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I could not have guessed how big a part of my cruise vacation the food would be. I mean, I knew there was going to be a buffet, but I did not expect the massive amount of choice I would have and how incredibly good the food would be. I also didn't know that dinner was going to be an a la cart menu in a fancy restaurant, every evening. I only ever go out to eat on my birthday, when I take my family to a Chinese restaurant around the corner. (The taste dinner with my mom a while ago was a very special occassion). I was overwhelmed by all the delicious options. The whole food experience definitely added to the fancy feel of my vacation. Gosh, what a treat.

Cruise Food! )

Gosh, I'm hungry. Having dinner at my mom's tonight. As a reward, I will show her my 1600+ travel photos *grins*

There will be another picspam soon, this time with actual sightseeing;)


Cruise Part 1: exploring the ship
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Yesterday I took my mom out to a fancy dinner. When I lost my job in August 2015, my farewell gift from the company was a dinner coupon. Up until now I just wasn't in the right mindset to use it, there were a lot of hard feelings;) But now that my life has settled again and with a splendid new job and good prospects for the future, I'm finally feeling pretty good again, so it was time to cash in that cheque.

Last night mom and I cycled to De Zoete Inval, a tiny bistro in town, where we wanted to try the 'Proeverijtje', which translates as Little Tastery: a fancy all-you-can-eat in separate courses. You can pick any dish from the menu and you are served a small version of that dish. With each serving, the waiter asks what dish you want next. You can decide your own order, if you want to start with a dessert and finish with soup, that's totally fine and you can also choose a dish more than once.
I managed 13 courses *grins* EVERYTHING WAS SO SCRUMPTIOUS! Below are photos of all the food we gobbled up (my mom managed 12 courses;) with captions in Dutch and English where needed.

Omnomnom )

I think #3 was my favorite. No, wait, #8 or maybe #10? #6 is up on top too. SERIOUSLY. Everything tasted awesome. So many textures and flavours. <3<3<3

It was an awesome evening. <3<3
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Oh, if only I had taken a 'before' picture of the hole in my kitchen wall that the lid of my garbage-can put there after I opened it too enthusiastically. Then I could now boast with an 'after' shot showing how beautifully I filled it up and painted over it so you can't see it ever happened at all. I was so happy I saved all my old wall paint since I moved in here all these years ago, no need to mix colours to get the perfect cover.
I did take photos of a fun addition to my kitchen appliances: I bought a cotton-candy machine!!


Lalala life

Feb. 7th, 2016 05:31 pm
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It's been an adventurous weekend so far. After the waterballet in the kitchen on Friday, yesterday my new washingmachine was going to be delivered between 13:00 and 18:00 (1 and 6 pm) or so I was promised. I would also get a phonecall thirty minutes ahead of delivery. When I still hadn't heard or seen anyone at the end of the afternoon, I called the shop. They said the delivery truck was running a little late because it had been so busy after their big sale last week.
I would think that you can't book more than a maximum amount of deliveries in a day, but okay... Anyway, I waited for two hours, but after I didn't get a response to a tweet for help, I decided to call again at 7. I was told the truck would keep going until everything was delivered.

Finally, at NINE pm, the guys showed up with my new washingmachine. Good thing they were cute and apologetic and rather adorably inexperienced (I had to lend them my tools and they kept asking each other wich way to turn the screws, boooooooooooys!). With a little bit of my help they managed to get the machine working. All on their own they had lifted the beast up all my stairs (I live on the third floor with no elevator) and brought the old machine down to the truck as well (that one was heavy: approximately 90 kgs) so at least I was in awe of that *g* Oh and one of them wore a beanie indoors, aaaahw.

Here are some pictures of before and after in my kitchen (especially for [ profile] bflyw who wanted a better look;) sorry, no photos of the delivery guys.

New washingmachine! )

Today I created my own fun: on my bakingcalender I got from Sinterklaas I found a recipe that didn't scare me!
I baked croissants with knakworst and cheese: )

Last but not least: this morning I did a try-out for my next 30 days challenge. I liked the tone and tempo of the instructor, so I decided to go for Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. It's a 25 minute full body work out available on the Be Fit YouTube channel here. There is a DVD version that has 3 levels and I think you're supposed to move up a level after 10 days. Level 2 is also up on YT: here.
I downloaded both of these videos with VideoGrabby:) so I don't have to be online to do them.
For now I'm focusing on the first level, if that's doable I may move on after day 15. I'm also allowing myself restdays if needed (because that turned out to work as a great motivator for that 30 days ABS challenge I did;). I'll probably go with Wednesdays because that's when I cycle to my moms (that's about twenty minutes including a steep bridge;). On those days I'll do the Lowerbody floorwork on my Gilad DVD instead.
The biggest challenge for the Shred will be the Jumping Jacks, because I really REALLY hate those. I'm going to preemptively reward myself for trying by buying a sportsbra :-p

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I have 45 minutes to kill until my Sauerkraut ovendish is done, so I figured I could do this 99 questions meme I stole from [ profile] sillie82 and others on my flist;)

1. Real name: Judith
2. Nickname: Don't have one
3. Favourite colour: Turquoise

More answers! )

I hope to get back to LJ more regularly, maybe later this week I'll finally do a picspam of stuff I've been wanting to share... But first: DINNER, yay, I just heard the kitchen timer ring. Woot woot \o/ *runs to kitchen*
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If you follow me on Twitter you already know that I was sick the last couple of days. What seemed to be a simple sore throat and cold turned into a very snotty and feverish sinusitus. Being at home gave me a lot of time to worry about (lack of) comments on my most recent artwork and all in all I was pretty miserable. I tried to turn that frustration into inspiration with my previous post and today I'm posting happy photos to celebrate that I'm feeling better AND to remind myself there's lots of other good stuff in my life.

First off these awesome photos of VegasCon I came across on Tumblr:
Jared, hula hoop dork vs. Jensen, hula hoop god

Jared by CasKisses + Jensen by GrumpyJackles

See, I did pay attention to J2. But -just like Jensen- I was mostly mesmerized by this guy:

SaturdayNight Special & Jeff crashing J2's panel on Sunday <3

Woot! Found a complete video of JDM's panel \o/ )

Not fandom, but also fun: mom had given me a fancy dinner out for my birthday and last week we finally managed to go out. We went to restaurant "Kletsen & Proeven", which means 'Chat & Taste', as they offer a special sample-menu where you can try all their dishes in one go. Here is what we had: )

More family fun
A week ago I already linked to the photos I made myself when my nephew took me to the Dinosaur exhibit, but his mom posted two really cute ones on Facebook that I'm sharing here: ROOOAAAR! )

Previous post: COMPLETE SPRINGFLING ARTLIST (Have you guessed mine yet?;)

Last but not least: check out the awesome story I got as a gift for springfling:
Moments - a wonderful fic about professor Morgan and his TA Jensen Ackles <3
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Tonight I made burritos for the first time in my life resulting in a big mess in the kitchen, since I didn't know how to fold them and everything kept squishing out. But I totally did it and they were super delicious. Ha! \o/

I have tomorrow (and Monday!) off, so my extra long weekend starts tonight and tomorrow I will have a [ profile] tanisafan! We have a lot of catching up to do and with all the fangirling we have planned, I don't know if I'll be able to keep up my daily posts. So just in case I will be too distracted by fun, here's a list of things I talked about in the past week to keep you entertained :-p

A gorgeous sculpture by Wang Ruilin
Fanfic search, does anyone recognise this J2 scene?
Housework, but also a wonderful video of Julie Andrews & Carol Burnett singing together
Teaser for Super_Disney artproject
My collection of awesome artists
Questions about cloth pads, help?

Now to clean the kitchen and then sleep, so I can get an early start tomorrow and finish my artwork for the [ profile] smpc this Sunday before I'm going to the trainstation to pick up my [ profile] tanisafan:)

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Last weekend I made arretjescake, a traditional Dutch treat made with chocolate and biscuits (cookies in US-English;) It doesn't require an oven; you only need a fridge! This was the very first time I made one all by myself. \o/ When I was little, my mom would let us break all the biscuits, I still like that part the best. *g* I don't even own a regular cake tin, but managed to make it look like a cake after all.
If I can do it, everyone can, so I'm sharing the recipe and pictures of my first effort...

Warning for overdose of chocolate! )
Let me know if you try to make it!

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You know you're in really bad shape when you actually put exercising in your dreams. What the hell. If only I could have a personal trainer/cook combo person in my life who'd be willing to help me out for no money. I could pay in sexual favors, maybe? Win for everyone involved, I would think:)

Hey, did y'all notice Thursday's bookrec or did you miss it due to LJ's shenanigans? Check it out. In the mean time I'll go work on a proper post. Or possibly on another design for the SPN ReverseBang. After I hang up my laundry. Yes. It's probably smart to do that before anything else.
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Haven't been posting much since I went back to work after summervacation. It's not that I don't have anything to talk about, it's more that my brain is too fried when I get home to actually make sense of my thoughts. Pfff. I still like my job, but having to sort out other people's mistakes and on top of that worry about the future every fucking day is wearing me out. Besides work there are some other issues in the world that make me either angry or sad, yet I prefer to keep quiet instead of making myself upset all over again online. So, ehm, yeah. Let's talk about something fun, mkay?

If you are following me on Twitter already heard about this, but just in case you missed it, let me tell you about the disturbing sounds I heard the last couple of nights...

I'd be sitting behind my desk, surfing the net and then I'd hear scratching noises. First they came from the frontroom and the next evening they were closer; seemingly from under the small desk behind me. They would stop if I turned around and I didn't really want to get away from my computer, so I waited until Saturday morning to investigate.
Behind the couch and behind the papercabinet I found loads of mouse droppings! I moved away furniture and checked hidden places, but didn't find a mouse. I did some thourough vacuuming while airing out my house. Haven't heard the mouse yesterday evening, we'll see if it shows up again tonight...

Now, who's ready for Dutch pancakes? I baked some last weekend! )

I ate about a third of them and saved two stacks of four each in the freezer (three regular, one with raisins). In fact, I'm gonna unwrap one of those packages and heat them up for dinner right now! \o/

A question before I go offline to eat: does anyone know if there is going to be a [ profile] spn_reversebang this year?
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Was smart (and brave!) enough this morning to not turn on my computer right away, so I got some work around the house done;) Cleaned up the attic, refilled bottles and cans with talcum powder (that was fun), did a handwash (bras) and cleared my table of the pile of papers that I've been building in the last couple of weeks. Sorted out administration of working hours, rent, the parttime job and travelpapers for Australia. I'm now ready to explore more options for the trip in December. After the train from Perth I will join my family in Sydney (my mom and brother are staying with his inlaws there) and I now get to make plans for a sightseeing tour with my mom. We want to do the Great Ocean Road together...

Around lunchtime I rewarded myself with food and the internet. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand that's what I've been doing the rest of the day. (yes, both)

Am contemplating signing up for [ profile] smpc to challenge myself into making art more regularly than just for the fandombangs and this seems like a stimulating subject *grins* So far insecurities are holding me back from applying. Thoughts are appreciated!

Time for dinner.
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Djeebs, comments are still coming in on both my sets of SPN_J2_Bigbang artwork, *beams* What a superfandom:) OOooh, I spot a long awaited story in today's selection. Must save if for later though, because it's almost time for my favorite TV-show.

The only program that keeps me away from the internet and reading of fanfic: Heel Holland Bakt, the Dutch version of The Great British Bake Off. A whole hour without commercial breaks, kudos for our national television. I just love seeing these home bakers create all those delicious dishes. On tonight's menu: savory pies (as in "not sweet") omnomnom. (that goes for some bakers too;)

To accompany me tonight I bought Tony Chocolonely's new chocolate bar with seasalt and caramel (trust me, it is mm-mm-good)

Tonight's gonna be a good good night:)
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On Monday I caught a train to Amsterdam to help brotherdearest move. He and his girlfriend found an apartment together. To not get cluttered from the start, he got rid of a lot of things. Fortunately family and friends got to pick first and I managed to get a lot of awesome stuff. Even before the move I already became the proud owner of a deep fryer, I never had one of those! When brotherdearest came over on the weekend before last, we tried it out *grins*

I fear this could be addictive )
Wasn't that fascinating? :-p

I made more food-photos at Easter; I bought myself a ready-made Pavlova bottom and decorated it with all things strawberry....

You want to see what I ended up with? )
Mmmmm, strawberries.

Last but not least, have a picture of the windmills I saw from the train on my way to Amsterdam:

Which brings us back to this week )

Okay, I'm done with the pics for now *grins*

I skipped my exercizes Monday morning, but sure made up for that by lifting furniture and walking up and down the stairs at my brother's old and new apartment. Did some stretching too by removing all the curtains and filling the kitchen cabinets \o/ The next day I felt muscles I don't even use when I'm working out with Gilad;)

Rest of the week was filled with work. I read a lot in between. My next post will probably be a bookreview. Mmmmm, books.
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Who needs a microwave )
A perfect addition to the cinema up in my attic:)
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Obviously the big news of the day is the announcement of the abdication of our Queen Beatrix, but I had quite an eventful day myself, which I feel is just as important, if not more so;)

While cleaning out a paper drill at work I managed to drive the thing into my indexfinger, resulting in a bloody big hole with skin hanging off. After our First Aid person (aka the bossman) put on an emergency finger-bandaid, I noticed I also had cuts on my middle finger. Au! It wasn't long until blood started to seep through the bandaid, so I decided to clean the wound properly myself and put on a fresh wrapping and an extra finger cover. That felt a lot better and now my finger is only throbbing when I don't remember to keep my hand up. Typing is no fun though and because it's my scrolling / mouse finger not even simply surfing the net is comforting :-(
Who wants to see blood? (I later put a special giraffe-print bandaid from the WWF on my middlefinger. What? It totally started bleeding!) If that wasn't bad enough already, I also got a papercut on my other middle finger. Woe is me.

Despite the wonky typing I am going to share my new food finds as promised.
Illustrated foodbabbling! [The Dutch breads & spreads edition] )

Now tell me what kind of bread you like best and what you put on it?
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There was an article in the newspaper with statistics about people's height and weight in The Netherlands over the years.

Guess who's exactly the average height? )

Sunday my family celebrated Sinterklaas; the offical Eve is December 5th, but since we all live in different parts of the Netherlands we always get together in the closest weekend for gifts, poems and surprise packages... )

Want to see more? Here are tons of pictures of our Sinterklaas party (in my photoblog;)

TV Tuesday

Sep. 18th, 2012 10:15 pm
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My heart! *clutches it* Such an excellent episode of The Great British Bake Off tonight. I held my breath through all the baking challenges, it was brilliant. They made spongecakes, (sticky toffee and other) English puddings and (sweet and savoury) strüdels. I just so love watching those bakers. What a great evening.

Exactly what I needed after reading a very depressing book today (Dutch translation of Bord de Mer - Véronique Olmi, about a woman with two young sons who is losing her grip on life). Found that book in mom's collection and from the inscription I see I gave it to her on her birthday in 2004. I feel a little guilty about that, because the story was so sad.

Am still working on that jigsaw puzzle. For two days in a row now when I got home, I went straight to the table to check on it and immediately discovered a fitting piece just lying around. \o/ This project is making me all giddy :-D
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Of all the things I cleaned today, I'm the most satisfied about the remote controle for my tv and my trusted mouse. The former now has coloured buttons again (huh!) and in the latter the button-function of its scrollwheel that I thought had died, miraculously got back to life again, wahey!

I moved two old computers from my spareroom down to my storage (six stairs, thank you very much) and bought three big boxes to hold my old administration-papers, graphic designs I want to save and other junk I can't part with just yet. But I also threw out a whole bag of stuff, so I totally RULE at project Cleaning House \o/

Tonight I was also quite proud of myself, so proud in fact that I even had a bit of an emo moment. Despite feeling down I managed to make a proper meal for myself! It's so hard on non-work days to keep to a steady (healthy) rhythm and I tend to either over-eat or not eat at all. Since I don't have any candy or snacks in the house at the moment, that often results in eating whatever is available in weird combinations. But even though dinner time had passed, which usually triggers my 'whatever' attitude, I picked myself up of the couch and actually cooked. I made "zuurkoolstamppot", which is in theory a winterdish, but I don't care. It's Sauerkraut with mashed potatoes (which I totally mashed by hand and didn't make out of dried powder package as I sometimes would do:), Rookworst (Smoked sausage) and baconbits. IT WAS SO GOOD. And of course afterwards I didn't have any cravings. I should really remember that a warm meal is for my own good. *sighs*


Jan. 24th, 2012 12:43 pm
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I usually only bring whole wheat bread to work, but this morning I made some cornbread sandwiches too. The way they fit so snug together in my breadbox gives me joy.

Omnomnom )

Hot dang!

Mar. 27th, 2011 09:24 pm
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I've lost another one of my favorite products: The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is no longer making the Gluttony scent. I'm more than a little insulted that it's apparently not one of the seven deadly sins anymore. *huffs*
(It almost makes me weep: I discovered that scent when I was struggling through my bra-experiment and it was such a comfort)

I don't understand why it had to go; there doesn't seem to be a scent that can replace it. This happened a lot with products that I liked in the past and it makes me cranky, as I can not deal with change at all. Last week the company that sells my daily dose of tasty, yet healthy snack (a fiberfilled cake) decided to change its name. Even that's enough to make me extremely pissed off and sad, because I desperately want things to stay as they were. *pouts*. But at least it's still there...
From last week I couldn't find my favorite toothpaste in any local drugstore; it seemed to have disappeared from the shops without a warning; I spent half my shoppingtime in Amsterdam last week* trying to find it, but failed. Today I found an online drugstore that offered it and I immediatly ordered a batch. But I don't want to get my hopes up until the parcel is delivered. (As I can hardly believe it really is still available)

*The other half was spent on shoeshopping, that mission was also a failure, hrmpf.

All this has made me so angsty: yesterday I cycled to the supermarket in the neighbourhood next to mine, since the supermarket in my own neighbourhood doesn't sell the flavor I was looking for and I was already preparing myself for another let down. Imagine my relief when they still had my favorite: Hot Dog Pizza! It may sound horrible, especially with the pickles and the mustard, but day-um it's good. \o/ I had one for dinner yesterday and have another one in the freezer just to be safe. Whatever other product will escape me, at least I'll have one more delicious meal to look forward to.

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