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Hello! This is what we used to call the comment-to-be-added-post, also known as "sticky" for 2017.
My journal is not locked and you are most welcome to quietly read all my posts or to comment on any of them at any time. (I especially love responses to my artposts *grins*)
Despite my occasional use of harsh language and posts about sensitive or personal subjects, I chose to not put a teen or adult warning on my journal. I will not censor what I choose to share online. I'm a green left voting atheist woman, hear me roar!

I love lots of old and new fandoms, but these days I am mostly playing at the RPS side in the Supernatural fandom. Wanna see my artwork? Here's my masterlist of artsy fiddling on LJ [on DW]
I'm also a moderator for a couple of fancommunities; there are links in my sidebar if you want to explore:)

To remind myself there is more to life than being online,
I keep my booklist at the top of my LJ. That's ironic, Alanis.
What I'm reading in 2017 )

Happy Reading! ~ J.
What I read in 2016 / 2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2010 / 2009 / 2008
My old archive of alphabetized book reviews / Readingcommunity [ profile] thej2bee
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Oh hey, I just realized I hadn't updated y'all about my earinfection yet. You know, the one I mentioned at the end of May? IT'S STILL NOT OVER!
The headcold I had back then fortunately only lasted a week, but it was rough; besides the snot and the barking cough I had an eye-infection and I couldn't open my eyes for two days. (I listened to the soothing voice of Stephen Fry reading me Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).
Three days into the headcold I went to the doctor's because the earinfection wasn't supposed to last that long, I was told not to worry. She prescribed eardrops and gave the advice to get nosespray as well.
But even after all the other coldstuff was over, my ear still felt stuffed. So off to the doctor I went again. This time I saw my own GP (who had been off schedule on my first visit). She said it would probably take about three more days of eardrops and promised me there would be improvement. There wasn't. Not even after five days. So then I saw doctor number one again and she concluded I had the type of earinfection that would probably last several weeks if not months!! Oh. Thanks for that.
I got a prescription for antibiotics and "sour" eardrops for a week, I had to take a dose of both three times a day. Yesterday I had a check up on that. I'm still deaf, but she told me the ear does look better. I should continue with the eardrops and get back in ten days for a follow up. *sighs*

I'm glad I have the kind of quiet job that I can do while being half deaf, but it is a nuisance. Luckily I have planned my vacation at the end of August, I should be alright by then. RIGHT?

Anyway, the reason I was going to post tonight was to tell you our BB date has been postponed from June 26 to July 12th. Can you handle the suspense? ;-)
But if you are in immediate need to see art of mine and many others, check out the artmasterlist of the [ profile] quicky_bang: HERE!

I also wanted to do the bookmeme I saw in [ profile] amberdreams journal. Mmm, books. (Of course my answers are way too long, prepare for babble!)


And here's a question for you: what book should I add to my bookpile?

Also: I was nearly through my bookpile and I treated myself to a new book, so I updated my readinglist! DW and LJ (there are links to previous booklists too, that should give you an idea of the books I like;)

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Hello! This was my sort of comment-to-be-added-sticky-post for 2016.
Now it's just a list of the books I read in 2016.
You can find my new reading-list on top of my LJ in 2017:)

What I read in 2016 )

Happy Reading! ~ J.
What I read in 2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2010 / 2009 / 2008
My old archive of alphabetized book reviews / Readingcommunity [ profile] thej2bee
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Hello! This was my sort of comment-to-be-added-sticky-post for 2015.
It is now being saved as a list of the books I read this past year.
You can find my new reading-list on top of my LJ in 2016:)
What I read in 2015 )

Happy Reading! ~ J.
What I read in 2014 / 2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2010 / 2009 / 2008
My old archive of alphabetized book reviews / Readingcommunity [ profile] thej2bee
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Yay, I was claimed in the [ profile] spn_reversebang and it happened a lot faster than I thought:) So many authors responded in the first few minutes that I hadn't even noticed, heehee. I think most of my friends' artworks were grabbed too, but there are still a couple of beauties left, so if you're an author looking for inspiration, check out these artprompts! (If you haven't signed up yet, you are still allowed to do that)

I'm not a fan of Facebook, but I couldn't stay away when I heard Jared was doing a livevideo. Poor guy's connection kept crashing, so he ended up with four short vids, but they are so sincere and cute and pretty, I recommend watching them if you need a bit of sunshine:)

So, now that I lured an author for my RB artwork (whose identity I will disclose as soon as the revealpost goes up;) I have a total of two (2!) projects to work on. A nice change from the frantic days of last winter. I've already mailed back and forth, which is always such a joy and with Jared being a sweetie and J2-Sunday in DenverCon coming up, I'm in love with fandom all over again.

Oh, the other project is a commission from the charity auction and per bidder [ profile] tipsy_kitty's wishes it will be a surprise until it's done;)

Now I will snuggle on the couch to continue my reread of the Hungergames series. I'm organizing a moviemarathon of the first three films in my attic next weekend and I need to be prepared! (We'll all go see the final film in the cinema as soon as possible afterwards).

What are you doing this weekend?

Wanna bid?

Oct. 12th, 2015 04:45 pm
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After rolling around some more in TorCon pics and vids, I finally got some stuff done today, including the dishes, wahey!

Updated my readinglist and posted a picture of my new bookpile on instagram, yay! (I'm currently reading Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood)

For those of you who missed the weekend post:
I'm offering a piece of paperart in the charity auction [ profile] fandom4syria.
If you are interested: my thread starts here.

Or check out the other fanworks on offer in
the AUCTION or BUY IT NOW posts.
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First addition to my bookpile arrived today; I found a second hand copy of Naked Came The Stranger by Penelope Ashe (1969) - author's name is a pseudonym for a group of -male- journalists who were appalled at the poor writing in the then-current best-sellers, so they decided to have a contest to see who could write the best/worst smut/pulp. Can't wait to read it *grins*

There are more books on the way, but I already updated My readinglist. I now have three books left on the pile (including the one above)

I'm not sure if I want to finish the book I'm currently reading though: Tampa by Alissa Nutting, about a 26 year old woman seducing one of her highschool students.
The main character is such a horrid person. I had hoped for possible unreliable narrator vibe, but she's totally aware of what she's doing yet just doesn't care.
I bought it to prepare for Lolita (on my readlist because of classic status) and I wanted to see a feminine point of view of such a situation. But it's just very crude.
The cover is cool though. So there's that.

What do YOU do when you don't like a book you're reading? Should I continue in the hope it gets better? Or maybe I should consider it a "hateread" -like [ profile] tanisafan suggested- and just get a kick out of angrily turning the pages in a WTF mode?
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So had a day off today and worked on my springflingthing. Finished it and was ready to hand it in to the mods, but now I started worrying. Because I didn't do a literal version of a prompt, but it's more the concept of it. I just don't want the receiver to think I ignored their wishlist as I was totally inspired by it, but I'm not sure if they'll be able to tell. *sighs*

Anyway, have a photo of my marvelous new dragon mat:

Bullrig from Ikea

Now I can't use the cold feet excuse anymore to avoid doing the dishes;)

Oh, I didn't tell you we have an Ikea here now, did I? It opened three weeks ago and I was totally gonna brag about it, but didn't get a chance to visit until this weekend. Unfortunately I was completely disappointed by the way they set this one up so I rather not talk about it. *pouts*
I'm just gonna be happy with my dragon mat.

On the way to Ikea my mom and I went over stuff we could buy (as if we had to have an excuse to go shopping;) and she mentioned having a left over book case from cleaning up her guestroom. So I could scratch that off my list. After we got back from Ikea we drove to her house to pick it up and now I have a big new bookcase, woohoo! I already filled almost two shelves with the books I read the past few months (that I had to leave in big piles on my table until now) and I still have room for all the books I will buy this year. Starting this week, because it's Boekenweek (Bookweek) and when I buy a Dutch novel I will get a special Boekenweek-edition book for free.
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Holy crap, I woke up this morning knowing what film I want to do for [ profile] spn_cinema. *bounces*

In other news: looks like movienight with my mom is cancelled, because she has the barking cough flu :( She does still plan to come over for dinner (and to peek at my work in progress for [ profile] super_disney;). We'll see. I will make my cauliflower oven dish either way.

This morning I finished The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss (a gift from [ profile] tanisafan). Quite an adventurous read! Let me introduce you to narrator Lucifer Box*:
"I glanced at the watch on my dresser. My appointment was for eleven. I had only two hours to dress!
I reached [the] studio only a few minutes late..."

*Seriously ridiculous names all around in this somewhat out of control story, as told by the darling of the Edwardian belle monde - society's most fashionable portrait painter Lucifer Box. He is a wit, a dandy, a rake and the guest all hostesses (and not a few hosts) must have.
I wasn't sure at first if I liked him (my first response in a tweet to T. was "that Lucifer is a bit of a pompous ass, isn't he?";) - but I grew fond of him in the end, even if he was a "rotter" sometimes. Recommended after all.
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Had an incredibly rough day at work, so let me tell you about this amazing book I'm reading.

Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation by Ellissa Stein and Susan Kim

I was lured into buying it because of 1. the subject, 2. the amazing design and 3. it was a bargain book \o/ The latter was a bonus, because it did not disappoint on either content or looks. The tone of voice is right up my alley, with seriousness, sarcasm and raised eyebrow humor. The graphic design is delicious (I actualfact squeed outloud at chapter four) and the added old advertisements to illustrate the history of "femcare" are such fun to cringe over.
I've had the book out on my coffeetable for a long time, yet never got around to reading it. This year I decided to just bring a bigger bag to work, so I could read this book on the bus and during my lunchbreak. BEST PLAN EVER!

For further praise and a much better summary than I could ever write myself, here's the official bookblurb. I agree with every word.

In this hip, hilarious and truly eye-opening cultural history, menstruation is talked about as never before. Flow spans its fascinating, occasionally wacky and sometimes downright scary story: from mikvahs (ritual cleansing baths) to menopause, hysteria to hysterectomies-not to mention the Pill, cramps, the history of underwear, and the movie about puberty they showed you in 5th grade.

Flow answers such questions as: What's the point of getting a period? What did women do before pads and tampons? What about new drugs that promise to end periods - a hot idea or not? Sex during your period: gross or a turn-on? And what's normal, anyway? With color reproductions of (campy) historical ads and early (excruciating) femcare devices, it also provides a fascinating (and mind-boggling) gallery of this complex, personal and uniquely female process.

As irreverent as it is informative, Flow gives an everyday occurrence its true props - and eradicates the stigma placed on it for centuries.

You can take a look inside at

Mind you, this book is apparently out of print, so it's only available as a limited quantity bargain book. I highly recommend hunting it down!
TIP: I bought it a year ago through Abe Books (I paid about 7$ for the book plus 7$ for shipping!)
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Just sent in my draft for the [ profile] super_disney and got approval plus a posting date for February, yay. The only other challenge I have at the moment is a pervy scene for [ profile] smpc in two weeks. Of course I'll sign up for the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang but artists don't have to get into action until May (go, authors, go! *\o/*). If anyone has any suggestions for art-challenges, let me know:) You can find my most recent artwork in yesterday's post! That was not made for a community or collaboration, so if you like it, spread the word? Thanks:)

I finished my first book of 2015! Granted, it was more of a booklet, but, hey, it's a start:) Had planned a long post about books for tonight, but after doing ALL THE THINGS I'm gonna save that for later this week.

I filled the NicknGreg Tumblr; everyone's invited to check darling daily scenes with my OTP there:)
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Made a new rule: no more buying books until I sort out the read-books-pile from the past two years and reorganize my bookshelves. *stern face*

(and self? Don't do that now to avoid arting-angst. Plenty of time to go through the books AFTER you have finished your sketches. *shoves self towards art-supplies*)
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I don't do resolutions, but I do want to try and post every day in 2015. Nothing profound, just a little something to keep this journal updated.
See that icon? That is called Jared is happy. Do you know why he and I are happy? BECAUSE [ profile] cassiopeia7 made us awesome Jeff/Jensen art! Even if you're not into the pairing (hi, have we met?) go check it out, because it's absolutely sweet and lovely and you won't regret taking a peek. Don't forget to click the pencil sketch!

More happy: I bought a New Year's Eve lottery ticket (30 euros, pfff) and there was a prize of 100 euros on it! Wootwoot, 70 euro profit, did not waste my money, yay!

My shower curtain (which I inherited from my grandmother years ago) is at the end of its tether and I'm up for a new, possibly wacky design. Any suggestions/websites/shops? Same goes for the mat in front of the toilet. The shower has a blue/green theme, my toilet is pink/orange (shuss, it looks GREAT).

I archived my 2014 booklist and put up a new sticky post to keep track of what I'm going to be reading in 2015. Booksuggestions are welcome too!

I'm ready for the new year:)

Oh, if you have received my card, could you let me know? I plan to do a making of post, but don't want to spoil anyone before it gets to them.
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Hello! This was my sort of comment-to-be-added-sticky-post for 2014.
It is now being saved as a list of the books I read this past year.
You can find my new reading-list on top of my LJ in 2015:)
What I read in 2014 )

Happy Reading! ~ J.

What I read in 2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2010 / 2009 / 2008
My old archive of alphabetized book reviews / Readingcommunity [ profile] thej2bee
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Hello! This is my sort of comment-to-be-added-sticky-post for 2014.
My journal is not locked and you are most welcome to quietly read all my posts or comment on any of them. Despite my occasional use of harsh language and posts about sensitive or personal subjects, I chose to not put a teen or adult warning on my journal. I don't approve of censorship. I prefer openness. Even when I run the risk of sharing too much. This is my life. You may choose to ignore it, but I will not censor myself.

I'm currently active in two fandoms: I'm a moderator for the CSI [ profile] nickngreg community and I make fanart for Supernatural, mostly in the RPS corner. My masterlist of artsy fiddling.

To remind myself there is more to life than being online,
I keep my booklist at the top of my LJ. That's ironic, Alanis.
What I'm reading in 2014 )

Happy Reading! ~ J.

What I read in 2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2010 / 2009 / 2008
My old archive of alphabetized book reviews / Readingcommunity [ profile] thej2bee
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In a minute I'm cycling to my mom's for New Year's Eve. She won't be there because she's working the nightshift, but tomorrow around noon we'll have just enough time for brunch before she's off again for an eveningshift (that's right; just on the right side of legal with the hours between shifts, *rolls eyes at TPTB*). I wish everyone a safe and comfy evening with fireworks if you like them. Over here people are officially allowed to light them from 6 pm, but guess what's going on outside... Yeah, it'll be a lovely bike ride I'm sure.

Oops, didn't mean to have my final post of 2014 be so glum. Here's some happy: I'm going to finish my last book of the year on my mom's couch (Margaret Atwood - The Robber Bride) I'll update my booklist tomorrow night:). And another happy: I will be having my first shower of 2015 in my mom's AWESOME powershower, woohoo.

See y'all on the flipside! *waves*
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Almost finished reading The Temple Of My Familiar by Alice Walker. Woah. So many new insights in the history of black women. Much to think about. Recommended! The novel works as a stand alone but is connected to The Color Purple and Possessing The Secret Of Joy; for the full experience I'd recommend reading those books first. I learned a lot and got to know so many fascinating ladies. Humbling and rewarding.

The reason for this post however was to remind you to let me know if you want an authentic paper card for the holidays. You DO? Sign up here! No return card necessary, no long time friendship required; you want one, I'll send you one (although it may turn out to be more of a New Year's card, because Christmas is coming near too fast;)


P.S. Worksituation is frying my brain, hence the lack of updates lately. But yoga class tonight was awesome and I signed up for ten more lessons in January:)
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Oh, hey, hi! I've been spending a lot of time reading offline (I recommend the Tamír Triad by Lynn Flewelling) and have finally found some time to start watching Orphan Black (also recommended).
For those of you who were wondering about the lack of updates on my paperproject; I've been trying to work out how tall Jeff needs to be to fit with his wings. It required collecting and cutting a lot of full body photos. For research.
Here's a peek at my other study-materials )
No travelplans and no huge challenges for November and December means I can dedicate some time to making.... Christmascards*, woohoo! Who wants one? Leave your address in the comments (they are screened) or email it to me: - Even if I already should have it, give a shout if you want a card.
In addition I would like to know if you remember how we first connected; was it through a particular fandom, did we meet in a community ... remind me, please!
Don't feel obligated to send me a card in return (although that would be nice;) - this is not a meme or an exchange; if you want a card, you shall get one!

*They may turn out to be New Years cards, but they will have the holiday spirit;)
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Blah, still needed to go outside on Saturday, because I had totally forgotten to pick up my bike from the repairshop on Friday afternoon. I also completely forgot to have dinner, I blame it all on hormones and the internet. (Not like that, you perv.) Fortunately today was a full pajama day, haha! This will be my final post of the weekend, it's been a while since I've had time to spam y'all like this, it felt nice to be involved with LiveJournal again. Just in case you missed something, here's the complete list of stuff I posted:

  • picspam of my town
  • marvelous J3 art by [ profile] badbastion (sexy snuggling, nsfw)
  • presentation of my own artwork: paperportrait of Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)
  • a birthday party with J3 for [ profile] tmn1966
  • Poll to pick your favorite Nick/Greg Banner for CSI:S15

  • I was rather worried to post that Winter Soldier artwork; not only to have made art outside of the SPN fandom (and knowing not a lot of people on my flist would be interested) but also outside of a challenge or collaboration (the solo-est of all solo-projects;) Still: it was a fun project and the receiver was happy, so I'm happy with the result. Not sure if I'm up for another commission though, that was scary.

    Next up: another solo project. Although that will feature an SPN favorite, so hopefully more flisters will want to see that *g*

    Babbling about Yoga and books )

    Now it's time for TV. There are two shows I'm currently watching: The Great British Bake Off on BBC every Wednesday and the Dutch version Heel Holland Bakt on Sunday evening. I could watch bakers every day. *chinhands*

    Book poll!

    Aug. 30th, 2014 02:29 pm
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    I'm working on answering that arting meme (your questions really make me evaluate my fanart!). In the meantime, help me pick out my next book to read? While I was busy reading BigBang fics in the past few months, my book pile kept growing and I can't decide which one to go for next.
    I just finished Margaret Atwood's Wilderness Tips (A collection of stories I carried with me in case my fic-filled e-reader died on me) and this weekend I'm gonna do a quick read of Diggle "Jock" Martinbrough's De Losers, Twee Paar (a Dutch version of the comic that I bought because JDM played Clay in the movieversion;).
    But what book should I take with me on my bus to and from work on Monday?

    [Poll #1980345]

    Tell me which one you think I should read next? Please and thank you!
    (N.B. if you pick part one of Lynn Flewellings TT-trilogy, I of course will simply *have to* read the other two parts right after that;)

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