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Finished that menstruation book I was raving about yesterday \o/. Besides being a lot of fun to read, it was quite educational in a non-stuffy way. The book also reminded me I had meant to look for alternative for pads in combination with my menstrual cup. I could use some advice on this. I'll continue behind the cut for those who are not in the mood for more on this subject; )
Thanks for listening:) Feel free to talk about any experience with periods or femcare products. If you have any questions about the cup, I'll gladly answer them!

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After a short, but very busy week at work, I finally have time to reminisce about the wonderful long fangirlweekend I spent in Oslo (OSLO! NORWAY!) with [ profile] sillie82 and [ profile] bflyw (who invited us to her awesome home) *smishes both*. It was awesome flailing about CSIs Nick/Greg and all the SPN guys with them (even if they don't 'get' Buffy The Vampire Slayer;) and I will share pics and stories with y'all later, but I have to catch up on mail and comments to challenge communities first.

This is just a quick sign of life post to share a one time only link to a cute animal-photoset. (I hear your shocked gasps, my friends, I hear it. No worries, I did not turn into a pet person all of a sudden. Animals are still mostly only appreciated either in the wild or on my plate ;-)

It's just that this bathing pig reminded me of myself, when I tried out my lovely blow up kiddie pool this morning.

Don't worry, there are no naked pics of me here, but there is mention of ttotm, just so you know; )

Sneakpeek browsing through my flist showed me lots of fandom love going all around, I hope to join in the fun later this weekend. But first I really do have to answer my mail right after I read this pornficlet. Keep on spreading that joy *twirls you all*
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Huh, here I was worried it was too silly, so I'm immensely proud and pleased with the response to my artwork for spn_cinema:) *blushes*.

Been working on my entry for spn_meanttobe for a while, but have no idea how to finish it, so I'm gonna put it aside until tomorrow. Will have to make some sort of schedule to 1. reply to comments; 2. post meanttobe art; 3. start sketching for BigBang. There is a big family birthday next weekend and then it's a long weekend London and then and then and then... What is time? Also: work. *rolls eyes*

Confessiontime: I'm mighty wobbly from all the pictures that have been showing up from Mr. Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Cannes. *sighs* (to promote The Salvation) Dayum. He's wearing some very sophisticated suits (one with a VEST even)
(I may or may not have been imagining being able to write fanfic and done some research on how close Cannes is to Rome, where Jensen and Jared will be next weekend. What? I'm suffering from a very bloody period and I'm horny, shut up.)
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I had a marvelous marathon weekend with [ profile] sillie82 and am now all caught up on CSI and Supernatural (even though we had to skip a few episodes of both series to make it;).
The downside of these splendid fangirl days is that I missed all the fic and art that was posted while I was squeeing in real life. Recs and links are appreciated!
On top of my reading-list so far are the anniversary time stamps of Doors of Time by [ profile] felisblanco and the collection of stories posted for the [ profile] smpc.
I also hope to finish the final stories from the [ profile] spn_reversebang (I have three left on my e-reader!). After that I will visit all those marvelous authors to comment. I think I also missed a couple of last minute artposts in that challenge, so I'll check up on that as well.

In between the fandomrelated fun, we watched a film (which I will not mention, because it's going to be my claim for the [ profile] spn_cinema challenge in March...) and Sillie was kind enough to endure a slideshow of my Australia photos, bless. We had also put some old school Supernatural on our program, because this marvelous animation that [ profile] dephigravity made for me, made me in desperate need for a double dose of John Winchester/Azazel;)

OOoh, I see there was also a Winter Olympics fic-meme that inspired stories.

Well, better get to work *rolls up sleeves and dives into Livejournal*

What did you do this weekend?

Oh joy

Feb. 7th, 2014 12:30 pm
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So it seems my body has indeed entered the early stages of menopause (apparently you're not supposed to actually call it that until the 'm' has paused for over a year;). Last year my cycle skipped two months which gave me the misguided hope that the whole thing was over with. This delightful feeling was crashed in December, when it was party-time as usual. *pouts*
Since a couple of weeks my body is completely confused and I have no idea what my monthly timeline is. The past few days I experienced all the usually spread out festivities at once: headache and nausea from pms, cramps from ovulation and -woohoo- a bloody mess that doesn't fit the normal schedule.

Seeing as I've been as regular as clockwork since the beginning (oh my, has it been thirty years already?) I made a doctor's appointment to rule out other issues. Physical examination didn't show any problems, so that at least eased my mind. I still have to wait two weeks for the result of the additional test, but I expect that to be alright as well.

Looks like I have no other option than to go with the flow (so to speak, heh). *angrily starts singing You make me feel like a natural woman.

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Ugh. My artwork is now in that 'fuck-it-this-is-never-gonna-work'-stage, so I'm giving up for today. Am not in a good mood to be creative anyway, let's blame that on the period, to at least get something out of that. *sighs*. Right. A weekly update... (Don't worry, it comes with a happy link to the adorable nephew, so it's not all blah;)

and I'm not gonna talk about work, so it's really not that bad )

What have you been up to?
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Pffff, my body was not happy this morning after yesterday's activities. Objecting muscles everywhere whenever I moved! Luckily I could make it feel better this afternoon with that rescheduled treat: a hot stone/cold stone massage. I had no idea what to expect, so I was glad my masseuse explained a little bit of what was going to happen beforehand. She still managed to surprise me though;)

At the beginning of the session my back got covered in (heavy!) hot stones before my masseuse worked on my legs one by one. She alternately rubbed the oil around with hot stones and ICECOLD stones, eeep! Quite a shock to the system, but a very nice feeling. At the end she put tiny hot pebbles in between my toes and wrapped my feet up with a hot stone on the soles. Then she started on my back, taking away the hot stones and rubbing hot oil on before doing the hot/cold stones alternation again, in very fancy patterns. That difference in temperature was a lot harsher than on my legs; there was very deep and loud sighing on my end *grins* SO GOOD. After a bit of snoozing with another set of hot stones on my back we ended the session with a face massage, also including cold stones.
What a wonderful massage, I didn't feel as sleepy afterwards as with my usual Chinese kneeding session; just very relaxed and refreshed. Definitely one I'll ask for again in the future!

This evening I've been looking into tours and traveling between Sydney and Melbourne; the massive amount of options (and costs) got me a bit down. Decided to put it aside for the rest of the night. I wish I had a PA to arrange these things for me.
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After yesterday's relaxing, I had some physical chores on my list today. I managed to stall all morning and mostly hung on my couch reading and watching tv. But I did eventually get up and got to work...
I scrubbed my back balcony (that was covered with fungi - yuch) and build a bench!

behold the result of my manual labor! )
I feel very accomplished.
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This was pretty much a perfect day; all the time for myself and I accidently fit in some chores as well, go me! Started with putting out the garbage and then did some reading on the couch, finishing a wonderful BB-fic on my e-reader.

After that I had a luxury shower and did the dishes (only a week old!). I caught up online and validated my new creditcard. Had a big lunch and repaired my pink hat while watching the news.

Highlight of the day was my mmmassage; I was so glad I had decided to take the bus and not cycle there in this humid heat. Besides enjoying the climate control, it also gave me over half an hour of reading time (back and forth!), diving into another brilliant BB-fic *happy sigh*.

The massage was perfect, even if kneeding my calves and shoulder muscles felt a little harsh, my body clearly needed that;) My regular/favorite massage is a custom made version of a Chinese massage, called 'Time for yourself' and that's exactly what it is. There is no set time, it lasts until it's done. Today that was about an hour of uninterupted bliss.

Originally I had another massage planned for Friday, but since it's gonna be a whopping 33 Celsius then, my masseuse and I figured it was better to reschedule to Wednesday. I've chosen a hot and cold stone massage, am very curious to find out what that's like. Will report back here;)

On my way home I did groceries (there was a very convenient busstop in front of a supermarket) and had a meatball Subway while waiting for the next bus (It has been years since I had one, so good). When I got home I plopped down on the couch and finished the second BB fic of today (accompanied by ice and chocolate;)

Now I'm gonna do the rounds online before bed (probably chinhand at all those behind the scenes gifs of J2M fooling around at that new photoshoot;). I'm still on a dopey high from that massage, so will no doubt fall asleep easily:)

Night night.
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This morning I first did a bit of relaxed reading on the couch. When I eventually turned on the computer I spent the rest of my day selecting photos because I wanted to share the awesome time I had in Amsterdam yesterday.
I went there to visit brotherdearest and to go on a quest for Tony Chocolonely's new chocolatebar with seasalt and caramel. This flavour is not available in my town and I had made a treasure map of all the shops in the big city where they were supposed to be sold. I found exactly one shop that had them in stock; all the additional stores my brother and I located were either closed or only had the regular bars! Pfff.

Fortunately our second challenge of the day was more succesful. We cycled all around town to check out this summer's city-art project and saw the most amazing sculptures. You'll find a selection below, as well as some touristy photos and at the end a map of our bicycle-adventure. Hopefully you'll enjoy these spots as much as we did!

Oh, before you go on, you should know that apparently the theme of the art I liked most was "penis". Of course it's all artsy, there is no nude realism and the photos are totally safe for the workplace, but consider yourself warned;)

Art in Amsterdam )

Around nine brotherdearest and I took a train to Utrecht where he had a party and I caught the next train home. I was so very pleasantly sleepy after spending all day outside. I felt very vacationy;) Of course sitting behind the computer all day today wasn't bad either :-p And I have another week off, yay!


Dec. 15th, 2012 11:10 pm
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Hey, boobs. You're supposed to stop hurting when the bleeding starts. Get with the program, dammit.
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Yesterday I shared photos of my first two days in London. To do more than the usual bookshopping and theatre-visits and to make my trip more like a vacation, I had booked a touristy tour. On Thursday, August 16 I had to get up real early for a sunrise pick up at a nearby hotel for a roundtrip with a guide (and a group) to Stonehenge, Lacock and Bath. To find out why these places are more than just silly names, I present my photospam of day 3: the Stonehenge Sunrise Tour.

Part 1: Stonehenge )

Part 2: LaCock *giggle* )

Part 3: Bath (the town, not the tub) )

That was the end of the tour. But my day wasn't over yet! I got a hot wrap at Pret a Manger and had dinner in my hotelroom before going into town for the evening. Remember that play from Wednesday that was sold out? I decided to give it another go. So I brought my book and went back to the Cottlesloe theater to stand in line with other hopefuls...

Final evening in London )

The end.

*hugs computer and all of the internet*
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YAY, my SPN_J2_BigBang author contacted me!

BOO, I got the official documents from the employment agency :\

YAY, I'm totally absorbed by a book during breaktimes \o/
(The Stranger's Child by Alan Hollinghurst)

BOO, my body doesn't know what time of the month it is :(

YAY for beachphotos from Rio: Holy Jackman, Padalecki!
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Ugh, a rough start of the day... behind the cut because of tmi re: ttotm )

But even after all that I did manage to catch my bus, that made me happy again:)

Plus at work my intern handed out homemade cake; his mom baked it because of his 18th birthday (so freaking young, pfff). Yum.

Also good: I finished reading one great fanfic and dove straight into another one, that is still a bit confusing, but very intriguing.

Speaking of reading: I updated my booklist! I started buying books again, even though I still have loads of stories on my e-reader;)

Random photos
Last week I went into town with mom and finally got a good look of the modern day statue of Archangel Michael - I think he's wearing jeans: plus another awesome shot of stormy clouds )

Sooo sleepy

Sep. 6th, 2011 11:16 pm
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Fell asleep on the couch after dinner and missed the beginning of The Great British Bake Off. /o\ Luckily it was only the first six minutes, so I could still enjoy all the biscuits, brandy snaps and macaroons they made. My faaaavorite contestant did some marvelous things with chocolate (I don't care what Mr. Judge said, that man seems to always have a go at him)

It's really stormy outside now. I'm gonna put my pajamas on and crawl into bed. Hopefully the monthly tiredness is over tomorrow and I'll be up for a longer and more interesting post;)

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I'm relieved to share that my body returned to its regular schedule today, so I will be able to enjoy the traveling and concerts next week without any hormonal fuss. Yay. (There will still be silly fangirling and squee of course, I can do that without being under the influence;)

Other exciting news: I claimed a story for artwork in the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang!

That was a little nervewracking on top of the stressful workdays I had and I'm exhausted, so I'll leave the check up of my designs for [ profile] spn_cinema for tomorrow. All will be revealed then!
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After Bitch-TV night on Monday and fiddling with Nick&Greg on Tuesday, I was planning to finally answer all my mail and check up on the flist, because I had some catching up to do since the marathonweekend. Alas, after a couple of days of gruesome pms, that time of the month has arrived and I'm about to pass out: I'm exhausted so I'm crawling in bed. No comments from me yet (but I sure did appreciate all of yours!)

Hopefully I'll have enough energy tomorrow to get things done. Sleeeeeeeeeeeep now.

Ooooh, Panic! At The Disco is touring Europe in May, who's with me?

Mona Lisa

Jan. 4th, 2011 03:43 pm
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I was going through the photos of my brother's wedding yesterday and noticed you can tell from the pale green colour of my skin what time of the month it is. Nowadays every period comes with its own sufferings and this time around I am treated to overwhelming nausea on top of the usual symptoms. Luckily the pretty pink pills helped fight the back aches and the party was mostly of the sitting down variety, so I was able to enjoy the festivities.

Today I'm still wobbly from nausea, but I have work to distract me. During breaks and on the bus reading The Fry Chronicles takes my mind of the blah.

Tonight I'm going to the arthouse with mom to -finally- see The Kids Are Allright. I'm a little apprehensive about the big names that are attached to this film, but both brotherdearest and filmfriend Jelle told me the young actors get their chance to shine and they alone are worth watching. We'll see;)

I'm counting down to the 14th for the new Panic! at the Disco single, such sweet anticipation. (I'm possibly even more nervous about it than the band;)
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*scrolls through flist* Ahw, to see the excitement of the SPN-fangirls. I remember the days when there were still a lot of CSI-fangirls (and boys) on my flist who got all enthused about the new season. WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Yes. All smitten by those Winchester boys. *glares*. I miss you all, you know. Wish you would still squee with meeeeeeeee.

Because despite my hanging out in the J2 part of the SPN fandom, I'm not giving up on my OTP in CSI. *clings* You'll find no spoilers here, but I was most pleased to see both Nick and Greg in the first episode of Season 11. (E-le-ven. Beat that, SPN;)

So. I'm mixing fandoms this weekend... now that I have -finally- watched the new CSI, I'm returning to work on my ReverseBang artwork. BECAUSE I GOT CLAIMED. \o/ I will not reveal the identity of my author yet, but how ironic cool is it that we know each other from the aforementioned Nick/Greg fandom? Very cool, I say!

Especially since I had a bit of a bummed out day; this is that time of the month when I wish I had a bath-tub and could just soak in hot water all day. Instead I curled up in bed with my laptop filled with fanfic for comfort. I also slept a lot and forgot to feed myself properly. I'm feeling better now though, I think the worst is over. Time for some soup!

Oh, if you're interested: I updated my booklist; among other books I bought The Fry Chronicles and four books by Virgina Woolf, the latter because of the gorgeous artwork on the cover, but also because I obviously need more female authors on my to read list *scolds self* - any recommendations? I hope to write some reviews tomorrow.

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