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Did the thing almost immediately after I got home from work \o/ Had a bit of a mixed day, because next to my regular job (collecting geographical data), I got a special assignment in the design department! I was in awe of the amazing equipment they have there. The assignment itself is a little stressful, but the lovely people on this floor made me feel very welcome and I think I'm gonna be okay:)

Chapter 13B (spoilers for exercises and story) )

Are you all still going, [ profile] sleepypercy, [ profile] somersault_j, [ profile] whiskygalore, [ profile] sinfulslasher, [ profile] tabaqui, [ profile] shouwa and [ profile] lotrspnfangirl:) SCRAPS: 200

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It was a very exciting Monday: when I checked my mail upon arrival at work around 9 am, the program didn't respond. After a little investigating it turned out my automatic response mail had been on a loop ever since I started my vacation 2 weeks ago! An 'unable to deliver' mail had been sent around again and again and all the regular mail had gotten stuck in between.
I was able to reach the inbox through an online server and started deleting these messages. Around 1 pm Outlook started downloading mail on my computer again; it had 30,944 messages waiting in line... *gulp*
screencaps of the exploding inbox )

I finished deleting the massive amount of messages a little after 3 pm. I had just enough time to deal with the few actual mails before I went home around 5 pm.

This week business hours are reduced to 'mornings only', due to many clients still being away on vacation. If this mail mayhem hadn't happened I could have gone home at noon. *pouts*

I'm already done with this week, hrmpf. I had planned a lot of online time tonight, but I'll get back to y'all tomorrow, okay?
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It was a very exciting Monday: when I checked my mail upon arrival at work around 9 am, the program didn't respond. After a little investigating it turned out my automatic response mail had been on a loop ever since I started my vacation 2 weeks ago! An 'unable to deliver' mail had been sent around again and again and all the regular mail had gotten stuck in between.
I was able to reach the inbox through an online server and started deleting these messages. Around 1 pm Outlook started downloading mail on my computer again; it had 30,944 messages waiting in line... *gulp*
screencaps of the exploding inbox )

I finished deleting the massive amount of messages a little after 3 pm. I had just enough time to deal with the few actual mails before I went home around 5 pm.

This week business hours are reduced to 'mornings only', due to many clients still being away on vacation. If this mail mayhem hadn't happened I could have gone home at noon. *pouts*

I'm already done with this week, hrmpf. I had planned a lot of online time tonight, but I'll get back to y'all tomorrow, okay?
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I've been longing to post more, but when I'm not working, I'm busy with my artwork for the Reverse Bang and trying (and failing) to keep up with housework (haha).

Hopefully I'll have a little bit more room to breathe in the next few weeks. I unexpectedly have to take a load of days off, after collecting too much free time in the past few months! Officially I work 32 hours per week, but I've been on the job for 36 hours for most of the time, which counts as overtime. Obviously there are no funds available to pay for these hours, so the boss ordered me to take time off. I now have almost all Wednesdays off until the end of the year and in November I'm adding a couple of Mondays and Fridays to create long weekends so I can focus on my artwork:)

I also have a vacation from December 21st until January 1st. Does anyone want to come over for fangirling or a slumberparty or both?

This weekend I've been working on my designs for the first Reverse Bang story of this year, which will go online on November 12. You may have already guessed by the prompt I made that it's hands on art; I've been doing a lot of papercutting. This morning I discovered a blister on my indexfinger, which I use to push the knife down. This also happens to be the finger I use for scrolling AND IT HURTS! *pouts*

Last week I dressed my mannequins for winter; seeing them in flimsy summer outfits made me feel cold, so I put some extra clothes on them:
Look how snuggly they are now )

Last but not least: a PSA. In the past few weeks my journal has been under attack by spambots. I don't know if this is a general problem, but it seems like the Powers That Be at LJ are more concerned about making yet more changes nobody asked for instead of solving this issue. I had turned on CHAPTA but that's apparently not a big enough defence wall, so I've decided to disable anonymous comments. I hate to do that, but getting over 60 spammessages a day is really pissing me off, so until I find a better way to deal with that, only people with an online ID (Livejournal or other digital identity) will be able to comment. I hope it works. But seeing as I already received another UGGboots spam comment while I was writing this post, I doubt it. *sighs* ETA: never mind, those were directed at some [ profile] nickngreg posts that I'm tracking. Fingers crossed!
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I only slightly regret losing my cool during the conversation with the bossman today. It could have been much worse: I could have headdesked all through the talk. At least I didn't end up with a concussion.

Unfortunately my brain did melt a little.

Wish I could rant out loud about this, but it's better for my sanity if I just let it go and focus on my future. One day at the time I'm slowly but surely moving away from this.
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Hrmpf )

I'm so glad there is only one more day until the weekend. I badly need a break. (Maybe I'll do an extensive grumble-update tomorrow or maybe I'll choose to forget this workweek as soon as possible)
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I'm feeling a bit out of touch as I haven't been commenting much lately nor have I posted in the past week. But my days are long and busy since the summervacation. I've been getting up early to do my daily work-out. (Still not bendy enough, but I'm definitely improving!)
Work has been a bit crazy and although I still have a job I have no idea for how long, since my boss still hasn't approached that issue since the decision from the unemployment agency forbidding him to fire me. It's been two months now and I don't know where I stand. It's frustrating and I can tell it's getting to me because I have stupid dreams and I was never troubled during sleep before. *grumble*

But! This weekend was pretty good. I made something for the Reverse Bang and managed to send it in for an early bird admission, which means I can hopefully make another piece of artwork to prompt (I'm waiting for confirmation). I can't tell you what I made yet, but I did try a new technique again and I quite enjoyed the process, so at least fun was had:)

In between fiddling with the SPN-guys I also continued work on Project guestroom. I build a new bookcase, moved old furniture around and it's starting to look like a library for real. Well, the books are still all piled up on the bed, but I have no visitors planned for the near future, so I have time to sort them out:)

Also! I made croissants! I got one of those cans with ready made dough. Had to bake them in two rounds, because I have a tiny oven, but it totally worked.

step 1: cover tray with bakingpaper (aluminum foil was also allowed, but this felt like proper baking:)

step 2: when you peel off the cardboard cover, the can *pops* open, it's like a party-favour! I also almost teared the instructions apart, oops.

step 3: but I had studied the tiny illustrations before hand, so I knew what to do. I didn't have a brush to put the egg on though, so I used my fingers. (I know the rolls are a bit crooked, but this was only my first batch, scroll on)

In the oven (200C for 15 minutes). I hope I didn't put them too close together. How big will they be in the end? Eep.

Holy C! Look at that: perfect croissants! Notice how fancy I rolled the second batch? That turned out great too \o/ I ROCK.

I had two with chocolate paste, two with raspberry jam and two with strawberry jam. Also had warm milk and honey.

It was a good day:)

I hope to be more actively involved in my flist and on my other digital networks, but I have another busy week ahead, not only at work, but I'm also socializing with family and the neighbour.

Djeebus, I'm such a grown up.
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No new artrecs yet, because I lack time this weekend, thanks to another family get-together tomorrow. Today was filled with chores, but I could treat myself in between with picking up a parcel with my December Diamonds order from the City Lights Christmas Store in San Diego. What I got are officially Xmas-tree ornaments, but I'm gonna happily put these on display all year round. Because it's always appropriate to have a sparkly merman decorating your house, am I right?

Look how pretty he is! )

Just so you know: I have managed to keep up to date with all the artwork in the SPN_J2 BigBang and will share my favorites next week. I'm also reading a story every day, so there may be some ficrecs as well:)

Oh, remember that objection I wrote to the unemployment agency where my boss had applied for a license to cut my job in half? They sent me their decision yesterday. Rather unexpectedly they denied the application, because he failed to provide proof against the issues I raised in my arguments, which means he is not allowed to fire me! There is no option for appeal.
I have no idea what's gonna happen now, will hopefully find out on Monday. For now I'm going to enjoy my weekend with the knowledge that my arguments were heard and validated. That is a good feeling:)
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Ahw. Got my first ever rejection letter today. That's a milestone, right?

That job interview went really well though, so I'll treasure that experience. Hope the person they picked appreciates the opportunity while I'm gonna continue the hunt for another job. It's really weird because it's crazy busy at work at the moment and I'm still gonna be cut down in hours because of 'lack of work', aka 'The Economy'.
But you never know: I'm still awaiting the decision from the unemployment agency on the objection process. Should hear from then within the next few days.
Either way I want to move on and find another job, preferably closer to home and full time and with people who value my 15+ years of knowledge and skills.

But for now: sleeeeeeep.

Oh wow

Jun. 5th, 2012 09:14 pm
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I don't usually lock posts and I really would announce this to the whole world if I could. Because.... I GOT AN INVITATION TO A JOB INTERVIEW ON FRIDAY! \O/ I want to flail like whoa, but seeing as I'm still in a bit of a delicate situation at my current job, I will do this quietly;)

Djeebus, I did not expect this, but I'm super excited. Eeeep, I better update my portfolio. And oh my bob, oh my bob; what do I wear? Good thing I recently dyed my hair, at least that looks halfway decent.

Okay, *deep breaths* first things first: I have to take Friday off. That shouldn't be a problem, but I'm still nervous having to ask tomorrow. Wish me luck!

ETA 20 June: unlocked because of this.
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I wrote (and sent!) a job-application. Djeebus, that is more stressful than joining a fandom challenge and waiting for an author's response to my artwork. *bites lip*

In the meantime I'm still in the middle of the fight against the cut in hours at my current job. I did manage to sent in my objection on time and received a response from the unemployment agency two days later. My letter was grounds for a second round of action; they sent my boss a copy to give him an opportunity to oppose my arguments and then I will get a chance to counter his reply. After that a final decision will be made. I just hope everything will be resolved as peacefully as possible. No matter what happens I still have to continue working there. Obviously the atmosphere is not as comfortable as it has been for the last sixteen (16!!) years *sighs*

I plan to do happier posts in the near future. I got some fun and distracting stuff lying around;) (See also this post with delish nsfw fanart of snuggling men)
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Usually I don't even pay attention to advertisements in my mailmenu- or sidebar, but I can't help noticing that Google and You Tube and all those other cookie-connected networks are getting pretty damn personal with all the unemployment related banners. Ugh. Not cool.

Tomorrow I have an appoinment at the Legal Aid office, they can hopefully check if the objection letter I wrote is sufficient enough for the (un)employment agency. My arguments need to be sent there on Wednesday at the latest, then I'm back to waiting for the next step. Of course I'm hoping they won't give my boss permission to cut my hours, but I also need to be prepared if they do. I'm trying to take it one step at the time, but I hate not being in control of this situation. *pouts*

In between worrying I tried to make some sketches for my BigBang claim, but it was hard to focus on fun.

I need distractions, anyone got any fic-recommendations? I'd love to read some sweet romance between pretty boys or handsome men. (Mindless porn would work too;)
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I had planned to post the rest of my London rapport sooner, but I have been falling asleep on the couch all evenings in the past week. Work was busy, but I think it was mostly all the stuff that was going around in my head concerning the cut of my hours in the near future. A short update on the situation; since I officially objected to my boss' decision, he now has to apply for a permit to continue downsizing. I will get a letter from the unemployment agency to which I can protest. Then there will possibly be another round of arguments before the agency either hands out of refuses a permit. Even though my boss gave me notice over two weeks ago, I'm still waiting for the letter. Until then I can't do anything but go to work with a smile on my face. (Haha).

Anyway, I was going to tell you about my trip to London! I'm putting this behind a "spoiler-cut" with square brackets instead of an old fashioned "LJ-cut" because LiveJournal in its infinite wisdom has decided to replace the familiar and sensible parenthesis with a childish image of scissors (a "cut", get it?). I understand the symbol is not visible on some users' browsers and personally I just hate the change (if it ain't broke don't fix it), so spoilercut it is...

Saturday, April 7
(continued from here).
London, day 2: after breakfast

While searching for a shop I had discovered online, we explored the Covent Garden area and ended up in The Seven Dials; a set of streets with quaint little shops; on the right you see Hans walking though a small alley to Neil's Yard.

Neil's Yard; isn't it awesome? So pretty with all the colours! Plus we found the shop I was looking for! (Bought delicious Comfrey & Mallow Footbalm)

Cool graffiti in the alley

When we walked back towards the centre of town, we came by this building-site art by Nathan Bowen

When we passed the Palace Theatre with the Singing In The Rain façade, Hans couldn't resist; he had to swirl around a lamppost:)

We decided to check out tonight's theatre The Duke Of York, to find out how to get there later and to see if we could maybe already pick up our reservations for All New People. (We could, yay!)

View from The Duke Of York. (Sorry, I'm too lazy to check the streetname or sights;) Enjoy the impressive buildings.

While I was leading brotherdearest to Piccadilly Circus (for a visit to bookstore Waterstone's and drugstore Boots) I had meant to quickly bypass M&M's world on Leicester Square. Unfortunately Hans sensed my discomfort and decided we had to go in. Well, he is my little brother and he had been so sweet up until now, accompanying me to all the shops on my list without complaining. Still. I think that doesn't compare to the horror of what I was about to experience...

Four floors of M&M madness, oh pardon, 'merchandise'. It smelled like chocolate but there were humansize dancing M&M's and what little comfort I got from the scent was blown away by the weirdness of it all. I repeat: FOUR FLOORS.

Okay, this was kind of cool, especially the wall with M&M's in an overwhelming amount of colours. But again: on FOUR FLOORS.

Ahw, look at his crazy happy wittle face. *pinches cheeks and then slowly steps away*

And then look at my not so happy face when I discover the Periodic Table of M&M's. I think my exact words were "Oh. My. God." (I didn't know Hans was taking a picture of me until I heard him giggling. Bastard)

After climbing ALL the stairs and checking ALL four floors, Hans finally showed mercy and we went back outside to continue our walk to one of MY favorite stores. Pfew. I was also relieved to see the apostroph was still on the front of Waterstone's. That restored my faith in humankind a little;)

With bags full of books and toiletries (from Boots), we took the Tube to the hotel. On the way we grabbed food at Pret a Manger and had lunch in the park before finally checking into a room where we collapsed on the beds.

We napped until 4 p.m. *grins*

Well, I had to take a photo of my loot first, but then it was really nice to be able to sleep in a bed for a bit, after the long night on the bus and boat.

Completely refreshed we went back into town around 5 for our visit to the Hamleys Toystore, where it was busier than I had ever seen it!

There was an awesome LEGO display of the royal family.

The Queen was sitting in the corner with her little dog. Ahw.

For dinner we went to my favorite restaurant Mother Mash for mashed potatoes with steakpies and for dessert pudding and warm custard. Omnomnom.

Then we walked through Regent Street to get to the theatre. I tried to make a photo of the Abercrombie & Fitch ad across the street. Grumble, stooopid tourists...

My darling brother saw my struggle and having the advantage of height and a better camera, shot a photo especially for me. Obviously, he is totally forgiven for the M&M thing;)

Then it was time for the play All New People, written by and featuring Zach Braff, which is why we wanted to see it. Extra bonus was Eve Myles (Torchwood) who played another one of the four people in the play, who all end up together in a beach house in the wintertime. - If you want to know more, you can find a review from [ profile] nick730 which I mostly agree with here.

We had great seats, but I had a bit of bad luck with tall men in front of me, the last one coming in after the lights went out, so Hans and I didn't have an opportunity to swap. In addition I was distracted by dumb people beside me who kept checking their phone throughout the performance. Grrrrr. Luckily I still enjoyed the play, because I was just so happy to be there.

Afterwards we noticed a bunch of people hanging around the side-exit of the theatre and since we suspected they were waiting for the actors, we stuck around for a while.

Zach did indeed come outside and was ever so nice: signing programs and posing for photos (he even made some arm length pics for people who were on their own!). We only took pictures from behind the crowd, but it was really nice to see him in person. A great end to a wonderful day!

We went back to the hotel, where Hans crashed while I got comfy in the tub. So comfy in fact that I fell asleep and didn't wake up until Hans started banging on the door. Oops. Luckily I had put my book away and had added warm water right before I dozed off;)

I didn't waste any more time getting ready for bed, since we had to get up early for the busride home...

To be continued:)
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Bit of a bad day yesterday. The bossman called me into his office for a serious talk. I was told my job will be cut down to 16 hours as part of over all downsizing. I've been working here full time since 1996, right after graduation; I met the bossman at my internship and was the first outside person he hired for his family-business.

Obviously this will have consequences for my financial situation, but that is not my main concern at the moment. I feel very betrayed and even though the bossman can conveniently blame part of this situation on the 'economy', I'm not completely convinced this is the only or the best solution to get the company back on track. That's why I'm contesting the decision, which means he has to start an official procedure and there will be an investigation before the cut down will be in effect. I have at least three months left in my current position. I'm not looking forward to the hassle of the procedure, the paperwork and applying for partial benefits or an additional parttime job. I don't deal well with change.

My job is my life and I feel like a big part of my identity is taken away from me.

My first impulse was to run to my mum, but she's currently on vacation on the other side of the world together with brotherdearest, who would be the next person in line for hugs. Even though I didn't want to bother/burden them, I was glad I managed to chat with them last night. That took the sting out of it a little.

Yesterday evening my neighbour came over with food and together we watched two Torchwoods up in the attic. That was a nice distraction and good fun.

This morning reality hit me in the face again and in between work I've been gathering information on my options. Whatever happens, the next few months are gonna be rough.

I haven't had a major melt down yet, but no doubt that will happen as soon as I am home alone with nothing left to do tonight and a whole weekend to think things over.

Right. Back to work. Better enjoy it while I can.
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All day long I imagine writing in my journal; so much so that at the end of the day I feel like I've already shared every shitty thing that happened. This is probably a good thing, 'cause it means I managed to get most of the anger out of my system and I have no reason to be (passive) aggressive online. *grins* But it also means there's nothing left for me to talk about here.
Lately I've only posted if something in fandom was bugging me or if I feel extremely bad or happy. Unlike in my Dutch blog, where I force myself to write a little something every day, no matter how mundane. So today I'm gonna share something boring here!

To remind myself that even though this felt like one of those 'what the hell did I do all day' days, I sure did get a lot done. I made a list of a day at work )
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Not funny, co-workers and bossman. Being exhausted from spending my night on BigBang "artwork"* and finding the office locked and secured seriously made me think I made a mistake this morning and made me wonder if it was Saturday. Having to get all stressed about remembering the entry-code was no joke either. *glares*

(Made it safely into the building, yay me, but am now facing a day of work with Big Bang on the brain. *Note the airquotes: doubts about the sketches I sent off are already bubbling to the surface of my conscience. Ugh. From experience I know this always happens the day after, but still.)

First break in about an hour. Don't know whether I should catch a nap or continue fiddling.

I'll probably start from scratch tonight.

*back to work now*
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Was watching one of those make over shows this weekend. They introduce the first woman, she's 32 years old and I'm thinking: "Oh, she's my ag... crap." Heh. Not even close. So how did that happen? I don't remember living all these years. *sighs*.

Last month I decided to stop dying my hair because I wanted to find out what colour was underneath the red. I still can't tell if there is any grey (I wouldn't mind) but it is much darker than I expected. Weird.

Work was hellish today; I already knew that was going to happen when the client handed in her stuff last Friday, but it was even a bigger mess than I could have imagined. Jeebus. It's so frustrating to be bound by other people's limitations. But I survived. Of course I didn't finish, it will take at least two more hours tomorrow. Good thing it's a short workweek. Only three days and then I can give all my time to fiddling for the BigBang stories I claimed.

Am already buzzing with ideas; both authors were awesome enough to send me their drafts. I uploaded them on my brand spanking new e-reader and have been reading on the bus. More about that tomorrow;) *bounces*
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Yesterday, December 1st 2009, it was twelve and a half years ago I got my official contract*.

When I walked into my office, co-workers S and G had decorated my desk, aahw.

Last week I had been warned by the bossman to 'be available after five on Tuesday'... (did I mention I don't like surprises?) Of course there was a last minute client so at ten past five the bossman told me to get in his car -and hurry, because we were late and it was a long drive-. Then he drove me to a restaurant.... at the end of the street. Funny guy.
We were to have diner at De Kiewiet. Now I designed the menus for this place, so I know how expensive it is and the kind of intricate dishes they serve. I must admit this was the kind of surprise I like: fooooooood \o/

In between munching I managed to take some pictures (oooh, and I got presents!).


*I started working there a year earlier; I was the first person outside of the family to join the company in 1996. Wow, it has really been that long.
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Worked until 9 p.m. bus. Current project is a bitch, but will hopefully be worth the trouble in the end. Bossman came round to check up on me and I asked if he would drive me to the busstation, so I could work right up until the last minute. Plus it saved me a fifteen minute walk:)

Was under attack by horrible cramps: cycling home against the stormy wind and over speedbumps and roads under constuction was very painful. But I managed to get home without breaking down. Yay. Take that, body. *puts up fists*

I think I'm gonna take one of them big pink pills now.

On a happier note: found and read another lovely J2-fic. College fic is my favorite genre and this summary just lured me in: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Jared in possession of his heterosexuality will immediately switch teams upon enrollment in college and first contact with Jensen Ackles.
Heh. It's true. *nods*
Read it, it's awesome: Mildred. A college AU.
Authors: [ profile] causeways and [ profile] walkawayslowly
Artist: [ profile] sillyshy, her art post is here.
Word Count: 62,131
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
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One more day of work and then I'm off to London! Had to work late tonight and hope I can avoid it tomorrow, so as not to be too stressed for my long weekend that starts on Friday. It's been kind of crazy at work lately.
I'm so excited for London: I have tickets for play Inherit The Wind with Kevin Spacey and for musical La Cage Aux Folles with John Barrowman plus I'm going to meet [ profile] fred_bear on Saturday! *bounces*
My backpack is already half filled, I'm pretty sure I will have a little freak out tomorrow night, but I'm too tired at the moment to do anything useful.

I've been having so much fun with fandom these past days; of course I had my mod-duties for [ profile] nickngreg and I've enjoyed the new season of CSI and going through the classics, but I've mostly read J2 fanfic. The great thing about discovering an established fandom is the massive archive that I get to go through. I'm sure most J2 fans on my flist already know the story, but I only just found the surfer!boys verse by [ profile] toxica939 and I spent most of my nights reading, it's huge! Jared and his friends are spending their last summer together before college on the beach in an out of the way town in southern California. Enter messed up Jensen with an odd fixation with the ocean. Jared's summer blow out just got more interesting.


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