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Just in case you missed it (or for those who avoid NC-17 artwork;) here's a reminder/bonus of the artpost I made for the SMPC last Sunday: featuring trucker!Jensen & hitchhiker!Jared (also available in my LiveJournal!)

This is a step by step of Jensen and his hiatusbeard and bandana *grins*. In the NSFW version you can also see what Jared is up to...;)


P.S. If you want G-rated art, check out the banners I made for the SPN_J2_BigBang: Vampire!Jensen & Biker!Jared. [on LJ].
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I've played in the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang since 2010; including pinchhits that makes 12 BigBang collaborations! Every year I try to pick a story that offers me something different and even after this many years, authors still manage to surprise me:)
This year I managed to claim a very intriguing vampire story! I chose to illustrate it with papercuttings and watercolours. May I present...

StoryBanner BluesNight DEF600.jpg

Title: Blues in the Night
Author: [ profile] oobydooby67 [compo67 on AO3]
Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: Papercutting & Watercolours
Pairing: Jensen/Jared | Genre: RPS Vampire AU
Story Rating: NC17 | Wordcount: 33034
ART Rating: G, and contains no spoilers for story!

Summary: The search for a missing elder leads Jensen to Los Angeles, California. It is his responsibility to question contacts and connections about Tyman, who has not been heard from or seen in a year.
Frustrated with the search, Jensen meets a human who claims to have had a casual relationship with Tyman. Jared trades information for two pastrami sandwiches and ten thousand dollars. Unfortunately, after the trade, Jensen is no closer to finding Tyman, and a lot closer to Jared than he ever thought possible.

More Artwork! )

The Making Of )

Credits & Thanks )
Of course this art wouldn't have happened without an inspiring story, so thank you, [ profile] oobydooby67 [compo67] for creating pouty Vampire!Jensen and bouncy Biker!Jared:)
Also thanks to Wendy for running the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang, it's always a memorable event on the SPN fandom calendar!
Last but not least: thank you for stopping by to take a look! (Comments, questions and concrit are all welcome:)


For more of my fanart, check out My masterlist of artsy fiddling:)
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Title: Three is the Magic Number
Medium: Papercutting, papercollage
Pairing: Jeff/Jensen/Jared
Genre: SPN erotica
ART Rating: NC-17
Warning/Enticements: M/M/M Threesome, Blowjob, Paperpeen
A/N: Made for [ profile] smpc; a fanfic & fanart community that offers a sweet dose of erotica every Sunday morning.
Concept:This paperporn is an addition to my PG-13 Once Upon A Time artset that was made for a shifter fairytale about Deer!Jensen, Bear!Jeff and Unicorn!Jared, based on my prompt for the ReverseBang 2016-2017:)

I figured Jensen would like to ride Jared in his human form as well *grins*
(This time Jeff does more than just lurk in the woods;)

Teaser ThreeLucky.png

Once Upon A Time In The Woods... )

Making of NC-17 paperporn )

Want the full story? Here's more art and a ficlink to Once Upon A Time in the Woods (all PG-13;)


More NC17 paperdesigns:
Taboo (Sam/Dean)
You & Me & Him (Jeff/Jensen/Jared)
Hungry (Jeff/Jensen)

My Art Masterlist
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A day beyond the deadline due to a busy weekend, so not as quick as I intended, but still in time for Round 2 of the [ profile] quicky_bang, I present to you my artwork for a sexy short J2 fic by [ profile] theatregirl7299! I made papercut sex toys which ended up rather small on the banner, but it's not quite safe for work nevertheless, so I'm putting the full artwork behind a cut so you can check it out in your own time *grins*.

TitleBanner Pure Delight.png

Title: Pure Delight
Author: [ profile] theatregirl7299
Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,549
Summary: Jensen owns an adult toy store. Jared comes in to buy a toy.

Full version of the banner with paperdildos! )

Step by step: from papercutting to photoshopping )

I shopped around for all the sextoy shapes; there are a couple from Bad Dragon and also Jared's choice in the story from Njoy Toys:) If you want a specific webaddress for one of the toys, let me know, I should be able to direct you in the right direction;)

The original shop-photo was made by me in 2015, on a history-walk through my own town; here's the full picspam of that tour. I edited the shelves to make room for the toys;)

The curtains are from Ikea, on top of them I photoshopped black lace from

Fonts in the final version: Blue Highway bold (title) & Candara (names).

Thank you, [ profile] theatregirl7299 for offering your story in the [ profile] quicky_bang, I had fun with it;)

Comments are always appreciated!


More quickies | My Masterlist of artsy fiddling
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First off, a reminder: [ profile] quicky_bang Round 2 had been extended! SPN/RPF artists can pick a short story and create art until the end of November HERE!!
So many genres are still up for grabs; I had fun playing with the mpreg trope for my latest artproject:) If you missed it: click to check out my paperart with Jensen and Matt!

Speaking of paper-fiddlings, I have three other creations to share. In between several fandom challenges the past couple of months, I made some papercut cards. I sent these out, so all I have left is the photos I made of the work in progress. Since it is nearly the season of home made cards, I figured these may be inspirational for some.

CARD 1: a text design )
CARD 2: a portrait of Jared )
CARD 3: Love Yourself First Logo )

Last year I wasn't in the mood for holiday-cheer and I didn't send any Xmas cards, but this year I'm feeling the spirit again, so I plan to make some SPN fandom related New Year's cards (like I did for 2014/2015, but with a different design;). Dundundunnnn.

And now I'm gonna prepare for my trip to London; I'm packing all my Harry Potter books to read in between visiting some of my favorite foodie places:) (I'll mostly be reading and relaxing though, I'LL HAVE A BATH TUB \o/)


P.S. When I get back I'm going to start a new 30 Days Fitness Challenge, I want to do this ABS Work-Out! If anyone wants to join me, Day 1 will be November 1st (which should make it easy to keep track of days:)
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For this round of the [ profile] quicky_bang I chose a sweet story with a subject I haven't visualized before: mpreg! It also features Jensen paired up with someone I never played with as a main character: the gorgeous Matt Cohen:) When [ profile] emmatheslayer told me the title was indeed based on one of the songs from Grease, I just couldn't resist using a beach scene from that film as a base.
But it's not all digital fiddling: for my additional art I did some papercutting with coloured paper! May I present:

Banner SummerLovin BLJ600.png

Title: Summer Lovin'
Author: [ profile] emmatheslayer
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: Papercut additional art, Digital banner
Pairing: Jensen/Matt
Rating: R (ART is PG-13, I suppose)
Word count: 1218
Enticements/Warnings: mpreg
Summary: Preschool teacher Matt goes to the beach and finds what he is looking for.

Teaser SummerLovin.png
(Or just scroll down;)

Additional Artwork! )

Papercutting in progress... )

Thank you, [ profile] emmatheslayer for offering your short story in the [ profile] quicky_bang and thus giving me a chance to try mpreg. It was also fun to fiddle with Matt Cohen *grins*

All comments are appreciated, from extensive concrit about my manipping and/or drawing abilities to simple smiles!

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Oh yes, another [ profile] quicky_bang, I couldn't resist picking another marvelous short story to illustrate. This short fic has such strong visuals I just had to grab it. Once again I spent more time on it than a quicky should require and besides the papercutting I played with watercolours and more... Check the behind the scenes if you're curious how I made:

Banner Ice Age - BLJ-600.png

Title: The Ice Age [LJ | AO3]
Author: [ profile] balder12
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Characters: Sam, Castiel
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3800
Enticements/Warnings: Gen. Post ep Supernatural S9Ep09
Summary: Sam doesn't know what the man in the trench coat wants. All he knows is the man is very insistent, and the ice is getting closer.

Full papercut/watercolour artwork: Blood on Iceflowers )

Now... there are still more stories on offer in the [ profile] quicky_bang so I'm still tempted to do another one, but I have a collaboration for MTB to finish first, so we'll see...



My Masterlist of Artsy Fiddling
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After taking a break from last year's edition, I'm back to joining the [ profile] spn_reversebang! As before my main goal was to lure a fellow JDM lover into writing a story to go with my art. (In a Reverse Bang artists make fan-art which is posted anonymously for authors to choose as inspiration for fanfiction.)
That mission is almost accomplished, because there will be a Jeff/Jensen fic soon. It's taking a little more time than planned, but I simply couldn't wait any longer to show you what I made.
Mission accomplished!! May I present to you:

Banner 650px WithinMyReach-BLJ2016.jpg

Fic Title: Within My Reach
Author: [ profile] sasha_dragon
Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: Paper & Photoshop!
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural/RPS AU
Pairing(s): Jensen Ackles/Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Rating: PG-13 (Art & Story;)
Word Count: 18500
Summary: For Jeff life as an Evolutionary Enhanced isn't easy. For a start there's the prejudice he faces daily, along with a constant struggle to find clothes that will fit over his tentacles. But these difficulties pale into insignificance when Jeff is faced with trying to woo the man of his dreams.


How it was made )
Sources & Credit )

Thank you, [ profile] sasha_dragon for taking a step into the JDM side of our fandom and offering a very interesting take on the tentacle-trope.

Also thanks to my fellow artists [ profile] sillie82 and [ profile] bflyw for the handholding behind the scenes. And as always a big thank you to everyone stopping by to take a look:)


If you can't get enough of my silly fiddling, check out my updated Masterlist of artsy creations;)
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So, eh, hi? I didn't mean to stop posting in the middle of the Snowflake challenge, but I all of a sudden got the urge to do one of my home cleaning projects and it just felt so good to finally get my life back on track, that I didn't want to use going online as an excuse to fall back on procrastinating. I feel I'm getting a grip on things again and I will finish the rest of the challenge in my own time;)
In between sorting out my arts & crafts closet, I also worked on another Snowflake Day 4 artwish: I made a storybanner for [ profile] elmyraemilie! I returned to one of my old fandoms that I never made art for: Harry Potter. I was working on my interpretation of Severus Snape on the day Alan Rickman died, it was nice to be able to do something to remember him.

Banner IntoABar-BLJ.jpg

Title: Into A Bar
Author: elmyraemilie@Dreamwidth
Characters: Harry Potter, Severus Snape, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley
Summary: Sometimes, all you want is a cold beer and a quiet bartender.
Description: AU | 4380 words | G-rated

Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: Paper (black, white and peach coloured) + black marker
Font: Sunshine in my Soul (edited:)

It's a pretty cool story:) It was also fun to discover that elmyraemilie and I have more old fandoms in common:) Who knows what may inspire me next... I loved stepping out of my SPN comfort zone and arting with a different character. Here's how I made the banner:

Making of paperSnape )

As usual all comments are appreciated!


My Masterpost of artsy fiddling (Now with new 2016 artwork!)
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Wow, has it really been three months since I last posted fanart? Huh. Guess time flew by while I was busy trying to find a new job. Not that I haven't been fiddling with paper in between: I made some personal things, did arts & crafts for Sinterklaas celebrations and worked on the ReverseBang project. That won't be presented until next year though, so this will be the last time in 2015 to share some actual fanart, yay!
I was commissioned by [ profile] tipsy_kitty who bid on me for a fandom auction and donated to support the refugees from Syria. She asked for a portrait of young Sam/Jared and now that it finally has been delivered to her, I can show y'all what I made...

As a reference I chose one of my favorite Sam scenes from S02Ep17 - Heart: the one with that sweet smile. (Let's remember the happy moment from this episode and not dwell on what happens next, okay? *sniffles*)
If you want to see the final artwork right away, click here; I'm going to first picspam the process chronologically;)

Step by step making of... )

The result... )
Thanks again,[ profile] tipsy_kitty for bidding on my offer of fanart and for giving me another excuse opportunity to work with Jared Padalecki's face:)

I'd love to hear what y'all think of this!


Want to see more? Check out my masterpost of artsy fiddling
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For this year's edition of [ profile] spn_cinema I picked the first film I ever saw in the cinema: Grease! An ode to the fifties yet definitely a timeless musical. Back in 1978 I had no idea how dirty the lyrics were, I just phonetically sang along;) It's still one of my favorite films. To keep with the tradition of actors who were too old to play highschoolstudents, I ignored the actual age difference between Jeff & Jensen and I also included a Chevy Impala, which hadn't even been born in this era. It's an Alternate Universe after all. :-p

Title: You're The One That I Want
Medium: Photoshop, marker and papercuttings
Film: Grease (1978)
Pairing: Jensen/JDM
Rating: G(!)
Concept: Highschool AU. Bad boy Jeff falls in love with young, clean cut Jensen; they struggle with their romance amongst social expectations and high school politics.
Note: Made for 2015 edition of [ profile] spn_cinema and dedicated to [ profile] tmn1966: happy birthday, T.! The Ohio numberplate of the Impala is especially for you;)

In the art-section below you'll find manips, collages and more papercutting. I was inspired to put young Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the role of John Travolta (Danny) after seeing screenshots of Jeff in his first film Uncaged; he was such a bad boy in that. For his love interest I of course had to cast Jensen Ackles, because I adore the two of them together. :-p
My imagination went wilder than I was able to capture in art, but I did hint at my ideas (Jeff and his friends Danneel and Hillarie call themselves the J-birds; Jensen is an athlete and hangs with the Padalecki Posse...see if you can spot Jared and Chad in supporting parts)


I love comments, no matter how short or long, feel free to point out mistakes or ask for clarification:)


My masterlist of artsy fiddling
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For several reasons I put myself on an artstop until September. This means I am still in the preparation stages of my entry for the [ profile] spn_cinema, so that won't be up until later this month. That's also because I wanted to give priority to this already belated birthday present for [ profile] ashtraythief who surprised me last week with a glorious timestamp for our 2013 RB collab. I created a scene based on a throw-away line in the story, so no spoilers;) The artset begins with a making of before the final reveal.

Titel: It's A Start
Author: [ profile] ashtraythief
Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Rating: NC-17 (story & art:)
Words: 5,700
Summary: Jeff is just looking for a one night stand. Instead, he finds Jensen.
Notes: A prequel for our 2013 [ profile] spn_reversebang collaboration Hungry. This is the beginning of Jeff’s and Jensen’s relationship, so no prior knowledge required.

Medium: It's mostly papercutting art, but I also experimented with an old set of stained-glass paint I found in the back of my arts & crafts closet. I promise the result is a little neater than the text below. :-p

Belated birthday ASH.jpg

Jeff/Jensen ARTWORK - nsfw )

Comments of all kind are welcome! Go read the story!


P.S. I know I had announced on Twitter to post this yesterday, but the neighbour's visit lasted longer than expected when he turned out to have enough stamina to watch ALL my roadtrip-photos, brave man. *grins* I will continue my travel picspam this weekend. Be prepared!
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This year's [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang was right in the middle of one of the most intense times in my life. As some of you know, I lost my job of 19 years and I will officially be unemployed on September 1st. Doing arts & crafts in my rare spare time provided a wonderful distraction, but it was rather difficult to focus in between looking for jobs, applying for jobs and my current job getting increasingly awkward. Fortunately I claimed an inspirational story and got to collaborate with a great author, which turned this into one of my most creative paperprojects:)
I proudly present:

Title: Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
Author: [ profile] crimsonepitaph
Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: Papercutting
Pairing: Jensen/Jared, sidepairings Jared/Jason Momoa, Jensen/Danneel*
Genre: RPS AU
Story Rating: NC17
ART Rating: G! (Okay a bit of clothed snogging, so maybe PG?)
Wordcount: ~26.100
Warnings: graphic depictions of violence, alcoholism, mentions of drug use, infidelity*
Summary: Jensen's a cop. Jared's the bartender at the bar across the street from his precinct. They fall in love. Only, it's not that simple. Jared 's still running from his past, and Jensen's a man who doesn't know how to accept the present.

Artist's Notes: * See more detailed explanations in the Fic Masterpost!
Not going to lie: I picked this story not only for the enticing Cop!Jensen/Bartender!Jared combination, but very much also for the inclusion of Jason Momoa *grins* Besides my superficial reasons I truely love how serious this story is and how these guys are definitely real men and not simply boys in love. These are complicated relationships! I tried to show that specifically in the endbanner with all the main players connected and the spiral behind them symbolizing life's ability to spin out of control.

All the artwork! )

How it was made )
Last but not least )

My favorite shot of the fold out design: taken standing up, so it reflects in my black dinnertable.

Thank you, [ profile] crimsonepitaph, for that awesome story, for encouraging my unconventional artdirection and for making me research Jared together with Jason Momoa;) More about that exploration and credit to other references in my sourcepost!
Also thanks to [ profile] wendy for organizing this wonderful fandomevent.
As always a thank you to all visitors of my journal for stopping by. I'd love for you to leave a comment, however short or long. Concrit is also welcome:)


Want to see more papercutting posts? Check the tag!
My masterpost of artsy fiddling from 2010 an onwards


Mar. 30th, 2015 06:27 pm
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It's been a while since I collaborated with an author. In between my personal projects and challenges I found out [ profile] dugindeep was looking for someone to make fanart for a threesome story. I was honoured my offer was accepted and thrilled when I got to read the first draft. Jensen, Jared and Danneel? Yes please!
Here's the banner I created. Of course I'm also adding a behind the scenes tour of how it was made.

Title: Dear Neighbors
Author: [ profile] dugindeep
Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: markers, coloured pencils, papercutting, animation (PS Image Ready)
Pairing: Jared/Danneel/Jensen
Genre: College AU
Story Rating: NC17
ART Rating: R
Wordcount: 9300
Summary: As a law student, Jensen's used to long, sleepless nights. What he's not used to is all the headboard banging and cries for Big Daddy happening in the apartment next door that keep him up all night.

Additional artwork )

Making of the banner )

Some sources and discarded ideas )

Thank yous )

Now go read the story! (After you give me your opinion on the art, of course;)


My masterpost of artsy fiddling (For more papercutting, check the tag below;)
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Now that everyone on my snailmail list received their cards, I thought it was time for a look behind the scenes of those holiday wishes! I made two main designs for my New Year's cards: a fandom version and a neutral happy 2015 version, both papercuts out of sparkly paper that I had printed one sided with colour (blue, green, purple and a stripey set up with all three colours) and cut to A5 size (148x210mm). Here's what I did with these pieces of paper...

How I spent my Christmas vacation )

Hope you got the card you liked best:)


P.S. Maybe you missed it due to other art-projects: I posted another nsfw drawing last weekend! If you did see it, but were scared away by the kink, I want to reassure you that it's a very mild version of watersports; a dressed Jared is merely watching a dressed Jensen take a leak. Since I tried a different technique again, I'd love to know what fellow artists think of it, it's also animated!
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I first dreamed up the idea of Jeffrey Dean Morgan with wings somewhere in 2013. I had planned to create him as a prompt for the ReverseBang, but then the trip to Australia happened and I just couldn't give him my full time and attention. When the 2014 RB schedule didn't agree with me, I decided to do this project as a personal challenge. It took longer than I had originally planned and I'd like to thank everyone who responded to the WIP posts for encouraging me to finish it;) I'm proud to present Guardian Angel Jeff!

Material: sparkling Ice Cold (white, 300 g/m² ) paper from the Curious Metallics collection. Colouring was done with melted (heated) crayons (=wax;)
Tools/Technique: paper was cut using a simple, small exacto knife; the wings were connected with fishing line; the front and back body were glued together.

Out of the 154 photos and two videos I made to try and capture paper Jeff, I selected 9 photos, created two gifs and picked one video to share below the silhouette teaser...

Tadaah )


Making Of:
wingsWIP 1 - wingsWIP 2 - wingsWIP 3 - wingsWIP 4 - wingsWIP 5 - wingsWIP 6 - wingsWIP7
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Weeeeell, I do believe I finished my JDM WIngs project! I had such fun with Jeff today, but he's being a tough model to shoot, so I won't reveal what he looks like until after I've played with him some more tomorrow. *grins* To make up for making y'all wait, I'm offering an extra long final(!) look behind the scenes...
If you missed previous parts of this project, here are all the making of posts:
wingsWIP 1 - wingsWIP 2 - wingsWIP 3 - wingsWIP 4 - wingsWIP 5 - wingsWIP 6

Now, without further ado... the last wingsWIP post... )
To be revealed tomorrow!! Are you as excited as I am? *bounces* -->ARTPOST IS UP!

I'm off to continue preparations for my [ profile] super_disney design; I've already watched my claimed film The Nightmare Before Christmas, now I have to rewatch a certain episode of Supernatural. FOR RESEARCH.


1More about the melted crayons method in the following artposts:
- Imaginairy Infatuations - papercut portraits of Jeff, Jensen & Danneel;
- Storm's Eye - the ridiculously popular multimedia banner featuring Jensen;
- A New Kind Of Superhero - the unexpectedly underappreciated handdrawn portraits of the whole SPN cast.
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In between the festivities and doing research for my next two art challenges, I've been working on my JDM Wings project! If you don't want to see that until it's done, there are some other recent posts you can check out as well:
- Some of my favorite music this month
- My Jeffrey Dean Morgan interview archive
- My birthdaypartypost:)

For those of you who do want to see some arting, but missed the previous posts about this project, here are links to the work in progress so far: - wingsWIP 1 - wingsWIP 2 - wingsWIP 3 - wingsWIP 4 - wingsWIP 5

Ready to see more? The penultimate wingsWIP* )

To be continued soon! (*only one more session to go!)--> seventh (and final!) wip post is up:)

Love to hear what you think of it; all questions and comments are welcome:)

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Alright, I'm getting things done today; I'm up to date with responding to comments and here's the behind the scenes post I promised for that nsfw paper design I shared last week. Remind me to make the source post for that and my previous artwork as well?
Can't add that tonight, because I want to get all my international Xmas/Newyear's cards ready to go and that's gonna take some good old fashioned writing by hand. Here, have two teaser-pics of the mess I made (and the special stamps I got!)

They will be handed in at the post office tomorrow. I doubt they will all make it before the holidays, but it's the spirit that counts most, right? I already received two cards; all the way from Oz from [ profile] kennsea and an amazing musical ecard from [ profile] tmn1966 - thank you!

Now, without further ado, more about that naughty paperporn.
No nudity, but NC17 for mild D/s scene. You have been warned )
Next challenge will be a design for [ profile] super_disney; sketches have to be in before January 10, posting will start in February. In between fiddling for that I'll continue working on my JDM-wings. I hope to finish that project before the end of the year...

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Title: Submission
Medium: Papercutting, papercollage
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Genre: SPN erotica
ART Rating: NC17
Concept/Warning/Enticements: All day long Jensen is in charge. At home he likes to unwind: he puts on his collar, kneels by the door and waits for Jared to come home. He never has to explain himself, he just silently hands over his leash. When he feels Jared's hand on his neck, he can finally let go.
A/N: Made for [ profile] smpc; a fanfic & fanart community that treats us every Sunday with a sweet dose of erotica. LJ wouldn't let me upload to my scrapbook, so I had to use my DeviantArt account. Hope this works!

All dressed up and nowhere to go )

Love to hear what you think! There will be an e Extensive making off post later;)


My Art Masterlist

More NC17 paperdesigns:
Taboo (Sam/Dean)
You & Me & Him (Jeff/Jensen/Jared)
Hungry (Jeff/Jensen)

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