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I had this post planned for months as a final countdown to the concert in Antwerp on November 9 and then stupid Panic! at the Disco cancelled due to "unforeseen circumstances" which we later found out meant a performance at Miss Universe in Moscow. So we worried about the boys for nothing, hrmpf. Despite my disappointment I'm still gonna play this song though. Because it's catchy and appropriate for the season and because it reminds me of good (fangirl) times. :-p

This does NOT mean you are forgiven, Panic. *glares*
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Thank you, dear Anonymous who sent me an virtual Livejournal gift. I hope it was done with the best intentions, because receiving a button stating I Love Moscow feels more than a little bit ironic at the moment. I'm not feeling the love myself for a couple of reasons.

I do love the city for its wonderful architecture and I'm sure a lot of the people who live there are lovely, but since the implementation of the most recent Russian anti-gay law, for me it's synonymous for homophobia.

I'm also feeling hostile towards the town because of Moscow hosting the Miss Universe pageant, as I cringe at that type of competition.

Thirdly -on a petty, personal level- I'm pissed off because Panic! at the Disco chose to cancel their sold-out concert in Antwerp in favor of a performance at said beauty-contest. I sure hope Brendon remembers to NOT flirt with Dallon on stage, because that could be perceived as promoting homo-sexuality and that could get him arrested.

So, yeah, I'm experiencing lots of not so mixed feelings. That's why the irony of the gift did manage to make me giggle. Thanks for that:) I would however appreciate it if you could let me know you're not part of the Russian overlords who control Livejournal and used the gift to mark me as a potential threat for wanting kids to have access to supportgroups if needed.

You can respond to this post anonymously if you wish. This is still a safe space as far as I'm concerned. *hugs*

For more information on the issues mentioned above, check out the LGBT rights in Russia page at Wikipedia.
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That's it. That's the post.
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Meme-time! I got 7 topics from [ profile] eledhwenlin. If you want 7 topics of your own, ask and you shall receive:)

1.) Your favourite food!
Hmmm, does chocolate count, or does it have to be 'proper' food? I like potatoes in any shape or form; mashed, baked, boiled or cooked in the skin, they go with everything and are the base of most of my dinners.

2.) If you could choose to live in any time and country, what would you choose? (Roman Empire, Middle Ages, the year 2525?)
I quite like the time and place I live in; I don't know if I could/would have the liberty and options that I have now anytime or anywhere else. It's not a very imaginative answer but, really, if I could choose I'd pick my country (and specifically my apartment) right now. Okay, mabye a bit into the future, where I'm retired and could read all day.

3.) What's something you have to do this week and don't want to?
I have a couple of orders at work that are pretty cool, but I'll have to deal with clients and I could do without that part. I was also dreading the dirty dishes this weekend, but when I got home last night I found my mom did them for me, so yay! (FYI, I did do a load of laundry and unclogged the sink in the bathroom, so not a complete slob;)

4.) What does your perfect Sunday look like?
Sleep in; have a fancy breakfast and a luxury shower; check online blogs, journals and communities; step away from computer to snuggle in loveseat with a book; maybe chat a bit later; go up to the attic to watch CSI or Westwing marathon; eat loads of chocolate in between. End the evening with some erotica ;)

Actually that pretty much sounds like most of my Sundays \o/

5.) Which CSI season is the best one?
Oooh, mean. If we're talking a whole season it's a toss up between S2 and S3, because I base my opinion on Nick/Greg and that was when they did their best flirting. *grins* After checking a couple of classics in my HUGE CSI archives, I remembered Nick had his best sideburns in the latter, so it's SEASON 3. (Not just my slashy goggles by the way, as that season also has awesome Grissom, and he was the reason I started watching CSI in the first place ;)

Happy coincidence: You can vote for your favorite Nick/Greg scene (out of S1 through S9) here!

6.) If you could sit down and have a talk with any bandom person, who would it be?
If we imagine a world in which I could have a civil conversation with anyone I have had pervy thoughts about, I'd pick Brendon Urie. Despite the issues that knocked him off his pedestool, I like to think we have a couple of things in common and I'd love to pick his brain about religion.

7.) Tell me something about you that I don't already know. :)
I once lost a job because of lewd behavior. *innocent face*


And now for something completely different... I finally put up my Meet & Greet photo on my Panic! wall. )
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After some stalling I finally managed to make a selection of my concertpictures. I was a little apprehensive sharing these, because a lot of them are blurry and I felt silly even being happy with them. It took me some time to reach that point where I say "fuck it, it's my journal and my experience and I WAS THERE, YAY, LOOK IT!" As usual I felt the need to explain my choices, so there is some text too. It could have been worse: I could have shared all my photos (let's say there are more than 100 and leave it at that) not to mention all my fangirlfeelings;) but I narrowed it down to 27 to tell my story. I tried to keep the squee down to a minimum *evil laughter*

Me! Panic! Brendon doing a backflip! Brendon taking off his shirt! And singing of course. Because it's all about the music:-p )

More touristy pics of my trip to the UK:
Day 1: Torchwoodfangirling in Cardiff, Wales
Day 2: Walking through Bristol, England

Close up concertphotos:
Antwerp 11 May 2011
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Had a marvelous trip to the UK, but I spent the last two days trying to get home from London; got stuck in Antwerp (Belgium) and The Hague (Netherlands) because snow caused problems for the railways. Luckily I had a [ profile] tanisafan who offered me a bed and breakfast in B. on Fridaynight and family in NL who did the same for Saturdaynight, so I didn't have to sleep at trainstations. Nevertheless the weather, the crowds on the trains and the extra backpacking gave me ALL the snot, so I don't really feel up to doing a full travel report at the moment. Instead I'm offering a couple of teaser-photos: we visited a castle in Cardiff, saw a unicorn in Bristol and had a Meet & Greet with Panic! at the Disco there too (related? I think so;) I'll write the whole story later...

Rock 'n' Roll Nerds! )

I also put up a video of Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off. Mostly for my own entertainment, the quality of the vid is not that great, but I just so love being reminded of the boys on stage;)

In depth post later!
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And a totally unrelated link to a good article about female masturbation.
(Thank you, [ profile] eledhwenlin for the original link:)

Had I already mentioned I'm gonna go to another Panic! at the Disco concert in January? Because I am! Thanks to [ profile] tanisafan I got a ticket to see them in Bristol (UK) We're gonna travel to Cardiff and London too:)
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Oh hi MTV, I didn't even know you were still showing musicvideos, but yes, I do like to participate in a poll to pick the best one of the 2000s. What is that you say? I should only vote for lady Gaga, because apparently all the music that came before her is already out of date? Well, excuse me for voting for my favorite instead. I don't even know the video you promote. (FYI: the only other video I remember is Hey Ya by Outkast and even though I LOVE Greenday, I don't have a visual for that song. Must be because I always seem to miss the times MTV actually shows musicvideos.) Way to be impartial. Did you maybe already invite her for a big hoohaa at the awardsceremony? Sucks to be you then. Go congratulate the winners;)

Okay, fine, Panic! At The Disco hasn't won yet, after all: the poll is open until August 24 and a lot can happen. But still: it's one thing to ask people to vote and an entirely other thing to push your 'hip' opinion on the public and tell the fans they're being silly. I happen to think this video is the best of all. So there.

Want to vote? Here are all the contestants!
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Panic! At The Disco in Antwerp - Wednesday May 11
After the amazing concert in Amsterdam on Tuesday and a night on brotherdearest's couch, [ profile] tanisafan and I traveled to Antwerp by train (an hour later than planned, because the one we wanted to take apparently disappeared somewhere between Belgium and The Netherlands...).
In the afternoon [ profile] eledhwenlin joined us and together we walked to the venue, where there were already loads of fangirls and -boys sitting in front. T. and S. were allowed inside for their Meet & Greet and I settled on a bench with a book. I was two pages in when Tanni came running outside and said she had told Zack I had chocolate and I could come to the M&G too! Eeeep.
Fangirling starts HERE )

Concertpics of Panic! at the Disco start here )
This was truely an epic day...and an epic picspam;)
And just in case you missed part 1, I also made an epic video *g*
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Panic! At The Disco in Amsterdam - Tuesday May 10
Early in the afternoon I traveled to brotherdearest's apartment in Amsterdam, where I left my overnight bag and got some well needed comfort from the brother before venturing into town. Checked out the Melkweg venue where I already found little clusters of fangirls hanging out. And then bodyguard Zack strolled out of the building and all the calmth brotherdearest had provided was gone again;)
I still managed to walk away and focus on some shopping until I was supposed to meet up with [ profile] tanisafan in front of the Sexmuseum. (What? That is an excellent place to wait;)
Rest of the report in pictures )
PatD concert pics start here; )
My photos from the concert in Antwerp are MUCH BETTER. I'm sorting through them now and will share loads of them later (UP NOW, CLICK LINK!). Until then you can already peek at my vids on You Tube: )

Part 2 of groupie-tour (MEET & GREET, PEOPLE!!!!\O/)
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Yay, both the SPN_BIGBANG authors I claimed (MINE!) have already contacted me. I'm thrilled to reveal I'm gonna make designs for:
Into The Void by [ profile] angelhorny
and Unrelated by [ profile] john_n_dean
Maybe I'll share more details or a summary with y'all later, but I'm gonna keep them to myself until the weekend at least:)

Tomorrow I'm going in groupie mode: I will follow Panic! at the Disco from Amsterdam to Antwerp \o/

Tuesday May 10:
  • travel to brotherdearest in Amsterdam for lunch at his apartment
  • go into town for shopping (or movie, depending on weather and mood)
  • meet up with [ profile] tanisafan at undisclosed location;)
  • have dinner together before going to venue (we'll possibly check out the place first)
  • CONCERT \o/
  • sleep on brotherdearest's couch

  • Wednesday May 11:
  • catch train to Antwerp
  • have lunch at Tanni's place and meet other fangirl S.
  • walk to venue and vicariously live through T & S's meet and greet
  • CONCERT\o/
  • fangirl sleep over!

  • Thursday May 12:
  • roam through Antwerp until noon-ish
  • catch train to The Hague to visit the otherbrother, SIL and my nephew Ruben\o/
  • Go home.

  • I'll report back to y'all on Friday! *waves*
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    When I got home tonight I found my mom had fixed not only the jeans I plan to wear to the concert next week (and that fit perfectly but were too long as usual), but she also transformed my tiny Panic! at the Disco shirt into a cuddly pillow:
    look how cool! )

    Only six days until the concert in Amsterdam (and seven until Antwerp!) and I have started freaking out. Since my body is being unpredictable with the monthly hoo-ha, I feel like I'm fourteen again and I'm going to a concert for the first time. (Let's not calculate how long ago that was, mkay?) FFS, I think I even feel some zits coming. Oh hormones, you amuse me so.
    I just realized I need to add another shirt to my travelbag, since I'll be following the band for two days. I only managed to create one comfortable and cool outfit out of my meagre collection of clothes and I'm still not sure about what shoes to wear.

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    Posting for the [ profile] spn_cinema challenge has started! My assigned posting date is May 7, but while you wait in anticipation for my artwork, check out the fic and other cinema goodness that are on offer already:)
    Another important event today is [ profile] tanisafan's BIRTHDAY! Woohoo! Have a good one, darling. You'll get your real present in person when we do the P!atD groupie thing next week, but here's some pretty for now:
    Bad boy Brendon behind the cut: )
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    Because we met in the [ profile] patd community, your presents are all Brendon-based, even if since then we found out to have a lot more in common than fangirling over that boy music;)


    More goodies! )

    Hope you have a great day!
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    Since I can't ride my bike yet, I have to take an additional busride to and from work. Mom was nice enough to drive me to my usual busstop this morning but going home was a different matter. In stead of getting off the bus at the edge of town and cycle home from there, I had to stay on the bus until it reached the station. There I change to the citybus that conveniently stops right in front of my appartment. All in all it takes me fifteen minutes longer to get home, but it seems much longer since I can't read on the citybus and it's very crowded. Hrmpf.

    But I got a treat for my trouble tonight. While waiting for the citybus, who walked by me but my fbf! \o/ That put a smile on my face of course and made me forget all about the exhausing first day back on the job :-)
    Since I wasn't prepared I could only stare in awe while he passed me by, but you better believe I'm keeping an eye out for him the rest of the week;-)

    ETA more happy: Yesterday I bought a digital version of Mona Lisa but the download didn't work in my country and I mailed Fueled by Ramen. Tonight they sent me a new link for this wonderful song by Panic! at the Disco and IT WORKED \o/
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    Okay, so I didn't get to put Brendon and Spencer in my pocket and feed them M&M's, but Zack did allow me to give them chocolate <3

    The whole story... Beware of squee )

    Photos! )
    I had an awesome day and it was well worth the long journey and missing out on the holiday at home. Thank you, Peggy, Isabel and Janina for letting me hang with you. Thank you, Panic! at the Disco for making this possibly the best Sinterklaas ever :)

    If you want, you can read about my whole travelexperience in my photoblog;)
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    I'm back home from Berlin! In my mailbox I found a Christmascard from [ profile] nalathilion, thank you!

    On my table Sinterklaas had left a pile of presents and candy. And here I thought he would be mad at me for missing the party for the first time in 40 years. Bless.

    Of course this was a very different 5th of December than I usually have, but talking to Panic! at the Disco (while getting their autographs) and seeing them in concert was AWESOME.
    The whole story of Panic! at the Disco and me *g* will be posted in my lj tomorrow, but if you're curious, you can already check out my complete travelstory in my photoblog.

    I've been working on that for most of the day and now it's time to unwrap those presents and get some more sleep;)

    I had a brilliant weekend. Back to work tomorrow will be weird.

    I'll try to finally catch up with all of you this week. Let me know if I missed something; my mind has been elsewhere these past few weeks;)
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    Especially for the US-folks on my flist; a little background information on Saint Nick
    Sinterklaas is a traditional Winter holiday figure in the Netherlands, Belgium, Aruba, Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles. He is the basis of the mythical holiday figure of Santa Claus in the USA.

    Sinterklaas is celebrated annually on Saint Nicholas' eve (5 December) by exchanging gifts and poems. Celebrants of the holiday are traditionally given their initials in chocolate.*
    The feast celebrates the name day of Saint Nicholas, patron saint of Amsterdam, children and sailors.

    It is often claimed that during the American War of Independence the inhabitants of New York City, a former Dutch colonial town (New Amsterdam) reinvented their Sinterklaas tradition, as Saint Nicholas was a symbol of the city's non-English past. The name Santa Claus supposedly derived from older Dutch Sinterklaas.
    Sinterklaas is assisted by many mischievous helpers with black faces and colourful Moorish dresses. These helpers are called 'Zwarte Pieten' (Black Petes).

    *In order to use the same amount of chocolate for each letter the manufacturer varies the thickness or the depth of the grooves in the letter. This way one letter is not favoured over another, for example the W, or the M over the I or the J. It also occurs that two of a small letter (like I for Ian) come in one package to make up for its smaller size.

    This is how my family has celebrated Sinterklaas the last couple of years. For the first time in 40 years I wasn't at home. Because I chose to travel to Berlin to see Panic! at the Disco;-)
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    I'm preparing for my trip to Berlin tomorrow. Of course now the site for the event is having issues and even though I already checked everything last week, it's getting on my nerves.

    But I'm taking deep breaths in between freaking out and I'm positive I will make it to the Telekom Extreme Playground in the Velodrom to see Panic! at the Disco. Oh, apparently there is some sort of sporty event going on as well. *grins*

    I'll have to face ice and snow and complicated public transport but hopefully I'll manage to meet [ profile] lumikki_fee at the planned time and location... (Meeting an fellow fan may even be more exciting than the concert;)

    Here's my itinerary for Sunday December 5:
    07:15 Leave house; cycle to trainstation
    07:48 Catch first train of the day to Deventer
    08:12 Arrive in Deventer
    08:19 Catch international train to Berlin
    13:20 Arrive at Berlin Hbf-Lehrter Bahnh

    There I need to find the S-bahn (subway) to Alexanderplatz,
    walk to the Gontardstra├če and catch a tram to Landsberger Allee.
    The Velodrom is supposedly right across the street...

    If you're curious: the event will be streamed live on the website (and on German MTV). So you can enjoy all the skateboarding and BMX-ing PLUS the concert from the comfort of your home. Bastards.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll continue packing and getting all nostalgic about not being around for our Sinterklaas celebrations for the first time in 40 years.

    *breathe in, breathe out*
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    Heehee! It's almost Halloween, right? So a perfect excuse for this vid.

    Let's call this the offical start of the countdown for my trip to Berlin on December 5th for the World Cup Skateboarding Event (and International BMX Contest) where Panic! At The Disco will perform.
    I plan to travel back and forth on one day: I'll take the first train on Sunday morning and then the nighttrain back. It's a 6 hour ride, the nighttrain takes over 9 hours. *bites lip*
    Also: December 5th is Sinterklaas in The Netherlands. That is a tradition I have celebrated with my family EVERY YEAR OF MY LIFE. Even when people were traveling all over the world, we would find a way to get together with whomever was in the country. This will be the first time ever I won't be there. Because of Panic! At The Disco.

    At a skateboarding event. Yes.

    Watch the vid. Maybe you'll understand. But mocking is totally allowed;)

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