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BOOM! I did 5 sets before noon \o/ Level 2, baby!! I love the martial art exercises, especially when I can imagine a fight while doing them;)
Must remember that in the weekends it's best to do the work-out as soon as possible after getting up, because postponing it will slowly but surely drain the fun. Seriously, self, it can be FUN! ;-p

Chapter 57 (spoilers for exercises and story)
So I caught up with the Hunters and their leader Bernsen, who stole my dog tags and left me in the well. I challenge him to a fight.

I didn't look at the picture properly when I started and thought punches just meant doing jabs so I punched with my front arm only, but I did switch sides halfway;). For my final two sets I changed that to jab/cross combinations, because I got bored; turns out that's what I was supposed to do all along, ha.

At the end of the fight, I have to choose between killing Bernsen or banishing him. I go for option B and let him go. Hope that won't bite me in the ass later, but with only three chapters to go, I think I'll be safe;)


Inventory: Dog Tags, Mountain Men Perk, Cape.

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Only three days left to go! (Unless Pandora comes up with multi-part chapters again, but I'm holding on to the hope that the final chapters can all be done in a day)


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