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Okay, before I begin the picspam of last weekend of fun, I have a question and two promos;) First: do I know any fanpeople in or near Copenhagen (København)? I'm going to be there for a day at the end of August if you want to meet up!

Second: I'm modding two art-challenges (TWO!)
  • The [ profile] quicky_bang already has a whole bunch of authors offering their short fics for artists to illustrate:)
    Go claim a story and get creative!
  • If you'd rather start arting from scratch, the [ profile] spn_reversebang is the challenge for you:
    make a piece of fanart to inspire an author! Sign ups are open!

  • And now: photos from my visit to fairytale amusement park The Efteling. I traveled to The Hague on Friday afternoon for dinner and a sleep-over at my brother J's. Our youngest brother H. was also there; he cycled from Amsterdam! Together with my sister-in-law G. and my darling nephew R. the four of us (so minus brother J.) went to The Efteling on Saturday by car (G drove:). We had an awesome day! It was really fun to visit the park with a six year old; the perfect age for all the stories that go along with the rides.
    Of course we also took a stroll through the fairytale forest:) )


    (Check the Efteling tag for previous visits. This is my favorite place in the whole world <3
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    Three weeks ago I went on an office outing to Wildlands zoo; it was a day with inspirational lectures and workshops with a bit of free time and food in between:) This zoo in Emmen moved to a new location just over a year ago and parts of it are still not done, but there is a really nice collection of animals and the set up is very promising. The zoo is divided into three continents: Nortica (freezing), Jungola (a jungle with a river) and Serenga (a desert). I made good use of the lunchbreak and walked the desert trail, which was pretty cool.

    Before I get to the animals in this picspam, I'm sharing some photos of the journey, starting with parking my bike at the station, mostly because I want to show you our double decker bike racks:)


    Now that you've seen those, let's get on the train to Emmen! )

    I'm very curious what the zoo will look like in a couple of years. I might go back to check:) But first I'm planning a trip to fairytale amusementpark The Efteling; going there next week with my darling nephew. So there will be another picspam of that, you have been warned!

    Before that there will be an artpost for the SMPC. If you missed my previous artpost, now's the time to catch up: Vampire!Jensen and Biker!Jared for the SPN_J2_BigBang!

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    So before the family get-together on Saturday May 20th (my mom's partner's bday) where my nephew coughed all over me which gave me a week with a sore throat and limited snot which has now developed into an ear-infection and barking cough :( - BEFORE THAT, I went to the Harry Potter Expo in Utrecht with my book-and movie buddy Jelle. Here's a picspam of our adventures on Friday May 19th.

    An afternoon at the Harry Potter Expo )

    After the expo we went back to Jelle's house for a bit, then walked back to town for dinner (excellent burger) and a movie (The Circle with Emma Watson, to continue our Harry Potter themed day:) before walking to the station where I could grab the train home. I made some photos of cool buildings and stuff during our strolls.

    An eveningwalk in Utrecht )

    I called in sick today and from the looks of it I'll have to stay at home a bit longer this week. If it was just the snothead, I could manage to go to work , but my ear makes any sound unbearable. Gosh, I feel miserable. This was a fun post to make though. It was a great day:)

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    Quick post to report that I did do the ABS work-out I told y'all about yesterday: five exercises in five minutes. Some minutes seems longer than others *grins* but it was a good start I think: plenty of room for improvement, hehehe. In order to keep track of time I used the sound of an app I have for a seven minute work-out, that counts down a minute for every exercise by clicking every second, with a few beeps in between to get ready for the next one.

    For anyone who prefers my travel picspams to exercise talk; I posted photos of my trip to Amsterdam from last weekend in my photoblog! It features tulips and a walk through the Baarsjes neighbourhood which has some really cool buildings:)

    Last but not least I'd like to promote the [ profile] quicky_bang again to all you artists out there: there are excellent fics on offer! We welcome all artforms, from sketches to banners in any medium, go and grab a short story to play with! (or share the link to spread the news;)
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    Last weekend I traveled to Amsterdam for two days of fangirling with [ profile] sillie82 and [ profile] bflyw (who flew in from Norway with her daughter A.). On Sunday evening I took the train to Schiphol airport to pick up B. & A. and accompany them to their hotel. I spent the night at my brother's.
    On Monday S. joined us and we hung out in the hotelroom to chat and watch Supernatural before strolling through town until it was time for the Station Breaks concert (Check out [ profile] bflyw's glorious photos!).
    On Tuesday we watched some more Supernatural together and explored Amsterdam a bit more. I had a great time:) Here are some photos of our walks...

    Day 1: Rembrandt and Concert )

    Day 2: Chocolate and Canals )

    Speaking of fangirl meet ups: I'll be in London at the end of March. If you're in the neighborhood for tea, let me know!

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    One of the reasons I'm clinging to my LiveJournal is that I have saved over 6000 photos in my scrapbook. (6320 to be exact;) It took me years to figure out how to present my photos in a style that works for me and I'm quite content with the way I now make picspams. So here I am and here I'll stay;)
    When I went to Amsterdam for the Women's March last weekend, I also spent some time wandering around town with brotherdearest afterwards. Here are some of the pretty sights we saw on our stroll.

    Amsterdam by day )

    I love Amsterdam.

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    After brotherdearest, my mom, her boyfriend and I finished our Illuminade Walk, I convinced them we also had to do the Boat Route with an additional 20 pieces of light art. *grins* The Theme of the waterpart of the Light Festival is A View On Amsterdam and all the light art is either in, on, or next to the canal called the Herengracht which goes all around the city center. There are a couple of installations in the Oosterdok harbour as well, so the only way to see them all is to take a boat tour. \o/

    IMG_6998 WaterColors 02012017.gif
    First piece is Wolfert's Dog by Tatiana Titova, inspired by an 8th century story I had never heard of, about a Norwegian prince who was saved by the dog of a Frysian fisherman after a shipwreck. When they got caught in another storm, the prince pledged to build a city on the first place the dog would lay down. They ended up on the shore of the Amstel with the dog sleeping peacefully under a tree next to them. [Geert Mak - A Brief Life of the City]

    Let's get on the boat for more! )

    The special Water Color boat tours run until January 22nd, check out the official Light Festival website for more information. Also for the next edition:)

    If you missed the previous two Amsterdam picspams, click here for photos of the Illuminade walk and here for the Ice Sculpture Festival.

    Want more? Last year I posted a couple of photos of the 2015-2016 Light Festival in my LiveJournal and in my pictureblog.

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    First of: Happy Birthday [ profile] milly_gal! Hope you had a smashing day:)

    I had planned to post photos of the Amsterdam Light Festival right after my previous picspam of the IceSculpture Festival, but I had a few whirlwinddays with family-issues, so I had to postpone. But here is the first set of pictures: part one is the Illuminade, a 2,3 km long night time walking route with lots of cool light sculptures, inspired by the theme Biomimicry, think like nature...

    IMG_6802 Illuminade 02012017.jpg
    Teaser of Rotifers

    Wanna see more? )

    Last but not least: a video of Tree Hugger by Daan van Hasselt & Asia Jackowska; the lights actually responded to people hugging the trees!

    This was merely a selection of the sculptures: some of them were hard to capture with my camera. The Illuminade closed on January 9th, BUT! The Light Festival Water Colors boattours are still going until January 22nd. I'll post photos of those sculptures this weekend:)

    If you can't make it to Amsterdam before then, see you next year?

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    After my Birthday I had a day off on which I once again didn't finish my Holiday cards... Then I worked for two and half days before I finally managed to do some festive arts & crafts on Friday afternoon, pfew. I delivered the cards to the Post Office on Saturday December 31st on my way to my mom, where I spent New Year's Eve. Some photos of our sparkles here.
    A Making Of of the cards will follow once I know they have arrived. (I already heard they made it to the UK and Germany, yay!)

    To start the New Year, I had taken another day off work; on Monday January 2nd I went to Amsterdam to hang out with brotherdearest. We went to the IceSculpture festival, this year's theme was Music Inspires.
    Here are some photos of the awesome sculptures )
    IT WAS SO COLD IN THERE! So afterwards we warmed up with hot chocolate and warm Apfelstrüdel with custard.
    Then we went to Central Station to rent a bike for me and we cycled to brotherdearest house to chill and do some groceries before going back to the Station to meet up with Mom and her boyfriend J. who joined us for the Lightfestival Illuminade walk at nighttime. More about that later:)

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    Here, have a picspam of my four/five day trip to the UK! I had a marvelous time; the plan was to relax and read and I've succeeded to do lots of both:)
    Two stupid things: on Sunday evening, when I grabbed my backpack from the side of the bus, the luggage handler closed the side panel ON MY HEAD /o\ Ouch. I still have a bump on my head, but that could have ended a lot worse if I didn't have such a hard head;)
    Also: while changing trains on my way back home on Monday, I left my shoulderbag with my passport on the train. /o\ But after stressing out for a bit, calling customerservice and filing a rapport, it was already found yesterday and after yet another train trip, I got all my stuff back, including my travelsnuggle. Pfew.
    Other than that, the trip was a big succes: I felt very fancy with my ferry cabin, my hotelrooms and luxiourious food in between all the reading and bubblebaths :-D

    I also apparently still had time to make loads of photos... Here's a selection.

    Thursday, OCT. 27, Day 1: Traveling to Harwich )
    Friday, OCT. 28, Day 2: London )
    Saturday, OCT. 29, Day 3: London )
    Sunday, OCT. 30, Day 4: London )
    Monday, OCT 31, Day 5: traveling home )

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    Heh, it seems all I do at LJ these days is post picspams. I plan to return to regular browsing and commenting and updating tomorrow. With my calf still healing from that whiplash, I've been feeling very blah and not up for anything after getting home from work (when I finally have managed to climb the stairs up to my apartment) *sighs*
    I am glad I had already planned a couple of fun weekend things before the accident, so I didn't have a chance to get down on my days off in the past few weeks:)

    Below are photos (and videos!) from last weekend's adventure: I took the bus and train and train and bus to travel down South to the small town of Zundert for their yearly flower corso. The local communities work all year on their huge designs made out of dahlias -all those flowers are put on fresh in the final three days of building the sculptures!- and they present all their creations in a spectacular parade.

    I had a great day and whole heartedly recommend going to one of these flower corsos. Zundert is the oldest (and best;) one, but the first week of September these parades are all over the Netherlands; well worth the travel!

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    So. London. I got home on Sunday and had planned to do a picspam the next day, but then I got a massive attack of snot and the barking cough, so I had to take it slowly. But I finally managed to sort out my photos; how did I make so many in only two days? I narrowed it down to 62 (...) plus a video of Big Ben:

    It took me nine boings to get my phone to work, but at least I captured the last one! *grins*

    My face, lots of food and also sightseeing )
    day 2: sightseeing, hotel, theatre and a bubble bath )
    day 3: Camden, Prim Rose and other bits of London )
    That was a lot of babbling too, oops.
    I hope to catch up with everyone in the next few days (and also get a move on with all the art-challenges, yikes!). Off to bed now to fight the snot. Goodnight!
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    Still so superthrilled with how the [ profile] quicky_bang is going. More short stories were claimed this week and a couple of artists already posted their art, very awesome! If you have a little time on your hand and want to play in fandom, there are lots of inspirational fics on offer to art for, come over to the Take Me Now post (commenting on art is welcome too:)

    More happy: I received my AKF Love Yourself First top and a cheeky funky pillow I ordered from HUMAN. Click for a closer look at the design *grins*

    On Saturday I went to Amsterdam for my baby brother's birthday party (the kid turned 36 on Tuesday, what is time?) and I took the opportunity to stroll through the city center a little beforehand.

    I just love our old buildings )

    So you can prepare: tomorrow I will post a MASSIVE picspam in honour of a special birthday...

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    Wow, nearly two weeks since my last post; my new job sure kept me busy and I'm slowly settling into a new rhythm of life. To my pleasant surprise I've also had to spent a lot of time keeping an eye on new art-community [ profile] quicky_bang as authors enthusiastically submitted short stories for artists to illustrate. I'm thrilled that art has already been posted and there's more to come! You can still join in if you want (and -as one of the participants noted- the challenge comes with a built-in rec list of all sorts of short fanfics;)

    Oh, I've also finished the 30 Days Pilates Challenge, yay! Next up is the Upside down abdominal work-out from Jillian Michaels... I'll tell you more about that later. (You can already read about the experience in [ profile] somersault_j's post and comments here. Keep an eye on her journal if you want to join our work-out group.)

    My new job is another thing that's keeping me fit these days, not that I move around a lot during the day (I get to sit down for 8 hours to study satellite images, it's honestly so fascinating I have to remind myself to get up and stretch;) but I ride my bicycle to work and back, which takes me right through the center of my gorgeous old town. It's a seriously beautiful route and I enjoy it every day, even when the weather is cloudy and gray. The pictures below are all made on sunny days though, which makes the town even prettier.

    Cycling home from work and other things that make me happy )

    I'm enjoying life a lot right now, hope this spreads a little of that to you too.


    Oh, oh, oh, almost forgot: that online no-cure-no-pay lawfirm that I requested to help with my claim to United Airlines, for compensating the cancelation of my flight last summer (a separate issue from the loss of my bag on another flight, which I was reimbursed for in February), managed to make them pay! I honestly didn't think that would happen anymore. So here's a thank you promolink to Green Claim for sticking with the long procedure despite the total non cooperation of UA.

    I also totally forgot to thank the anonymous person who sent me an LJ Valentine!

    And I was so eager to get the [ profile] quicky_bang going in the quiet time before other fandom challenges that I completely forgot to thank [ profile] quickreaver and [ profile] dephigravity for taking a look at the set up and encouraging me *smishes*. Hope the new [ profile] spn_heatwave is just as big a succes! It's going to be an awesome fandom summer, y'all!
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    Yesterday I celebrated my 46th birthday \o/
    Thank you, [ profile] tmn1966, for the very funny interactive e-card; [ profile] cassiopeia7 for naked JDM; [ profile] amberdreams for the Glasses!Jeff and J3 photos & [ profile] sillie82 for the SPN/CSI picspam; [ profile] whiskygalore for dedicating a Jeff/Jensen fic to me; [ profile] fireheart13 & [ profile] bflyw for the Livejournal messages; [ profile] alycat, [ profile] ashtraythief, [ profile] kennsea, @MnMDes, [ profile] tanisafan, [ profile] sillie82, [ profile] fredbear, nielsvaneekelen and [ profile] eledhwenlin for all the tweets:)
    LJ only randomly send me notifications, so if I missed anything, let me know! *rolls around in all the bday love*

    Check out my pirate cake! )


    PREVIOUSLY: For those of you who missed it over the holidays: I posted a picspam of my visit to Artis Zoo and the Amsterdam Light Festival.

    NEXT: There will be an actual fact artpost as soon as I've done my laundry and filled up the queue of the NicknGreg tumblr!
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    Hahaha, I checked my most recent posts and noticed it was quite a dose of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Like I have no life. *blinks* But seriously: my current daily life is not that interesting. I wake up, force myself to get dressed, make sure I have breakfast and try to make it through the day with a maximum of job hunting and a minimum of guilt.
    Now that I finally seem to have beaten the barking cough, I am able to leave the house again, at least once a day. Often it's as simple as doing groceries or bringing empty jars and bottles to the glass reclycling area, but last Friday I even spent a whole afternoon in Amsterdam, so now I can finally offer you a JDM-less picspam for a change *grins*

    Strolling through town and picking the Nightwatch's nose... )

    When I cycled home from the trainstation, I passed by this tree. I thought I had imagined things so I got off my bike and walked back to take photos. (First one is taken while a car drove by; the orbs are raindrops. Close up with flash)

    Spooky, yes? I like it:)

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    In between preparations for the [ profile] spn_reversebang and being sick, I didn't get around to sorting out photos from my daytrip to The Hague almost two weeks ago.
    I'm still suffering from the barking cough and it feels like my head is filled with cottonballs, but now that the Art Previews are online and authors are trying to make a wishlist of the most inspirational promptpieces, while us artists are impatiently waiting for claimday, I had some time on my hands, so here's a tiny picspam:)

    14 photos of autumn and architecture )

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    Last friday my mom and I visited a Paper Art exhibit in the CODA museum in Apeldoorn. This town is a 50 minute trainride away from our hometown Z. The museum is a 15 minute walk from the station, but we took a little longer because we got distracted by the cute shops along the way;) We spent exactly(!) two hours in the museum and I made over a hundred photos (this is a selection). It was inspirational to see in how many different ways all those artists used paper. Not that I'm even close to this level of awesome*:

    1338 - CODA 9 okt2015.jpg
    3D Stamp by Diana Beltran Herrera (CLICK IIIIIIT)

    Want to see more professional paper art? Yes you do! )

    *Yet :-p
    Ooooh, even so, I did already receive a bid on my offer of paperart for the fanworks charity auction at [ profile] fandom4syria!
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    While practising taking photos with my phone I collected quite a few happy moments, varying from playtime with my nephew to enjoying the view from my couch. I had meant to post some of these a while ago, but only just now found time to sort them. May they bring you a bit of joy as well:)

    An afternoon with my nephew: building a racetrack with papertape and painting our fingernails with markers )

    Enjoying time at home )

    Look what I got
    Some time ago I came across a really cool Tumblr post with fascinating key-chain games, that I absolutely needed to HAVE. Of course there was no source mentioned, so it took me a bit of researching to find out where I could buy them (and to actually find a supplier that would ship to The Netherlands, thank you AliExpress) but I am now the proud owner of this Japanese decompression toys set )

    Quite some time ago I made a windmill post which also included a photo of little me in 1974, posing in front of a pair of wooden shoes on our garden wall. When I shared that I wasn't sure whether I had actually worn that particular pair, but my mom told me I most likely did, because she wouldn't have had those things on the wall if they didn't have some sentimental value *grins*. Anyway, I was surprised I hadn't been able to find photos of me actually wearing wooden shoes since I know I most certainly did. Turns out my brother was hogging some vacation photo albums from the seventies and eighties for scanning and my mom only just retreived them (guess how many photos have been scanned, haha). There were loads of photos of me on the campsite in France in 1980 wearing those typical Dutch wooden shoes. Here's a selection of four!In that superb photo-quality of the eighties... )

    Aaand that's a wrap :-)
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    *pouts* Am more than a little disappointed about the announcement of the new round for [ profile] spn_cinema; due to being in the middle of arting for the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang there is no way I'll be able to participate. That's another challenge that I've been with from the start changing its schedule. I was so looking forward to it back in March. This is gonna take a while to deal with. *huffs and puffs* Luckily I have plenty of things to keep my mind off. (Not all good, but at least they'll stop me from mulling; it kept me up all night, hrmpf.)

    I know I already did a touristy picspam yesterday, but I went through old family albums and I just have to share some cute vacation photos from the seventies. Back then we'd alternate summertrips to France and Danmark. My brother and I were adorable in black and white *grins*. One of the photos I found with my mom in Legoland reminded me of a trip I made with that brother when we were in our twenties. Spot the difference....

    Who is that girl? )
    Haha! - J.

    P.S. I didn't mean to be a buzzkill on the love meme, but as I told someone on Twitter today: I rather have people comment on my LJ posts once in a while;) #notverysubtlehint

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