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I woke up this morning with an incredible warm feeling of being surrounded by love. Strangely enough it made me happy. Huh. I don't remember if or what I dreamed, but I had a very good night's sleep :-D

When I tried to analyze the feeling (as I do;) I figured the overwhelming happy emotion was caused by either one or all of the following experiences.

The past week I've been reading author Arthur Japin's diary on the bus. It's not so much a day-to-day journal, but through the years he wrote down random impressions about all kinds of subjects. Thanks to the worldwide succes of his book 'The Two Hearts of Kwasi Boachi' he travelled all over. Most of his observations concern people and how they approach life. There are fragments about his travels and conversations he had with various (unknown and famous) people along the way.
My favorite snippets are his thoughts about the loves of his life. Arthur has been together with Lex since 1979 and in 2000 he also fell in love with Ben; the three of them live together in Amsterdam.
I'm about halfway and I'm learning so much. Arthur Japin is able to capture a lot in just a few sentences and nearly every paragraph makes me think. Mostly about how I perceive other people. It's a little disconcerting to feel my inner cynic melt.
Not that Arthur is always positive or optimistic, but he does emphasize continuously that love is the most important thing in the world. Like I said: it's a little disconcerting.

On top of that love-fest I read a heartwarming story last night. I went to bed with my laptop for some online bedtime fanfiction. [ profile] felisblanco wrote another timestamp in the Doors Of Time 'verse: Welcome To Where Time Stands Still.
I'm not going to give away the plot, because it's really hard to explain, but the J2-world she created is so beautiful and truely original. It's filled with sadness, but every part leaves me longing for more, because it hurts so good. It is not a sad story, but even the happiest moments always have a lingering feeling of lost opportunities. And somehow I find that comforting.

Another joyous event: a few days ago I was on my way to work, cycling through the semi-darkness of dawn, enjoying the snowy landscapes in between the different neighbourhoods. When I passed a giant snowman something felt off and I did a double take; wait-what? When I looked back I saw it wasn't actually a snowman but a six foot snow penis. Hehehehehe. Wish I could have taken a picture, it was impressive:)

A final possible explanation for me being so incredibly cheerful, is the impending departure of my intern. For nigh on six months she's been a constant source of disappointment and tomorrow is her last day. She really made an effort to make this last week miserable memorable, but all I can think of is how next week my office will be all mine again. So, yeah: I'm happy baby:)

Luckily in between there were still plenty of other people to piss me off this week and with a the return of the boobs of dooooom I've got enough reasons to keep grumbling. I'm sure my inner cynic will survive. Although I'm not too proud to admit that I kind of liked the feeling I had this morning, I'm not planning on making it a habit.
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