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I ran into my new new neighbour this morning and I realized I hadn't even posted about meeting the new neighbour from downstairs some time ago. Maybe I wanted to keep her for myself for a bit, before announcing to everyone how cute she was;) I haven't found out if she lives alone yet, but it's a joy to see her around; she's adorable, very much the girl-next-door type I fancy.

My new new neighbour moved in across the hall from me earlier this week. I didn't think he already lived there for real, but apparently he does. He came in the main entrance just as I was coming down the stairs, he had headphones on and was oblivious to the world. When he noticed me he apologized for not responding to my 'goodmorning!' right away. *grins* When I walked out the door with my bike, he was checking his mail and then introduced himself with the one accent that gets me weak in the knees.

I don't think I've ever mentioned that I've only had 'physical relations' with people who didn't speak Dutch. Both flings involved Americans. So, ehm, yeah.

Anyway. He told me he had his kids over three days a week. Awesome.

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