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Starting the [ profile] quicky_bang community was one of my best ideas:) For this new round once again a whole bunch of awesome authors offered up their short stories and it's such a eclectic collection, a true treasure trove for artists who want to be inspired quickly. I chose a fic with a character I hadn't portrayed before and this time I really stuck to the no procrastination part of the challenge. I read the story, sketched an idea and went with it.

Of course doubt set in after I sent the result to my darling author and I started all over again with a digital version. Tsk, tsk. I ended up with two very different headers, but I'm putting the spotlight on my original idea. May I present:

Familiar Faces - header.jpg

Title: Familiar Faces
Author: [ profile] reeby10
Artwork by: [personal profile] beelikej
Medium: marker, crayons, papercutting and Photoshop
Characters: Dean Winchester, Victor Henriksen
Rating: G
Word count: 905
Summary: Dean had seen the guy hanging around the fringes of the investigation for days, ever since they rolled into town looking for the culprit of several mysterious deaths.

The work in progress and that other header... )

Thank you, [ profile] reeby10 for offering an alternative ending for Victor and for offering your story to the [ profile] quicky_bang so I could play with it.

Thanks to everyone stopping by, just so you know: I love all comments, short and long, praise and concrit. :-p

ALSO: The Quicky_Bang is still running! Authors can submit short fics all of August, artists can claim them and post their artwork until the end of September: GO HERE TO JOIN IN!


Want more? Check out my Masterlist of artsy fiddling:)
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Oh my goodness, Bad Dragon has a sale going on and I may or may not have just placed my very first order... *bites lip*

In other news: there are already two glorious art-pieces up in the [ profile] quicky_bang! Who's next? Check out the stories in the claimpost and grab one to illustrate (they are short fics, so you can get creative right away!)

[ profile] quicky_bang
Join the Quicky_Bang with short stories, art and love:)
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Oh yes, after I finally finished the MatchMaker Challenge, I grabbed a fic in the regular round of the [ profile] quicky_bang as well and I did all my arting within the timeline of the challenge, woohoo! (Posted a little later due to a pesky ear infection making me all blah the past couple of days) I even managed to sneak in a little bit of papercutting, but I mostly played with photos of these guys' beautiful faces. It was such a joy to try to capture the timeline of this lovely story. May I present:

ForeverLonely BANNER.jpg

Title: Forever is a Lonely Number
Author: [ profile] souslelys [AO3: lightinthehall]
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: papercutting and Photoshop
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 (Art is G;)
Word count: 3286
Summary: Jared ages, but Jensen never does. They stay together. (26!Jensen verse)

Yes, there is papercutting involved! )


Thank you, [ profile] souslelys for this wonderful universe, that felt snuggly and sexy and sad, sometimes all at the same time! Very glad you offered it up for a quicky, so I could visualize the pretty.


Want more? My Masterlist of artsy fiddling
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As the moderator of the [ profile] quicky_bang I keep an eye on all the fics that are offered up for a Quicky and thus the ones that are eventually archived for the MatchMaker Challenge. Of course, to play fair, I always make a blind selection for my own match. But when this fic was still available for the latest round of MatchMakers, I just had to grab it for myself. I wanted to make a banner to visualize all the dark, brooding feelings this story gave me...

I took a little longer than planned, but I'm happy to finally present my banner and to promote this wonderfully tense story:

Title: Sleeping Beauty
Author: [ profile] theyrebrothers[AO3: buttheyrebrothers]
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: papercutting and Photoshop
Characters: Jensen, Jared
Rating: NC-17 (I'd say art is PG-13;)
Word count: 2603
Enticements/Warnings: dubious consent, gunplay, dirty talk
Summary: Only mistake he ever made in twenty years and now it’s back to haunt him.

More bannerversions )
Making of )

Thank you, [ profile] theyrebrothers, for letting me play with your story and for your patience when I needed time to fight an artblock.
Now, everyone go read the story!

(But if you could comment on my art too, that would be awesome;)


Want more? My Masterlist of artsy fiddling
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Quick post to report that I did do the ABS work-out I told y'all about yesterday: five exercises in five minutes. Some minutes seems longer than others *grins* but it was a good start I think: plenty of room for improvement, hehehe. In order to keep track of time I used the sound of an app I have for a seven minute work-out, that counts down a minute for every exercise by clicking every second, with a few beeps in between to get ready for the next one.

For anyone who prefers my travel picspams to exercise talk; I posted photos of my trip to Amsterdam from last weekend in my photoblog! It features tulips and a walk through the Baarsjes neighbourhood which has some really cool buildings:)

Last but not least I'd like to promote the [ profile] quicky_bang again to all you artists out there: there are excellent fics on offer! We welcome all artforms, from sketches to banners in any medium, go and grab a short story to play with! (or share the link to spread the news;)
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A day beyond the deadline due to a busy weekend, so not as quick as I intended, but still in time for Round 2 of the [ profile] quicky_bang, I present to you my artwork for a sexy short J2 fic by [ profile] theatregirl7299! I made papercut sex toys which ended up rather small on the banner, but it's not quite safe for work nevertheless, so I'm putting the full artwork behind a cut so you can check it out in your own time *grins*.

TitleBanner Pure Delight.png

Title: Pure Delight
Author: [ profile] theatregirl7299
Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,549
Summary: Jensen owns an adult toy store. Jared comes in to buy a toy.

Full version of the banner with paperdildos! )

Step by step: from papercutting to photoshopping )

I shopped around for all the sextoy shapes; there are a couple from Bad Dragon and also Jared's choice in the story from Njoy Toys:) If you want a specific webaddress for one of the toys, let me know, I should be able to direct you in the right direction;)

The original shop-photo was made by me in 2015, on a history-walk through my own town; here's the full picspam of that tour. I edited the shelves to make room for the toys;)

The curtains are from Ikea, on top of them I photoshopped black lace from

Fonts in the final version: Blue Highway bold (title) & Candara (names).

Thank you, [ profile] theatregirl7299 for offering your story in the [ profile] quicky_bang, I had fun with it;)

Comments are always appreciated!


More quickies | My Masterlist of artsy fiddling
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For this round of the [ profile] quicky_bang I chose a sweet story with a subject I haven't visualized before: mpreg! It also features Jensen paired up with someone I never played with as a main character: the gorgeous Matt Cohen:) When [ profile] emmatheslayer told me the title was indeed based on one of the songs from Grease, I just couldn't resist using a beach scene from that film as a base.
But it's not all digital fiddling: for my additional art I did some papercutting with coloured paper! May I present:

Banner SummerLovin BLJ600.png

Title: Summer Lovin'
Author: [ profile] emmatheslayer
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: Papercut additional art, Digital banner
Pairing: Jensen/Matt
Rating: R (ART is PG-13, I suppose)
Word count: 1218
Enticements/Warnings: mpreg
Summary: Preschool teacher Matt goes to the beach and finds what he is looking for.

Teaser SummerLovin.png
(Or just scroll down;)

Additional Artwork! )

Papercutting in progress... )

Thank you, [ profile] emmatheslayer for offering your short story in the [ profile] quicky_bang and thus giving me a chance to try mpreg. It was also fun to fiddle with Matt Cohen *grins*

All comments are appreciated, from extensive concrit about my manipping and/or drawing abilities to simple smiles!

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Wow, two posts in one day! Good thing I don't need my leg to art. Despite the injury I managed to finish before the deadline, yay!
After doing a Speeddate, I chose to do a Blinddate for the [ profile] quicky_bang Matchmaker Challenge. As a mod I knew all submitted fics would be great to work with, but I was very happy to draw this bittersweet short story giving Sam one night with Madison. MY HEART. *clutches* I tried to capture the sadness in soft watercolours and simple lines. May I present:

Title: Would you stay as you are lying there?
Author: [ profile] pbandbsandwichs
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: black marker and watercolours
Pairing: Sam/Madison
Rating: NC-17 (ART is PG-13, I suppose)
Word count: 1343
Summary: This story diverges from canon in 2x17 "Heart". Sam and Madison get to spend one last night together, even though the outcome is still the same.

Sketches and unedited art )

Comments are appreciated:) Then grab a hanky and go read [ profile] pbandbsandwichs beautiful story. *sniffles*

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My new job is still cool; I cycle to work with a smile on my face every day. I also love that even though it's a full time job I have Friday afternoons off, so every weekend feels like a long weekend and I get so much stuff done!

I'm currently working on another piece of art for the [ profile] quicky_bang MatchMaker challenge. Sketching is done, I will be playing with watercolours next... So no papercutting like in my most recent artpost;)

Thanks to organizing this challenge I've discovered so many cool new artists. Check out the artwork tag in the community. Feel inspired? You can still join until August 5 to receive a short story to art for: SIGN UP! *pokes all artists on my flist*

I'm also planning on doing [ profile] spn_cinema; round 7 will start on August 6 and I have a perfect film in mind for my favorites to star in. It is rather sad, but as a smart woman said: sad is happy for deep people :-p

If you follow me on Twitter you know I'm still doing daily Work-Outs. For anyone who is interested in joining our support group; we're also doing check ins on LiveJournal and next week we're starting an awesome new 60 Days Challenge, called Hero's Journey. It's suitable for beginners and you can read all about it in [ profile] somersault_j's post here!

Last but not least: this morning I heard rumours about it, and this evening I found out it's true: JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN SHAVED HIS BEARD OFF. I'm all giddy about it. Below are the photos I found. *wibbles*

Look at that jaw AND THOSE DIMPLES in their full glory )

So. How was your day?
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I had planned to get this artwork for the [ profile] quicky_bang Matchmaker Challenge done last weekend, but real life got me stuck in Amsterdam and traveling for an extra day, so I had to postpone arts & crafts. I'll tell you more about those adventures later, I'm glad I still made the three week deadline, woohoo!
For all SPN artists out there: you too can sign up for a match until August 5; challenge yourself with a surprise story and get creative! I grabbed myself a new pairing to work with and played around with paper and light. My personal challenge was to not procrastinate and fiddle, but just get going and keep going:) Result! May I present to you:

(Click to zoom,that goes for all the behind the scenes pics too:)

Title: Mission Accomplished
Author: [ profile] reeby10
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: papercutting (and a bit of string)
Pairing: Lucifer!Sam/Gabriel
Rating: NC-17 (ART is PG-13, I suppose)
Word count: 2639
Enticements/Warnings: This story diverges from canon in 5x22 "Swan Song" when Sam says yes to Lucifer and contains psychologial torture and rape. Read the notes!!
Summary: Lucifer clenched and unclenched his fists, glancing around with disinterest as he acclimated to this new body. It was much more comfortable than the last one, even with Sam struggling in the back of his mind.

Different light effects and WIP )

FONTS: title cut-out is the Floydian, rest is the Casslon Antique Italic
I used a screenshot from Supernatural S05E19 – Hammer of the Gods to figure out how big Gabriel's wings were. The rest of the visual was inspired by [ profile] reeby10's short story that made me step away from my usual pairings:) Thank you, [ profile] reeby10 for offering me that challenge in the [ profile] quicky_bang!

As always also a big thanks to everyone in fandom for indulging my artsy endeavors and for stopping by; I'd love to hear what you think!


P.S. I updated My Masterpost of artsy fiddling
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A quick post before I start trying a new work-out for the next 30 Days Challenge... (more about that later:)
Because I wanted to share the creative gifts I received in [ profile] milly_gal's Arts&Crafts Exchange! The awesome [ profile] angelus2hot spoiled me with two presents: she crocheted an adorable piggy AND made me a silver JDM necklace with red swarovski hearts! <3

Look at its cute little snout!

The piggy is standing on my computer speaker and I wrapped the necklace around its neck, so I can look at it every time I'm behind my desk :-)

Thank you, [ profile] angelus2hot, I LOVE IT <3<3 It continually makes me smile (It's so ME;)

Also: I made quite a bit of fanart in the past few weeks!
While checking links I noticed it's a very eclectic collection of collaborations:
Quicky_Bang 2: papercutting and watercolour banner for The Ice Age
SPN Meant to Be 2: bookcovers and dress-up doll for The Roommate
SPN_J2 BigBang pinch hit: animated storybanner plus dividers and photo-scenes for Begin to Begin Again

Last but not least: SIGN UPS for the NEW Matchmaker Challenge at the [ profile] quicky_bang are open! You can join in all of July to get a short surprise fic to create art for. Choose a SPEED date if you want three stories to pick from or a BLIND date if you want a fic featuring your favorite characters. Come play!
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Oh yes, another [ profile] quicky_bang, I couldn't resist picking another marvelous short story to illustrate. This short fic has such strong visuals I just had to grab it. Once again I spent more time on it than a quicky should require and besides the papercutting I played with watercolours and more... Check the behind the scenes if you're curious how I made:

Banner Ice Age - BLJ-600.png

Title: The Ice Age [LJ | AO3]
Author: [ profile] balder12
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Characters: Sam, Castiel
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3800
Enticements/Warnings: Gen. Post ep Supernatural S9Ep09
Summary: Sam doesn't know what the man in the trench coat wants. All he knows is the man is very insistent, and the ice is getting closer.

Full papercut/watercolour artwork: Blood on Iceflowers )

Now... there are still more stories on offer in the [ profile] quicky_bang so I'm still tempted to do another one, but I have a collaboration for MTB to finish first, so we'll see...



My Masterlist of Artsy Fiddling
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So, time to come clean: I set up the [ profile] quicky_bang for pure selfish reasons; I wanted to find more short fics and challenge myself with tighter deadlines. Thanks to loads of eager authors the community turned into a treasure trove of stories. I didn't quite succeed in my second goal, because I already got carried away with the first fic I grabbed *grins*. Still made it before the required one month deadline though, ha! I happily present my artwork for:

Title: There's a UFO over New York and I ain't too surprised
Author: [ profile] blackrabbit42
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Pairing: Jensen/alien!Jared
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2100
Enticements/Warnings: Interspecies sex, tentacles, slight(?) dubcon, body modification, implied mpreg
Summary: Jensen still sees Jared as he first appeared, human muscle and bone propped up over him, a fine patch of pubic hair lost and mingled in Jensen’s own. But equally there is something else. Something made of vibrantly glowing tentacles, too many to count, too tangled to pinpoint their origin of symmetry. Each one ends either in a small round bulb, pulsating with light, or a tiny single claw, segmented and grasping.

Papercut artwork: Strange Days Indeed... )

How it was made! )

But I had to play a little more, so I went up to the big screen and beamer up in my attic for another light-test...

Bonus Light Effects )

Credits )

Gosh, this was a fun project, even if I spent much more time on it than I had planned. I definitely want to make some more art for the [ profile] quicky_bang, but that will be less elaborate *grins*.


Want more? My Masterpost of artsy fiddling
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Oh my goodness *sniffs self*. I discovered an old bottle of soap in my bathroom and it IS SO DELICIOUS! The scent gives me all kinds of feelings; you know, the kind you get after reading a really good fic? Bliss. (I'm also testing a set of samples from Deep Midnight perfumes, will post about that later:)
Speaking of good fic: I grabbed myself one in the [ profile] quicky_bang to illustrate! If you are an artist or know artists looking for inspiration, head on over for all sorts of awesome stories to make art for (so many visuals to choose from!)

Before I'll continue arting, I have a couple of old photos from my latest trip to Amsterdam to share and also this:

My screensaver is a slideshow of my J3 pic-archive and when these two showed up after each other, I just had to combine them for obvious reasons *chinhands* (Credits: JDM - Sam Comen 2010 for Maxim, I could not find an original source or date for young Jensen in his Superman shirt)

Anyway, here are photos from my bicycle and Amsterdam )
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Wootwoot! First hook-up on [ profile] quicky_bang established \o/ \o/ and there is whole bunch of other short stories that long to be illustrated. So I'm calling all artists in the Supernatural fandom who are looking for some action before the BB starts, to come over and check the goodies on offer: TAKE ME NOW!
I'm thrilled this new art-community is off to such a great start! If you have an art-prompt or are looking for a collaboration date, click the banner below for more links and information:)

*whispers* Also, I'm wondering if I should set an example or if it just would be greedy if I grabbed one of those fics for myself...
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From participating in the Snowflake challenge earlier this year, I learned there are a lot of authors wishing for art to go with their stories and a lot of artists with a desire to create. Both were not sure how to approach each other. I hope to bring y'all together in this new Supernatural art-community: [ profile] quicky_bang!

The main challenge is for authors to offer short stories to artists for inspiration, but there is also a corner for art-prompts and a meet up post for collaborations. Stories can be old or new, as long as they have less than 5000 words and no art, you can offer them in this post. Or click the banner below for more information!

[ profile] quicky_bang
Round 1: submit short stories until April 30th; create art before May 31st

If you like this idea, please help me promote the community, there are promo banners and an introduction here!

Let's get this party started!
(If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, leave them here or in the sticky post)


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