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There were some issues I posted about a while ago that I never followed up on and I just know you've been dying to know what happened next;)

Bodily fluids )

Bra Adventure )

Enough serious emo-stuff. Here's a picture of the advert in the busstop that made me grin all week:
because we're worth it )


Apr. 16th, 2009 11:45 pm
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I tried my first scent from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab today: GLUTTONY from the Seven Deadly Sins Series
The description from the lab: Thick, sugared and bloated with sweetness. Dark chocolate, vanilla, buttercream, and hops with pralines, hazelnut, toffee and caramel.

I LOVED IT! It is a very rich and heavy scent that smells exactly like what it says on the label. I would say it's almost overwhelming, but just right. This may already be my favorite:) Perfect and so me.

Speaking of me, as is the thing to do here, I'm still experimenting with my first bra in fifteen (twenty?) years. I'm very proud of myself for hanging in there -so to speak-. More adventures with the bra... )
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I bought a bra today.

A small step for womankind, a HUGE step for me. I have been apprehensively checking out shapes and colours in the past months and already decided on a model I could handle. The shoplady was extremely understanding about my issues. She gave me plenty of time to try the contraption, suggested to check how it looked underneath my shirt and answered all my questions patiently. She was also very helpful on picking the right size. Bloody hell, I thought DD was kind of the biggest. As it turns out the most comfortable bra was labeled 90F. (If that number is supposed to be centimeters that would be 36 inches, although the US size on the label says 40 - I don't know)

Of course now the real experiment starts. I got the advice to slowly get used to wearing it and just try it for a couple of hours a day at home at first. *puts on brave face*

So far I must admit the bra gives my body a more recognizable shape and I feel I might be able to wear a T-shirt without covering up my breasts with an additional blouse. Spot the difference!
But I'm hyper-aware of wearing it, which is giving me emo.

First question for those of you with experience: when I sit down the bottom starts curling up. I know I have curves that may cause this, but surely I'm not the only one. Is it normal to have to adjust the bra or do I need to teach myself to sit up straight?
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\o/ The boobs stopped hurting! I will abolutely use this as an excuse to postpone the dreaded shopping for a bra. *g* However, this week I have learned a couple of things about my preferences if I do have to take that step in the future:
  • I should not plan the project on a Saturday; too many people in the shops (no, I did not know that, I avoid shopping as much as I can);
  • Do not want any men in the shop; sorry guys, I have enough issues with other women being around;
  • I like the dark colours;
  • I do not care for padded cups (what the hell?);
  • I want broad straps;
  • I may have a thing for corsets.

  • I still haven't got a clue what size to go for. I measured, but those numbers don't make any sense, so I guess I do need professional help. But for now, I'm safe. (Although there is no telling where my new funky cycle will take me next. Be prepared for more TMI-sharing)
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    If you've read the TMI post from last week on the subject, you know I'm struggling with the boobs-issue (again).

    So, ehm, this afternoon I stepped into a lingerieshop and had a look around. I didn't cry, that's progress. I also didn't freak out from the massive amount of bras. But I still wasn't comfortable enough to talk to the saleswoman. Maybe tomorrow...

    TBC I'm sure.

    I may even have to admit liking some of the stuff...
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    About boobs, bras and being horny 24/7 )
    Ehm. Yeah. I welcome (anonymous) thoughts and suggestions.

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