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WoOt, wo0t! Had a long weekend and when I got to work this morning a parcel had arrived with THREE NEW BOOKS \o/ I updated my readinglist:)

I've been disappointed to find out the [ profile] spn_cinema challenge will be postponed until the autumn. Not the first time one of my favorite events changes plans and I'm very bad at accepting change. Plus I was READY; had a film and medium picked out and everything. First thought was to stop joining challenges alltogether, but maybe I should take this opportunity to sing up for [ profile] spnspringfling? I don't know... making something anonymously (in both directions) is just so nervewracking, but I do like working on my own and I love the short turnaround.
I still have until Friday to consider, right? I'm still a little too sad to care. Opinions are appreciated.

So, about that long weekend! I had a [ profile] sillie82 from Friday until Sunday. There was lots of CSI (3 golden oldies and 13 episodes of Season 15 with a final that has a major impact on our OTP) and a film (Scott Pilgrim vs The World, which S. hadn't seen, so I picked it knowing she's a fan of Chris Evans *grins*) plus of course Supernatural (an episode from S1 with John for meeeeee and five episodes of Season 10, oh wow).
Before we sat down to watch all this on the big screen up in my attic I took S. along on an official touristy city walk through my town. Want to walk with us? We only did half the tour, which already took us four hours, because we are slow thorough.
Of course I made a lot of photos, here's a selection of 24 with minimum text (hahahahaha).

We start behind that bookstore-in-a-church I told you about last time... )
If you want the full history walk and talk, you are welcome to come over;)

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Yes, that is news:) I never watch SPN by myself; I usually wait for [ profile] sillie82 to come over for a weekend of CSI and SPN-fangirling, but I couldn't resist the lure of a musical and the squee on my flist. So I watched it. And loved it loads:) Am I correct in remembering that besides Sam & Dean there were no other men with speaking parts? Help me out here, before I can't stop myself and watch it again1. (Gosh it was delightful, wasn't it? My personal favorite was scruffy John *g*)

1Totally would if I could, but I'm leaving for The Hague: am sleeping over at my brother's so I can accompany my nephew to tomorrow's arrival of Sinterklaas in Scheveningen. Will be back with photos;)
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It's not easy to get me out of my job-related funk these days, but today I totally forgot about my work-woe because [ profile] dephigravity suprised me with AWESOME ARTWORK. Look at this amazing John/Azazel animation.. <3<3<3

So awesome. So cool. And MINE, haahahahahaaa! I've been grinning all day.
Thank you, [ profile] dephigravity for making this extraordinairy piece of art (in support for FandomAid). It's wonderful.
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Had wanted to post this earlier, before the final of my favorite TV show (Heel Holland Bakt - the Dutch version of The Great British Bake Off;) but LJ was being a butt. The best (and cutest) home baker won with marvelous cookies and cake, yay!

After two days of lots of CSI, Supernatural and Being Human, this morning [ profile] sillie82 and I ended our fangirl marathon with the 3 hour miniseries about Marilyn Monroe called "Blonde", purely for the three (four?) scenes that feature young Jensen Ackles (2001!). He plays Eddie G. who *apparently* was in a threesome relationship with Marilyn together with Cass Chaplin (son of Charlie), played by a young Patrick Dempsey (fanfiction in motion, people; never happened in real life, but oh so much fun to watch;) Marilyn's character is all over the place and very annoying, the dialogues are cringe-worthy, but oh my, there is Jensen dancing in a kimono and diving enthusiastically between Marilyn's legs, so five stars for that \o/

Someone was wondering why we were watching all these hot series in an almost unbearably hot attic and I realized not everyone knows about my upstairs cinema *grins* So for those of you who are new here or who missed previous accounts on fangirl marathons, here are some photos.

Dance dance )
Fangirling really can't get any better than that:)

To see more photos (and a bigger audience) up in my attic, check out these old posts. Whenever a new Potter film was released, I would invite my Potterposse and we would watch all the films over one weekend before going to the latest edition in the cinema.
2009: 5 films, 6 people
2010: 6 films, 5 people
2011: 7 films, 7 people
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A short and quick update today because I'm still in the middle of a fangirlmarathon with [ profile] sillie82. Yesterday afternoon we watched the latest episodes of CSI season 13, four in total; I decided to skip the one about Hodges and we didn't watch the final because it was a to-be-continued so we'll save that for our S14 marathon. Before bed we watched two Supernatural episodes: S8Ep8 (Hunter Heroici) and S8Ep11 (LARP and the Real Girl).

(Per tradition I pick the CSIs and Sillie the SPNs, taking special wishes of the other into consideration of course;)

This morning we slept in a bit and after breakfast we started with Being Human season 1. It's superhot up in the attic already, but we managed to survive thanks to my huge fan and plenty of water and cool down breaks (in which we checked up on Tumblr and talked about fandom a lot:) After lunch we brought up bowls of water to soak our feet in and we put wet hankies in our neck;)

We just had dinner and will now take our sorbet desserts upstairs to accompany us for season 2. \o/
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While checking my own comments on the BB artworks, I came across some beautiful images made for [ profile] spn_illuminated that I just have to add to the reclist: look at these wonderful prompt-drawings that were the inspiration for The Other End by artist [ profile] vail_kagami. - I love the drawing with the flowing hair and dark shadows, it can be interpreted as either sad or dreamy. The sketched scene is pretty cool too; the strong multiple pencil lines give their hands and arms a sense of movement. I like it lots. Go give these some love!

Now, on to the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang!

BB 2012 reclist part three )

And last but not least: my own new artwork is online now! For To See The World In A Grain Of Sand by [ profile] belledewinter. A steampunk J2 version of Around The World In 80 Days! Check it out?

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As you may have figured out, I'm a huge fan of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. So obviously I was thrilled to find a fic/art challenge that centers around him (and his character John Winchester from Supernatural). In February the authors shared summaries of their long stories anonymously and then the artists got a chance to pick the one they wanted to create art for. I hereby proudly present my claim in the [ profile] john_w_bigbang! (As always: click on the images for full size:)

Title: Stolen
Author: [ profile] jayfray18
Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: Photoshop & Illustrator
Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Pairing: Jeff/Jensen
Genre: Werewolf
Story-rating: NC-17 (for sex & violence)
Wordcount: 16.500
Warnings: Angst, animal-cruelty, fighting/biting (blood)
Summary:In a world that has seen the Were gene become common place, one family has been collecting the creatures for decades, keeping the Weres caged in their animal form for their own entertainment. When his mate disappears, Jensen must fight to recover what has been stolen from him, because sometimes, when something is taken from you, you HAVE to fight to get it back.

Art is safe for work and cruelty free, but graphic intensive, as I have a lot of images to share. The story was inspirational;)


Thank yous
Besides using my own photos in the background, I obviously also needed a lot of pictures from other sources. More information about all the images I used can be found in my Spring 2012 Sourcepost.

Thank you, [ profile] jayfray18, I really loved that you wrote an AU that is grounded in real life as we know it, with actors Jeff and Jensen very much being the men I love. The werewolves and OC made this an awesome challenge for art while I could still enjoy fiddling with my two favorite guys;) It was a pleasure.

A BIG thanks to [ profile] deadflowers5 for organizing the [ profile] john_w_bigbang. You did an excellent job!

Last but not least: thank YOU, dear lurker, friend or passer-by for checking out my artwork. I really love comments of all kinds, so if you have a minute, please share your thoughts, observations and/or concrit :-)


Masterlist of all my SPN artwork
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Finally: the belated Picspam of Pretty for [ profile] sillie82's birthday. I'm not revealing her age, but I promised her 30 photos of Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) and Eric Szmanda (CSI). *grins*
I made a collection of semi-identical sets with both of these guys, so you can play 'spot the difference' or more likely 'what are the similarities, even'. Have fun!

Here they are! )
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I should know by now that Saturdays are not good for to-do-lists. My body and brain are so relieved to be free from work and its obligation of getting dressed and keeping to a schedule, that they both give me this put upon sigh instead of their cooperation. So as usual I didn't do anything as planned today.
I did manage to feed myself in between hanging out online though, so yay. Laundry and dishes will have to wait until tomorrow. Or Monday, since I have a long weekend \o/ But I want to get most stuff done on Sunday, because I have a massage appointment on Monday and I'd like to be as relaxed as possible to fully enjoy it:)

It's not like I did nothing, it's just that I spent most of my time in a different fandom than I had meant to. Hope my ReverseBang authors don't panic; I will deliver J2/JDM/SPN related artwork as promised. But not today.

Today I cleaned up the WMTDB fanfic archives for the Nick/Greg community and I uploaded a bunch of fanvids to the NicknGreg YouTube Channel

Here, have one of my favorites )
It was made for my birthday in 2005 by [ profile] fabiale after I told her how much I loved that song by The Cure. I had only just joined the Nick/Greg fandom. Fangirls FTW \o/

Oh, I also signed up for another BigBang. You can still join in as author or artist at the [ profile] john_w_bigbang: for artworks featuring John Winchester or Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Rough drafts and claims aren't due until February 2012, I should be done with all my other challenges by then *grins*
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It's so quiet in the [ profile] nickngreg community. *sighs* From the comments on last week's episode it seems people have even lost the ability to see my OTP. Granted, TPTB don't make it easy, but believe me when I tell you the chemistry is still there. When those guys don't hang together, I still get satisfaction from them individually. Greg's ability to age backwards, Nick's wardrobe; they both provide me with plenty to ogle.
So allow me to share my slash goggles and show you what I mean.

S12Ep5 CSI Down: a summary in Nick/Greg screencaps )

Now next week I want you all with me. I have comfy chairs and a big screen. Fandom, unite!
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I'm glad my vacation is over; work is giving me a purpose in life. That may sound pathetic, but I really love my job. On top of having something fun to do, it also supplies me with plenty of things (people;) to bitch about, yay.

But it's not all work that keeps me busy. Here's a silly something that I also spent some time on:

Misha Collins is a sexy SciFi babe )

Speaking of voting: remember that MTV poll for best video of the 2000s? Guess who won and is now in the running for Best MusicVideo of all times1! (Hint: I like them;)

Okay, fine I admit it: sometimes the internet is more fun than work;)

*Off to watch the final three episodes of West Wing Season 4.

(1 Note how MTV is covering its arse with not calling it that, ahw)
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Oh internet, you're so funny. The Supernatural/J2 fancorner on Tumblr is getting all weak in the knees about a long and lovely interview with Jensen & Jared. Obviously I had to read it and it is indeed pretty awesome. But a couple of answers looked familiar to me and seeing as nobody seemed to know whether the interview was real or where it came from, I did some googling... To my surprise I ended up at [ profile] sillie82's LJ! Turns out (a part of) this interview is from the article in Dutch magazine Star that she and I translated back in 2009! Heh. I completely forgot we did that. Strangely enough the interview is edited* and gained some extra text since then; Jensen & Jared now mention being at each other's weddings (which were in 2010), so those answers were either fabricated or added from another source more recently. It would be nice if someone could verify where those additions came from. Until otherwise proven I prefer to believe it's ALL real :-p

The whole interview in English with links to the original (scanned) article in Dutch

*For instance: in the Dutch article Jared cried because of a book he was reading, according to this version he cried over Toy Story 3. And the lightning round questions were originally published in a mini-bio instead of interview form. There's more (like the grocery comments), but I have been stalling doing my BigBang homework all day, so I'm stepping away from the internet now. (I'll probably be back to check and compare more thouroughly later, because I'm utterly fascinated by this)
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*scrolls through flist* Ahw, to see the excitement of the SPN-fangirls. I remember the days when there were still a lot of CSI-fangirls (and boys) on my flist who got all enthused about the new season. WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Yes. All smitten by those Winchester boys. *glares*. I miss you all, you know. Wish you would still squee with meeeeeeeee.

Because despite my hanging out in the J2 part of the SPN fandom, I'm not giving up on my OTP in CSI. *clings* You'll find no spoilers here, but I was most pleased to see both Nick and Greg in the first episode of Season 11. (E-le-ven. Beat that, SPN;)

So. I'm mixing fandoms this weekend... now that I have -finally- watched the new CSI, I'm returning to work on my ReverseBang artwork. BECAUSE I GOT CLAIMED. \o/ I will not reveal the identity of my author yet, but how ironic cool is it that we know each other from the aforementioned Nick/Greg fandom? Very cool, I say!

Especially since I had a bit of a bummed out day; this is that time of the month when I wish I had a bath-tub and could just soak in hot water all day. Instead I curled up in bed with my laptop filled with fanfic for comfort. I also slept a lot and forgot to feed myself properly. I'm feeling better now though, I think the worst is over. Time for some soup!

Oh, if you're interested: I updated my booklist; among other books I bought The Fry Chronicles and four books by Virgina Woolf, the latter because of the gorgeous artwork on the cover, but also because I obviously need more female authors on my to read list *scolds self* - any recommendations? I hope to write some reviews tomorrow.
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So. The Threesome Handbook. Y'all know why I bought that, don't you? Whatever you think: it honestly wasn't because of the subject. I would have bought Vicki Vantoch's book whatever it was about (with the exception maybe of gardening or golf;) because she happens to be a person that I'm interested in by proxy. *grins*

From my previous posts on the book, both written while I was reading it (about three way marriage in the Netherlands and using astrology to find a partner), you may have gotten the impression that I was disappointed. I am not!
The Threesome Handbook is an interesting and informative book, written in a fun style with loads of personal accounts of the good, the bad and the ugly sides of threesome relationships. I learned a lot. I was surprised there were more combinations of three people than I thought and it was a joy to be educated on the subject.
I can't even handle a relationship with one person, so I'm fascinated by people who are willing to open themselves up to others, and exponentially so by people who are able to share.

It's just that I was thrown off immediately in the introduction by the casual mentioning of a three way marriage in the Netherlands. Based on being Dutch, I knew that couldn't be true (and not because I hadn't heard of it;). It annoys me a lot when authors or editors offer that kind of argument and then fail to provide a source. I tried to let it go and read on, only to find another more specific mention on page 120:
picture of page behind the cut )

Any Dutch person could tell you right away there is something wrong with this information. The names are obviously misspelled. And if one can't even get those right, what is the worth of the actual statement? Not satisfied with the lack of a source, I decided to do some research on my own, if only to check if I was right about marriage in the Netherlands always being between two people.

Now before I give you my findings, let me once again assure you that the book is awesome. This three-way-marriage issue is the ONLY verifiable news-item on the subject of threesomes mentioned in the book. The rest of the book is based on Vantoch's research amongst American threesomes and contains a lot of useful tips from several personal accounts. The only other actual-fact that's used for comparison is the 50% divorce rate for traditional marriages in the U.S., which I feel no need to dismiss, as I suspect that's pretty accurate.

I would also like to make clear that I don't attack out of spite. Even though my hopes were smashed after inititally being told that bisexual single women are the most desirable amongst threesomes. Apparently being a loner puts me on the list of 'people to avoid in three-ways' and my starsign is the only one that scores a measly 1 out of 4 on the threesome meter. Fuck. It's a good thing Capricorns don't believe in astrology.

So here is the truth about marriage and civil unions in the Netherlands )

1When judging my tone; be aware I'm a green, left-wing, feminist, bisexual and celebate woman. (If you need additional, possibly relevant information, ask! :-)

The Threesome Handbook by Vicki Vantoch is available at The Bookdepository
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So much fangirling this weekend: I did not even have time to blog. So I'm slacking making some time at work to report:-)

Had a double fandommarathon this weekend with [ profile] artistic_sillie. She brought SuperNatural to get me up to date, I had saved CSI to watch together. We also put two films on the program and I added Gilmore Girls episodes with Baby!Jared and Badboy!Chad.
First film on Fridaynight was Overboard which I picked so Sillie could finally read the excellent J2 fanfic The Second Man from [ profile] tru_faith_lost and [ profile] captcrashsc (that I recced here.)

On Saturday we watched CSI Season 10 episodes 6 through 13 with exception of CrossOver Ep7, and episode 12 because those sucked. Hey, that's only 2 out of 8; if you are still ignoring CSI based on last season's lameness, you are missing out! So far it's mostly an awesome continuation of the Nick/Greg goodness \o/. The casefiles are pretty interesting too *grins*.

In between marathoning Sillie helped me with the CupCake Experiment; as it turns out the massive fail on my last try was caused because I added sugar on top of the honey, thus making the mixture too overwhelming for the amount of flour. Lesson learned :-)

After the last CSIs we made a short break for dinner (spaghetti) and after the aforementioned Gilmore Girls we watched Ten Inch Hero. So I finally got to see Jensen and his mohawk. I especially approved of the kilt and the sideburns. The beard? Not so much. But even that couldn't hide the cute;). Too bad the film had to resort to the Breakfast Club method so make that point. I also finally got a good look at Danneel, who is indeed adorable, although I desperately wanted to feed her and her eyebrows worry me.

Speaking of eyebrows: Happy Birthday George Eads! And speaking of birthdays: Happy Birthday [ profile] cinderlily! And Jensen Ackles! And Roger Daltrey. And Mark-Paul Gosselaar. And Tim Daly. Wow. Lot of pretty people are celebrating their birthday today! I feel tempted to do a celebratory picspam tonight! Congratulations to all:)

Where was I? Oh, right: Supernatural. We watched a couple of episodes before bed and continued on Sunday morning. I think I admitted before that I wouldn't watch the show on my own; it feels like Buffy-light for boys. But it's no punishment to sit down and fangirl, so even if the stories don't always rock my socks, I still had a very good time and judging by the squee next to me, Sillie didn't mind watching the episodes again :-p Before I get kicked out of fandom; I do think Jensen, Misha and Jared do an awesome job; I'm especially impressed by Jared's ability to be evil. (Even more so after being reminded of his dimpleness in Gilmore Girls;)
We finished our marathon with some fanvids Like this one:)

So, yes. Fun was had. At 14.22 I brought Sillie to the busstop and waved goodbye.

I spent the afternoon getting fandom out of my system and Sunday evening I snuggled in my readingchair to finish the Green Carnation Trilogy by Floortje Zwigtmans.

What an awesome weekend.

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