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Dare to be different and learn to be lonely

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Created on 2009-04-27 16:26:06 (#127595), last updated 2019-04-18 (21 hours ago)

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Birthdate:Dec 26
Website:A Selfish Kind Of Life
I have so much to tell you... Scroll down for bio in words:)
(WARNING: Clicking on blogbanners will lead you to my other blogs...)

[Due to PhotoBucket's sudden TOS changes, I had to take out some images here; THEY WILL BE BACK!]

A selfish kind of life
I started my journal because I found this really cool lj-community dedicated to CSI-s Nick & Greg and I didn't want to be Anonymously Lurking Person. Next thing I knew I made friends and that journal kind of got out of hand *g* Now I'm here at Dreamwidth too; you can never have enough journals:)
Besides being obsessed about CSI, I regularly fangirl about Buffy, Angel, Torchwood, Doctor Who and possibly about music I recently got into. I'm also a movie-freak, although these days I avoid the cinema because of the people with mobiles and mouths. I still occasionally go to the arthouse and I have a big screen up in my attic.

The world is quiet here
I love books as well and am happy to announce that even though I've let the computer take over my life, I've managed to find time to read offline again. I still love reading fanfic and porn on the interwebz, but I am now able to step away from the evil machine on a regular basis to sit down with a proper book :-)

Occasionally I go outside...
I've travelled quite a lot, mostly on my own: by bus through most of the states in the USA (including Alaska, but not Hawaii) plus Canada (in different years;) By train through Europe: Netherlands (duh) - Belgium - Luxembourg - France - Spain - Portugal - Italy - Switzerland - Germany - Danmark - Norway - Sweden - Finland - Poland - Czech Republic - Hungary - Greece - England - Scotland - Wales. (I got kicked out of Bulgaria, travelled through Slovakia by night and only spent time on trainstations in Austria, so those don't count;)
I've also been to Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Egypt, South-Africa (plus Lesotho and Swaziland), took the Trans-Siberia express from Moscow to Beijing with a stop-over in Mongolia and spent some time in Xi'an (China:). I visited the Dutch Antilles (all but Aruba) and on my last big trip I sort of studied Spanish in Ecuador. Most recently I spent a couple of days in Istanbul. India is high on my list of must-see places.

Happy happy, joy, joy
I'm a very happy single. Haven't had a serious relationship, ever, but have fond memories of both summerflings all those years ago (not at the same time;-) I'm bisexual, madly in love with myself, so I'm very much celibate. Ehm... that was really something you needed to know.
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