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Okay, before I begin the picspam of last weekend of fun, I have a question and two promos;) First: do I know any fanpeople in or near Copenhagen (KĂžbenhavn)? I'm going to be there for a day at the end of August if you want to meet up!

Second: I'm modding two art-challenges (TWO!)
  • The [ profile] quicky_bang already has a whole bunch of authors offering their short fics for artists to illustrate:)
    Go claim a story and get creative!
  • If you'd rather start arting from scratch, the [ profile] spn_reversebang is the challenge for you:
    make a piece of fanart to inspire an author! Sign ups are open!

  • And now: photos from my visit to fairytale amusement park The Efteling. I traveled to The Hague on Friday afternoon for dinner and a sleep-over at my brother J's. Our youngest brother H. was also there; he cycled from Amsterdam! Together with my sister-in-law G. and my darling nephew R. the four of us (so minus brother J.) went to The Efteling on Saturday by car (G drove:). We had an awesome day! It was really fun to visit the park with a six year old; the perfect age for all the stories that go along with the rides.
    Of course we also took a stroll through the fairytale forest:) )


    (Check the Efteling tag for previous visits. This is my favorite place in the whole world <3
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    I finally sorted my pictures from my awesome trip with brotherdearest to The Efteling Fairytale Theme Park. Featuring rides and lots of photos of the two of us, you have been warned;) It's just that I felt so glorious and happy and I want to remember that. Plus I think you can really see the difference in my face and body from working-out and avoiding crazy foodbinges since January, which makes me proud. Slowly but surely I'm sculpting my body and brain into a shape I'd like them to be in \o/

    Anyway, let's go to The Efteling, my favorite Theme Park in the world. All the rides tell a story and the look is based on drawings by Anton Pieck (1895 - 1987) - I love it a LOT.
    My brother and I met up at Utrecht trainstation and from there traveled to Tilburg, where we hired bikes to cycle to Kaatsheuvel (about 13 kilometres).

    0000-Efteling 16JUL2016.jpg 0001-Efteling 16JUL2016.jpg
    Map of the park (I'm still trying to find the one from my first visit when I was 8 or 9, back in the 1970s. Back then it was only the fairytale forest and a pond for canoeing!)
    From the Pagode you can see new ride The Baron and behind that the wooden rollercoaster Joris and the Dragon. More about all of these below!

    Is that a dragon? )

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    So far I'm not really making the most of my time off; hardly any of my planned chores have been done, oops. There has been no uncluttering of any of my rooms. I have been working on my paperdesign for [ profile] talitha78, who won me in a fandomauction - I will reveal the process and final artwork when it's done (no deadline yet;)

    Not too happy with the procrastinating in between arting, but I try to not be too hard on myself (I can totally do that). I've become addicted to the double feature reruns of Grey's Anatomy Season 5. Had not seen these episodes before, but am now rolling around in the ridiculous(ly sexy) storyline of dead!Denny and Izzy making up for missed (sexy) time(z). Dammit, Jeffrey.Dean.Morgan, why do you have to be so scorching hot with your stupid dimples and bedroom eyes. Bastard. I too want to bury my nose in Katharine Heigl's hair *sighs*

    Oh, been out in the real world as well: spent a marvelous day in fairytale-amusement park De Efteling with my sister in law and 3 year old nephew. It was pretty awesome to experience this place with a kid; I usually go with supposed adults;). Pictures in my blog! (Old photos are all linked here:)

    More lazy times this afternoon when I go for another massage. Tomorrow book- and filmbuddie Jelle is coming over; we have some Kevin Spacey and Jack Whitehall on the program, woohoo. This also means I have to get groceries. Blah.
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    On Saturday I went to The Efteling with [ profile] sillie82; it's an awesome themepark in the South of The Netherlands with attractions based on fairytales. It's quite a long way to travel, but so worth it. Even the hassles with public transport on the way back haven't ruined my memories of a wonderful day. We had a great time. Even if we didn't have time to visit the fairytaleforest, aahw. But there was just SO MUCH TO DO!

    Who wants to see photos? And a video! )

    If I remember correctly my first visit to the Efteling was when I was about 9 (let's say this was the late seventies;) and back then it was a lot smaller with just the fairytaleforest and a few basic rides. I've been going every couple of years since then. Last time I went was already almost four years ago! Winter 2008 with my sister in law and her sister & Summer 2007 with brotherdearest)

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