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An exciting day today. I spent the whole day arting, messing with paint and paper in my pajamas, woohoo! Colour teasers in my Instagram: White / Pink / Brown (All will be revealed next week!)

Unfortunately later in the afternoon the day took a shit turn, when I heard a disturbance at the neighbour's apartment. Cut for domestic violence - everyone is okay now )

ANYWAY... this put me in a GREAT mood for today's work-out session which was 10 minutes of non-stop fighting moves. I decided to not do the random exercises in Chapter 18 of Age of Pandora, but did a boxing session with my Moov-activity tracker...

Chapter 18 + preview Chapter 19 )

I had planned some more arting, but I think I'd rather go to bed now. Night y'all!

My personal Age of Pandora video playlist / Age of Pandora at Darebee website / Modification examples
Work-Out Sets (go to bottom of page to filter preferences / Video Exercises / WARM UP!!

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Slept with a bucket next to my bed. I refuse to believe an overdose of chocolate was responsible for me feeling queazy. I blame it on the stress of having the neighbour and his kids over for a movie matinee yesterday afternoon. The visit by itself was nerve-wracking enough, but as he had forgotten to actually bring the film they wanted to see, I spent almost an hour trying to track down the movie. Then I had to fight with my wobbly computer upstairs before we could sit down to watch, instead of just popping the dvd in the player and relax. Pffff.
Still, the kids loved Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and were thrilled with the posters I made for the occasion, so all was well at the end. (And the neighbour owes me a dozen dinners to make up for his mistake;)

So, ehm. Did y'all not have a chance to look at the photos of my new shoes yet? *bites lip*

Will be working on my "art" for the [ profile] spn_cinema challenge this afternoon. Hope to sent in some samples tonight (deadline is April 15)
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In between rereading Harry Potter, I updated my booklist with more reviews:

Drie children's books by Tonke Dragt
  • Verhalen Van De Tweelingbroers (The Twinbrothers)
  • De Brief Voor De Koning (The Letter For The King)
  • Geheimen Van Het Wilde Woud (Secrets Of The Wild Forrest)

  • And three 10-Word Reviews:
  • Een Tafel Vol Vlinders - Tim KrabbĂ© (A Table Full Of Butterflies)
  • Piep - Midas Dekkers (Peep)
  • Ik Heb Altijd Een Roos Klaar Staan Op Het Balkon, Voor Het Geval Dat - Loesje
    (I Always Keep A Rose Ready On My Balcony, Just In Case)

  • Also: my new new neighbour stopped me on the stairs yesterday to apologize for the mess he made during the move (I hadn't noticed;). He invited me in for a tour of his sparsely decorated apartment and in return I showed him mine. Heh. I never had such an enthused guest before; he was thrilled about my furniture and said I was awe-some. *grins*
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    I ran into my new new neighbour this morning and I realized I hadn't even posted about meeting the new neighbour from downstairs some time ago. Maybe I wanted to keep her for myself for a bit, before announcing to everyone how cute she was;) I haven't found out if she lives alone yet, but it's a joy to see her around; she's adorable, very much the girl-next-door type I fancy.

    My new new neighbour moved in across the hall from me earlier this week. I didn't think he already lived there for real, but apparently he does. He came in the main entrance just as I was coming down the stairs, he had headphones on and was oblivious to the world. When he noticed me he apologized for not responding to my 'goodmorning!' right away. *grins* When I walked out the door with my bike, he was checking his mail and then introduced himself with the one accent that gets me weak in the knees.

    I don't think I've ever mentioned that I've only had 'physical relations' with people who didn't speak Dutch. Both flings involved Americans. So, ehm, yeah.

    Anyway. He told me he had his kids over three days a week. Awesome.

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