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I read a lot of fanfic in the past month. Below are the ones I finished and loved. Besides discovering new and old stories, I've revisited a couple of classics. I've also indulged in rereading a much loved series for the fifth time (or sixth or seventh, but who's counting). As that is a story that originated as J3 fanfic, I'm including it in this month's ficrec list:) I'm also adding shorts that made me hang out in several authors' archives *g*. This list is mostly for my own administration, so it's mainly keywords instead of summaries. I gave stars to must-reads, but YMMV;) Feel free to ask for additional information and don't forget to check the warnings and notes at the authors' masterposts!

Ficrecs March )
A note on AU vs nonAU
I'm sad to admit I didn't read/finish all the entries in the J2 nonAU challenge. I discovered I am fairly picky when it comes to what I accept in that genre as it's complicated getting the guys together without other people in their lives getting hurt. I want everybody to be happy and nice to each other, I guess that's easier to imagine in alternate universes. Silly real life.
Nevertheless: I don't regret taking part as I had a good time and there are also a couple of stories I liked a lot; you can check out the whole J2nonAU-collection here. I updated my Art Masterlist with a link to the artwork I made for that challenge.

I upgraded my Dreamwidth to a premium account and imported all my icons so I can now crosspost with the correct userpic \o/ Am still working on the design. I may pick a different style later, for now I want it to be similar to my journal, but that still needs some tweeking. I did already adjust colours to my liking (For me white on black is easier to read and I just love purple;) If you're on Dreamwidth too, let me know.

Wow, this turned out long. Still: do you have any fic or art recs to add to this list? TELL ME, GIMME ALL THE RECS, ALL OF THEM. *grabby hands*
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Ack. I've not been feeling interesting enough to post adventures and thoughts lately. But since I had planned to keep track of my fanfic reading, and to not get too far behind, I'm sharing a list of stories I read in the past month. (Warning: it's a long one) The fact that I finished these means I liked them, so they're all recommended. I've added stars to the ones I absolutely loved, if you're looking for something to read right now, start with those;) Mind the warnings, though! My taste may not be yours after all;)

Some things old, some things new, some things borrowed, some things blue.... )
Speaking of that last challenge: for those of you who missed my post after I messed up the latest import to my Dreamwidth: I posted my first artwork of 2013! For [ profile] callistosh65's lovely nonAU story about Jensen taking care of a sick Jared, I made a paper portrait, pancakes, and more!

My next challenge is [ profile] spn_cinema: I chose Canadian film Les Amours Imaginaires to be inspired by: "The story of three close friends who are involved in a love-triangle." I will tell you more about that later :-p (If you can, watch it, the English title is 'Heartbeats' a rather inadequate translation, as it lacks the colourful feel of the original, but luckily that doesn't change the awesomeness of the film itself;)

In between rolling around in fandom, I've also finished some regular books, you can find that reading list here.

On Friday I started on a new jigsaw puzzle, this one is 2000 pieces, so that should keep me busy while my mind is swirling with ideas *g*
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Who says I can only do rec-posts during challenges? I have to tell you about the wonderful SPN/RPF fanfics I read this past week. These are all labeled NC-17, yet I consider them to be more plot than porn* and they happen to have all different kinds of pairings. In fact: two threesomes and a pairing. The latter is an underage story from the kink-meme (15 year old girl).

If you're not comfortable with either of that, simply don't click. I know there are people on my flist who like to question kinks, I don't mind that, feel free to ask for additional information. I also love to hear from you if you share my tastes and/or have recommendations similar to these stories;)

Or just click and read )
(*Okay, fine the kink meme story may be considered flat out porn to most people, I just thought it was also a character study. Your mileage may vary, as they say;)

I read more, but including all the ficlets under 5.000 words would take up a lot of space. Unless anyone is interested in those kinds of recs?


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