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Last week [personal profile] tanni came over from Belgium for an old fashioned fangirl weekend, we hadn't seen each other in ages! (We met each other in the Nick/Greg corner of the CSI fandom back in 2005 and I followed her into bandom, the Harry Potter Marauders fandom and other more obscure fandoms, heehee (Hornblower, anyone?). We're also book buddies;)

We met up on Friday; I cycled to the station straight from work at 12:30 just when T got off the train. Then she got on the bus to my house while I cycled home. After catching up during an extensive lunch (freshly baked croissants!), we went up to my attic to start one of many marathons on my big screen: the final season of Please Like Me. After dinner we also figured out where to continue with Orphan Black (S3Ep3) and watched a classic CSI episode (S8Ep11: Bull).

On Saturday we had a luxurious breakfast with crossbuns I brought from London, nom! We watched the last two episodes of Please Like Me, continued with S3 of Orphan Black and mixed that up with Galavant to lighten the mood:) An excellent mix of awesome.
In between we did a couple of food experiments: after lunch we made Extreme Triple Chocolate Nests (see Dan & Phil video below) and after dinner we played with my cotton candy machine. Such fun!

And this is how we made them )

We also played with my cotton candy machine! )

On Sunday we finished Orphan Black S3 and ended our get-together with Galavant up to the introduction of Tad Cooper. (I promised T. I'd send her the rest of the season;) It was a wonderful weekend <3

Now I'm gonna get ready to watch the J2 Panel at the SPN Seatle convention on Stage It. EXCITED!


P.S. I'm experimenting with image-archives; for this post I used my old PhotoBucket. Djeez, I don't remember it having so many ads and pop-ups! But Flickr doesn't support posting multiple images, and I don't know other services. All suggestions are welcome!
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WoOt, wo0t! Had a long weekend and when I got to work this morning a parcel had arrived with THREE NEW BOOKS \o/ I updated my readinglist:)

I've been disappointed to find out the [ profile] spn_cinema challenge will be postponed until the autumn. Not the first time one of my favorite events changes plans and I'm very bad at accepting change. Plus I was READY; had a film and medium picked out and everything. First thought was to stop joining challenges alltogether, but maybe I should take this opportunity to sing up for [ profile] spnspringfling? I don't know... making something anonymously (in both directions) is just so nervewracking, but I do like working on my own and I love the short turnaround.
I still have until Friday to consider, right? I'm still a little too sad to care. Opinions are appreciated.

So, about that long weekend! I had a [ profile] sillie82 from Friday until Sunday. There was lots of CSI (3 golden oldies and 13 episodes of Season 15 with a final that has a major impact on our OTP) and a film (Scott Pilgrim vs The World, which S. hadn't seen, so I picked it knowing she's a fan of Chris Evans *grins*) plus of course Supernatural (an episode from S1 with John for meeeeee and five episodes of Season 10, oh wow).
Before we sat down to watch all this on the big screen up in my attic I took S. along on an official touristy city walk through my town. Want to walk with us? We only did half the tour, which already took us four hours, because we are slow thorough.
Of course I made a lot of photos, here's a selection of 24 with minimum text (hahahahaha).

We start behind that bookstore-in-a-church I told you about last time... )
If you want the full history walk and talk, you are welcome to come over;)

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In between all the artproject-wips, a new userpic and Sillie's birthday party I hadn't had time yet to tell y'all about my fangirl weekend with [ profile] tanisafan. On Friday afternoon (Jan. 16) I picked up T. from the station and we took the bus into town, where we got off near the Thorbeckegracht for a short walk to Waanders In De Broeren, the awesome bookstore-in-a-church. We spent lots of time admiring the interior:) I posted about this building last year as well, but I found some new angles to show you and there was a new art exhibit, so: tiny picspam...

Come along! )
And that concludes the tiny touristy walk;)

Now let's fangirl )
This weekend (like last weekend) will be dedicated to artwork and maybe catching up on fandom. I also have a movie-night planned with my mom. I put The Paperboy with Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey and John Cusack on the progam. Will let you know what we think;)

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I had a marvelous marathon weekend with [ profile] sillie82 and am now all caught up on CSI and Supernatural (even though we had to skip a few episodes of both series to make it;).
The downside of these splendid fangirl days is that I missed all the fic and art that was posted while I was squeeing in real life. Recs and links are appreciated!
On top of my reading-list so far are the anniversary time stamps of Doors of Time by [ profile] felisblanco and the collection of stories posted for the [ profile] smpc.
I also hope to finish the final stories from the [ profile] spn_reversebang (I have three left on my e-reader!). After that I will visit all those marvelous authors to comment. I think I also missed a couple of last minute artposts in that challenge, so I'll check up on that as well.

In between the fandomrelated fun, we watched a film (which I will not mention, because it's going to be my claim for the [ profile] spn_cinema challenge in March...) and Sillie was kind enough to endure a slideshow of my Australia photos, bless. We had also put some old school Supernatural on our program, because this marvelous animation that [ profile] dephigravity made for me, made me in desperate need for a double dose of John Winchester/Azazel;)

OOoh, I see there was also a Winter Olympics fic-meme that inspired stories.

Well, better get to work *rolls up sleeves and dives into Livejournal*

What did you do this weekend?
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I may or may not have just sent in a third submission for the [ profile] spn_reversebang. I may lack time, but I like as many authors as possible to have a chance to participate;) I only hope the current mods don't change more rules along the way, I find that very distressing. Let's all cross our fingers for a wonderful and sort of smooth challenge...

Besides brainstorming and artsy fiddling, I spent my XL Weekend watching films with bookbuddy Jelle. He chose most of the films, but I was happy to offer a couple of suggestions and I found a film he hadn't seen yet. We caught up on books and life during lunch and then went up to the big screen in my attic for a hardcore moviemarathon.
On Saturday we watched an eclectic selection of English spoken films (see if you can discover the connection;)
  • Prometheus - scifi adventure, a prequel to the Alien series, not much plot, but gorgeous scenery and special effects. Plus bonus Idris Alba and Charlize Theron:)
  • Brave - picked by me; a beautifully animated film about a young Scottish girl who protests against her arranged marriage. Not as ligthhearted as I expected and also not your regular fairytale
  • Prayer For Bobby - a made for tv film about a religious mother (Sigourney Weaver) who hopes she can pray the gay away. Spoiler: she can't.
  • The Hunger Games - based on the book by Suzanne Collins about a post-apocalyptic world where teenagers are selected to compete in a televised battle to the death.
  • Cabin In The Woods - written by Joss Whedon, who created a surprisingly different kind of "Teenagers in the woods" thriller/slaughter movie. (Hey, Bradley Whitford!)
  • Magic Mike - emostripper film with lots of halfnaked musclemen. With apologies to all the hardworking guys (Hi, Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum) for giggling during the sexy dancing.

  • We went to bed around 01:30 a.m. :)

    On Sunday we slept in and continued our marathon after breakfast with Noordzee,Texas - a sweet Belgian coming of age film about a young boy in the seventies. After lunch we watched Out In The Dark about a Palestinian student and an Israeli lawyer who meet in a gay-bar in Tel-Aviv. Adorably romantic until they have to face the reality of their situation.
    To end on a less depressing note, we finished our filmweekend with The Avengers. Nothing distracts better from the real world than an attractive and sassy team of superhumans;)

    What a splendid weekend. I took today off as well, to give myself some time to deal with all these stories. It was quite intense:)

    If you want personal recommendations or a more extensive review of the films, let me know;)
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    Had wanted to post this earlier, before the final of my favorite TV show (Heel Holland Bakt - the Dutch version of The Great British Bake Off;) but LJ was being a butt. The best (and cutest) home baker won with marvelous cookies and cake, yay!

    After two days of lots of CSI, Supernatural and Being Human, this morning [ profile] sillie82 and I ended our fangirl marathon with the 3 hour miniseries about Marilyn Monroe called "Blonde", purely for the three (four?) scenes that feature young Jensen Ackles (2001!). He plays Eddie G. who *apparently* was in a threesome relationship with Marilyn together with Cass Chaplin (son of Charlie), played by a young Patrick Dempsey (fanfiction in motion, people; never happened in real life, but oh so much fun to watch;) Marilyn's character is all over the place and very annoying, the dialogues are cringe-worthy, but oh my, there is Jensen dancing in a kimono and diving enthusiastically between Marilyn's legs, so five stars for that \o/

    Someone was wondering why we were watching all these hot series in an almost unbearably hot attic and I realized not everyone knows about my upstairs cinema *grins* So for those of you who are new here or who missed previous accounts on fangirl marathons, here are some photos.

    Dance dance )
    Fangirling really can't get any better than that:)

    To see more photos (and a bigger audience) up in my attic, check out these old posts. Whenever a new Potter film was released, I would invite my Potterposse and we would watch all the films over one weekend before going to the latest edition in the cinema.
    2009: 5 films, 6 people
    2010: 6 films, 5 people
    2011: 7 films, 7 people
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    A short and quick update today because I'm still in the middle of a fangirlmarathon with [ profile] sillie82. Yesterday afternoon we watched the latest episodes of CSI season 13, four in total; I decided to skip the one about Hodges and we didn't watch the final because it was a to-be-continued so we'll save that for our S14 marathon. Before bed we watched two Supernatural episodes: S8Ep8 (Hunter Heroici) and S8Ep11 (LARP and the Real Girl).

    (Per tradition I pick the CSIs and Sillie the SPNs, taking special wishes of the other into consideration of course;)

    This morning we slept in a bit and after breakfast we started with Being Human season 1. It's superhot up in the attic already, but we managed to survive thanks to my huge fan and plenty of water and cool down breaks (in which we checked up on Tumblr and talked about fandom a lot:) After lunch we brought up bowls of water to soak our feet in and we put wet hankies in our neck;)

    We just had dinner and will now take our sorbet desserts upstairs to accompany us for season 2. \o/
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    Got up at 6 this morning to make that call to Australia to order my trainpass and make a reservation for the first journey. Talked to a very nice lady on the phone (whose accent make me smile because that made it official;) who told me she had been to my hometown and thought it was pretty and quaint:) I had already sent a mail with personal information, so all that was needed was my creditcard information. I gave her my number AND THEN MY PAYMENT WAS DECLINED... EEEp! The lovely lady stayed calm and said it wasn't a problem. Apparently this sometimes happens with international transactions and I should call my bank to explain. I was worried the cc-office would be closed this early, but gave it a try anyway and low and behold, I got someone on the phone! As it turns out they had put my card on a watch-list due to a recent possibly unsafe payment over the internet and I was adviced to get a new card as soon as possible. They offered to block my card right after I finished the Australian transaction. So I immediately called the railway back and we managed to get everything sorted right away. I received my confirmation two minutes later, woohoo! (Should get a new creditcard within a week at no costs)

    Right now I just finished doing the dishes (yay, finally!) and cleaning up a bit in preparation for [ profile] sillie82's visit. She should be arriving in about thirty minutes for a three day marathon of Supernatural, CSI and Being Human. I hope we survive the heat in the attic. (Summer- and actors;)
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    I'm having a luxury breakfast while catching up with the flist; I bought so much food to feed my friends who came over for the Harry Potter Mega Marathon Weekend, I'll be having awesome meals for weeks :-)
    Organizing this past weekend has been one of the reasons I haven't been around on lj much. But be aware of my return; this afternoon I will post my first BigBang artwork of 2011!

    Before that I want to share some of the fun I had with my Potter Posse: here are photos of all of us huddling up in my attic to watch seven films on the big screen.
    Harry Potter Mega Marathon Weekend )
    Such a brilliant weekend \o/

    Tonight I will finally get to experience the final Potter film, together with Hans, Jelle, Benthe and Silvia... DUNDUNDUN....
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    Had an awesome marathonweekend with [ profile] tanisafan, here's a summary of squee:)
    Face it. You're a neo maxi zoom dweebie, what would you be doing if you weren't out making yourself a better citizen? )
    It was once again a pleasure to have T. around: it was a marvelous weekend\o/
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    Quick update on the broken arm. Apparently it takes AT LEAST 4 weeks to heal and since I didn't know my arm was broken until a week after the accident and consequently didn't treat it properly, it can take quite some time before it's completely better. The doctor at the hospital even hinted at permanent issues with stretching, but I'm not considering that yet.

    I wanted to do a happy post instead of focusing on the woe, so I'd like to share a giggle. After my elbow was wrapped in a pressure bandage on Monday I was wondering why looking at my taped arm made me think of sex:

    It took me a while to figure it out, but when my screensaver went through my collection of pretty pictures, I got it:
    Jeffrey.Dean.Morgan )
    What? Don't tell me you don't see it?
    This photo clearly has a special place in my subconscious. *grins*

    Yesterday I walked to the supermarket in my neighbourhood (after last Wednesday's painful effort, I'm avoiding cycling until I can actually use my leftarm for support when getting off my bike). It was very windy and I made some vids and photos:
    Woosh )

    When I got back home I returned to the therapy I started on Friday: since I was presribed rest and there really is not a lot one can do that doesn't require at least assistence of a left arm (...) I decided to sit down for a WestWing marathon. I watched 13 episodes on Friday and yesterday I managed the first 8 episodes of Season 2. My arm feels a lot better now;)

    Mom is taking me to the arthouse for Sonny Boy this afternoon and afterwards she's making me dinner at her place. Mom is awesome.
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    Had a marvelous weekend with Jelle. We spent a lot of time talking about life, movies and books, as you do. Of course we also did some sort of marathon on the big screen. He brought the Season 2 DVD of Beautiful People (UK); we watched all 6 episodes in one go, it was brilliant.

    For some reason we came to talk about JDM and Jelle told me how he had loved this banter between Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Craig Ferguson. So I made him watch The Accidental Husband with JDM, Uma Thurman and Colin Firth, which he of course loved.
    I also forced him to sit down for Tim Minchin's So Fucking Rock show. Jelle was enthralled from the opening act on, so that was another win \o/

    Before finally stumbling to bed around 02.00 we watched vids on YouTube; amongst other things loads of music from Morrissey. I had to finish our night with that SPN S5 gag reel and Jensen's cheeky -ehm- wink *grins* (see 4:50 - 5:01).

    I waved Jelle goodbye around noon (for his benefit I admired his fancy new car, even though I have no knowledge or interest beyond its colour;).

    This afternoon I continued my effort of catching up with the wonderful artwork in the [ profile] spn_reversebang. I spent two hours and found loads of stuff I recommend you take a look at:
    Reverse Bang Artwork Reclist, the third )

    P.S. Of course Jelle and I also exchanged a couple of books; I updated my readinglist:)

    And now I will sit down and read for a bit before starting on my finances. (I plan to move all my accounts to a bank that doesn't make me throw up in my mouth)
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    To prepare for the new Harry Potter film Deathly Hallows part 1, I once again planned a movie marathon to view all the previous films on the big screen in my attic and I invited my Potter freaks friends to join me. Sadly not everyone who was here last year could make it and some people opted to watch only part of the marathon program, but I'm happy to say we converted yet another newbie.
    Here are pictures of my long weekend! (no spoilers of any of the films, just the Potter Posse and hopefully a little taste of the fun we had:)

    I had an awesome time. Can't wait until the MegaMarathon next year. Who's with me?
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    Fifteen minutes before the Potter Posse arives for lunch. I'm a little nervous, but mostly excited:) When everybody is here and fed, we will go upstairs and settle in front of the big screen up in my attic for our weekend long Harry Potter Marathon. \o/ Three films today, three tomorrow and on Monday the few of us who are still standing will go to the cinema in Amsterdam for Deathly Hallows.

    I will report with pics when we're done ;-)

    *puts witch's hat on and nibbles on chocolate frogs*
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    So right after I came back from London I had a fangirl weekend with [ profile] artistic_sillie. Of course we spent a lot of time talking about our SPN_J2_BigBang Experience, both from a reader and a participant point of view. We had so much to talk about that on Saturday we only managed to watch the four final episodes of CSI before it was time for some sleep *g*.
    Season 10 had been so full of Nick/Greg goodness that we almost expected some on screen action in the final. That didn't happen, but despite the crammed in Ray-drama, it was very satisfying. I for one am looking forward to season 11:)

    Sunday was all about Supernatural. To prepare for the rather rough final of Season 5, I had asked Sillie to bring some old episodes. Okay, so I told her I wanted to see all the episodes in which either Sam or Dean got some action;) It turned out to be a lovely collection with episodes out of all the previous seasons. Wow, those guys have gorgeous backmuscles. Now why was it again that I haven't watch this show? *bangs head against wall*

    In between we had some food, but the focus was really on the big screen up in the attic;) I enjoyed the final episodes very much. Hell, I may even pay attention to the next season. (About time, I know)

    To restore our happy, I had put 'The Accidental Husband' on the program. I so adore Jeffrey Dean Morgan when he's charming (and beardless;). The whole threesome of JDM, Uma Thurman and Colin Firth is wonderful of course. Plus bonus Isabella Rosselini? That's a serious overload of delicious actors. Highly recommended, people!

    On Monday morning we watched Batman: Under The Red Hood, because even just the voice of Jensen Ackles is worth a sit down (not to mention Neil Patrick Harris;).

    Yep, some quality fangirling. \m/

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to rinse out my hair dye. There may be pictures later.
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    So much fangirling this weekend: I did not even have time to blog. So I'm slacking making some time at work to report:-)

    Had a double fandommarathon this weekend with [ profile] artistic_sillie. She brought SuperNatural to get me up to date, I had saved CSI to watch together. We also put two films on the program and I added Gilmore Girls episodes with Baby!Jared and Badboy!Chad.
    First film on Fridaynight was Overboard which I picked so Sillie could finally read the excellent J2 fanfic The Second Man from [ profile] tru_faith_lost and [ profile] captcrashsc (that I recced here.)

    On Saturday we watched CSI Season 10 episodes 6 through 13 with exception of CrossOver Ep7, and episode 12 because those sucked. Hey, that's only 2 out of 8; if you are still ignoring CSI based on last season's lameness, you are missing out! So far it's mostly an awesome continuation of the Nick/Greg goodness \o/. The casefiles are pretty interesting too *grins*.

    In between marathoning Sillie helped me with the CupCake Experiment; as it turns out the massive fail on my last try was caused because I added sugar on top of the honey, thus making the mixture too overwhelming for the amount of flour. Lesson learned :-)

    After the last CSIs we made a short break for dinner (spaghetti) and after the aforementioned Gilmore Girls we watched Ten Inch Hero. So I finally got to see Jensen and his mohawk. I especially approved of the kilt and the sideburns. The beard? Not so much. But even that couldn't hide the cute;). Too bad the film had to resort to the Breakfast Club method so make that point. I also finally got a good look at Danneel, who is indeed adorable, although I desperately wanted to feed her and her eyebrows worry me.

    Speaking of eyebrows: Happy Birthday George Eads! And speaking of birthdays: Happy Birthday [ profile] cinderlily! And Jensen Ackles! And Roger Daltrey. And Mark-Paul Gosselaar. And Tim Daly. Wow. Lot of pretty people are celebrating their birthday today! I feel tempted to do a celebratory picspam tonight! Congratulations to all:)

    Where was I? Oh, right: Supernatural. We watched a couple of episodes before bed and continued on Sunday morning. I think I admitted before that I wouldn't watch the show on my own; it feels like Buffy-light for boys. But it's no punishment to sit down and fangirl, so even if the stories don't always rock my socks, I still had a very good time and judging by the squee next to me, Sillie didn't mind watching the episodes again :-p Before I get kicked out of fandom; I do think Jensen, Misha and Jared do an awesome job; I'm especially impressed by Jared's ability to be evil. (Even more so after being reminded of his dimpleness in Gilmore Girls;)
    We finished our marathon with some fanvids Like this one:)

    So, yes. Fun was had. At 14.22 I brought Sillie to the busstop and waved goodbye.

    I spent the afternoon getting fandom out of my system and Sunday evening I snuggled in my readingchair to finish the Green Carnation Trilogy by Floortje Zwigtmans.

    What an awesome weekend.
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    You've seen the program, now I offer you pictures of my awesome weekend of awesomeness. I had invited people to join me in watching all five Harry Potter films up in my attic. I had expected one or two people to be crazy enough to come over, as it turns out I have more mad friends than I thought:)
    My brilliant weekend was concluded with a trip to the cinema for The Half-Blood Prince. But you will find no spoilers here, only pics of my Potter Posse. They are the best!
    Look at all their happy faces. Happy not crazy )

    Did I already say it was an awesome weekend?

    Who's up for it next year?
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    For the next two days I will be up in my attic with some of my crazy friends. Here is our schedule:

    beelikej: (Panic)
    I had the best moviemarathonweekend with J., the program may have had a theme. See if you can figure it out *grins*
    We laughed, we cried and had dinner and good conversations in between )

    Such an amazingly relaxed weekend, it was perfect. *satisfied sighs*

    Oooh, J. gave me loads of music and the DVD from Hairspray: the 2007 Shake & Shimmy edition \o/
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    Le sigh. Once again I failed to lure [ profile] tanisafan into my lair for more than a long weekend. Today I had to go back to work in the real world. Blah.

    I've been in a bit of a zone these past two weeks, so I still owe you a summary of my Xmas vacation.

    I spent the weekend after my birthday hanging out with [ profile] artistic_sillie; we caught up with CSI (zOMGUGUISE, still slash-worthy, Episode 5 Leave Out All the Rest caused some good ol' fashion fangirling) and watched a lot of SuperNatural. I'm more of a J2 than a Winchester girl, so I particularly enjoyed the behind the scenes clips:) But the series itself was very good compared to made-for-tv-movie Christmas Cottage with Jared Padalecki *g*. My favorite film of the weekend was Being Human.

    After saying goodbye to Sillie I tried for two days to work on my to-do list (make icons, pimp lj, finish bookreviews, continue hair-project) but failed.

    On New Year's Eve I had dinner at my mom's and we lighted sparkles at midnight while watching other people shoot loads of money fireworks to oblivion. I started the new year enjoying my mom's magic shower. Mmmmm.

    To celebrate my final free days of Xmas vacation Tanni came over with the boys. There was much squee. We watched concerts of Panic At The Disco, Saturday Night Live with Christopher Walken (and Panic At The Disco;) and the Gavin & Stacey ChristmasSpecial (without Panic At The Disco) We also enjoyed John Barrowman (The Story Of Me), Doctor Who and Jonathan Creek. A special recommendation for new series Beautiful People. I also loved Across The Universe (note to self: find more albums of The Beatles) but I think my favorite scene of this fangirl weekend was this one: Fanboy Zack is epic. But still beaten by Brendon's waggling eyebrows )

    Yes. Good times.

    After waving goodbye to Tanni I traveled to Arnhem with my mom to hug brotherdearest and his gf goodbye; they are going on a six month trip through the Middle East. Yesterday-evening they got on a train to Florence for the first leg of their journey (it's Greece, Istanbul, Dubai, Iran, Nepal and India next...) Oh, how I wish I could have joined them.

    Have some random pictures of events mentioned above

    ETA: [ profile] cinderlily: I got your card today, thank you!

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