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2017-08-04 11:38 pm

Of Dragons & Quickies

Oh my goodness, Bad Dragon has a sale going on and I may or may not have just placed my very first order... *bites lip*

In other news: there are already two glorious art-pieces up in the [ profile] quicky_bang! Who's next? Check out the stories in the claimpost and grab one to illustrate (they are short fics, so you can get creative right away!)

[ profile] quicky_bang
Join the Quicky_Bang with short stories, art and love:)
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2014-12-09 09:12 pm
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I just can't handle free time

Because of my co-workers not being able to work full time for the past few months (due to burn-outs), I didn't have a chance to take my biweekly days off and I saved up a LOT of hours. (I had about 20 days (DAYS!!) left for 2014) Now that one of them is slowly going back to working full time, I finally have the opportunity to schedule some free time... Today was one of those days. I had planned to do some household chores and respond to comments, but most importantly I wanted to sit down and work on Xmas cards. Instead: porn.
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2013-07-20 09:51 pm

My summervacation: day 1

No far away trip for me this summervacation, but I got a new toothbrush, a fresh bar of soap and I'm going to put clean sheets and a summer duvet on my bed tonight, so it will feel like I'm in a fancy hotel;)

I want to try and update my journal every day for the next two weeks, not because I'll have a lot to tell (or maybe I do, who knows what will happen) but mainly because I am going to need some sort of daily schedule to keep track of time. *grins*

I already did most of my grocery shopping yesterday after work (made all my deadlines, yay, it makes this vacation so much more relaxing;) - this afternoon I mainly went out to
1. get out of the house
2. buy some stuff I forgot (margarine!) and
3. to treat myself to some new NSFW toys... )

Other chores I did today: laundry and garbage. I also sat down on the couch to read, which is probably my biggest achievement for today, considering all the available distractions on the internet, ha! My last assignment for today is to catch up on my flist.

Other vacation plans for the next two weeks:
  • Tomorrow I'm going to the Arthouse with my mom for an early morning showing of The Company You Keep;
  • At 2pm SanDiego time, which will be 23:00 on my side of the world, I'm hoping to watch the NerdHQ talk with Jared and Jensen (should be streaming live on the Nerdmachine YT);
  • Very early on Mondaymorning I will try to call the railservice in Australia to order my train pass for December and book a ticket for the Indian Pacific from Perth to Sydney;
  • Monday afternoon [ profile] sillie82 is coming over for three days of fangirling over CSI (S13), SPN (S8) and Being Human (original UK series obv;);
  • I have massages scheduled for Monday July 29 and Friday August 2. \o/

  • On the days in between I hope to buy a new camera (Canon Ixus, probably a 140HS), shop for swimwear (ahahahahaha), unfuck my kitchen, get one of my bicycles fixed, decorate my back balcony (with that darling purple bench I got from brotherdearest) and work on that never ending jigsaw puzzle (2000 pieces).

    Right now I'm gonna get the laundry in from the balcony and do some folding before I'm gonna test my new toys.

    Do you have vacation plans or are you working this summer?
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    2013-01-13 10:01 pm

    Obviously I need to make a threesome icon

    Who says I can only do rec-posts during challenges? I have to tell you about the wonderful SPN/RPF fanfics I read this past week. These are all labeled NC-17, yet I consider them to be more plot than porn* and they happen to have all different kinds of pairings. In fact: two threesomes and a pairing. The latter is an underage story from the kink-meme (15 year old girl).

    If you're not comfortable with either of that, simply don't click. I know there are people on my flist who like to question kinks, I don't mind that, feel free to ask for additional information. I also love to hear from you if you share my tastes and/or have recommendations similar to these stories;)

    Or just click and read )
    (*Okay, fine the kink meme story may be considered flat out porn to most people, I just thought it was also a character study. Your mileage may vary, as they say;)

    I read more, but including all the ficlets under 5.000 words would take up a lot of space. Unless anyone is interested in those kinds of recs?

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    2010-08-17 10:56 pm
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    Everything I know about sex, I learned from fandom

    OOoh, I see some promising summaries in the latest SPN_J2_BigBang update. Although I'm not getting my hopes up just yet, since I was rather disappointed about all the stories I tried yesterday. (Don't go looking, the ones I read were posted some time ago, I'm still catching up) And no, I will not name these fics, as I prefer to promote the ones I did like:)

    It's awesome to see all the different kinds of entries though: everybody has been working so hard for BigBang, it makes this fangirl's heart all tingly:)

    The same happened when I read the response to this anonymous-comment about the perfect first time blowjob:
    "One of my favorite things is when the first-ever given BJ is perfect, for the giver and the receiver. Of course it'd be like that, right?"

    >"Apparently it's only us women-folk who have a tough time figuring out blowjobs on the first try, probably because we don't have penises of our own to try it out on... or something. Either that or it's hardwired into the Js. It's a sign of how jaded I've become to this that I found it refreshing that Jensen didn't swallow."

    Ahahahaha, that last line: I had the exact same thought when I read that scene.
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    2010-05-07 10:51 pm
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    Is it me? Am I too demanding?

    And yet another Tarzan bit the dust. So I am planning a trip to the adult toystore tomorrow, wahey.

    In other exciting news: I managed to claim not one, but TWO J2-RPS-AU-BigBang summaries for artwork! I'm very excited and can't wait to get started. I hope to find out more about the stories and the authors soon. *bounces*
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    2010-03-05 11:46 am
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    I thought I had hit that peak when I reached 40

    Why am I so fucking hungry and horny ALL THE TIME?
    It's very distracting and quite exhausting.
    After weeks of this, I'm getting rather desperate.

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    2010-01-14 08:53 pm

    Stupid authors and their stupid writing about stupid feelings

    I woke up this morning with an incredible warm feeling of being surrounded by love. Strangely enough it made me happy. Huh. I don't remember if or what I dreamed, but I had a very good night's sleep :-D

    When I tried to analyze the feeling (as I do;) I figured the overwhelming happy emotion was caused by either one or all of the following experiences.
    All you need is love. And a big cock. )

    Luckily in between there were still plenty of other people to piss me off this week and with a the return of the boobs of dooooom I've got enough reasons to keep grumbling. I'm sure my inner cynic will survive. Although I'm not too proud to admit that I kind of liked the feeling I had this morning, I'm not planning on making it a habit.
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    2009-12-19 01:02 pm
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    I killed FakeTarzan. He was in the middle of work and just dropped dead. Bastard. Apparently I wore him -and his monkey- out. *Men*.
    Luckily I had a back up standing by who could finish the job. But I think I'll get more reliable results if I take matters in my own hands again.
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    2009-05-28 12:48 am
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    Her whatnow?

    This is NC17, kids, not the cock-a-doodle-doo kind... Almost as bad as a weeping cock )

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    2009-04-29 11:15 pm

    I'm going to regret posting this

    I ran into my new new neighbour this morning and I realized I hadn't even posted about meeting the new neighbour from downstairs some time ago. Maybe I wanted to keep her for myself for a bit, before announcing to everyone how cute she was;) I haven't found out if she lives alone yet, but it's a joy to see her around; she's adorable, very much the girl-next-door type I fancy.

    My new new neighbour moved in across the hall from me earlier this week. I didn't think he already lived there for real, but apparently he does. He came in the main entrance just as I was coming down the stairs, he had headphones on and was oblivious to the world. When he noticed me he apologized for not responding to my 'goodmorning!' right away. *grins* When I walked out the door with my bike, he was checking his mail and then introduced himself with the one accent that gets me weak in the knees.

    I don't think I've ever mentioned that I've only had 'physical relations' with people who didn't speak Dutch. Both flings involved Americans. So, ehm, yeah.

    Anyway. He told me he had his kids over three days a week. Awesome.
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    2009-03-31 09:15 pm
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    Could this be an arm around my waist

    I usually refer to myself as a semi-virgin due to the fact that "it has been a while". But this just dawned on me; I've had sex with a guy and I've had sex with a girl, but I've never had sex with a man or a woman. So I guess calling myself semi is appropriate for that reason too. Hmmm.
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    2009-01-24 06:09 pm
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    I'm not sure if this is a good thing but I'm not complaining

    How did I not know there is a female friendly toyshop in my own town? Obviously I had to check it out and ended up with a bag full of presents for myself \o/. Between that shop and a stop at the biological supermarket I spent about 100 euros this afternoon. Guess where most of that money went.

    Here is a picture of my groceries )

    Ehm. Yeah. Those of you who've read the TMI post from two weeks ago may understand why discovering this shop is both thrilling and horrendous for me.
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    2009-01-11 03:17 pm
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    This is why my BFF won't read my blog: TMI

    About boobs, bras and being horny 24/7 )
    Ehm. Yeah. I welcome (anonymous) thoughts and suggestions.
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    2008-12-18 11:15 pm
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    What? I'm testing my hotlinks.

    Oh Brendon #1: Mouth! )

    Oh Brendon #2: Belly! )

    Heh. Hot. Links. Get it?
    Let me know if you can see these? If not here are the links to my webspace:
    #1 aaaaaaaaand #2

    Also: The request meme is still running!
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    2008-08-30 01:41 pm
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    Just say no, kids

    Despite my issues with drunk and/or stoned posts, I'm linking to this not quite sober video. Because it fits perfectly with my recent posts on the subject of 'having sex' and I couldn't resist. I think I'm growing as a person:)

    Pot Psychology: Are you still a virgin if you've had oral sex?

    The comments are educational too!
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    2008-08-11 11:15 pm
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    I try to get you talking but you shy away

    Last chance: is there anybody out there, who can help me with these lyrics?

    You can also still educate me on the issue of the meaning of "having sex".

    And, for those of you who were wondering about the new colour of my hair, here is a picture!

    I've been working late. Will answer mail and comments tomorrow. Promise.
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    2008-08-07 10:06 pm
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    I don't think 'having sex' means what I think it means

    Last night I was so caught up in a story, I sat behind my computer reading until 04.30 am. I still managed to get up at 06.30 and work all day *g*, but needless to say my brain was a bit fried. In a jettlaggy way. (Thank you [ profile] artistic_sillie for the rec to the first chapter of that mega-fic)

    I'll give you the link to the whole damn story later, but since it brought up some questions I want to talk to you about SEX first )