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Okay, before I begin the picspam of last weekend of fun, I have a question and two promos;) First: do I know any fanpeople in or near Copenhagen (KĂžbenhavn)? I'm going to be there for a day at the end of August if you want to meet up!

Second: I'm modding two art-challenges (TWO!)
  • The [ profile] quicky_bang already has a whole bunch of authors offering their short fics for artists to illustrate:)
    Go claim a story and get creative!
  • If you'd rather start arting from scratch, the [ profile] spn_reversebang is the challenge for you:
    make a piece of fanart to inspire an author! Sign ups are open!

  • And now: photos from my visit to fairytale amusement park The Efteling. I traveled to The Hague on Friday afternoon for dinner and a sleep-over at my brother J's. Our youngest brother H. was also there; he cycled from Amsterdam! Together with my sister-in-law G. and my darling nephew R. the four of us (so minus brother J.) went to The Efteling on Saturday by car (G drove:). We had an awesome day! It was really fun to visit the park with a six year old; the perfect age for all the stories that go along with the rides.
    Of course we also took a stroll through the fairytale forest:)

    IMG_0000-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_0001-Efteling29082017.jpg
    I just really loved these powerpylons. The weather looked ominous, but once we were at the Efteling it was dry, yay!
    The map of the Efteling had a different angle than previous years, I was so very confused. Luckily my brother has a good sense of direction:)

    IMG_0002-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_0003-Efteling29082017.jpg
    First stop: the fairytale forest. This is the fish that ate Pinnochio. You could try to save him with the fishing rod.
    You can also take a peek into Gepetto's house to see all the other puppets he was working on. I loved the wooden horse. <3

    IMG_0004-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_9188-Efteling29082017.jpg
    This is an old fairytale about seven helpers (I'm rusty on the details;). Longneck is my nephew's favorite.

    IMG_9197-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_9198-Efteling29082017.jpg
    Heehee, giggling R. is the best: if you yelled at the gnome, he would suddenly wake up and make a funny face :-D
    The castle of Sleeping Beauty (Doornroosje). (R. climbed up for a closer look and came running down to tell us all about the people sleeping inside:)

    IMG_9199-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_9204a-Efteling29082017.jpg
    Entrance of Dreamflight, a ride into a magical forest with elfs and goblins. Such fun. (R. especially liked the green little butt of the goblin taking a shower under the waterfall *grins*)
    Next up: the new ride Symbolica opened this July!

    IMG_9204b-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_9204c-Efteling29082017.jpg
    Based on an original Efteling character Pardoes, we visit the Palace of Fantasy for an audience with the king. While you're standing in line you get instructions about how to behave. We are welcomed in different languages including funky symbols. (Can anyone answer the German riddle?)

    IMG_9208-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_9204d-Efteling29082017.jpg
    Once inside, a servant is reading the rules when Pardoes appears and opens a secret gateway into the hidden rooms in the palace! You can choose different routes, R. chose the tour of treasures. I definitely have to go back for the other options.
    Other photo is of the rock the palace is build on. The details in the Efteling buildings are amazing; look at that fossil!

    IMG_9212a-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_9212b-Efteling29082017.jpg
    There was a lot of walking in between rides, but everthing is just so beautiful.
    Another pretty detail: a peacock on the side of the castle.

    IMG_9214-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_9215-Efteling29082017.jpg
    In the afternoon we went to a show in Raveleijn, despite our many visits to the Efteling, H. and I had never done that before.
    Upon entrance the arena is hidden behind this huge drape which dropped down when the show began.

    IMG_9217-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_9220-Efteling29082017.jpg
    While we were waiting we could already see the houses in Raveleijn, again, such an eye for detail *chinhands*

    IMG_9229-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_9241-Efteling29082017.jpg
    The show told the story of four teenagers who enter an alternate universe when they are looking for their missing brother; he turned into a knight and they all transform too, to help him fight the evil king and his fire spewing mechanical dragon.

    IMG_9249-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_9252a-Efteling29082017.jpg
    SO COOL! It was also really fun to see my nephew get into the story <3
    After the show we continued with the rides. The trashcans in the Efteling are called Holle Bolle Gijs (hollow round Gijs;) and he keeps asking for garbage. Last time R. was only three years old and he was scared of them, this time he couldn't wait to feed Gijs:)

    IMG_9253-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_9254a-Efteling29082017.jpg
    More Holle Bolle Gijs bins:) (That baby was crying its head off and would only stop if you fed him, pfff)

    IMG_9267a-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_9267-Efteling29082017.jpg
    Getting ready for dark ride Vogelrok (HE'S BEHIND US!)
    Aahw, a cute baby with a trash basket in the land of Laaf.

    IMG_9268a-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_9268b-Efteling29082017.jpg
    Time for a dare devil ride with brotherdearest (or as my darling nephew R. said: "I think I'll like those rollercoasters better when I'm a teenager", aaahw). While R. and his mom did a ride in a merry-go-round and drove oldtimers, H. and I got ready for the Baron 1898, a free-fall ride into the mines.

    IMG_9268c-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_9268d-Efteling29082017.jpg
    Can you spot us from above? It's a vertical drop and then two loopings. AWESOMESAUCE!

    IMG_9269a-Efteling29082017.jpg IMG_9269b-Efteling29082017.jpg
    We ended the day at the lake with a musical fountain and fire show Aquanura, so pretty (I filmed a bit of it in 2012).
    Bye Efteling, see you again next year. (Who wants to go and stay in the Efteling hotel with me? They have themed rooms!)


    (Check the Efteling tag for previous visits. This is my favorite place in the whole world <3
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