Get ready, set.... go! (I hope I got all the names right;)

Westminster Abbey (Western facade)

Westminster Abbey (the Old Palace)

Westminster Central Hall (Church)

The Clock Tower (with Big Ben) and Houses of Parliament (the New Palace)

Close up of the Clock Tower. (Big Ben is the name of the largest bell;)

The River Thames and a bit of the Londen Eye.

Bye, Houses of Parliament!

Aaaaaaaaaand a bit more of the London Eye:)

Just because I liked the look of it: The Mad Hatter Hotel.

The Tower of London and Towerbridge


Bye, Tower of London!

After about two hours(?) we arrive at the Channel Tunnel.

Heehee: France, straight ahead!
While we were waiting for our timeslot on the train, our busdriver tried to repair his broken windshield wiper, but failed. So we were transfered onto the other bus which meant we wouldn't make a shortcut, but had to travel through Rotterdam and The Hague before Amsterdam. We didn't mind, because we were very glad we didn't have to wait for another bus. Both drivers were so very courteous and made sure all the passengers and their luggage were transfered without any problems.

After everything was settled, it was time to board and the bus drove right up on the platform...

This train only has compartments for cars, trucks and busses. Passengers don't have to leave their own vehicle. So cool.

No need for windows when going through the tunnel, but there was a tiny window right below me, so I could see the tracks when we started to move.
Hans did get out the bus for a bit to take pictures. The doors in between compartments are pressurized, but you can go through them if you want to go to the on board toilet. The busdriver took a little break and stretched out on two passenger seats:)

After half an hour we arrived in France; the compartment opens up and the bus can drive right out onto the road! Did I already mention how cool this was?

We're in France! With a long drive ahead of us...

This is Brussels! Driving up Treurenberg hill.

The St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral
(Kathedraal van Sint-Michiel en Sint-Goedele)

Look: behind the trees in the distance you can see The Atomium!

Around six p.m. we had a break just before the border at roadside stop Hazeldonk. There are several restaurants there, we had dinner at the McDonalds;)

Back on the bus for the last part of our trip.

We arrived in Amsterdam around 9 p.m., 45 minutes earlier than scheduled. Hans accompanied me on the metro from Amsterdam Amstel to Duivendrecht...

... where I took the train back to Zwolle:) (I finished rereading part four in the Nightrunner series, yay!)

Home sweet home. All the goodies I collected \o/

The end.

It was a great trip. I don't recommend the nightbus if you need sleep to function, but it worked quite well for us:)
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I had planned to post the rest of my London rapport sooner, but I have been falling asleep on the couch all evenings in the past week. Work was busy, but I think it was mostly all the stuff that was going around in my head concerning the cut of my hours in the near future. A short update on the situation; since I officially objected to my boss' decision, he now has to apply for a permit to continue downsizing. I will get a letter from the unemployment agency to which I can protest. Then there will possibly be another round of arguments before the agency either hands out of refuses a permit. Even though my boss gave me notice over two weeks ago, I'm still waiting for the letter. Until then I can't do anything but go to work with a smile on my face. (Haha).

Anyway, I was going to tell you about my trip to London! I'm putting this behind a "spoiler-cut" with square brackets instead of an old fashioned "LJ-cut" because LiveJournal in its infinite wisdom has decided to replace the familiar and sensible parenthesis with a childish image of scissors (a "cut", get it?). I understand the symbol is not visible on some users' browsers and personally I just hate the change (if it ain't broke don't fix it), so spoilercut it is...

Saturday, April 7
(continued from here).
London, day 2: after breakfast

While searching for a shop I had discovered online, we explored the Covent Garden area and ended up in The Seven Dials; a set of streets with quaint little shops; on the right you see Hans walking though a small alley to Neil's Yard.

Neil's Yard; isn't it awesome? So pretty with all the colours! Plus we found the shop I was looking for! (Bought delicious Comfrey & Mallow Footbalm)

Cool graffiti in the alley

When we walked back towards the centre of town, we came by this building-site art by Nathan Bowen

When we passed the Palace Theatre with the Singing In The Rain fa├žade, Hans couldn't resist; he had to swirl around a lamppost:)

We decided to check out tonight's theatre The Duke Of York, to find out how to get there later and to see if we could maybe already pick up our reservations for All New People. (We could, yay!)

View from The Duke Of York. (Sorry, I'm too lazy to check the streetname or sights;) Enjoy the impressive buildings.

While I was leading brotherdearest to Piccadilly Circus (for a visit to bookstore Waterstone's and drugstore Boots) I had meant to quickly bypass M&M's world on Leicester Square. Unfortunately Hans sensed my discomfort and decided we had to go in. Well, he is my little brother and he had been so sweet up until now, accompanying me to all the shops on my list without complaining. Still. I think that doesn't compare to the horror of what I was about to experience...

Four floors of M&M madness, oh pardon, 'merchandise'. It smelled like chocolate but there were humansize dancing M&M's and what little comfort I got from the scent was blown away by the weirdness of it all. I repeat: FOUR FLOORS.

Okay, this was kind of cool, especially the wall with M&M's in an overwhelming amount of colours. But again: on FOUR FLOORS.

Ahw, look at his crazy happy wittle face. *pinches cheeks and then slowly steps away*

And then look at my not so happy face when I discover the Periodic Table of M&M's. I think my exact words were "Oh. My. God." (I didn't know Hans was taking a picture of me until I heard him giggling. Bastard)

After climbing ALL the stairs and checking ALL four floors, Hans finally showed mercy and we went back outside to continue our walk to one of MY favorite stores. Pfew. I was also relieved to see the apostroph was still on the front of Waterstone's. That restored my faith in humankind a little;)

With bags full of books and toiletries (from Boots), we took the Tube to the hotel. On the way we grabbed food at Pret a Manger and had lunch in the park before finally checking into a room where we collapsed on the beds.

We napped until 4 p.m. *grins*

Well, I had to take a photo of my loot first, but then it was really nice to be able to sleep in a bed for a bit, after the long night on the bus and boat.

Completely refreshed we went back into town around 5 for our visit to the Hamleys Toystore, where it was busier than I had ever seen it!

There was an awesome LEGO display of the royal family.

The Queen was sitting in the corner with her little dog. Ahw.

For dinner we went to my favorite restaurant Mother Mash for mashed potatoes with steakpies and for dessert pudding and warm custard. Omnomnom.

Then we walked through Regent Street to get to the theatre. I tried to make a photo of the Abercrombie & Fitch ad across the street. Grumble, stooopid tourists...

My darling brother saw my struggle and having the advantage of height and a better camera, shot a photo especially for me. Obviously, he is totally forgiven for the M&M thing;)

Then it was time for the play All New People, written by and featuring Zach Braff, which is why we wanted to see it. Extra bonus was Eve Myles (Torchwood) who played another one of the four people in the play, who all end up together in a beach house in the wintertime. - If you want to know more, you can find a review from [ profile] nick730 which I mostly agree with here.

We had great seats, but I had a bit of bad luck with tall men in front of me, the last one coming in after the lights went out, so Hans and I didn't have an opportunity to swap. In addition I was distracted by dumb people beside me who kept checking their phone throughout the performance. Grrrrr. Luckily I still enjoyed the play, because I was just so happy to be there.

Afterwards we noticed a bunch of people hanging around the side-exit of the theatre and since we suspected they were waiting for the actors, we stuck around for a while.

Zach did indeed come outside and was ever so nice: signing programs and posing for photos (he even made some arm length pics for people who were on their own!). We only took pictures from behind the crowd, but it was really nice to see him in person. A great end to a wonderful day!

We went back to the hotel, where Hans crashed while I got comfy in the tub. So comfy in fact that I fell asleep and didn't wake up until Hans started banging on the door. Oops. Luckily I had put my book away and had added warm water right before I dozed off;)

I didn't waste any more time getting ready for bed, since we had to get up early for the busride home...

To be continued:)
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Went to London with brotherdearest this weekend. Took the Knightbus from Amsterdam and... fine *sighs*, it was the nightbus from Amsterdam to London, but still: pretty exciting stuff :-p I'm working on my travelblog; there are a couple of photos of the journey up in my photo-blog already and I'm sharing our first morning in Covent Garden now, because of eggs.
But I'll start with me waking up on the bus; )

To be continued tomorrow:) Did y'all have a nice Easterweekend?
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Yay! Finally finished my travelstory: all the London photos are now online, as well as the whole story about my journey home. If you click the first link, you'll get to the full post. The rest of the links are for my own convenience or if you want to consume the picspams in smaller doses;)

Day 3 From Bristol to London (blogpost continues with rest of trip)

Direct links:
Day 4 London
Day 5 From London to Antwerp
Day 6 From Antwerp to The Hague
Home sweet home

And now I will answer my mail:)
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Continuing my travel story of my XL weekend in London with [ profile] tanisafan Fun was had:)

Day 3: Saturday August 6 )

Day 4: Sunday August 7 )

Missed part 1?
LND Day 1 / LND Day 2

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